73 Questions With Selena Gomez | Vogue


  1. Vogue

    VogueHace 18 días

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  2. TealSwan Song

    TealSwan SongHace 7 días

    Vogue see Teal Swan 🖤🖤

  3. Jill Mohoric

    Jill MohoricHace 9 días


  4. mlne.z

    mlne.zHace 12 días

    Wow lol

  5. lil asian boi

    lil asian boiHace 16 días

    w o w

  6. baloka baloka

    baloka balokaHace 3 horas


  7. April Bitar

    April BitarHace 9 horas

    Selena seems angry every time she speaks

  8. Void

    VoidHace 13 horas

    beard or bald?

  9. Cuong Dongvan

    Cuong DongvanHace 14 horas

    See so beautiful

  10. Pinkity Drinkity

    Pinkity DrinkityHace 14 horas

    I love people who don’t let fame get to their head❤️ what a kind woman

  11. Jessica Nguatjanai

    Jessica NguatjanaiHace 19 horas

    "what's one thing you can never live without" Justin bieber

  12. It'sYourBoiCedric

    It'sYourBoiCedricHace un día

    1:01 I see what she is trying to do. Too much questions isn't it.

  13. Mariah Cruces

    Mariah CrucesHace un día

    I love her

  14. Sibel Serbetci

    Sibel SerbetciHace un día

    Selena you are the best

  15. Geeta Bane

    Geeta BaneHace un día

    When she said "losing someone I love",she meant Justin Bieber.

  16. lhamo 122

    lhamo 122Hace 2 días

    When she said i feel scare losing someone who love .... I felt that 😓😭😭

  17. sunshine gacha starter

    sunshine gacha starterHace 2 días

    When she slides the juice it's so scary😬😬😬

  18. lullabby hosny

    lullabby hosnyHace 2 días

    Idint like her interview

  19. Hannah Austin

    Hannah AustinHace 2 días

    This is the only 73 question video that I could watch again and again until today. She's the coolest

  20. Kai pierce

    Kai pierceHace 2 días

    Shes a natural one💖

  21. Emily K

    Emily KHace 2 días

    Came here to compare the interview with Hailey's. Conclusion: Selena is more concerned about the people she loves, Hailey is into material things.

  22. Don’t Exist

    Don’t ExistHace 3 días

    “Just leave” mood

  23. just Stedy

    just StedyHace 3 días

    Her siliest nickname is a curseword in greek AHAHAHAHAHAHAH

  24. Shalom Blessing

    Shalom BlessingHace 3 días

    Where do you see yourself in 10 years "Happy" Awww, Selena, my heart breaks, I want you to be happy too.

  25. Olivia Britt

    Olivia BrittHace 3 días

    2017-1:50 2019-lose you to love me😭

  26. Will & Dill

    Will & DillHace 3 días

    73 questions with Abel Tesfaye

  27. Anwesha Das

    Anwesha DasHace 3 días

    I love this video. Everything about it is so calm. I just find it peaceful. ❤

  28. Cierra Aguilar

    Cierra AguilarHace 3 días

    Me and selena have so much in common

  29. Menchu Zongsam

    Menchu ZongsamHace 4 días

    She's so genuine soul ❤️

  30. R

    RHace 4 días

    When she said ‘loyal’ sis didn’t lie

  31. Dayu Waisly

    Dayu WaislyHace 4 días

    I want to be her friend for sure.

  32. InfoMedia One

    InfoMedia OneHace 4 días

    Hi Friends

  33. praem BRC

    praem BRCHace 5 días


  34. Talei Karavaki

    Talei KaravakiHace 5 días

    I like her place. It's not stupid big and it's almost like entering Rivendell in Lord of the Rings with the birds and sunlight etc

  35. Chanchuu Mukati

    Chanchuu MukatiHace 5 días

    Can anyone tell me about the last question that can hurt Selena ?? I didn't get it.

  36. Jeremy James Dauba

    Jeremy James DaubaHace 5 días

    Im glad she mentioned Patsy Cline. Best country musician ever.

  37. Tharindi Fernando

    Tharindi FernandoHace 5 días

    Oh Selena has spoken about Justin Bieber, she's super cute kind

  38. senorbeckon

    senorbeckonHace 6 días

    Seems like exactly the right era to me!

  39. The Masked Master

    The Masked MasterHace 6 días

    I do like red 🇬🇱😍

  40. Manuel Branco

    Manuel BrancoHace 6 días

    I wish she would call me 😬 I just have one question 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  41. عيد العطوي

    عيد العطويHace 6 días


  42. Lajla Korkaric

    Lajla KorkaricHace 6 días


  43. Chim Chim

    Chim ChimHace 6 días

    73 Questions With Leonardo Dicaprio pls

  44. Mrfusion360

    Mrfusion360Hace 6 días

    1:02 I legit got scared because I thought it was going off the table