A Tour Of My Plants


  1. Jorja the poptart

    Jorja the poptartHace 3 horas

    she is wearing the shirt that julien bought her in the boyfriend buys my outfits and she hated it but now look at her lol

  2. Monica Olivares

    Monica OlivaresHace 4 horas

    Omg!! Jenna should get a banana croton plant ❤❤

  3. Avery Bryce

    Avery BryceHace 4 horas

    It’s the shirt julien got her!!!! We love that for her!!! 😂♥️

  4. Kori Ess

    Kori EssHace 15 horas

    next march we need a plant update video

  5. Ciarra Williams

    Ciarra WilliamsHace 16 horas

    This is the purest video 😭❤️

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    \/Hace 16 horas

    Whenever I'm sick and want to sleep, I watch this video because it's relaxing lol.

  7. Megan Walker

    Megan WalkerHace 19 horas

    Name the palm Henry

  8. littlehooch94

    littlehooch94Hace 21 un hora

    I’m a 24 year old lady watching this with 3 of my plants.

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  10. Sofie Wyborn

    Sofie WybornHace un día

    please... call the big-ass palm tree Charles ❤️

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    Zoe LewisHace un día

    This is the most wholesome relaxing video going.

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    this video: exists GoHerping: *has a flashback of his dead cactus*

  13. Queen Remains

    Queen RemainsHace un día

    Name your big palm Julien 2: Bigger and Badder.

  14. Kay Nation

    Kay NationHace un día

    Wow thought Jenna wouldn’t wear that again 😂😂

  15. Gabriel A Rivera

    Gabriel A RiveraHace un día

    I want someone to hype my up the way jenna hypes up her plants

  16. beeswarm

    beeswarmHace un día

    lowes really does plants dirty. The other day i rescued two lil guys from the death rack (clearance rack) for a dollar. They are in new pots and get lots of love c:

  17. Summer Anne

    Summer AnneHace un día

    Now that it is full on Summer time. I need a plant update

  18. Haydee Diaz

    Haydee DiazHace un día

    *this is the wholesome content we needed but don't deserve*

  19. Jay Mont

    Jay MontHace un día

    tag yourself as one of jenna’s plants i’m björk

  20. Musical Raincloud

    Musical RaincloudHace un día

    I’ve watched this video like 5 times now and it’s still amazing

  21. The Plant's Meow

    The Plant's MeowHace un día

    LOVE this plant tour! Hope you can check out my plant youtube sometime. You, Kaylee Ellen, Planterina, and TropicalPlantAddict have inspired me! 😍😍😍

  22. Heavy Metal Lion

    Heavy Metal LionHace un día

    pretty sure this is the only time i've ever seen jenna voluntarily (?) in jeans

  23. Tess Zastrow

    Tess ZastrowHace un día

    Thank you for including your nonbinary friends! It means a lot :)

  24. E Reynolds

    E ReynoldsHace un día

    This video started my giant obsession with plants a few months ago. I have a shit ton of plants now. Thanks Jenna.

  25. MJ Pleasant

    MJ PleasantHace un día

    30 minutes of talking eloquently about plant care with horticultural names and I'll still bet cash money that the succulents at 12:40 are fake and she just hasn't noticed yet

  26. yary esquer

    yary esquerHace 2 días

    I did not want this but I needed it so much. Havent even watched but already obsessed

  27. Hannah Nees

    Hannah NeesHace 2 días

    You make me wanna buy solo many plants

  28. Valeria Duarte

    Valeria DuarteHace 2 días

    I came here after Jenna said in the podcast that some of her plants died :( She loves them so much, I was truly sad for her. Please, tell us how your babies are doing Jenna!

  29. hope wimer

    hope wimerHace 2 días

    I cannot stress enough how much genuine happiness this video brought me

  30. Create With Yma

    Create With YmaHace 2 días

    I love how Cermit’s just like..🥴😭

  31. Paola Energya

    Paola EnergyaHace 2 días

    Just watched it again mostly for the Hoyas and that beautiful begonia maculata 😍

  32. Col 44

    Col 44Hace 2 días

    Y’all are so beautiful

  33. Prince P3ach Preserves

    Prince P3ach PreservesHace 2 días

    oh my fuckign god her plants are named after vines

  34. Prince P3ach Preserves

    Prince P3ach PreservesHace 2 días

    jenna said trans rights

  35. sherylolsen83

    sherylolsen83Hace 2 días

    LOVE this video. As an aspiring crazy plant lady myself, I only hope to amass such a beautiful collection. Would you do a follow up video on what plant food/nutrients you use to keep your guys so happy? Pleeeeeeeease!

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  37. Genevie Ebnit

    Genevie EbnitHace 2 días

    I want someone to look at me the way Jenna looks at plants.

  38. Albin Avocado

    Albin AvocadoHace 3 días

    No avocado plant? Nevertheless a fine collection

  39. Lily Hampton

    Lily HamptonHace 3 días

    The alocacia, I don't know if that is the proper spelling, are also called elephant ears. I have an overrun population of them. Try and put it in a small corner with a lot of light with other plants that enjoy humidity and spray the dirt and keep it warm and wet. Make it like Alabama's summer and they'll do just fine. Hot, Humid, and miserable for people! 👏

  40. Avakin Sparkles

    Avakin SparklesHace 3 días

    I just realized your old enough to be my mom

  41. isabel zagazeta

    isabel zagazetaHace 3 días

    You should name your kentia palm after King Kong cause he’s so big... “King Palm” :)

  42. Mia Fine

    Mia FineHace 3 días

    I’m 10 years too young...but if I am mentally a 32 year old lady is that ok?

  43. Mochi Eevee

    Mochi EeveeHace 3 días

    I want plants now

  44. Paula D.G.

    Paula D.G.Hace 3 días

    I don't really care about plants but you make it so interesting and fascinating

  45. Jeremy Hicks

    Jeremy HicksHace 3 días

    Kermit looks like a shark in tonic immobility

  46. Jeremy Hicks

    Jeremy HicksHace 3 días

    Google it

  47. Kita Tronic

    Kita TronicHace 3 días

    This is the first time I’ve ever watched a video dedicated to plants

  48. Kita Tronic

    Kita TronicHace 3 días

    You remind me so much of my friend Emily... she grew pot then realized she had a great green thumb then one day she just picked up gardening and now she lives for her plants

  49. Caden Hare

    Caden HareHace 3 días

    I love how passionate and knowledgeable Jenna is about every hobby she takes up. You can tell that she's done her research and is well informed on how to care for all of her plants. Good luck, Jenna!

  50. Eman Alattar

    Eman AlattarHace 3 días

    We literally do not deserve jenna

  51. Ash Tree

    Ash TreeHace 3 días

    Why does Jenna just know how to do everything, like she’s amazing at raising dogs, and plants, probably could be the best mom ever if she wanted to.

  52. Meg

    MegHace 3 días

    This is my second time watching this. . . I have ZERO regrets.

  53. Abigail Ross

    Abigail RossHace 4 días

    Goals. I live in a dark basement suite. So my plants die in the dark. It makes me sad.

  54. Paige Johnson

    Paige JohnsonHace 4 días

    I had a nightmare so I turned on this video and went back to sleep because this is the best calm Jenna energy

  55. Katie Crawford

    Katie CrawfordHace 4 días

    It has been 3 months since this video was posted and I have since acquired 32 plants help me

  56. L H

    L HHace 4 días

    hey I'm new and i like you!!!! i had a blast watching your video and your funny as hell lmao0o!!!!!!!

  57. Madison Price

    Madison PriceHace 4 días

    I'll be 32 in five years; I'm close enough! I... I can still watch this, right?

  58. Double Dipped

    Double DippedHace 4 días

    The moment when you identify with Kermit

  59. wolfXdog

    wolfXdogHace 4 días

    Have you ever thought about doing a dog garden?

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    carliemichelle19Hace 4 días

    More. Plant. Videos.

  61. dani vanohr

    dani vanohrHace 4 días

    You should name your plants also I have a name. It's... Billy

  62. Liv_Liv

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    Yes Jenna wearing the shirt Julien bought her

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    Hanna EvensenHace 4 días

    I loooove this video❤️❤️❤️

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    Eleanor ClarkeHace 4 días

    I love 32 year old lady plant time please make many more

  65. Terko

    TerkoHace 4 días

    Oh man your too much gene is in full swing AND I LOVE IT. You’re an inspiration.

  66. Azukar

    AzukarHace 4 días

    "Disclaimer nobody is going to want to watch this" ~5million views

  67. ahbeegee

    ahbeegeeHace 4 días

    what was the website she said she orders them from? not etsy

  68. Christina Sedlack

    Christina SedlackHace 4 días

    KERMIT OMG ♡♡♡

  69. Abbby Wandl

    Abbby WandlHace 4 días

    I n e e d an update video!

  70. prettyproblem16

    prettyproblem16Hace 5 días

    Do a plant update video

  71. Beav Braverman

    Beav BravermanHace 5 días

    such a hype woman with your plants! no wonder they're so happy :)

  72. Espe Dixon

    Espe DixonHace 5 días

    “I want a tree in my house!!” I felt that in my soul sis edit: “LaHoya Jackson” 💀💀💀

  73. Mer enby

    Mer enbyHace 5 días

    hey I have aloe too.(which also have a bit of sunburn oopsie) mine are tree aloe. and the only plants I currently have.

  74. Sahara Smith

    Sahara SmithHace 5 días

    But like can you also make a video propagating some plants?

  75. Alycia Beatty

    Alycia BeattyHace 5 días

    Since watching this video I have adopted a Queen Marble Pothos and an Algerian Ivy (YAYY!!). Are there any recommendations for books that cover required pH, watering, light etc. for a looooong list of house plants?? I want to expand my family!! :) Thank you!!

  76. Debra Clarkbrown

    Debra ClarkbrownHace 5 días

    Beautiful! Thank you for a tour of all the plant and tree life- beauties in your home. Will there be future water elemental friends for them coming? I had a little plug in waterfall that fell over stones, had a clean rocky smell and sang forest/wood songs to the plants. Something similar would be beautiful (if you like that sort of DIY idea thing) there are so many different kinds it's crazy! My mom had a rain lamp, a light with oil dripping down wire filament. centered in the middle was a bathing Grecian woman...she put her plants around that ( a very 1970's type of thing everyone had one, but technology has improved)). My daughter's bought me the waterfall wall that fell over gray stone (a couple little bags of stone included however, I had to place them in the catch tray and when running it's like like a little brook from the waterfall that recycles, goes back to the top of waterfall wall and falls again), there are some that play different ambiance sounds. just a DIY if you don't mind little tips, its coolio.( I'm kinda old, hope it wasn't offensive to mention shit I've seen I thought would look beautiful - not saying your plants weren't enough beauty...).bornandraisedCali❤️ 🌱🌻🌱

  77. Lupitaa Quinonez

    Lupitaa QuinonezHace 5 días

    Jenna: sometimes I take him and he showers with me. Julian: The fuuuuckkk bro! I choked on my noodles lmfaaaooooo

  78. Kiyone Johnson

    Kiyone JohnsonHace 5 días

    Gurl my plants are all fake cause my dog chewes on them and the only real one is my Cati the Carls and there on my shelf can I get a HELL YEAH BETCH

  79. Alyzza Lucena

    Alyzza LucenaHace 5 días

    Giving plants compliments makes them grow better

  80. Julia J

    Julia JHace 5 días

    You have reinspired me to be a Plant Person again

  81. Morgan Bardwell

    Morgan BardwellHace 5 días

    Even though I'm only 16, I am mentally a 32 year old lady and asked for Snake Plants for my birthday

  82. Justine Grisham

    Justine GrishamHace 5 días

    This is my all-time favorite video on the internet. I am super upset rn and this video never fails to help me feel a little better. Thank you Jenna, I look forward to your plant update :)

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    Evalina NegusHace 5 días

    You are me in 6 years if my boyfriend let's me turn our apartment into a jungle

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    Paris KealHace 5 días

    This video made me take a nap, it was so soothing. ☺️❤️

  86. Anabelle Hache

    Anabelle HacheHace 6 días

    cermet just *appears* at 2:20

  87. sierra montroy

    sierra montroyHace 6 días

    I hope you know that zz plants get like 30 inches tall

  88. AnnaCatVideos _

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    Jenna is the kind of person who would buy Fiji water for her plant's

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    Idk if it’s too late to name the big palm tree, but I heavy vote for Arnold Palmer

  90. Julia LoPiano

    Julia LoPianoHace 6 días

    The love that Jenna has for her plants is absolutely adorable

  91. Jhay Pennycuff

    Jhay PennycuffHace 6 días

    🌿If your plants could think, what would they say about you and your daily life? Dress up as one of them and let's find out.🌿

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    I have the same plant obsession! 👍🏻 from Moody Blooms❤️

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    30 minutes of plant

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    Low-key I'm proud of her for wearing pastels and jeans.

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    For whatever reason I love watching this video, I watch it all the time. Also Jenna you look gorgeous in this video. Love you

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    girl we need an updated version, like now

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    Why is this my favorite video though...?

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    Yo we need s plant update

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    How cute is Kermit! I just found myself looking for videos where he is in. The obsession is real here. What a cute little guy. 💜

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    am I the only one who watches this video on a regular basis

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    It's become a routine

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    I love this video so much and watched it so many times I now fall asleep watching it when I cant seem to turn off I never make it to the dining room Haha I would like an encore