1. Kathryn Hagel

    Kathryn HagelHace 2 días

    I live in Canada!

  2. Alex Brooke

    Alex BrookeHace 6 días

    The world needs more Kim’s

  3. Tara Lightning

    Tara LightningHace 19 días

    Omg I love your nana

  4. Jamey Perrine

    Jamey PerrineHace 19 días

    We're a pitbull family down in WV and its honestly so difficult trying to take our little man anywhere. He is so sweet, a complete cuddlebug, but because of people's fear and ignorance towards his breed we are so scared to take him on trips or out in public in case someone were to react this way... I'm so sorry for you and little MooseMoose's experience, Piglet (our 11 yearold red nose pitty) and I completely understand. 💛

  5. FaXe Gabriel

    FaXe GabrielHace 20 días

    Do one in Wilmington

  6. FaXe Gabriel

    FaXe GabrielHace 20 días

    I want one

  7. Mary Jo Traya

    Mary Jo TrayaHace 23 días

    aww her grandma is so cuteeeee

  8. Weird Stuff

    Weird StuffHace 23 días

    First 2020? And I thought this just came out and I was like There with each other again But there ex’s Then I looked at when this came out then I was like oh okie

  9. Monkey Sarratt

    Monkey SarrattHace 26 días


  10. Allie Hoyt

    Allie HoytHace 28 días

    2020 anyone

  11. Myka Hummel

    Myka HummelHace un mes

    OMG I’m so sorry

  12. skylar danielle

    skylar danielleHace un mes

    2020 anyone?

  13. Furious Calel

    Furious CalelHace un mes

    God bless Kim! 😇😇😇💗💗💗💖💖💖 I need to find my KIM zone!😋🥰😊

  14. Anji Raman

    Anji RamanHace un mes

    Bless Kim’s kind soul Like for kim

  15. Elaine Livingston

    Elaine LivingstonHace un mes

    I feel you man my dog is a bull terrier mix

  16. Olive _d

    Olive _dHace un mes

    2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣0️⃣ a n y o n e ⁉️

  17. AveryTheBurger 61

    AveryTheBurger 61Hace un mes


  18. Tori

    ToriHace un mes

    Your grandma is really cute

  19. Justin Hight

    Justin HightHace un mes

    you suck

  20. Jerome Zirkelbach

    Jerome ZirkelbachHace 13 días

    So do you but no one says anything about that do they!!!:-(:-(:-(

  21. Sylvia Hall

    Sylvia HallHace un mes

    If I were there I would have pulled out my phone and recorded it

  22. Julia Lembo

    Julia LemboHace un mes

    who els is here after the breakup

  23. Abigail Booth

    Abigail BoothHace un mes

    We need to find Kim

  24. Jessica Ashton

    Jessica AshtonHace un mes

    Can u but some of ur stuff in the UK plz love

  25. Learn to Dance and routines daily Collins

    Learn to Dance and routines daily CollinsHace un mes

    I have one of every merch of yours from joans like if you have some of her merch

  26. lazy_azy

    lazy_azyHace un mes

    2 0 2 0 ?

  27. ana Fuentes

    ana FuentesHace un mes

    2 0 2 0 Anyone just me okay

  28. Peggy Pellow

    Peggy PellowHace un mes

    Let’s be honest we all love moose

  29. Yadira Bustamante

    Yadira BustamanteHace un mes

    anyone watching this on 2020

  30. Lena Banks

    Lena BanksHace un mes


  31. Angela worthington

    Angela worthingtonHace un mes

    2 0 2 0

  32. bAnGtAnG gAnG

    bAnGtAnG gAnGHace un mes

    I was bite by a large dog so um Me: TF I DONT GIVE 2 FACKS lady look *ima be that dog that finna take off to weave*

  33. Sammy's Vlogs

    Sammy's VlogsHace un mes

    2 0 1 9 ?

  34. Aims_ YT

    Aims_ YTHace un mes

    I live in Singapore noooo

  35. Jordan Olive

    Jordan OliveHace un mes

    Such a fail for confetti canon

  36. Elynn Jolin

    Elynn JolinHace un mes

    Hey plsss give me a how shout out

  37. LaurenGacha LazyTuber

    LaurenGacha LazyTuberHace un mes


  38. COD master324 Meehan

    COD master324 MeehanHace 2 meses

    Your grandma is sooooooo cute omg!!!!!!!!

  39. Dimitris Poulis

    Dimitris PoulisHace 2 meses

    I live in canada🇨🇦🇨🇦🇨🇦

  40. Alexis Williams

    Alexis WilliamsHace 2 meses

    Oh, Holo there! Cristine viewers say holo back pls!

  41. Natalie Maria

    Natalie MariaHace 2 meses

    Do the laur DIY in CAPE TOWN !!!!!!


    CAPRI . LOVELYHace 2 meses

    For me I know how you feel because I have 3 pit bulls that are sooo adorable and act like poodles 🐩 and I wasn’t allowed to bring them to the country Btw I don’t live there anymore

  43. Katie Webster

    Katie WebsterHace 2 meses

    I'm in ameraca

  44. Grace Nowak

    Grace NowakHace 2 meses

    I have an Instagram account and l also have the pink one where all the jewelry store you can also make a charm bracelet

  45. Georgia Sadler

    Georgia SadlerHace 2 meses

    what about aussies??? like i feel left out :(

  46. Melissa G

    Melissa GHace 2 meses

    please dont call it the states please call it the us

  47. Zyanya Holloway

    Zyanya HollowayHace 2 meses


  48. Neleh Rivera

    Neleh RiveraHace 2 meses

    How dare that woman say moose needs a muzzle?! 🤬😡

  49. Jungkookookie BTSARMY

    Jungkookookie BTSARMYHace 2 meses


  50. Savanna Slime

    Savanna SlimeHace 2 meses

    Preach sis!

  51. Isabella Rodriguez

    Isabella RodriguezHace 2 meses

    Bless kim

  52. tiona dunington

    tiona duningtonHace 2 meses

    Your nana is so cute on

  53. Isabella chang

    Isabella changHace 3 meses

    I'm Canadian and I actually feel ashamed I'm sorry that they did this I LOVE moose moose And pitbulls and basically every dog in the freaking world

  54. Mickey

    MickeyHace 3 meses

    Thanks for pointing out the differences between the two animals. I already knew that but most people don’t and people need to learn :)

  55. Ronald Johnson

    Ronald JohnsonHace 3 meses

    I feel you because ppl say stuff about my dog too

  56. Ronald Johnson

    Ronald JohnsonHace 3 meses

    I feel like muzzles are abuse for dogs I hate them they hurt the dogs jaw

  57. J o e l l a

    J o e l l aHace 3 meses

    I love the Kim zone -Lauren 22 August 2018

  58. Kaylee Nguyen

    Kaylee NguyenHace 3 meses

    Did my dog bite you?? *No* ᑭEᖇIOᗪT

  59. Kaylee Nguyen

    Kaylee NguyenHace 3 meses

    That woman needs a muzzle periodt

  60. Ruby Cuthbertson

    Ruby CuthbertsonHace 3 meses

    I can't believe that woman spoke to you like that. Anyway I live in the UK and am a huge fan of your's. I love you and Moose.

  61. J'deyah Carey

    J'deyah CareyHace 3 meses

    I love laura💗💗