1. Suma Gadde

    Suma GaddeHace 8 horas

    Where did you get the striped shirt. I love it

  2. Andrea Pfankuch

    Andrea PfankuchHace 23 horas

    15:12 - 15:21 This is called sarcasm kids

  3. Ava Cobbs

    Ava CobbsHace un día

    “ First of all she told off Satan” OMG im wheezing

  4. Sarah Haynie

    Sarah HaynieHace un día

    Your dog is soo cute

  5. Mike Raymundo

    Mike RaymundoHace 2 días


  6. Ashley Gordon

    Ashley GordonHace 3 días

    12:33 dude u would high five him and hug him

  7. Ashley Gordon

    Ashley GordonHace 3 días

    2:32-2:34😂🤣also 2:45-2:54

  8. Mayah Turner

    Mayah TurnerHace 4 días


  9. Darreldlene Old Crow

    Darreldlene Old CrowHace 6 días

    And God bless kim

  10. Liz Plays

    Liz PlaysHace 6 días

    iHaz Que Espacio Sea Más Lindo means Make Space Be More Beautiful Well I think it does Ps. Love your videos

  11. Rochelle Worthington

    Rochelle WorthingtonHace 6 días

    How dare she do that to moose and you😠

  12. Tefbra5 Brabenec

    Tefbra5 BrabenecHace 7 días

    i live in canada i love you so much

  13. Naarai Landeros

    Naarai LanderosHace 7 días

    I have a pit bull

  14. Cara Wiseman

    Cara WisemanHace 7 días

    God bless you Kim.😃 I hate it when empoyees have to make up for their coworkers mistakes. 😈

  15. little rosaline

    little rosalineHace 10 días

    I've been thinking about getting an emotional support dog because I've been having depression lately actually for the past 4 years

  16. Kaptain Komodo

    Kaptain KomodoHace 12 días


  17. MysticLeviathan

    MysticLeviathanHace 12 días

    my dog and me*

  18. Gianna Miranda

    Gianna MirandaHace 13 días

    They also have it in Ohio

  19. Parmjit Chahal

    Parmjit ChahalHace 14 días

    I bought the stationary

  20. Abbey Briggs

    Abbey BriggsHace 14 días

    WXCUSE ME!!!!!!! MOOSE IS THE SWEETEST SOG AND THIS WOMAN 👩 IS LIKE A F*CKING AHOLE SO shout out to Kim love you for supporting our girl 🥳😘

  21. T C Loi

    T C LoiHace 15 días

    MY SISTER GO WORK THERE >:OoooooOooo but she loves dogs uvu she love moose

  22. Kara Jacobi

    Kara JacobiHace 16 días

    Go girl protect your dog that lady has no right to tell you that! Moose moose is adorable and a sweetheart

  23. Unicorn Scissors

    Unicorn ScissorsHace 17 días

    Wait did i miss some content or did they get back together

  24. Humairaa Essack

    Humairaa EssackHace 17 días

    Love Kim's attitude 😘😘

  25. Nithya P

    Nithya PHace 19 días

    Your grandma is soooooo adorableeeeee awww

  26. Renee Banting

    Renee BantingHace 19 días

    I couldnt take my bull terrier on a plane coz she farts too much hahaha

  27. Gabrielle Dufosse

    Gabrielle DufosseHace 19 días

    I was in the Walmart this day and I saw you pass and I thought it was you but I thought ''no its impossible my eyes are miss seeing''

  28. Olivia Connors

    Olivia ConnorsHace 19 días

    The 1.2 k people who disliked are the airline staff

  29. Emily Hutchings

    Emily HutchingsHace 20 días

    kim that was my mom bc my mom told me what you did

  30. Evie Scott

    Evie ScottHace 20 días

    I miss you guys 😭

  31. depresso espresso

    depresso espressoHace 21 un día

    we stan kim

  32. Rana Laichi

    Rana LaichiHace 21 un día

    I live in Canada

  33. potato gacha

    potato gachaHace 21 un día

    I need that narwhal sticker

  34. Real pup 0915 Gameplay

    Real pup 0915 GameplayHace 21 un día

    You know what’s funny that happened to me and I’m 10 with a pitt bull and and the person said that dog dangers that dog could kill you can have them here ans she also said you to young for a support animal we end up going on the plane ✈️ at lest on the day

  35. Gemma Elson

    Gemma ElsonHace 21 un día

    aM I ThE OnLy OnE In EnGlAnD?

  36. Jessica Gamerschlag

    Jessica GamerschlagHace 21 un día

    Why did Satin say that because you weren’t even near her and she said that girl I would have told the front counter sooner if someone talked to me like that

  37. Drue Klingenberg

    Drue KlingenbergHace 22 días

    What is the emotional support dog for? I want one and was wondering if I qualify with my anxiety.

  38. Abok Deng

    Abok DengHace 22 días

    Skip to end for storytime

  39. V i o l e t

    V i o l e tHace 22 días

    Good bless Kim is the God in this situation I need a Kim zone in my life

  40. Savana Saab

    Savana SaabHace 23 días

    Who lives in Canada besides me? No one?

  41. Tammy Redsun

    Tammy RedsunHace 23 días

    She is a blessing t9 this world

  42. Anne - Gabriella Reyes

    Anne - Gabriella ReyesHace 23 días

    i wonder if theyre still friends 😭

  43. Jay ジェイ

    Jay ジェイHace 24 días

    Super late, but I hope that woman got in trouble for that. So uncalled for. I'm glad that everything worked out in the end :) Also, Airline harassed my dog and *me*

  44. Penguin-Schlupp Studio

    Penguin-Schlupp StudioHace 24 días

    Me: * looks at Moose * Yeah, totally needs a muzzle. (Note the sarcasm)

  45. Jordyn Bierkos

    Jordyn BierkosHace 25 días

    I am from Canada

  46. Danutaa

    DanutaaHace 25 días

    Omg 😂

  47. Sandra Campbell

    Sandra CampbellHace 25 días

    My sis got a planner for school. She got the yeah offline one

  48. It’s Vik

    It’s VikHace 25 días

    Hi I know I’m a bit late but umm I wanted to say that I’m in Britain 🇬🇧 and can some of your stuff go to uk 🇬🇧. Pls I hope you can do it.

  49. the cheer vlogs and stuff

    the cheer vlogs and stuffHace 26 días

    Can you try get your stuff in New Zealand in the wearhouse

  50. Aaralyn Allin - Zayas

    Aaralyn Allin - ZayasHace 26 días

    6:09 Thank me later ;)

  51. Sienna Bear

    Sienna BearHace 26 días

    Mom DIY🤭

  52. Chloe Ballard

    Chloe BallardHace 26 días

    Satan has exited the chat

  53. Katie Dunmon

    Katie DunmonHace 26 días

    Emotional support animals don’t need registration and it’s a scam. Service animals don’t need registration either.

  54. That OTTER Girl

    That OTTER GirlHace 27 días

    Lauren is a Holosexual confirmed.

  55. Haley Moyer

    Haley MoyerHace 27 días

    I need a name for saiten!! For she be smacked real hard!! And get her fired!! Like laty we don't care if you where bit!!

  56. Live Love Lily

    Live Love LilyHace 27 días

    Kim you are amazing

  57. Fate’s World

    Fate’s WorldHace 27 días

    Funny thing is I live in Canada and i always see ur stuff lauren and some of ur stuff is on my Christmas list ❤❤❤❤❤

  58. Charlotte Smith

    Charlotte SmithHace 27 días

    Jesus my whole house is the size of your living room

  59. Jordyn Leavers

    Jordyn LeaversHace 27 días

    Wooooooooooooow yay KIM😉

  60. Jordyn Leavers

    Jordyn LeaversHace 27 días

    What about AUSTRALIANS