A Date With Sooperman - Cyanide & Happiness Shorts


  1. Jake Taller

    Jake TallerHace 15 horas

    Trust Me, This Wasn’t The First Time Superman Did Surgery On Himself In The Mirror esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-yurHmgAQcKI.html

  2. mano loko

    mano lokoHace 3 días

    WTF?? THIS IS RICK'S VOICE?? From rick and morty???? 0:08

  3. DRAKE

    DRAKEHace 3 días

    Oh dude I felt my stomach drop when Sooperman pierce his head with his lasers.

  4. FarcicalGamingHD

    FarcicalGamingHDHace 3 días

    Why would money be an issue when he can crush coal into diamond with his bare hands?

  5. King Malice

    King MaliceHace 4 días

    The guy at the beginning sounds like Rick from Rick and Morty

  6. Bruh Moment

    Bruh MomentHace 6 días

    Zach 😎

  7. Pengmaeda

    PengmaedaHace 7 días

    Clearly he didn't set his Eye Lasers to Wombo

  8. Plague Doctor

    Plague DoctorHace 7 días

    That guy sound like Rick

  9. Luis Mejia

    Luis MejiaHace 8 días

    Note to self: Always aim for the hole. Got it cheif.

  10. KittenPyroNao

    KittenPyroNaoHace 8 días

    Red dead tumblebutts

  11. Juan Posay

    Juan PosayHace 8 días

    I can’t believe they actually used a comments idea!

  12. Juan Posay

    Juan PosayHace 8 días

    That’s awesome!!!

  13. the king

    the kingHace 10 días

    Lol 😂

  14. Jazzymixel7

    Jazzymixel7Hace 10 días

    *_d e l i g h t f u l l y d e v i l i s h , s o o p e r m a n_*

  15. Azaiah Pratt

    Azaiah PrattHace 10 días

    Purple shirted eye stabber

  16. Gobby Productions

    Gobby ProductionsHace 10 días

    So, he can afford two phones but not laser eye surgery?

  17. SkyFox

    SkyFoxHace 12 días

    Hmmm, but what if I was to purchase fast food and disguise it as my own cooking? Ho ho ho ho, Delightfully Devilish Seymour...

  18. Buds4ever

    Buds4everHace 12 días

    haha yeah watch it on vrv, the platform that isn't allowed in my country, epic :D

  19. Fallcypress1084

    Fallcypress1084Hace 12 días

    Super man can’t die only from Kryptonite

  20. Nelly

    NellyHace 16 días

    What has happend to you ? 80% AD's and nothing funny nothing special only cartoons talking about that VRV .... You are lossing more then you are geting and that 80% advertisement will get you down really fast!!! You were my GO TO fo funny BUT NOW ?!?!?!?

  21. Oscar Vandenbogaert

    Oscar VandenbogaertHace 16 días

    0:07 rick is that you?

  22. Youssef Ben younes

    Youssef Ben younesHace 17 días


  23. William Baker

    William BakerHace 19 días

    Pew pew eyes

  24. MonkeyD Jimmy

    MonkeyD JimmyHace 19 días

    1:33 As much as it hurts its the god damn truth . Every women has two types of guys the ( cuckboi) that they will call him when they need someone to talk too cause they know he will listen and understand her . And the ( fuckboi ) don't make me explain the last one its pretty damn obvious 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌👌👌👌👌💪💪💪💪

  25. 00Zer0 11One1

    00Zer0 11One1Hace 20 días


  26. Erik Davidson

    Erik DavidsonHace 21 un día

    John Battman v Sooperman Dawn of just them.

  27. medexamtoolsdotcom

    medexamtoolsdotcomHace 21 un día

    Isn't it also incredibly stupid of Lois Lane to put "cuckboi" and "fuckboi" as descriptions for the 2? After all, does she need to actually put those descriptions into the phone for her to remember which one has which role? All it is is a liability, in case Clark or Sooperman (who she doesn't know are separate entities obviously) sees the contents of the phone.

  28. rilan bullard

    rilan bullardHace 22 días

    are kids supused to wath this

  29. somanken

    somankenHace 22 días

    Came back to watch cyanide and Happiness shorts after a bit of a break from them....so I guess its just Ad's now....k

  30. medexamtoolsdotcom

    medexamtoolsdotcomHace 23 días

    He sure died easily. I guess the invulnerable shield loses against the weapon that can pierce anything, in this case. But actually, considering typical mirrors are only about 90% reflective, he shouldn't have been able to bounce enough light off that mirror to kill himself before the thin layer of silver on the glass burned out. It's just ordinary silver, not some sort of kryptonite super silver after all.

  31. aof

    aofHace 23 días

    I like touch that when he pulls the phone over he pulls all the telephone poles over

  32. Hajnalka Gátai

    Hajnalka GátaiHace 24 días

    Why did he use two phones? Just use a Double-SIM....

  33. torishae rock

    torishae rockHace 24 días

    Sooperman, ever heard of contacts?

  34. star hunter

    star hunterHace 24 días

    1:04 steamed hams

  35. i hate your honda

    i hate your hondaHace 28 días

    Anyone noticed that she is eating at telepathe

  36. Master Yoshi

    Master YoshiHace 28 días

    So is Sooperman paying 2 Phone Bill's

  37. Gman Plays Games

    Gman Plays GamesHace un mes

    Funny thing is Superman did something like this, or, a clone of Superman did, to get a tint bomv made of Kryptonite out of his head so he wouldn't die

  38. Youdie Lin

    Youdie LinHace un mes

    ... something is wrong... I do subs to this Hit the bell Why just see this today because recomendations?

  39. Muffin Music

    Muffin MusicHace un mes

    Can't watch vrv in my country 😭😭😭

  40. Jaron Talotta

    Jaron TalottaHace un mes

    Clerk Cant

  41. Happy Meal5355

    Happy Meal5355Hace un mes


  42. プログラム

    プログラムHace un mes

    ZACH!? A dream come true. 😍

  43. Grognak _56

    Grognak _56Hace un mes

    Now we just need sooperman v John Batman

  44. Raylan Patrick

    Raylan PatrickHace un mes

    Who came here Cuz of rifty? Lmao

  45. San dro

    San droHace un mes

    He really should have used bland glasses so it would distort his vision. Stupid stupid Sooperman

  46. Omar Ibarra

    Omar IbarraHace un mes

    It would of been way funnier if lex Luthor appeared at the end and fucked Louis lane

  47. Erika Martinez

    Erika MartinezHace un mes

    1-800-pewpeweyes Lol

  48. victor graham

    victor grahamHace un mes

    No souperman

  49. Toxic3610

    Toxic3610Hace un mes

    Maybe if he had worn regular fake-glass glasses

  50. Treebore

    TreeboreHace un mes

    I didn't think Rick would sell out to Disney.

  51. probotboyxxx

    probotboyxxxHace un mes

    Sooperman can regenerate.

  52. Kakalotto

    KakalottoHace un mes

    Tiny style



    I'd never thought I'd see Ezekiel again

  54. Know the Unknown

    Know the UnknownHace un mes

    👀 cuckboi........🤣

  55. Deadly queen

    Deadly queenHace un mes

    1:16 *ded*

  56. Brionna Bridges

    Brionna BridgesHace un mes

    If you see a tumble butt … Always aim for the H O L E

  57. LEGO Kid 101

    LEGO Kid 101Hace un mes

    Superman was spelt wrong

  58. Serenity Stewart

    Serenity StewartHace un mes

    1:02 did he just...............HIT THE MOON?!!!!!!!!😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💗💗💗👏👏👏👏👏👏

  59. Magellan Beaulieu

    Magellan BeaulieuHace un mes

    I'm sure superman physics doesn't work like that.

  60. KingCash03

    KingCash03Hace un mes

    Why does superman look like lupin the 3rd

  61. Billyada W

    Billyada WHace un mes

    So dark, it must be DC