AC Milan vs Manchester United 5-3, KAKA SHOW HIS MAGIC TO THE WORLD - UCL 2007


  1. reza taufik hidayat

    reza taufik hidayatHace 6 horas

    One of the best football match ever.. I Miss this Milan 😣

  2. emmy cole Emmy cole

    emmy cole Emmy coleHace 15 horas

    i love man u back in those days we are so confidential all the time

  3. Diego Proença

    Diego ProençaHace 16 horas

    "kaka, foi trombando..." pelo amor de Deus, esse cara e bom narrador, mas essa ficou horrivel

  4. Nindy Ashari

    Nindy AshariHace un día

    Kedua klub hebat ini sdh beberapa tahun ini terpuruk seakan kehilangan jati dirinya. Tapi kalah menang,berjaya atau terpuruk tapi Milan tetap selalu dihati. Milanisti sejak 1994 dan selamanya tetap satu jersey AC Milan. Forza milan per sempre,il club piu titutalo al mondo

  5. Ronaldo Berloni

    Ronaldo BerloniHace un día


  6. Pinuccia Angelo

    Pinuccia AngeloHace un día

    Quando si giocava a calcio, non i giocatori di adesso del Milan, comunque sempre e solo Milan ciao w Milan

  7. Islam Saburov

    Islam SaburovHace un día

    Kaka super

  8. Sadi J

    Sadi JHace un día

  9. Montrel Harper

    Montrel HarperHace 2 días

    im in the minority but I like the current ac milan squad.

  10. Tony Wender

    Tony WenderHace 2 días

    What happened with Milan nowadays!!??

  11. maicon andrades

    maicon andradesHace 2 días

    Q time da porra tinha o Milan

  12. 俺の口臭マジでくさいんだけどさ

    俺の口臭マジでくさいんだけどさHace 2 días

    1:55 いつの時代の音楽だよ...

  13. el moicas

    el moicasHace 2 días

    MANU perdió por el tronco de Heinze, tio que malo que sois vosotros los argentinos

  14. Paul Isaac

    Paul IsaacHace 2 días

    I like the heroic everytime a goal is scored

  15. Igor Sheliakin

    Igor SheliakinHace 3 días

    I remember this semi final. Both teams were very strong. Milan won LoC and Manchester next year in Moscow. There were so great players like Maldini and Nesta in Milan and Van der Sar and Ronaldo in Manchester. Now both teams are so boring 😖

  16. HDT Tổng hợp

    HDT Tổng hợpHace 3 días

    ok bạn

  17. danial ngapax's

    danial ngapax'sHace 3 días

    Dida the man of the match

  18. lachsnacken17 0

    lachsnacken17 0Hace 3 días

    9:23 „pirlo keeping it low, maybe watching liverpool yesterday“ They called it, THAT corner

  19. Angelo Rusconi

    Angelo RusconiHace 3 días

    Anno della Champions 😉

  20. Luke Harrison

    Luke HarrisonHace 3 días

    Wasn't surprising to anyone paying attention

  21. Irvan Syah

    Irvan SyahHace 3 días

    That song that play after each goal is so annoying 😆

  22. Adnan

    AdnanHace 4 días

    Living proof Madrid is not always the best choice! Hopefully young talents will realize money is not everything,and will come their way anyway! Stick with clubs that have heart and soul!

  23. Angga Wibowo

    Angga WibowoHace 4 días

    a day when kaka is better than Ronaldo

  24. Francesco Regina

    Francesco ReginaHace 4 días

    che significa l'insegna luminosa a 7:18? mancano 3 minuti a cosa? what means the light at 7:18? - 3:00 minutes for what?

  25. narutoCr7

    narutoCr7Hace 4 días

    Kaka ronaldo masih kinyis kinyis

  26. ROby Tanjung

    ROby TanjungHace 4 días

    kangen milan yg dulu😢

  27. MightyRoos

    MightyRoosHace 4 días

    Who know’s. If Vidić and Ferdinand partnership was available over the 2 legs the result may have been different.

  28. Luciano Alves

    Luciano AlvesHace 4 días

    Kaká tava voando mano dava até gosto jogou demais no milan

  29. sofa vintage furniture

    sofa vintage furnitureHace 5 días

    tempat tidur ukir jepara

  30. Hady Hady

    Hady HadyHace 5 días

    Senin 14 Oktober 2019 - Indonesia Semifinal terbaik di masa ini dan aku masih kelas 6 SD mau SMP 👍😍 Mau kembali ke masa masa ini liat sihirnya Ricardo Kaka 😍 idolaku Kaka 👍👍👍

  31. Aditya Behera

    Aditya BeheraHace 5 días

    Kaka fan like here

  32. Ihsanaaris

    IhsanaarisHace 6 días

    Milan sampe saat ini masih gini-gini aja jadi nonton match lama

  33. John Cosimo

    John CosimoHace 6 días

    Dove cazzo andava DIDA?

  34. BlueMonk25

    BlueMonk25Hace 7 días

    Milan: Maldini, Nesta Man Utd: Wes Brown. Sir Alex was a genius... Period

  35. a3sacri

    a3sacriHace 3 días

    Man Utd had at that time Ferdinand and Vidic (even if they didn't play the 2 legs together) who are no longer to introduce but of course, Maldini and Nesta were on a another level. In their prime, they were just untouchable. I miss this time when football was all about talent and passion.

  36. Vinny Y

    Vinny YHace 7 días

    A primeira (3 a 2 munchster) era uma narração brasileira!!!

  37. Luis Alvarez

    Luis AlvarezHace 7 días

    Kaká, que gran jugador macnifico. En ese tiempo era hermoso ver jugar al fútbol. Saludos desde Medellín Colmbia

  38. fajri ardi

    fajri ardiHace 7 días

    We miss you champion Milan...

  39. Nathaniel UncleDrew

    Nathaniel UncleDrewHace 7 días

    *Back in the good old days where money prices were reasonable, were footballers were worthy and were not highly paid, overrated players. A nostalgic throwback, when Football was real! That's all I have to say.*

  40. Fabio Rodrigo

    Fabio RodrigoHace 8 días

    Saudades do bom futebol, hoje só temos atletas.

  41. alexboat77

    alexboat77Hace 8 días

    Maldini and Nesta🔥🔥🔥🙏🙏🙏🙌🙌🔥💯💯💖🌁

  42. Mariadass Anthony

    Mariadass AnthonyHace 8 días

    Ya liverpool played them in the final in athens lost 1-2

  43. adam derivative

    adam derivativeHace 8 días

    The Milan mid field was very poor. Only had Pirlo, seedorf, and gatuso to f you up.

  44. thales ribeiro

    thales ribeiroHace 8 días

    Se o Neymar n reagir vai terminar a carreira sem ter ganhado melhor do mundo ficando abaixo do kaka

  45. Adam W

    Adam WHace 8 días

    Kaka was fukin wack!!

  46. Vadim Stogniy

    Vadim StogniyHace 9 días

    Audiojungle :DDDDDD

  47. Lian Tiame

    Lian TiameHace 9 días

    If you watched this match on your television, I believe your age up to 20yo. Kaka was the reason i liked football till now

  48. Fabio Henrique

    Fabio HenriqueHace 9 días

    Top 👌🏾

  49. No Exílio

    No ExílioHace 9 días

    Canal Del Piero 10, com gols do Kaká no Milan. Tá sabendo legal.

  50. Mursheed Rashid

    Mursheed RashidHace 9 días

    That a.c Milan team was just wonderful.. but Celtic did gave them a hard time in the round of 16 ... They managed to win only 1-0 aggregate at home

  51. Manh Thach

    Manh ThachHace 9 días

    Bao h mới có lại acmilan hào hùng như vậy

  52. The New MoezMedia

    The New MoezMediaHace 10 días

    Now look at AC Milian and Manchester Utd today

  53. kenari koneng

    kenari konengHace 11 días

    Gila kaka 1 lawan 3, mana ada jaman skrg kaya gitu selain messi

  54. Sabit Nahwan

    Sabit NahwanHace 11 días

    once upon in this moment. now, milan and manchester united unferform.

  55. Jefferson Huang

    Jefferson HuangHace 11 días

    Back when Italian clubs other than Juventus had a chance in the UCL...

  56. Hossi Games

    Hossi GamesHace 11 días

    One of the best semifinals UCL! c'mon look at these starting XI for acmilan and MU, and now I'm crying in 2019, for both teams. :(

  57. miloo2009

    miloo2009Hace 11 días

    I always watch old games to feel better cuz milan now is just discgrac and it is so sad. But always forza Milan

  58. Jannatul F

    Jannatul FHace 11 días

    Great Ac Milan i am big fan

  59. ศุภภิสรา ณ ภูเก็ต

    ศุภภิสรา ณ ภูเก็ตHace 12 días

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  60. Teuku Yusransyah Tandi

    Teuku Yusransyah TandiHace 13 días

    Cry in 2019, Forza milan

  61. Captain America

    Captain AmericaHace 23 horas

    Zortex V2 Both were amazing…

  62. Zortex V2

    Zortex V2Hace 4 días

    cry in 2019, United are falling now

  63. Aristoi Gabriel

    Aristoi GabrielHace 8 días

    Know how u feel bro. ACM fan since 92...

  64. bang a

    bang aHace 13 días

    Gak AC Minjam gak Mang Ujang sekarang ampas KABEH!!!