A Julia Roberts-Lucas Hedges 'Feud' Is Born


  1. Mujtaba Pervez

    Mujtaba PervezHace un día

    What a fucking classy lady she is. I love her!!!!!

  2. Notta physcopath like you

    Notta physcopath like youHace un día

    she looks like a crackhead

  3. Edmund Singleton

    Edmund SingletonHace un día

    There is little doubt that Julia Roberts is a well accomplished actor, have always enjoyed her work, she currently has a streaming movie on Amazon Prime, seen photos of her character, have no desire to watch it, because of the knowledge of her back story. She is a, not so tender fifty-one-years-old, isn’t it about time she roleplay a woman of her age, with just a little typical 51-year-old gray hair?

  4. Keith Anderson

    Keith AndersonHace un día

    Her turkey reaction is CLASSIC!!! LMAAAOOOOO

  5. Joseph Svennson

    Joseph SvennsonHace 2 días

    "Turning to Lucas..." were they in bed together? It's Lit in Hollywood! And is "turkey" code for "vagina"?

  6. Pixel_Geist

    Pixel_GeistHace 2 días

    Maybe Julia Roberts will dump Pete Davidson to promote her new record as well

  7. classycolors

    classycolorsHace 3 días

    I love this woman

  8. Elaine Ferry

    Elaine FerryHace 4 días


  9. Mahesh Walatara

    Mahesh WalataraHace 5 días

    That's a Pretty Woman.

  10. Jade Diamond

    Jade DiamondHace 5 días

    I respect that she doesn't do botox and ages naturally. I like that she can actually move her face. Hence, why she is still able to land movie roles and doesn't mind playing mom roles either.

  11. Paul Rivers

    Paul RiversHace 5 días

    Transgender freak wake-up people

  12. Titus McCarthy

    Titus McCarthyHace 6 días

    She's so hideous. Never found her attractive at all.

  13. majorxdf

    majorxdfHace 6 días

    I really don't think Julia ages.

  14. gary robertson

    gary robertsonHace 6 días

    Julia is always a delight.

  15. ana barbara Barragan

    ana barbara BarraganHace 6 días

    Also is no my experience with my teen agers sons, they talk to me a lot!!

  16. Fernando Angon

    Fernando AngonHace 7 días

    Julia Roberts is amazing! I love re-watching her movies, especially Erin Brockovich ♥️

  17. Marx Movies

    Marx MoviesHace 7 días

    How lucky she is.

  18. Dave Tiffany Logan

    Dave Tiffany LoganHace 7 días

    Julia's laugh is like a warm hug. Great interview Stephen.

  19. Bill Wilkerson

    Bill WilkersonHace 7 días

    I bet with a little green paint she could be a perfect wicked witch of the West.

  20. Janae Clarice

    Janae ClariceHace 7 días

    Julia needs to share her parenting techniques bc I think we all could learn from them! ❤️

  21. Natalie Thomson

    Natalie ThomsonHace 7 días

    This interview could've been really interesting. How graciously she answers your 'dry' questions.

  22. Alexandre Lopez Marquez

    Alexandre Lopez MarquezHace 7 días

    WHO cannot fall in love with Her??? What a natural beauty!

  23. Blondtauros

    BlondtaurosHace 8 días

    Great look 👀

  24. clvc216

    clvc216Hace 8 días


  25. Tim Alma

    Tim AlmaHace 8 días

    Sweet lady Love from Saudi Arabia

  26. Cara Gold

    Cara GoldHace 8 días

    Hey @StephenColbert I love your stuff, but this interview hardly passes the Bechdel Test. You started with Julia's appearance, then asked her about her hobbies, then poked at her age and spent most of the rest of the interview inquiring about her male co-star. I expect better, less sexist interviewing from you!

  27. Cara Gold

    Cara GoldHace 6 días

    You're right - I was definitely referring to both (read: half of that first part is specifically about her dress)

  28. robyn miller-hicks

    robyn miller-hicksHace 7 días

    This is only the 2nd part of her appearance...the other half is on here, too. ;-)

  29. ternitamas

    ternitamasHace 8 días

    whenever she smiles the world becomes a better place

  30. Damonte Price

    Damonte PriceHace 8 días

    What I'm saying is this??? Julia Roberts, and Hollywood! are robbing all of you people. out of your tax dollars. from the help of really Mr. Soros and the rest of the evil establishment.

  31. Damonte Price

    Damonte PriceHace 8 días

    Julia Roberts. help from so called Jewish "Mr. George Soros?" and not just Hollywood's help?!? will cause "The United States Of America" to be no more. than a banana republic. because that is what we are all headed to."

  32. Damonte Price

    Damonte PriceHace 8 días

    Julia Roberts. ladies, and gentlemen has been robbing you of the truth. not just Julia Roberts?? but all of Hollywood! Hollywood is for abominations like homosexual scenes, between two men kissing one another; and two women kissing one another. Hollywood? is for the evil LGBT so called community really??! the devils children. and Hollwood is so caught up in the love of money, not the love of God! but the love of money. is the root of all kinds of evil. just study some of you out there? I Timothy 6:10:.)

  33. John Warrior

    John WarriorHace 9 días

    Adorable reaction by Julia. Though turkey is supposed to be dry :) But the joke never gets old in America, I guess.

  34. S M

    S MHace 9 días

    The way she says "that's not my experience" gives me ASMR tingles.

  35. Sbutterfly

    SbutterflyHace 9 días

    😂 love her

  36. momo chan

    momo chanHace 9 días

    i was bored once and i will be bored again

  37. Sean Domhnall O Sullivan

    Sean Domhnall O SullivanHace 9 días

    honestly i love julia but when she said mouth open in that dress it kinda reminded me of big bird or one of the muppets could be sitting there LOL

  38. King Tutt

    King TuttHace 9 días

    Hey Aunty Julia.

  39. La ParadaUSA

    La ParadaUSAHace 9 días

    I love her . She is the best.

  40. Ditto Ernando

    Ditto ErnandoHace 9 días

    i crack my ballz in the end of this video omfg fckin hilarious!

  41. miranda pow

    miranda powHace 10 días

    I love julia

  42. Arty Bookworm

    Arty BookwormHace 10 días

    Am I the only one who finds this interview kind of awkward? He made dumb questions, the stories that she told were not funny, she looks tense (as usual), he looks extra careful as to not upset her or something. I didn't like it at all.

  43. enriqueali

    enriquealiHace 10 días

    I don't know if Julia Roberts is a diva or not, but she's comes across here as a strong-willed and fiercely independent-minded person. Stephen had sense enough to back off from any particular line of questioning at the first sign of disagreement or opposition on her part. Her last spontaneous ( and genuinely funny) response saved an interview that otherwise never seemed to really take off...

  44. Gemma Tussy

    Gemma TussyHace 10 días

    She looks great, but I don't know about her outfit. I hear there could be a Pretty Woman sequel. I cannot longer imagine Richard Gere and Julia Roberts together. He will look like her grandpa, but considering that he left his wife to marry a 35 year old, makes total sense.

  45. brady50429

    brady50429Hace 10 días

    When you just get out of the shower and your hair is almost dry but not quite

  46. HaveFunStayStylish

    HaveFunStayStylishHace 10 días

    Her hair looks crunchy

  47. BizzyBizzyBanks

    BizzyBizzyBanksHace 10 días

    I think Stephen was nervous for this one......

  48. gnarlin

    gnarlinHace 10 días

    Wow this interview is insubstantial. It's like a dancing skeleton.

  49. Mad Murph

    Mad MurphHace 10 días

    Do some more pills damn

  50. vv756

    vv756Hace 10 días

    she’s so stunning ugh!! she look younger than me

  51. BuffaloSpirit

    BuffaloSpiritHace 10 días

    Does she bathe?

  52. Talu - Cultura & Genero

    Talu - Cultura & GeneroHace 10 días

    She's so gorgeous!

  53. Dr. Eisha A. Christian

    Dr. Eisha A. ChristianHace 10 días

    I know Julia Roberts from movie pretty woman. She was a hoe in that movie.

  54. King Bunz

    King BunzHace 10 días

    she real life look like a witch in the thumbnail

  55. Christine Chaos

    Christine ChaosHace 10 días

    Love her❣💄👑💕👍👋

  56. Ice Cream

    Ice CreamHace 10 días

    Her nose is bigger than my future

  57. 5 Stars

    5 StarsHace 10 días

    Never say anythings "dry" about an older woman 😂..Ijs, love her reaction! She ages gracefully!!

  58. wellcomematt

    wellcomemattHace 10 días

    I don't know how I feel about this dress! Very conflicted! Anyone else confused?

  59. Josh Beebe

    Josh BeebeHace 10 días

    Don't let this fool you. Julia Roberts and steven tyler are the same person.

  60. E H

    E HHace 11 días

    This was very cringy.

  61. Bimal Tony

    Bimal TonyHace 11 días

    Beauty heroin

  62. J S

    J SHace 11 días

    I was named after her❤️


    ERRE OHHHHace 11 días

    Dam she's still hot.🔥🔥

  64. Marty Ray Project

    Marty Ray ProjectHace 11 días

    Is Julia Roberts starting to look like Steven Tyler? 🤔 Don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful...🤔maybe they both are...🤔🤔🤔

  65. King fish

    King fishHace 11 días

    I still wanna bang her..... Anyone?

  66. Thumb Print

    Thumb PrintHace 7 días

    King - you want a chorus of approbation for this juvenile comment?

  67. Rainbøw

    RainbøwHace 11 días

    Julia Roberts is awesome!💕💕💕

  68. Kira Phoenix

    Kira PhoenixHace 11 días

    She's the definition of aging like wine ♥️♥️♥️

  69. Stephen Anna Marydas

    Stephen Anna MarydasHace 11 días

    Who sees that dress and says "hmmm.. imma wear that on national television"

  70. Kristina M Bowen

    Kristina M BowenHace 11 días

    She is still SO beautiful. Love love love her smile.

  71. Veronica Ivanova

    Veronica IvanovaHace 11 días

    I agree with her on teenagers. You just need to know how to talk to them.

  72. dojinho

    dojinhoHace 11 días


  73. I I

    I IHace 11 días

    It's so much easier to enjoy these people when they're not ramming their personal political views down your throats. Thanks for an entertaining interview with the lovely and talented actor!

  74. aven russo

    aven russoHace 11 días

    That’s the last fucking turkey he’s getting in my house

  75. Trump's Dingleberries

    Trump's DingleberriesHace 12 días

    She looks underweight, is she a vegan?

  76. Federica B.

    Federica B.Hace 12 días

    I just love her.

  77. Delilah Weeks

    Delilah WeeksHace 12 días

    Epic Smile here - she is so Beautiful!! :)

  78. Abel Cuena

    Abel CuenaHace 12 días


  79. Tony G

    Tony GHace 12 días

    What a beautiful face she has i wanna kiss her

  80. ascending deity

    ascending deityHace 12 días

    She looks blazed to me lol

  81. ericx2151

    ericx2151Hace 12 días

    Her nose is build to vacuum coke

  82. Jay M

    Jay MHace 12 días

    My god she is so beautiful and charming and cool. I want to hang out with her. Or marry her. Either works.

  83. Sonja Dawn

    Sonja DawnHace 12 días

    I like her so much better as she grows older, she gets better with age.

  84. Alycia Windingland

    Alycia WindinglandHace 12 días

    Her dress is like the ugly christmas sweater of Hollywood dresses.

  85. Thistledove

    ThistledoveHace 12 días

    Did Julia deliberated come on the show looking like a christmas ornament?

  86. Claire Gibbons

    Claire GibbonsHace 12 días

    Love Julia but sorry, the dress is just ugly

  87. Adrian Manuel

    Adrian ManuelHace 12 días

    Ugly asf

  88. Arindam Kar

    Arindam KarHace 12 días

    But why is her hair style like the"hela"

  89. Logan Mecham

    Logan MechamHace 12 días

    2:30 he said Jesus and for some reason the censored it

  90. Zac Lodro

    Zac LodroHace 12 días

    Her hair is as dry as her thanksgiving Turkey

  91. John Russell

    John RussellHace 12 días

    She’s a man.

  92. Tramaine Terrance

    Tramaine TerranceHace 12 días

    Hello, Humans. “Know the difference between a catastrophe and an inconvenience. To realize that it’s just an inconvenience, that it is not a catastrophe, but just an unpleasantness, is part of coming into your own, part of waking up.” ~Bruce Lee TERRANCE OUT

  93. Peter Parker

    Peter ParkerHace 12 días

    She wasted a perfect body with a dress that makes her look like she got out of an asylum.

  94. Nina Kupchenko

    Nina KupchenkoHace 12 días

    Julia please change your personal stylist. You look ridiculous. The hair the dress just terrible. Sorry

  95. Jason Cornett

    Jason CornettHace 12 días

    She’s one of the best. Glad she’s back, actors today don’t have the talent as the last generation.

  96. Bass Time

    Bass TimeHace 12 días

    Pretty woman looking rough as hell

  97. reset reset

    reset resetHace 12 días

    Julia Roberts is 51 , Jennifer Lopez is 49 , Kate Beckinsale is 45 oh boi

  98. Zac Lodro

    Zac LodroHace 12 días

    +uknow who It is though, that's why women shake thier ass and dress almost naked in music videos, they know it gets more views.

  99. uknow who

    uknow whoHace 12 días

    As if women's only worth is how they look? Get your life together.

  100. Bla Bla

    Bla BlaHace 12 días

    Here's the problem with the U.S. voting system: The votes of millions of welfare bums from New York City and Los Angeles have just as much power as the votes of farmers who bust their asses to generate revenue that can be taxed to improve society. Why should lowlives who are a complete drain on society and don't help pay for the government have any influence over the government?hdhxh

  101. fidel sanchez martin

    fidel sanchez martinHace 12 días

    Es bellísima

  102. phenoluria

    phenoluriaHace 12 días

    Ball drainer

  103. Abeer Bahakim

    Abeer BahakimHace 12 días

    A PRETTY WOMAN indeed

  104. Allison Kennedy

    Allison KennedyHace 12 días

    smart and such an amazing woman

  105. it's true

    it's trueHace 12 días

    how many people just watch Pretty Woman every once in awhile because it's a great movie

  106. Vlamir Marques

    Vlamir MarquesHace un día

    I do. One of my favorite movies of all time.

  107. couldbahappychic

    couldbahappychicHace 4 días

    Me 2

  108. Titus McCarthy

    Titus McCarthyHace 6 días

    Terrible movie. OVERRATED.

  109. Sarah Jane Laxamana

    Sarah Jane LaxamanaHace 8 días

    My fave movie of Julia Roberts

  110. g3n1us2000

    g3n1us2000Hace 10 días

    Guilty. ☝🏼😎