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    *Great video, cool videos, visit my friends channel*

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    I’ll always be on the twins team

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    Hi my 7 year old son loves your channel thanks for keeping your language ( as far as ive heard)clean and sensible! So far I think your channel is appropriate for him i hope it stays so!!!

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    team coby 4 life

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    Warn a guy which balls have living things in them. Panda!!!!!!

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    Dp editor's in games!! Will be dope!

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    now i want a hamster

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    Go to Corys team ty

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    All sports archery battle

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    4:19 But no one on that side of the world cares about the second most popular sport

  11. Dr.Okkar Htun

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    Is Cory a lefty?

  12. Alex Fernandez

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    “I never really onside kick anymore” Garrett 2019

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    I don t like cody

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    The finale was my Wii fever dream

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    You like tik tok

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    Hate garret

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    This is amazing

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    I don't like you because you lauschend absolut coby You're really bad

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    Anyone who sees a Vietnamese rice harvester, please come here 👇👇👇👇👇👇

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    Hamster kinda cute doe 😳

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    9:04 RIP handshake part 2...😂

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    I loved when Tyler rode the horse!!!!!!!

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    Bowling is my favourite sport!

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    When I saw zorb I thought they would be inside it. I was disappointed

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    Anyone notice on round one each of the guys scores were all two apart Ty:1 Cody:3 Cory:5 Coby:7 Garret:9

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    11:18 the score should say 20

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    Ty should join team panda

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    they did the math wrong for Coby

  31. subinay adigopula

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    he was meant to get one more point in the last one

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    Ребята.. Вас русские смотрят... Делайте субтитры пожалуйста!

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    seems strange every sport was shown....

  34. -1 subs with no videos???

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    The stuffed up Cody’s total they didn’t include the baseball

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    19+1+18 is 38 not 37

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    rip in peace Coby

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    Coby lose the beard man. You look better shaved

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    Peda is angry

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    Who is jalase he dislike

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    *Всё видео смотрел только на рекламу Amazon*

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    11:52 his score should be 38 not 37

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    Team coby all the way keep playing your way man you’ll win again soon

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    9:22 nobody; me : starts getting wii sports bowling flashbacks 🥴🥴

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    At first IWas like what do you mean by hamster and then I saw O it's an actual hamster

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    What friends are for 11:51🤣

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    I’m not even lying I said Garrett would win in Tyler would only get a little bit And that is what happened

  49. Madelyn Motes

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    I’m not even lying I said Garrett would win and he won

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    Spells agent wrong and messes up the score on cobys final. Requests to be in battles. The editors might be fired😂

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    11:40 I think 19+1=20 and 20+18 is 38

  52. Alex Safford

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    Current standings: 1st. Tyler - 22 wins out of a possible 48 - 45.83% win rate 2nd. Cody - 10 wins out of a possible 45 - 22.22% win rate 3rd. Garrett - 10 wins out of a possible 46 - 21.74% win rate 4th. Cory - 9 wins out of a possible 48 - 18.75% win rate 5th. Coby - 3 wins out of a possible 47 - 6.38% win rate Runner Ups: Coby - 18 Tyler - 14 Garrett - 13 Cody - 8 Cory - 6 Seen as I thought people would be interested to know, I have created an excel spreadsheet containing all the wins (and runner-ups) from all Dude Perfect Battles! I will continue to post what the scores are after each episode is released. PLEASE NOTE: I have counted any team wins as a point for both players in that team. Out of all 50 battle episodes, I have only scored 48 of them (removing dude perfect vs power rangers and go kart soccer battle). Hopefully you all find this useful!

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    Every sport was shown by some “coincidence lol” they set it up so every sport was shown 👏

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    The universe is against coby, there's no other rational explanation for that! LOL

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    Purple hoser nation

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    All sports hockey battle next

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    I felt bad for coby I wish he could win his 3rd battle win

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