A QUIET PLACE (2018) Ending + Monsters Explained


  1. Vikesh Kamble

    Vikesh KambleHace un día

    472 days, WTF those monsters are not intelligent than humans just create a maze then use sound trap them and burn them to death #MolotovGrenade

  2. Mike signs

    Mike signsHace 2 días

    I would have tried to find a cave behind a waterfall if I were going to raise a baby

  3. Mike signs

    Mike signsHace 3 días

    so much better than the silence

  4. The m1K3

    The m1K3Hace 4 días

    How to beat the Creatures 1. Locate to a farm full of ceops and food basically the Abbott Farm. 2. Set up massive speakers around it and keep 2 miniatures on you at all times 3. Blast Nickelback at full volume(dont forgey the headphones otherwise youll be deaf by the horror and sound). 4. Sick back and relax.

  5. Dylan Friar

    Dylan FriarHace 4 días

    The m1K3 shut up you suck

  6. The m1K3

    The m1K3Hace 4 días

    Bro I would die because 1. I fart to much 2. I burp to much 3. I eat like a cow 4. Im skinny as a stick 5. I weak as a bug...

  7. Dylan Friar

    Dylan FriarHace 4 días

    The m1K3 you literally suck at spelling and grammar

  8. Siimiminosi 362

    Siimiminosi 362Hace 7 días

    The best meme for this movie is. task failes succsesfuly.

  9. Princess Mayika

    Princess MayikaHace 8 días

    You mean director "Jim" (from The Office).😉

  10. Eliminator6363

    Eliminator6363Hace 8 días

    Why did no one think of trying either super loud noises, high frequencies, or artificial white noise for safe zones?? Seems like there would be several solid options to combat enemies that sensitive to sound. Still enjoyed the movie thoroughly.

  11. DigitalYojimbo

    DigitalYojimboHace 9 días

    Could move to a hydro electric dam.

  12. Green eggs And Hana Montana

    Green eggs And Hana MontanaHace 10 días

    One question Evelyn is pregnant but baby making is noisy so how did this happen

  13. Yakzy

    YakzyHace 10 días

    i actually just saw this movie today at school, i had already taken my final so my bio teacher put it on, it was awesome

  14. Aaron King

    Aaron KingHace 11 días

    A hearing aid doesn't allow a deaf person to hear, it's a cochlear implant

  15. Art Commando

    Art CommandoHace 12 días

    Hey guys I just saw in rotten tomatoes that there is going to be a quiet place 2 You could even look ,just search for a quiet place 2,but there is not a lot of information

  16. Sam

    SamHace 16 días


  17. rowyal

    rowyalHace 17 días

    I was trying to imagine how chaotic thunderstorms would be for these creatures. Just running back and forth from lighting striking places.

  18. Nicholas Wee

    Nicholas WeeHace 18 días

    Lol people with tinnitus

  19. Amber Rees

    Amber ReesHace 18 días

    That was a great movie.

  20. The Prancing Pony

    The Prancing PonyHace 19 días

    I loved this movie so much. It has some serious girl power.

  21. jfk peaked glaz

    jfk peaked glazHace 19 días


  22. Tavor

    TavorHace 22 días

    Awful movie. All the clones are better than this.

  23. Lee Waller

    Lee WallerHace 24 días

    Maybe the creatures really like silence and there trying to read a book and want you to f....ing shutup

  24. Sun Tzu

    Sun TzuHace 25 días

    I call bullshit. So sound kills them... But the defense secretary on the news paper stated that bombs don't kill them. I don't know if you've ever been near an explosion, but from movies alone I'm sure everybody has heard the high pitched whining noise you get after a loud bang. So even if the explosion or shrapnel from a bomb couldn't harm them, then the sound of them would.

  25. Davon Benson

    Davon BensonHace 25 días

    The bathroom scene is definitely the most iconic scene in the movie.

  26. Fluffyface :3

    Fluffyface :3Hace 26 días

    Just give them your airpods

  27. Jacky Jackal

    Jacky JackalHace 27 días

    I honestly thought it would be obvious, that anything with highly sensitive hearing would not like a stupid high screeching sound

  28. Gizan Glyer

    Gizan GlyerHace 27 días


  29. kytrell white

    kytrell whiteHace 28 días

    Is father Lee jim from office

  30. THE ACER

    THE ACERHace 29 días

    Tag line be like: YOU FART YOU DIE

  31. Dalthorin

    DalthorinHace un mes

    Imagine if the movie evolves into a Trilogy of films, with the final film being an all-out war between the humans and the monsters.

  32. Vicky T

    Vicky THace un mes

    Beware hiccups

  33. Starry Sky

    Starry SkyHace un mes

    do the monster breed?

  34. Jacob Thomas

    Jacob ThomasHace 28 días


  35. GamingwithElaine

    GamingwithElaineHace un mes

    Alexa play Rockefeller street ear rape 10 hours on the mega Speaker

  36. Ingrid Aguero

    Ingrid AgueroHace un mes

    I worked at a movie theater when this movie came. In one theater there was a water leak. It was so loud in the theater. The quiet is emphasis that any small noise seems loud.

  37. HuremaRahim Gacha!

    HuremaRahim Gacha!Hace un mes

    In the ending I felt bad for the dad :(

  38. rabidsquirrel73

    rabidsquirrel73Hace un mes

    Do guns just not work in horror movies at all? "Unaffected by bullets" is just such a shit reasoning. You are telling me 7.62 and .308 dont do shit to it? Slugs dont hurt it? Fire doesnt? 12.7x108 wouldnt scratch it? Grenades and claymores wouldnt blow off a limb? I just call bullshit.

  39. Chase Barber

    Chase BarberHace un mes

    This is so sad.

  40. Felix Cook

    Felix CookHace un mes

    Love this video of ending explained I too think a 2nd movie would be a good addition

  41. Realtrach Zegoda

    Realtrach ZegodaHace un mes


  42. Michelle Woods

    Michelle WoodsHace un mes

    I just can't understand how they could make love without making a single noise. Creaking bed, moaning and groaning no matter how quiet u try 2 b.

  43. Abel Joseph Batigolao

    Abel Joseph BatigolaoHace un mes

    just like birdbox movie

  44. James A

    James AHace un mes

    Honestly the baby in the box is like the least messed up thing you could do in that scenario. What are you gonna do cut out its voice box at least its safe in there.

  45. Waz Good

    Waz GoodHace un mes

    The entire US military is taken out but this dumb slow family remains. I hated this plot

  46. Lydia And Friends

    Lydia And FriendsHace un mes

    I rlly want number 2 bc if you paid attention to the news papers it said there are 3 monsters!!😱

  47. Lydia And Friends

    Lydia And FriendsHace un mes

    I love a quiet place!

  48. sparkles yt

    sparkles ytHace un mes


  49. ImpactZ

    ImpactZHace un mes

    Lee kinda looks like Joel from the last of us

  50. Juan Zavala

    Juan ZavalaHace 5 días

    ImpactZ definitely need to make a movie on the last of us

  51. Seb Crakpot

    Seb CrakpotHace un mes

    I actually think 99.9999999999999% of human population would die within minutes because people can't shut the fuck up nowadays.

  52. Arcus Cerebellumus

    Arcus CerebellumusHace un mes

    Monsters don't see, and they use mele. How the fuck didn't anybody guess that making noises hurts them? Like, even people can be severely hurt bu sound. And that's the only sensory input those monsters use. Seems kind of obvious to me. Wher's the military, the police, the science team n' shit?

  53. elizabeth. mp4

    elizabeth. mp4Hace un mes

    I just imagine having a cold and having to blow your nose.. Scary o.o

  54. TriggeredBeetle

    TriggeredBeetleHace un mes

    They are mutated librarians *there going global now*

  55. Yvonne Aparicio

    Yvonne AparicioHace un mes

    If this was real I would be the first one to die because I’m going to steal some stuff from gamestop

  56. Yvonne Aparicio

    Yvonne AparicioHace un mes

    Me:*farts* Me:looks out window Me:Dies

  57. YocoWheelin

    YocoWheelinHace un mes

    Would you actually sink in corn?....

  58. EddyGordo21

    EddyGordo21Hace un mes

    Extreme librarians

  59. honey bear

    honey bearHace un mes


  60. Stardust person

    Stardust personHace un mes

    Just image opening up a can a cola. So you're screwed, but not. Cause at least you got the soda :T

  61. Roblox Bannana

    Roblox BannanaHace 2 meses

    What if I have to take a dump? Will the ploop attract them

  62. The Stovetop Ninja

    The Stovetop NinjaHace 2 meses

    God damn! They know what’s going on yet they still got freaky!?!? Holy shitballs!!!

  63. Premier Senior Living

    Premier Senior LivingHace 2 meses

    But what happens when theirs a thunderstorm.

  64. Manda laFoodiboo

    Manda laFoodibooHace 2 meses

    Everyone saying the military would have figured out SPOILERS....... ................ ...high frequencies: welp the dad kept getting the frequency WRONG. So it wasn't any of the usual human frequencies he was studying. The shortwave radio is a clue, when he goes through all the different frequencies to SOS. There are so many sound frequencies it's incredible, we can actually hear colors from faraway stars. Dad's faulty hearing aid simply hit the right note to open those suckers up!

  65. Hi Bob

    Hi BobHace 2 meses

    This isn’t an ending explained. It’s a movie summary

  66. itscarolina

    itscarolinaHace 2 meses

    y put the youngest kid at the end where u cant see him at all AND BEHIND THE DEAF GIRL JESUS CHRIST this movie could have been a lot smarter

  67. Horizon

    HorizonHace 2 meses

    All you need is a really good speaker and an ear rape track 👍

  68. James Rodriguez

    James RodriguezHace 2 meses

    This movie's premise and conclusion draws (a little too much?) from M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs." I disagree here: "A Quiet Place" really isn't that original.

  69. Hermit620

    Hermit620Hace 2 meses

    12 minutes of loud babbling....I need a quiet place too.

  70. Arr3mis

    Arr3misHace 2 meses

    BOI, they are not hearing aids. Hearing aids enhance someone's hearing. What Regan has is a cochlear implant, which suggests that she was once able to hear but her implants died eventually.

  71. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the DevilHace 2 meses

    You have to have sex to get pregnant so....was it quiet sex? Because why are you having sex during an apocalypse?

  72. TBgfys Fddtec.

    TBgfys Fddtec.Hace 2 meses

    Your show should be prime time. After seeing a movie. I always look to you and find out your take. Thank you.

  73. Redophihi

    RedophihiHace 2 meses

    WAIT if she is pregnant so they had sex right so try not to moan? And there mouths must be really dry

  74. imani canterbury

    imani canterburyHace 2 meses

    Just imagine the bird box and this blended

  75. sonofblessed

    sonofblessedHace 2 meses

    The whole baby in the box during life-threatening circumstances is very Mosaic. The children in the movie are also born in the same order as the children of Amram and Yocheved (Miriam being the first-born, then Aaron, then Moses).

  76. jayden carballo

    jayden carballoHace 2 meses

    And that's how librarians are made

  77. Juanita fish

    Juanita fishHace 2 meses

    Just got done watching it and it was an amazing movie ❤❤

  78. Dillon Dearmond

    Dillon DearmondHace 2 meses

    Dad could have just took the batteries out and gave him the plane ??? Lol

  79. Fancesco Holm

    Fancesco HolmHace 13 días

    Dillon Dearmond He did. He took the batteries out then put them and the plane away. The kid took the batteries

  80. helen kim

    helen kimHace 25 días

    The dad took out the batteries but the kid secretly took it back and put it in the toy

  81. Dr!!py_ 2k

    Dr!!py_ 2kHace un mes

    He could of dropped it

  82. msmith 7793

    msmith 7793Hace 2 meses

    Man I'm glad I never watched that movie. Sounds so dumb

  83. Liem Tran

    Liem TranHace 2 meses

    Question, just re-watched this movie and there was a scene i was confused about. The part where the daughter runs away from home to mourn on her brothers grave, she turned on the toy but didn't die? At first i thought it was a suicide attempt and that we couldn't hear the airplane sounds because it was in her perspective. Unless they removed the part that makes the noise? Sure some may say because the monsters were at the house but she turned the toy on way before the scene showed where the monsters were at the house. I dont know. Anybody please feel free to leave your thoughts. Thanks!

  84. Charles Sandomenico

    Charles SandomenicoHace 2 meses

    Good movie. Like that it was something different.

  85. Its GG Gamer

    Its GG GamerHace 2 meses

    Imagine if you were blind or deaf. “Bird place” (Edit: WOAH 12 likes thx so much guys!

  86. beckyyy

    beckyyyHace 2 meses

    sǝpnu puǝs :)))) turn the phone upside, my friends sǝpnu puǝs ʇ,uop ǝsɐǝld ‘:)

  87. JusttLala

    JusttLalaHace 2 meses

    I just watched the movie, but in perplexed in one scene where and old man screamed. Im confused on why he did that, I need an explanation..ASAP

  88. YDY Studios

    YDY StudiosHace 2 meses

    JusttLala he was committing suicide

  89. No internet Dinosaur

    No internet DinosaurHace 2 meses

    Wait, if you poop loudly you die. How are they still alive?

  90. Eastern Darkiee

    Eastern DarkieeHace 2 meses

    I would of thought it would of Been more sensible if they had enough time for her to go by waterfall to make the baby

  91. Giani Batalha

    Giani BatalhaHace 2 meses

    I wanna see the prequel

  92. Nicolette James

    Nicolette JamesHace 2 meses

    Reagan knew the toy made sound though, which is why she gave him the toy WITHOUT the batteries. It was the dumb kid himself who grabbed the batteries after everyone else left.

  93. Sara Moon

    Sara MoonHace 2 meses

    Are we not going to talk about how the lights always flicker when the monsters are around?

  94. iTRY_ Mash

    iTRY_ MashHace 2 meses

    i fell asleep while watching this n i woke up when that old man screamed still dont know y he did that

  95. L M

    L MHace 2 meses

    he saw his wife's dead body

  96. Ryan Williams

    Ryan WilliamsHace 2 meses

    he doesn't take her because she doesn't need to be taken. his son is absolutely terrified, and thus needs to be shown that even though this world is scary and you have to watch yourself, there are safe places too. you also can't really assume that hes ever done this before, you only get to see them over the course of 2ish days and there is no dialogue to suggest that.

  97. RegularDude

    RegularDudeHace 2 meses

    explained? Why do people need some youtubers to explain everything in the world for them cant people think for themselves anymore?

  98. WaynesWorkVlog

    WaynesWorkVlogHace 2 meses

    1.2 million subs can't set sound levels below peaking out from yelling...

  99. WaynesWorkVlog

    WaynesWorkVlogHace 2 meses


  100. Spangle Maker

    Spangle MakerHace 2 meses

    This movie was great! So, where did the father get all of that sand???

  101. Rose Gail Peirson

    Rose Gail PeirsonHace 2 meses

    I believe there was only 3 aliens. I think it said on the walls of news clips.

  102. Leland Liu

    Leland LiuHace 2 meses

    There's 2more aliens coming not several.

  103. Molly Schuller

    Molly SchullerHace 2 meses

    This ending pissed me off

  104. Alloy Wragz

    Alloy WragzHace 2 meses

    Why not live on a cruise ship with food for a lifetime eh?

  105. Shivon Nevius

    Shivon NeviusHace 2 meses

    Why am I watching this and the office just came on. On my TV. 😂

  106. Shivon Nevius

    Shivon NeviusHace 2 meses

    Wow his wife got to play Mary Poppins. Notice I said got to play her cause the one and only Mary Poppins is julie Andrews!!

  107. Sunset Gao

    Sunset GaoHace 2 meses

    All they had to do is get some toxic gas, set a loud music trap, and it’s bye bye to scary monsters

  108. ricky fontanillas

    ricky fontanillasHace 2 meses

    just live in a waterfall they dummies

  109. chiya1381

    chiya1381Hace 2 meses

    Why did he drop the axe?