73 Questions With Cardi B | Vogue


  1. Vogue

    VogueHace 19 días

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  2. LegitKid 329

    LegitKid 329Hace 2 días

    Vogue you should do 73 questions with Dwayne “the rock” Johnson

  3. Josefa Valle

    Josefa ValleHace 7 días

    @Rugiyya Waafira gsjsw

  4. erika allen

    erika allenHace 7 días

    Vogue v

  5. keytoy yeptho jr

    keytoy yeptho jrHace 9 días

    Vogue!!insta mention

  6. Pappii Acee

    Pappii AceeHace un hora

    She is me talking to my man lmao

  7. chrade charles

    chrade charlesHace un hora

    I’m a Libra too🥰

  8. Phex Kelebeng

    Phex KelebengHace 2 horas

    Cardi b will always be a legend who agrees and did in her grandmother house which is beautiful

  9. elenaa lisa

    elenaa lisaHace 2 horas

    73 questions with Ariana grande

  10. Willebrord V

    Willebrord VHace 3 horas

    She's just normal.

  11. vicy francis

    vicy francisHace 3 horas

    Do yk orisis

  12. Aisha Turner

    Aisha TurnerHace 3 horas

    Go card cute baby you have their of your to

  13. Best Tv

    Best TvHace 3 horas

    I respect that they didn’t show her butt when she brought it up

  14. Nina

    NinaHace 3 horas

    I actually really liked this interview. Very real and layed back!

  15. Obonye Obonye

    Obonye ObonyeHace 3 horas

    Cardi b is so dope, I would hangout with her 24/7

  16. Bergen-Alexis Schmidt

    Bergen-Alexis SchmidtHace 6 horas

    I’m not gonna lie, this made me love Cardi. She’s a cool lady!

  17. Vanessa Kanbi

    Vanessa KanbiHace 7 horas

    She tried to hide that broken nail for the whole video. I kinda feel for her that she had to think about that the whole time... human it’s okay!

  18. Nafisa Fairuz

    Nafisa FairuzHace 8 horas

    I love Cardi ❤

  19. Miss missy

    Miss missyHace 9 horas

    She is so beautiful god bless her

  20. ZEVNAI

    ZEVNAIHace 10 horas


  21. Rolando Villacarlos Jr.

    Rolando Villacarlos Jr.Hace 11 horas

    Yaay fav celeb cardi b and shes a libra im also a huge libra too

  22. Esha Rawat

    Esha RawatHace 14 horas

    73 questions with Billie eilish plzz

  23. Artem R 13

    Artem R 13Hace 15 horas

    We want Ariana Grande!!!

  24. Jasia Robbins

    Jasia RobbinsHace 16 horas

    I got a question for you cardi are you a Latina you seem like one?

  25. Jhomaira Arvizu

    Jhomaira ArvizuHace 16 horas

    If you dont love every American why become president. ? I love her she keeps it 100 all the time .. she's in her grandmother's house instead of a multi million dollar mansion ❤

  26. Amethyst Merithew

    Amethyst MerithewHace 18 horas

    such a beautiful person. she’s grown up so much, real ones know

  27. Lina Smith

    Lina SmithHace 18 horas

    I like how real she is..wow I grew up in the Bronx too..love u infinity ! Congrats on your baby boo!

  28. Typically Keys

    Typically KeysHace 19 horas

    Liked before I even watched cuz I know it’s gonna be good ❤️😭

  29. Wednesday Addams

    Wednesday AddamsHace 20 horas

    Awww I love her

  30. Delphine Joyce

    Delphine JoyceHace 21 un hora

    smelling her what???

  31. Samantha M.J king of pop!!!!

    Samantha M.J king of pop!!!!Hace 21 un hora


  32. Rommellia Reid

    Rommellia ReidHace 22 horas


  33. Nso Nation

    Nso NationHace 23 horas

    I love her energy ❤️💯☑️

  34. cow cat

    cow catHace un día

    idk it looks fake to me

  35. LiL PAC VEVO

    LiL PAC VEVOHace un día

    LiL PAC TFELON DON Please follow me ONE LOVE PEACE 🙏 ❤️ NEW HIT-PLEASE GOD BLESS u big up to you if you want to watch

  36. Azah williams

    Azah williamsHace un día

    I have that same couch 😊

  37. Caitlin L

    Caitlin LHace un día

    Kulture with the cameo

  38. Seraphina Prior

    Seraphina PriorHace un día

    When Cardi says she is boring.....if she is boring, what does that make me?

  39. Ayesblog M

    Ayesblog MHace un día

    I love her, she is so real. This is the best interview.

  40. S.A. Rambu Ratu

    S.A. Rambu RatuHace un día

    *Exactly! Whatever happen when we were 16 or even at this moment, is not a big deal at the end the day, tomorrow is another story, so yeah very true!* 👏❤

  41. Ashnney Mante

    Ashnney ManteHace un día

    "You have a boy he don't like you he's gon' be ugly to you in a few years" I felt that😂😂💜

  42. Alexandre Silva

    Alexandre SilvaHace un día

    Cardi b linda

  43. Ayaan Saiyed

    Ayaan SaiyedHace un día

    Who loves CARDI B LIKE 👍

  44. riki kaou

    riki kaouHace un día

    "Balls in my face"😂