A CURE FOR WELLNESS (2017) Ending Explained


  1. Timothy Kuring

    Timothy KuringHace 6 horas

    The mirror imagery was very telling. It is the vampire legend through a modern medical guise. And the vampire legend had its source in the economic order. Lockhart represents the modern, Western financial vampires, who use money to drain the wealth of nations and build their high towers, like the castles of the old aristocracy. They know what they do, as the narration expresses at the start of the film. He passes through the mirror to the more ancient form of the same elitist scam, where he can experience the scam from the point of view of the victim. When he finds the truth and tries to expose it, he is called a conspiracy theorist and paranoid. The modern form of the Dracula legend as medical technology represents more directly what it is: another predatory industry, as large and powerful as the financial industry, which holds out false promises even to the wealthy and makes victims of even them. Like the financial industry, it glorifies itself with palatial medical campuses, much grander than anything most of us can afford. Both disproportionately wealthy industries specialize in sucking the vitality out of people while producing almost nothing useful. They are mirror images of one another, and they engage in the same systematic skulduggery, while deflecting criticism as paranoia and conspiracy theory. Lockhart sees things more clearly because he has seen a sort of mirror image of himself and his ways, as well as experiencing it from the point of view of the victim. Old, rich people in decline may experience the same sort of epiphany when they are left to the mercies of doctors, nurses, and orderlies, as their health and their minds decline, and their fortunes are drained.

  2. Diamond Diez

    Diamond DiezHace 8 horas

    Is that the amazing Spider-Man guy?

  3. Baby bum cream

    Baby bum creamHace 2 días

    You look like zlatan ibrahimovic

  4. Mr Crane

    Mr CraneHace 3 días

    From the car crash on it was in his head. Remember the watch stopping? It was a different watch when it cut back to it, there's dirt on the hands that wasn't there when it first stops. Like having a dream but the details aren't right.

  5. EmiJoonHits

    EmiJoonHitsHace 3 días

    I just came here to see Danes face again

  6. M.N. D

    M.N. DHace 5 días

    I wonder if this is secretly trying to tell us the thruth about what is actually going on. Like with the queen in place of the baron. And water being polluted with fluoride? Who knows . People say theres more thruth in movies as theyre throwing it in our faces and we dont see it. Myth is the real thruth and news is fake news. I dont know much else but i know this to be true. This movie plays out a lot on illusion and reality and how we mix it up all the time.

  7. Josh Shelby

    Josh ShelbyHace 6 días

    This movies amazing

  8. Rounak Chakraborty

    Rounak ChakrabortyHace 6 días

    Why am i getting Shutter Island vibes?

  9. Hunny Senpai

    Hunny SenpaiHace 4 días

    Because in both movies the characters are hallucinating and considered unreliable characters because we can't really tell what's real and what isn't

  10. SLY 415

    SLY 415Hace 6 días

    I want a few pet eels after this movie, just in remembrance. 🐉🐉🐉🐉🐍🐍🐍🐍

  11. Alan Freeman

    Alan FreemanHace 7 días

    He could've avoided getting hit with the shovel...

  12. sweetbabyboo5

    sweetbabyboo5Hace 7 días

    Overall I liked the movie and thought it was ambitious. However, how it played out in the movie could have been done better. At one point it was too much and not enough at the same time.

  13. Sharri Garvin

    Sharri GarvinHace 7 días

    Has a slight Rosemarys Baby vibe.

  14. General Grey

    General GreyHace 8 días

    XD someone that remembers dark place

  15. Eddie Goteman

    Eddie GotemanHace 8 días

    The Alps, home to Nazis and Perverts!

  16. Nikolas Mace

    Nikolas MaceHace 8 días

    Can you look at From👽Beyond👾

  17. Limited Gaming

    Limited GamingHace 8 días

    Me: *angry Hydro Homie noises*

  18. Eva Stood

    Eva StoodHace 10 días

    This movie did not need to be almost three hours long like I enjoyed the premise of it but it dragged out and repeated itself a couple of times like when he was trying to figure things out and kept being held back was annoying

  19. Allison Hylock

    Allison HylockHace 10 días

    I wonder if there will be a second one.

  20. Allison Hylock

    Allison HylockHace 10 días

    It reminds me of the Ganges River. It's gross.

  21. Scp 173

    Scp 173Hace 10 días

    'Ending explained' *explains that there's eels/mosquito larvae in the water thats turning the frogs gay*

  22. Ferrous black

    Ferrous blackHace 11 días

    I made the mistake of watching this while tripping

  23. 我爱你tyler

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    You deserve awards. You are straight to the point, comedic, thorough and professional.

  24. the amazing truckosaurus

    the amazing truckosaurusHace 16 días

    Eww. Creepy-ass movie.

  25. Jan Dedick

    Jan DedickHace 16 días

    Such a weird movie 🎥

  26. Tsinestexicth d'Auwraum

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    Sweaty eel juice: It'll quench ya. None quenchier!

  27. Globally Organized

    Globally OrganizedHace 16 días

    I think the toothy smile fr 3 reasons... Since the CEO died.. His company won't b able to put the blame on him n be themselves penalized.. He avenge the death of his father too who committed suicide fr the same company. Also he got the girl that never dies.. May be his next generation will all b living long...n also now he is only person alive that knows the secret of 'longivity'.. So he has start his own multimillionaire company..

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  29. the amazing truckosaurus

    the amazing truckosaurusHace 15 días

    Oh. Thanks.

  30. Kazu Tama

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    @the amazing truckosaurus antiviral movie

  31. the amazing truckosaurus

    the amazing truckosaurusHace 16 días


  32. Daisylee Hugee

    Daisylee HugeeHace 17 días

    1:04 my man from spider man aye see what I did there

  33. Can i have 100 subs with no vids?

    Can i have 100 subs with no vids?Hace 19 días

    Sweet home alabama

  34. I Belong In The Kitchen

    I Belong In The KitchenHace 19 días

    I knew it!!! There's something in the water!!!

  35. Melissa S

    Melissa SHace 20 días

    Welp....I ain't drinking water ever again

  36. Zachery Barrett

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  37. Dang Pham

    Dang PhamHace 20 días

    It is not incest it' keeping the bloodline pure

  38. Abigail DuVall

    Abigail DuVallHace 21 un día

    I knew the dark place reference!!!! Haha

  39. αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3

    αвѕolυтe αвѕυrd :3Hace 22 días


  40. daniel fawcett

    daniel fawcettHace 25 días

    Oh I know Garth Merengie's Dark Places.. I'm sure I've misspelled that.

  41. don rob777

    don rob777Hace 25 días

    I feel like the lurking idea of this movie was a dig at medicine. People working too hard and driving themselves mad (depression, anxiety, etc) with their self destructive self serving lifestyles go to someone promising to help. There isn’t anything wrong with them but they give you a solution that is actually doing them so much more harm than good, the water here representing with most drug pills that help feel better are slowly poisoning them. And the process continues putting the power to control in the hands of the wealthy baron as they slowly bleed you dry of all of you value and then throw you away after they got what they wanted from you.

  42. Taz Havoc

    Taz HavocHace 25 días

    I haven't seen the movie... But I'm so happy for Lockhart!!! Yeah!!

  43. richellehartford98

    richellehartford98Hace 26 días

    Wow, thanks for explaining this very strange and confusing movie that I 1st saw at a sneak preview. Wished I had seen this sooner

  44. Jake Blaze

    Jake BlazeHace 28 días

    Hey I got that reference about the dark show

  45. nakedrunner7

    nakedrunner7Hace 28 días

    He lost a tooth, but in the ending, he smiled with all his teeth intact. What does that mean?

  46. Jacky Eastwood

    Jacky EastwoodHace 28 días

    Great explanation. It's an interesting film. You wonder what's gonna happen next. It got slated but it's only the ending that screws it up. I was fascinated and loved the cinematography and the creepiness. The message from the film is true. Ambition can be a good thing but the mind and body are connected so inevitably the body will suffer due to pressure and stress. Maybe go to a different spa though next time !

  47. Erika Smith

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  48. Harald Haram

    Harald HaramHace un mes

    That main actor is so unlikable, he is a perfect villain figure, his face looks evil, his deminour, he could play the dark haired kid in Narnia who gets hypnotized by the white witch, or even better he could play as a sith, he was a total miscast in Valerian, what a terrible movie, he is a great actor, just not really suitable for certain roles Peace

  49. Hazama 06

    Hazama 06Hace 29 días

    I agree he is certainly charismatic but not in a heroic way he works best it seems as a crazed villain I personally don't hate valerian but I do agree he was horrendously miscast and just came off as whiny

  50. zorro sIk

    zorro sIkHace un mes

    I don't get it ?! Title says ending explained but then you explained everything thing except the ending...I mean that smile in end is not a happy ending smile !

  51. Omar' Commin

    Omar' ComminHace un mes

    ne prepricavaj pizdo

  52. Jino Espera Burgos

    Jino Espera BurgosHace un mes

    I love this movie! 💕

  53. Luis Santana

    Luis SantanaHace un mes

    I’ll drink the shit out of that sweaty eel juice , just get me drunk first .

  54. Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    Is mayonnaise an instrument?Hace un mes

    My bois over at r/hydrohomies approve of this movie.

  55. charliwilde

    charliwildeHace un mes

    Garth Marenghi's Dark Place was great! The episode with the eye child in particular! To celebrate another person knowing of that series, I shall now jump and point when I enter a room!

  56. Demon Dragon

    Demon DragonHace un mes

    Facility based around water...burns down...ooh the irony

  57. Unknown Asian

    Unknown AsianHace un mes

    Alexa play sweet home Alabama

  58. Gulshan Kundal

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    And why he's smiling

  59. Gulshan Kundal

    Gulshan KundalHace un mes

    Movie last scene how to back his teeth

  60. noha •

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    this feels like an ahs asylum rip off

  61. Justina Acorn

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    I’m thirsty now!💧

  62. Markus Descheneaux

    Markus DescheneauxHace un mes

    bruh what was that smile at the end wtf, that don't seen like a happily ever after smile. It even looks like theres an outline of a different face around his head.... like volmer

  63. Amara Joy Allen

    Amara Joy AllenHace un mes

    okay what i watched this entire thing for was why did lockhart grow his teeth back tf


    GHOSTGETTERHace un mes

    1:00 Nope already lame, filmmakers didn't have enough balls to show those old man balls.

  65. Brittany Wise

    Brittany WiseHace un mes

    One of my friends and I were watching this movie in the same room, but individually. I was about 30 minutes ahead of her, so I saw the wedding scenes near the end before she did. When she got to that part, she yells, "What?! WHAT?!?!??!? EEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!" I knew what part she was at and told her, "Oh, don't worry, it gets worse." Ha ha ha!

  66. SteamPlay22

    SteamPlay22Hace un mes

    Ending explained is more like Movie Described

  67. Varsha Tripathi

    Varsha TripathiHace un mes

    Pleaseeeeee answer this someone!!!! My question is , why would he give those "vitamins" to Hannah, that some what ceases age , although he wanted her to grow up fast so that he can impregnate her ?? Giving her those vitamins ceased age, didn;t they or they made the person grow really slow , so why did he gave those vitamin things to hannah?? The Baron story was 200 years old, why did he extend hannah's maturity age to come after 200 years?? He could have literally just waited 13 years for her to get her menarch!!! Afterall, the baron started experimenting only because he wanted to have pure blood line, he wasn't experimenting to live forever or something like that! He just wanted that his sister aka wife becomes fertile so that she can bear him babies then why would he suddenly shift his experiment to something that would keep him alive for more than 100 years??

  68. Alfred Gamer

    Alfred GamerHace un mes

    Varsha Tripathi yes

  69. Lucife-r

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    Some Alabama shit here

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  71. Valdimar Hrafnsson

    Valdimar HrafnssonHace un mes

    Lmfao i love dark place it truly is a gem that no one has heard of

  72. dude cx

    dude cxHace un mes

    Omg I LOVED this movie, it was insanely messed up.

  73. Oh Noes

    Oh NoesHace un mes

    What the hell even IS "wellness"? I'm still waiting on a cure for crazy.

  74. Citi Blank

    Citi BlankHace un mes

    This movie was fucking amazing I loved it I was on the edge of my seat every time it got tense. I’m glad they haven’t spoiled the movie with a sequel. Everything was so well done I live for this movie it is now one of my favorite movies 10000000/10 you should watch 😍😍

  75. Andrew Berry shows him

    Andrew Berry shows himHace un mes

    Gross 😝😝😝😝😝😝😫😫

  76. corr8920 corr8920

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    you strangely look like john wick

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    alabama 100

  78. Pelcogo

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    Eel juice: It does a body good.

  79. Kimberly Atkinson

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    Those floating bodies wearing thongs

  80. YungAndVicious

    YungAndViciousHace un mes

    *_so David Dunn was right..._*

  81. The Siege

    The SiegeHace un mes

    2:33 I mean being hydrated is just a good idea all the time. >.> Get the splashy stuff in you!

  82. Kay Kelly-Toole

    Kay Kelly-TooleHace un mes

    Anyone else noticed that some of what he said wasn't chronological, the stream room was after the crash but he presents them in the wrong order. I'm not sure if it was to show us the data about him mirroring the patient's cases of delusion with the water I just found the particular video jarring (though the film itself was so too).

  83. Jong Kim

    Jong KimHace un mes

    A cure for wellness, McDonald's.

  84. Roman Shield

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    sweaty eel juice...yuck!!

  85. Emely Zschenderlein

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    This one place where its filmed, is in Germany Zwickau.

  86. jimmyl324

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    Excellent movie