1. Mister Stag C

    Mister Stag CHace 9 horas

    Didnt know this guy until now. Love his music, wow! And videos soo stylish. Love it

  2. Pyrocinical is a furry

    Pyrocinical is a furryHace 13 horas

    0:00 when you point the gun at the store owner in gta

  3. lil queso

    lil quesoHace 21 un hora

    Showed this to my ex... Now she's a dude and I don't want to leave

  4. Rhama Ananda

    Rhama AnandaHace un día

    Thats place who Taemin MV take his MV press your number

  5. Chaspin avi

    Chaspin aviHace un día

    Tyler isn't gay, he just love boys

  6. The odly weird club Manning

    The odly weird club ManningHace un día

    Is this from the movie call me by my name?

  7. The Amazing Chuck

    The Amazing ChuckHace un día

    No hate but how did this crap get nominated?

  8. Gustavo

    GustavoHace un día

    I must not be only one who wants the boys gram ...

  9. Sl33py productions

    Sl33py productionsHace un día

    1:50 we see his actual gf

  10. D Gordon

    D GordonHace un día

    I Love His Existence

  11. Madison Twyford

    Madison TwyfordHace un día

    The category is pets and animals I-

  12. Otsile Modiselle

    Otsile ModiselleHace un día

    AOTY 2019

  13. Eyes of the World

    Eyes of the WorldHace 2 días

    easily a rick ross type beat...

  14. Eyes of the World

    Eyes of the WorldHace 2 días

    Stanley Kubrick vibe...

  15. mark

    markHace 2 días

    Can someone please do a piano tutorial on how to play 2:56

  16. champ 123

    champ 123Hace 2 días

    He's not gay he just likes songs that make you like WO-MEN

  17. Suie

    SuieHace 2 días

    This is the most aesthetic music and video, I love it.

  18. Alain Rochette

    Alain RochetteHace 2 días

    anybody have any idea what camera this might be?

  19. Kel b lit 26 yeet

    Kel b lit 26 yeetHace 2 días


  20. mcjebt

    mcjebtHace 2 días

    Hes not gay he has a friend that's a boy

  21. Heat

    HeatHace 18 horas

    A friend that hes in love with.

  22. Tripti Khulbe

    Tripti KhulbeHace 2 días

    i want tyler as my friend

  23. Indio

    IndioHace 3 días

    Sia after she gets a tan:

  24. Jnice ArtStudios

    Jnice ArtStudiosHace 3 días

    This makes straight guys feel gay

  25. Johnluca Borrero

    Johnluca BorreroHace 3 días

    Nobody: 90s video cameras

  26. Alan The Boss

    Alan The BossHace 3 días

    1:50 4th Chamber

  27. Min Yoongles

    Min YoonglesHace 3 días

    > tyler likes a boy > a boy is a gun > tyler likes a gun >tyler is an american

  28. XALTONY 13666

    XALTONY 13666Hace 3 días

    *When he said* "Boy, you sweet as sugar diabetic to the first degree" *I felt that*

  29. darchelle turner

    darchelle turnerHace 3 días

    Even though he's ignoring now he still hilarious

  30. Th3rty Clip Music

    Th3rty Clip MusicHace 3 días

    This song makes people gay, this is some devilish shit, but I fuck wit it tho

  31. GarinBadger

    GarinBadgerHace 4 días

    2:06 don't you think you can hide that Tron Cat reference so easily

  32. V 6

    V 6Hace 4 días

    tyler’s trying to say is “the bitch is a gun” 🤢

  33. Sara Larson

    Sara LarsonHace 4 días

    I love this storyline so much

  34. Ace Sanders

    Ace SandersHace 4 días

    Love the vibe, video rap of the song. Would like it even more if it wasn't about another dude tho..... -_-

  35. Bonnny Yay

    Bonnny YayHace 4 días

    That's why I don't Fuck with this Nigga now but I wasn't surprised This Nigga a sodomite and he Sold out

  36. Kams tv

    Kams tvHace 4 días

    Suddenly I feeeel your soouuuuu oooou, ooooooow yeah. A boy is a gun. ........... AHHHHHHH, don't shoot me down. Lmao. Luv it.

  37. Hackermchackinson hack

    Hackermchackinson hackHace 5 días

    tyler not gay he ate out a female roach

  38. lacorde

    lacordeHace 5 días

    This has Wes Anderson vibes.

  39. Ben Henschel

    Ben HenschelHace 5 días

    3:06 when his bf gets in the car and the door gets shut but it’s a girl who’s in the seat when the butler moves 🤯🤯 ty see both sides like Chanel

  40. Lucho Everything

    Lucho EverythingHace 5 días

    0:27 me after my first woppin as I’m running away from my mom

  41. Yikes

    YikesHace 5 días

    Use me as a “no homo” button