A Cup of Coffee Part. 2 (feat. JOHNNY’s Fashion Evaluation & ชุดนักเรียน)


  1. ꧁Gabinnie Multifandom꧂

    ꧁Gabinnie Multifandom꧂Hace 8 horas

    19:19 Aprenda a flertar com Johnny👌👍

  2. ꧁Gabinnie Multifandom꧂

    ꧁Gabinnie Multifandom꧂Hace 9 horas

    4:52 Ten:a minha é como mel Johnny: (vai checar) Ten:Não! Vc tem que provar! Mark: WhaAaaT? Ten: é doce uwu

  3. Infinite Apink

    Infinite ApinkHace 9 horas

    We need part 3 with additional member : yangyang and lucas too please it would be funny

  4. Thalia Lopez

    Thalia LopezHace 23 horas

    17:09 I die 🤣😅

  5. Neira

    NeiraHace un día

    Basically TEN is the boujee kid 😂

  6. me Porismita

    me PorismitaHace un día

    Love you my idols❤❤❤❤❤

  7. That Luck

    That LuckHace un día

    When Ten said you have to taste his skin I said what at the same time as mark in the same manner too 😂

  8. psychedelicacynical

    psychedelicacynicalHace un día

    16:35 I legitimately let out a YELL of laughter at the exact same time as mark johnny please XD

  9. Naeradhel Disvan

    Naeradhel DisvanHace un día

    Johnny's dad after watching this: damn i didn't know i invented coffee

  10. Lizzie Rod

    Lizzie RodHace 2 días

    16:26 Bro I understand Now why I love Johnny so much that man Is Hilarious WTF?

  11. sensoine

    sensoineHace 2 días

    25 minutes of talking nonsense with NCT lmao!!!

  12. snowpixie fifteen

    snowpixie fifteenHace 2 días


  13. Anais Landaeta

    Anais LandaetaHace 2 días

    I keep coming back to this video almost daily, someone pls send help I can't stop

  14. JJ

    JJHace 3 días

    doyoung making an effort to try and understand the boys even if he isn't fluent with english is so cute

  15. 윤수민

    윤수민Hace 3 días

    와진ㅁ자 나 뼈한국인이라서뭐라는지조또모르겟는데재밋다애들얼굴이

  16. seungyul xo

    seungyul xoHace 3 días

    ten DEFINITELY has asshole jock energy

  17. Dramallamahyunjin

    DramallamahyunjinHace 3 días

    There is NOTHING That makes me cringe more than Johnny saying I have three BUTTONS UNTIED ITS UN BUTTON NOT UN TIED UGH AHHhH JOhNNY WHYyYyy

  18. ScarletPharynx

    ScarletPharynxHace 3 días

    Imagine the camera was actually you and you're surrounded by this discussion and then, out of nowhere, Jaehyun pops up like two centimetres away from you and goes "you have to be yourself~" (6:29) like??? Yeah thanks for welcoming me at your school, you're all weird as hell

  19. kwangbae ヅ

    kwangbae ヅHace 3 días

    1:32 bless me achoo!

  20. fatimah gustriani

    fatimah gustrianiHace 4 días

    We need mark in every talk show. I mean, he has a super cute reaction and sexy english aND super talented. Idk if he only do it among his members but i like it everytime he blurt out a reaction. "WhAt?!" "This guy's imprEssive!" So basically I love this canadian boi ❤

  21. fatimah gustriani

    fatimah gustrianiHace 4 días

    "Bless me achooo!" Ok really who said that before mark 😂

  22. fatimah gustriani

    fatimah gustrianiHace 4 días


  23. mark lee in the house yo

    mark lee in the house yoHace 4 días

    this is december 2019... i came here to watch; *”my dad my dad he knew i liked beans, so he just playing with beans, he dropped it, and he dropped the rock..and then it slid, and then hot water started falling AND THEN COFFEE”* - the iconic lines ever i will never forget -

  24. Aimielyn Dichos

    Aimielyn DichosHace 4 días

    Omg Johnny is funny🤣🤣🤣

  25. Ciara Espeleta

    Ciara EspeletaHace 4 días

    Is doyoung okay?😂he laughs so hard and...and😂😂😂😂sounds like mOaNiNg😂😂😂🌱💚

  26. あやめ

    あやめHace 4 días

    Ten: Mark: Jaehyun: Doyoung: oh TNT!!!

  27. no one wants to be a square

    no one wants to be a squareHace 5 días

    look at that pibu

  28. A

    AHace 5 días

    this is the best video on the internet

  29. cel

    celHace 5 días


  30. Mikaela Valeros

    Mikaela ValerosHace 5 días

    *johnny:my morning apple i dropped it* *mark:thai juice is life but watermelon is lifer* *ten:cannot relate*

  31. Captain_ d.Y.s.

    Captain_ d.Y.s.Hace 5 días

    Okay I come back again 😊😍. I already watched it yesterday 😅 LoL

  32. 사랑하는 시즈니 우리 다시 만나자

    사랑하는 시즈니 우리 다시 만나자Hace 5 días

    너무 웃곀ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  33. Zulenka GF

    Zulenka GFHace 6 días

    7u7r Cielo santo Johnny!!! con esa mirada hasta me enamoré!.

  34. Captain_ d.Y.s.

    Captain_ d.Y.s.Hace 6 días

    My stomach hurts, I can't stop laughing in whole video 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 Poor doyoung 😅,

  35. Zuuzu Ru

    Zuuzu RuHace 6 días

    We're nearing the end of the year, and we need a cup of coffee part *3* SM, please..

  36. chimeel classay

    chimeel classayHace 7 días

    Johnny this is age restricted

  37. TIRACODe

    TIRACODeHace 7 días

    this is still one of the most hilarious videos i've seen in a while

  38. Ida F

    Ida FHace 7 días

    21:45 - 22:35 Johnny 😭

  39. Nuryn Jefferi

    Nuryn JefferiHace 7 días

    will always crack me up no matter how many times I've watched this

  40. Yu mi

    Yu miHace 7 días

    and the filipino subs was like "batang astigin" yOW stream bhouczxhs