A QUIET PLACE (2018) Ending + Monsters Explained


  1. The Stovetop Ninja

    The Stovetop NinjaHace 4 horas

    God damn! They know what’s going on yet they still got freaky!?!? Holy shitballs!!!

  2. Premier Senior Living

    Premier Senior LivingHace 15 horas

    But what happens when theirs a thunderstorm.

  3. Manda laFoodiboo

    Manda laFoodibooHace un día

    Everyone saying the military would have figured out SPOILERS....... ................ ...high frequencies: welp the dad kept getting the frequency WRONG. So it wasn't any of the usual human frequencies he was studying. The shortwave radio is a clue, when he goes through all the different frequencies to SOS. There are so many sound frequencies it's incredible, we can actually hear colors from faraway stars. Dad's faulty hearing aid simply hit the right note to open those suckers up!

  4. Hi Bob

    Hi BobHace 2 días

    This isn’t an ending explained. It’s a movie summary

  5. I hate everything

    I hate everythingHace 2 días

    y put the youngest kid at the end where u cant see him at all AND BEHIND THE DEAF GIRL JESUS CHRIST this movie could have been a lot smarter

  6. Horizon

    HorizonHace 2 días

    All you need is a really good speaker and an ear rape track 👍

  7. James Rodriguez

    James RodriguezHace 3 días

    This movie's premise and conclusion draws (a little too much?) from M. Night Shyamalan's "Signs." I disagree here: "A Quiet Place" really isn't that original.

  8. Hermit620

    Hermit620Hace 4 días

    12 minutes of loud babbling....I need a quiet place too.

  9. Miss. Art3mis

    Miss. Art3misHace 4 días

    BOI, they are not hearing aids. Hearing aids enhance someone's hearing. What Regan has is a cochlear implant, which suggests that she was once able to hear but her implants died eventually.

  10. Having Tea With the Devil

    Having Tea With the DevilHace 5 días

    You have to have sex to get pregnant so....was it quiet sex? Because why are you having sex during an apocalypse?

  11. TBgfys Fddtec.

    TBgfys Fddtec.Hace 6 días

    Your show should be prime time. After seeing a movie. I always look to you and find out your take. Thank you.

  12. Redophihi

    RedophihiHace 6 días

    WAIT if she is pregnant so they had sex right so try not to moan? And there mouths must be really dry

  13. imani canterbury

    imani canterburyHace 7 días

    Just imagine the bird box and this blended

  14. sonofblessed

    sonofblessedHace 7 días

    The whole baby in the box during life-threatening circumstances is very Mosaic. The children in the movie are also born in the same order as the children of Amram and Yocheved (Miriam being the first-born, then Aaron, then Moses).

  15. jayden carballo

    jayden carballoHace 8 días

    And that's how librarians are made

  16. Juanita fish

    Juanita fishHace 9 días

    Just got done watching it and it was an amazing movie ❤❤

  17. Dillon Dearmond

    Dillon DearmondHace 9 días

    Dad could have just took the batteries out and gave him the plane ??? Lol

  18. msmith 7793

    msmith 7793Hace 9 días

    Man I'm glad I never watched that movie. Sounds so dumb

  19. Liem Tran

    Liem TranHace 11 días

    Question, just re-watched this movie and there was a scene i was confused about. The part where the daughter runs away from home to mourn on her brothers grave, she turned on the toy but didn't die? At first i thought it was a suicide attempt and that we couldn't hear the airplane sounds because it was in her perspective. Unless they removed the part that makes the noise? Sure some may say because the monsters were at the house but she turned the toy on way before the scene showed where the monsters were at the house. I dont know. Anybody please feel free to leave your thoughts. Thanks!

  20. Charles Sandomenico

    Charles SandomenicoHace 11 días

    Good movie. Like that it was something different.

  21. Its GG Gamer

    Its GG GamerHace 11 días

    Imagine if you were blind or deaf. “Bird place”

  22. beckyyy

    beckyyyHace 11 días

    sǝpnu puǝs :)))) turn the phone upside, my friends sǝpnu puǝs ʇ,uop ǝsɐǝld ‘:)

  23. JusttLala

    JusttLalaHace 11 días

    I just watched the movie, but in perplexed in one scene where and old man screamed. Im confused on why he did that, I need an explanation..ASAP

  24. YDY Studios

    YDY StudiosHace 9 días

    JusttLala he was committing suicide

  25. Reaper909 Beast

    Reaper909 BeastHace 11 días

    Wait, if you poop loudly you die. How are they still alive?

  26. Eastern Darkiee

    Eastern DarkieeHace 11 días

    I would of thought it would of Been more sensible if they had enough time for her to go by waterfall to make the baby

  27. Giani Batalha

    Giani BatalhaHace 13 días

    I wanna see the prequel

  28. Nicolette James

    Nicolette JamesHace 13 días

    Reagan knew the toy made sound though, which is why she gave him the toy WITHOUT the batteries. It was the dumb kid himself who grabbed the batteries after everyone else left.

  29. Sara Moon

    Sara MoonHace 13 días

    Are we not going to talk about how the lights always flicker when the monsters are around?

  30. iTRY_ Mash

    iTRY_ MashHace 14 días

    i fell asleep while watching this n i woke up when that old man screamed still dont know y he did that

  31. L M

    L MHace 12 días

    he saw his wife's dead body

  32. Ryan Williams

    Ryan WilliamsHace 15 días

    he doesn't take her because she doesn't need to be taken. his son is absolutely terrified, and thus needs to be shown that even though this world is scary and you have to watch yourself, there are safe places too. you also can't really assume that hes ever done this before, you only get to see them over the course of 2ish days and there is no dialogue to suggest that.

  33. RegularDude

    RegularDudeHace 17 días

    explained? Why do people need some youtubers to explain everything in the world for them cant people think for themselves anymore?

  34. WaynesWorkVlog

    WaynesWorkVlogHace 17 días

    1.2 million subs can't set sound levels below peaking out from yelling...

  35. WaynesWorkVlog

    WaynesWorkVlogHace 17 días


  36. Spangle Maker

    Spangle MakerHace 18 días

    This movie was great! So, where did the father get all of that sand???

  37. Rose Gail Peirson

    Rose Gail PeirsonHace 18 días

    I believe there was only 3 aliens. I think it said on the walls of news clips.

  38. Leland Liu

    Leland LiuHace 20 días

    There's 2more aliens coming not several.

  39. M O L L Y

    M O L L YHace 21 un día

    This ending pissed me off

  40. Shounky

    ShounkyHace 22 días

    Why not live on a cruise ship with food for a lifetime eh?

  41. Shivon Nevius

    Shivon NeviusHace 22 días

    Why am I watching this and the office just came on. On my TV. 😂

  42. Shivon Nevius

    Shivon NeviusHace 22 días

    Wow his wife got to play Mary Poppins. Notice I said got to play her cause the one and only Mary Poppins is julie Andrews!!

  43. Sunset Gao

    Sunset GaoHace 23 días

    All they had to do is get some toxic gas, set a loud music trap, and it’s bye bye to scary monsters

  44. ricky fontanillas

    ricky fontanillasHace 23 días

    just live in a waterfall they dummies

  45. chiya1381

    chiya1381Hace 23 días

    Why did he drop the axe?

  46. jeff williams

    jeff williamsHace 24 días

    I loved this film. Ok you have to ignore all the faults that the critics talk about, but the one that bugs me the most is that when the monsters are close to a human they seem not to notice this noisey bag of liquid with a heart thumping away with fear.

  47. Zack Immortal

    Zack ImmortalHace 24 días

    *someone make noises* Alien: *Finally Worth The Opponent,Our Battle Will Be Legendary!*

  48. Tommy

    TommyHace 25 días

    Question why not just live in a sound proof room right next to a waterfall? Another question there are 7.6b? People on earth why has no one found this weekness yet?

  49. couldn't think of a name

    couldn't think of a nameHace 26 días

    You explain the whole movie not just the ending smh. Disliked

  50. OmegaBlue69

    OmegaBlue69Hace 26 días

    This movie was hard for me to suspend my disbelief because we have sonic weapons right now, if the monsters have super hearing that seems like the first thing the army would use on them when bullets don't work.

  51. Zannjay Rubillos

    Zannjay RubillosHace 26 días

    You have to make sound so you can defeat the allien...LOL

  52. Mohammed Irbaaz

    Mohammed IrbaazHace 28 días

    i hate the girl, man the start really pissed me off and depressed me,all because the fcking retard couldnt listen to her dad.

  53. Myles Lee

    Myles LeeHace un mes

    So the military intelligence, CIA, or research groups didn’t find out there weakness? It’s hard to believe we we’re just defeated like that

  54. Abhishek Banerji

    Abhishek BanerjiHace un mes

    8:59 he acutally screams loudly.

  55. Hacker5612 _

    Hacker5612 _Hace un mes

    Dang, these creatures really think silence is golden.

  56. o k

    o kHace un mes

    Why can't they hear heartbeat with those bigass ears?

  57. Andrew Brannen 5

    Andrew Brannen 5Hace un mes

    This is why Emily is my favorite actress: She's a fucking badass

  58. D M

    D MHace un mes

    Large cities technically should have never succumbed to the monsters. If the monsters are that overwhelmed by loud noises, then places like New York and coastal areas would have been fine because of the constant honking of cars, water, sirens, etc. Literally makes 0 sense how NO ONE thought of "oh they're sensitive to sound? BLAST THEM WITH SOUND", except for a deaf girl almost 2 years into the incident--and she discovered by accident.

  59. Candace Kim

    Candace KimHace un mes

    Having a baby in that situation is like the dumbest thing ever

  60. Lan C

    Lan CHace un mes

    I really hated the actress for the young girl.

  61. Erbert Adonis

    Erbert AdonisHace un mes

    Wait so the monsters/aliens have supersonic hearing...... then would it be like their weakness?

  62. kaylie bennett

    kaylie bennettHace un mes

    What if they get a cold? Its soooo hard to hold in a cough. What about the stomach bug? Vomiting is LOUD. Or a sneak attack sneeze? Or what if you laugh really hard? I mean they silently laughed at one point... but sometimes I cant control my laughs. Its soooo hard. Not to mention, how on EARTH were they able to... you know... conceive a child... like, I have SO many questions... I heard they're coming out with the second movie around may 15, 2020. Can they explain this?

  63. KI77Gaming

    KI77GamingHace un mes

    So it’s kind of like I am legend in a way

  64. Last Shadow

    Last ShadowHace un mes

    Survival tip #1,be a single man!

  65. pug5gaming_yt yt

    pug5gaming_yt ytHace un mes

    What is a dog whistle work

  66. Clintt Soluri

    Clintt SoluriHace un mes

    Splice ending explained

  67. Shrapnel

    ShrapnelHace un mes

    I really wanted to like this because hey, Jim Halpert, but it was a little light, almost like they used the silence as a crutch for lack of backstory or dialogue. The old man in the forest was just an excuse to sprint. The sand and no doors was nice but...what happens in the winter...story as solid as swiss cheese.

  68. Joseph Sarrouh

    Joseph SarrouhHace un mes

    The Sequel: THINGS WILL GET LOUD NOW! (Brought to you by Sound Marines)

  69. Americanmelon

    AmericanmelonHace un mes

    7:20 she didn't scream a picture fell on the ground

  70. Sceptic Scythe

    Sceptic ScytheHace un mes

    .That was a quick 5 minutes of labour wow.

  71. Colton Develle

    Colton DevelleHace un mes

    Reaghan not Regan

  72. Veemon digimon

    Veemon digimonHace un mes

    One major flaw of the aliens weakness.....how was none of the world's military able to figure out the frequency to nutter the monster ??? For a monster with super hearing...the weakness should have been obvious from the get go

  73. Jello City

    Jello CityHace un mes

    Birdbox except you can’t make noise

  74. VictoryofPeople

    VictoryofPeopleHace un mes

    its pretty stupid how the whole worlds armys and tanks\weapons cant kill these things

  75. Draconicus the Reaper

    Draconicus the ReaperHace un mes

    Would it be that difficult to just throw things in order to distract the monsters?.. i mean the dad could of just thrown the axe in some random direction in order to get the monster to follow the sound away from the kids in the truck.

  76. Corevelt

    CoreveltHace un mes

    They had guns? Where was the fu**ing military? I'm sure at some point they would have killed all of the "monsters"

  77. Some Funny stuff

    Some Funny stuffHace un mes

    We have sub sonic sound weapons so how did humanity lose🤔

  78. Some Funny stuff

    Some Funny stuffHace un mes

    When you think about it when actors play a role there stealing people’s identity

  79. Evangelos

    EvangelosHace un mes

    This movie could have been great! The first half was great. The second half had great potential. Yet failed. smh

  80. Aiden Mudford

    Aiden MudfordHace un mes

    the ending of a quiet place is probably my second favorite ending ever

  81. Canada Strange

    Canada StrangeHace un mes

    Ok I know that this came out in 2018 and I’m late but only two monsters are going to the house not seven or five only two get it right

  82. Waris Rahimi

    Waris RahimiHace un mes

    I love listening to him

  83. Clem FTW

    Clem FTWHace un mes

    It’s a Cochlear Implant not a Hearing Aid.

  84. joshua mclearon

    joshua mclearonHace un mes

    Lees sacrifice was so sad 😭😭😭

  85. neko toshiro

    neko toshiroHace un mes

    I'm pretty sure the red lights was to tell her husband that the baby was coming, she was going down there before the creatures were around, her stopping herself from screaming when she stepped on the nail made squirm.

  86. Jerry W

    Jerry WHace 2 meses

    If they “killed” all the monsters and there are only a handful of people left alive... what will happen next? Start a new generation

  87. Christopher Branch

    Christopher BranchHace 2 meses

    Thought it was different. Pretty good

  88. AnO nyMUS

    AnO nyMUSHace 2 meses

    You fart you are dead

  89. Tank Simmons

    Tank SimmonsHace 2 meses

    A prequel would be very appreciated

  90. Tank Simmons

    Tank SimmonsHace 2 meses

    What happened to the damn military

  91. Ryan Thompson

    Ryan ThompsonHace 2 meses

    5:35 *are those wires*

  92. Gt Ggj

    Gt GgjHace 2 meses

    It could be a comedy if everyone one by one alien including stepped on that nail

  93. Jodie Leigh

    Jodie LeighHace 2 meses

    I can't be the only one that thought the kids in the film were sooooooo annoying, they'd come on screen and I'd be like 'ugh'. I've also never been so quiet whilst watching a movie lol

  94. Praveen Sharma

    Praveen SharmaHace 2 meses

    Wait ,if the creature can hear everything from very far then if the human makes a sound it will not clear to the creature because at the same time the creature listening the waterfall sound also which is louder than the former ????

  95. Ax Bu

    Ax BuHace 2 meses

    Summer of 84

  96. DiTzY

    DiTzYHace 2 meses

    When you want to move your chair and it makes that sound.... *We'll be back....*

  97. Alex Phillips

    Alex PhillipsHace 2 meses

    *moves* *air makes a sound* *ded*

  98. Some random person

    Some random personHace 2 meses

    i love your voice

  99. Probs_Asleep

    Probs_AsleepHace 2 meses

    I struggle to believe that the greatest minds on the planet wouldn't have thought about that weakness before the vast majority being wiped out. If they know they have super hearing surely overloading that sense would be a logical step. Good movie tho

  100. shinto666

    shinto666Hace 2 meses

    What a shitty job at trying to emulate the idea on screen. What's the db level. It's loud for some things and not loud enough for the others. They don't wear shoes but when they are placing things like the batteries on the table that's louder than any shoe would make. Such a fail. Soon as I saw that I knew the movie would blow. And what f'ing morons would plan to have a baby when theres an alien invasion. Dont babies cry????The concept is neat but if you can't do it right, well then it really takes away from it. Pretty bad editing on the movie too. They reuse props over and over again...this is one of the worst movies I've seen.

  101. Jérémie Campeau-Poirier

    Jérémie Campeau-PoirierHace 2 meses

    I love that movie but i'm not really interested in a prequel, i think it would just be your average/regular apocalyptic alien invasion movie like we've seen a thousand time

  102. Ahmad Aliyu

    Ahmad AliyuHace 2 meses

    I love the movie but what worries me is that there is no single person on the planet that thought of using a high frequency sound against the creature since their hearing is beyond expectation i mean everybody on the planet is dumb