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  1. Вадим Горобец

    Вадим ГоробецHace 27 minutos

    Midnight vibes

  2. rayygodd

    rayygoddHace un hora

    rain drop, drop top

  3. Blossom d

    Blossom dHace un hora

    Love this sooonggggg but idk bout the girls part tbh

  4. DoubleuxDeux

    DoubleuxDeuxHace 4 horas

    combining both their styles within the video! Two of my favourite artist's due to their creativity and drive for innovation

  5. Dario Birindelli

    Dario BirindelliHace 10 horas


  6. Rfefesss Weeerdrf

    Rfefesss WeeerdrfHace 19 horas

    at least 1k of views are mine

  7. Yanaa1414

    Yanaa1414Hace un día

    Wow she’s amazing! And my boy A$AP is unique too ... 💯

  8. Samuel Supermodel

    Samuel SupermodelHace un día

    i am just here for fka twigs tbh


    ARTiFACTHace un día

    Не пойму, я один понял что это их сон на самом деле, а их самих доят на эмоции, давая творить всякую хероту во сне, кто - то кто их доит получает самое главное, то что ему нужно, жизненную энергию, а они думают что живут на полную катушку и когда получили всё, просто подарили им аварию. Что - то в стиле матрицы, но замешано с дикой эзотерикой.. х.з. в общем.. сожрав столько кислого, Рокки не мог запилить просто красивую картинку, такое ощущение, что он трескал аяуаску..

  10. private party

    private partyHace un día

    Mj with the coinflip they pointing fingers but where they pointing, what the point is, if you hateing you missing out on you, you pointless how I pull up with with the litest blunt but no sound damn I'm jointless ESreporter gone mute this, treat me like a mutant, like he a wierdo how he do it check the stat sheet and the movelist they whisper on how he doin... Well enough to whip 2, Pharrell told me only cop one they pressure me to buy land and bitchs only want to have fun, mull over the past got me thinking .....backwards...angry, bring all that smoke to my lungs

  11. aminatu

    aminatuHace 2 días


  12. Lukas wycaza

    Lukas wycazaHace 2 días

    Fka i love you

  13. The legendary time

    The legendary timeHace 2 días


  14. Miillie Mesh

    Miillie MeshHace 2 días

    me pullin my bitch close to me coz i'm scared 2:15

  15. raptoe1

    raptoe1Hace 2 días

    Director: So like Bonnie and Clyde? Rocky: Nah, Thelma and Louise.

  16. angelsintheunknown

    angelsintheunknownHace 3 días

    MORE!! I need a whole album of them! Sweet nectar to my ears

  17. Mindy Tucker

    Mindy TuckerHace 3 días

    Can everyone pls go comment @asaprocky on my recent on ig please 😬 @m0indi , I’m tryna get my husband to notice me

  18. Joaquin Castillo

    Joaquin CastilloHace 3 días

    Y yo que pensaba que el tema era de cro

  19. John Rinton

    John RintonHace 3 días


  20. Isaia Gonzalez

    Isaia GonzalezHace 3 días

    If this shit ain’t in Cyberpunk 2077 Imma steal the Declaration of Independence again.

  21. francisco rufino

    francisco rufinoHace 4 días

    COCO SILI🔥🔥🔥

  22. Jay Legrand

    Jay LegrandHace 4 días

    FKA Twigs got a voice like an Angel... She's another Dimension.

  23. Lucy in the sky with diamonds

    Lucy in the sky with diamondsHace 4 días

    O mais brabo da atualidade sim.

  24. Azure

    AzureHace 5 días

    so beautiful

  25. richtungwaerme

    richtungwaermeHace 5 días

    i want this as a movie

  26. Mähdï gamer

    Mähdï gamerHace 5 días

    Smook weed

  27. Draven

    DravenHace 5 días

    asap rocky is so good looking and i aint even gay

  28. le roc

    le rocHace 2 días

    ure bi curious

  29. Jacek Graniecki

    Jacek GranieckiHace 3 días

    how do you know

  30. Johnny Handsome

    Johnny HandsomeHace 6 días

    Yes! “They call me Vitch...”! Such an intense intro verse by FKA Twigs! And the music playing during her part is amazing as well as A$AP rapping! Amazing song! 2:38💜✨

  31. LittlePrinceTristan

    LittlePrinceTristanHace 6 días

    any other joyner lucas fans realised this was sample from FYM?

  32. therm556

    therm556Hace 6 días

    twigs in Dior f/w 2003... a dream literally a dream

  33. sophia muller

    sophia mullerHace 7 días

    I thought fka twigs was not compromised by the music industry I was wrong Such a shame they sell them selfs out

  34. ybr

    ybrHace 3 días

    She isn't 😂 Listen to her song Cellophane

  35. German Emojis

    German EmojisHace 7 días

    The fym sample is amazing

  36. Dominga Doflaminga

    Dominga DoflamingaHace 7 días

    That moment when you are a JJBA fan, these two give you very strong Jojolion vibes and think that FKA Twigs can be Flacko's stand and viceversa.

  37. scottr640

    scottr640Hace 8 días

    Fka twigs is stunning, i would have rathered her vocals on this whole track instead of the generic mumble rap

  38. Elle Bele

    Elle BeleHace 4 días

    There’s no mumble rap doe..........

  39. Joa Solis

    Joa SolisHace 9 días

    Listen to the C.R.O version

  40. Princess

    PrincessHace 9 días

    fecal matter

  41. enter username

    enter usernameHace 9 días

    It's crazy how mutch better this is when you watch this in the middle of the night

  42. Sahil Lal

    Sahil LalHace 10 días

    Where are FKA Twigs's eye brows?

  43. Dart Revan

    Dart RevanHace 11 días

    Спасибо за Sicko Mode, Трэвис. *Thanks for Sicko Mode, Travis*

  44. Kassu king

    Kassu kingHace 11 días

    u writed the name of the song wrong man.....

  45. starrykae

    starrykaeHace 12 días


  46. Tim Smith

    Tim SmithHace 12 días

    her fuking voicce i feelin f u k

  47. Patryk PompaTeam

    Patryk PompaTeamHace 12 días


  48. Jimi Jimi

    Jimi JimiHace 12 días


  49. Keokeditswe O. Ntsayakgosi

    Keokeditswe O. NtsayakgosiHace 13 días

    2:40, that is FKA Twigs right? On the pole? Coz damn! 🙊

  50. Selenne Contreras

    Selenne ContrerasHace 13 días

    Loved this song 10 seconds in...then I heard my name in this song...obsessed!!

  51. Kymari Sands

    Kymari SandsHace 13 días


  52. South Vancouver Emergency Photography

    South Vancouver Emergency PhotographyHace 14 días

    he acts like he has a rolex on his wrist

  53. dead pool

    dead poolHace 15 días

    Everyone's gonna appreciate testing in 2030 ! Its too ahead for everyone !

  54. franco bee

    franco beeHace 15 días

    bitch is blocking one eye illuminati,,,they all do it,,,,never fails

  55. Living Dead Girl

    Living Dead GirlHace 16 días

    YAASSS!!!! We need MORE! This was EVERYTHING i needed today! 🙌

  56. Drum44er

    Drum44erHace 16 días

    They need to do a whole album together

  57. Brianna Williams

    Brianna WilliamsHace 17 días

    When you're a math major and this has been your anthem this quarter lol. How was your midterms? :)

  58. Angry Mxrcy

    Angry MxrcyHace 17 días

    me when I sneak out of the house at 3 am in the morning to hangout with my friends

  59. Kayla Look

    Kayla LookHace 18 días


  60. Stimec Music

    Stimec MusicHace 18 días

    This song is underrated as fuck tho



    Do you do meth to stay up all night.



    Are you a bad boy

  63. dobry_sort _

    dobry_sort _Hace 18 días


  64. Abdhan Jusvich

    Abdhan JusvichHace 18 días

    Car name on 3:27?

  65. ☆moonbeam☆

    ☆moonbeam☆Hace 18 días


  66. Ayesha Starns

    Ayesha StarnsHace 19 días

    The drug store looks v similar to the one in Russian Doll.


    BRAWL STARS BOYHace 19 días

    Is Russian people are here? Всем привет я тоже русский! Напишите + если ищете русских

  68. konradxtofik

    konradxtofikHace 20 días

    Need to have xxx to it :-) This is sick!

  69. axel

    axelHace 20 días

    ¿Alguien por C.R.O?

  70. Jean Balzër

    Jean BalzërHace 20 días

    🇧🇷Br flex 🤝🥶

  71. Brdxro

    BrdxroHace 20 días

    C.R.O hizo de esto una obra de arte.

  72. Fiona Fiona

    Fiona FionaHace 20 días

    I want this song to go up to 100 milion views


    CHOP STIXHace 20 días

    Fka twigs 😙


    BENJAMIN DEWOLFEHace 21 un día


  75. nazlı genc

    nazlı gencHace 21 un día

    2:57 ♥♥

  76. Gabriela Morosan

    Gabriela MorosanHace 21 un día


  77. Dana 328

    Dana 328Hace 21 un día


  78. NativeRambler

    NativeRamblerHace 21 un día

    I like ASAP Rocky, but FKA definitely stole the show here

  79. Jock Marais ASMR

    Jock Marais ASMRHace 21 un día

    From Lana Del Rey to twigs, A$AP is flexing his TASTE in talented women.

  80. Jock Marais ASMR

    Jock Marais ASMRHace 21 un día

    Came here for twigs, stayed for the vibe.

  81. Kedna Ashly

    Kedna AshlyHace 22 días

    Here for FKA

  82. Gabi._.Mattus

    Gabi._.MattusHace 22 días

    Está más piola el de C.R.O :v

  83. jeronimo sole ruiz

    jeronimo sole ruizHace 23 días

    Crackero foerte

  84. soynugs

    soynugsHace 23 días

    Rocky is so fkn sexy and hes not afraid to turn a sickening LOOK ghhhhggggg

  85. Aapril'spages

    Aapril'spagesHace 23 días

    Am here for fka twigs

  86. jade wass

    jade wassHace 23 días

    These two as a combination is like a match made in heaven! Christ almighty 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  87. Shataya Graham

    Shataya GrahamHace 23 días

    Now off set trying to mimick

  88. papousek.l04

    papousek.l04Hace 24 días

    Somebody please ... Where i can get this Yellow balaclava ať 2:00

  89. Gou Gou

    Gou GouHace 24 días

    Respect Club Kid Rocky !! 凸^-^凸☆彡

  90. 1999

    1999Hace 24 días

    So y’all think Rocky smashed?

  91. Amelie amelie

    Amelie amelieHace 24 días

    Can this clip become a movie?? I need this theme

  92. Brian Salmeron

    Brian SalmeronHace 11 días

    Yes an exotic movie

  93. keyla meza

    keyla mezaHace 24 días

    we need more music and visuals from these Two Together 🔥🔥🔥

  94. Sabrina The Teenage Bitch

    Sabrina The Teenage BitchHace 24 días

    I need another ASAP X Lana Collaboration

  95. Lauren Taylor

    Lauren TaylorHace 25 días

    Fka twigs is stunning xx

  96. P!t Doll

    P!t DollHace 25 días

    😮 do u now who seated next to you 🙆

  97. peter hompot

    peter hompotHace 25 días

    Yeah F everyone. That’s the best way to live. So creative.

  98. vio lo

    vio loHace 25 días

    She's a fucking alien 😳

  99. johan fueres

    johan fueresHace 25 días

    C.R.O ♡

  100. Loghan

    LoghanHace 25 días


  101. strom hd ilegal

    strom hd ilegalHace 26 días


  102. Bᴇᴀsᴛʏ

    BᴇᴀsᴛʏHace 26 días

    *Legend says* *watch when high* 😏

  103. blackhairgoddess cococherry

    blackhairgoddess cococherryHace 26 días


  104. nether winds

    nether windsHace 26 días

    Who do you think is more creative travis or asap ?

  105. Nicolas Peng

    Nicolas PengHace 26 días

    why woman revolves around that men?