5 Seconds of Summer - Teeth (Official Video)


  1. pongobyte

    pongobyteHace 45 minutos

    so rocknroll dudes seriously i get paid for this video

  2. Jocelyn

    JocelynHace 2 horas

    I use to be obsessed with 5 Seconds of Summer in middle school but I grew out of them and discovered other rock bands. Now im a senior in high school revisiting and holy smokes am I shocked by their transformation into more of a pop sound. They still sound amazing though and songs a bop

  3. Fuzedatti

    FuzedattiHace 4 horas

    someone PLEASE do a vocaloid cover I LOVE IT



    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 Who is listening this in 2020 march This voice is fascinating 1:42 🔥 👇👇👇👇👇🔥

  5. Paddy Hoax

    Paddy HoaxHace 7 horas

    Emo style definitely came back...

  6. __a 00873

    __a 00873Hace 9 horas

    0:24 兼六園♪兼六園♪

  7. Art XO Studio

    Art XO StudioHace 10 horas

    part 2 he's using a guitar to break the stone he is trying to escape

  8. paula-chan

    paula-chanHace 10 horas

    How is this so fucking good??

  9. Juliet Courgis

    Juliet CourgisHace 11 horas

    the type of video that will prevent anyone from going to the dentist....ever.

  10. manasvi sharma

    manasvi sharmaHace 13 horas

    This song is soooooo good that it doesn't grow old Hell yeah I love this thissss song

  11. 横谷和子

    横谷和子Hace 18 horas


  12. Jordyn Ryuko

    Jordyn RyukoHace 21 un hora

    This song: *Exists* Gacha community: *Hipity Hopity now you’re my property*

  13. Thien Ngan Ho

    Thien Ngan HoHace 22 horas

    love love

  14. おしゃべりくちびる

    おしゃべりくちびるHace un día


  15. maegap96

    maegap96Hace un día

    stupid lol, these people are going to look so stupid when they grow up and watch this trash again.

  16. LammaMammaAJPW

    LammaMammaAJPWHace un día

    2:58 lol gurl Snapchat

  17. princess jasmine of argrabah

    princess jasmine of argrabahHace un día

    The song and this makes no sense together

  18. JR Mckeon

    JR MckeonHace un día

    It’s been a few years since I had listened to anything from 5SOS after being a huge Stan for 4 years....god, the sound is crazy different but I can tell it’s more what they wanted to do...saddens me a bit because the first couple albums were the soundtrack to my life but...I’m happy for them

  19. Epic gamer

    Epic gamerHace un día

    am i the only one reminded of divergent by the video?

  20. ミスターサタン

    ミスターサタンHace 2 días


  21. Eli Gomez

    Eli GomezHace 2 días

    México Mazatlan

  22. Nevaeh Wesley

    Nevaeh WesleyHace 2 días

    Who here is lesbian?

  23. AneruVkookshipper

    AneruVkookshipperHace 2 días

    Una de las mejores canciones del 2019! "TEETH" 5 SECONDS OF SUMMER 👌🤩💖💖😍🎵

  24. Lety Jimmy ortiz

    Lety Jimmy ortizHace 2 días

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  25. Our Direction

    Our DirectionHace 2 días

    No one... Kids at the dentist-

  26. Aoife Tighe

    Aoife TigheHace 2 días

    All the lads calum hood can't breathe and I love him so much I see them on Dublin I can't wait

  27. Ender_ Creeper671

    Ender_ Creeper671Hace 2 días

    It was actually on at my dentist

  28. Alexa suarez

    Alexa suarezHace 2 días

    Sorry , esto me gustó jajajaja esta buenisima ...es una boyband verdad?

  29. Summer Playz

    Summer PlayzHace 2 días


  30. jav

    javHace 2 días

    I am SO glad that I accidentally found this song

  31. Ayaan Azhar

    Ayaan AzharHace 2 días

    What’s the song name Is it *5 Seconds of Summer* Or *Teeth*

  32. Major Monkles

    Major MonklesHace un día

    Ayaan Azhar Teeth

  33. Влад

    ВладHace 2 días


  34. Yeshuah's Bride love my God Jesus christ

    Yeshuah's Bride love my God Jesus christHace 3 días

    Stranger things vibes

  35. jailaniz pink

    jailaniz pinkHace 3 días


  36. Noah CalarcoSmith

    Noah CalarcoSmithHace 3 días

    Got teeth

  37. Kayla Star

    Kayla StarHace 3 días

    I love this

  38. Annabella Gomez

    Annabella GomezHace 3 días

    I'm going to see The Invisible Man

  39. ANTOCRAK Y SEBACRACK Y MONO medina Jesús nodoa

    ANTOCRAK Y SEBACRACK Y MONO medina Jesús nodoaHace 3 días

    Ase un consiertoooo en todos lados🐈🐈🐈

  40. catmilaღ Jimenes

    catmilaღ JimenesHace 3 días

    Refugiados q ablan español

  41. Kelsey Prud'homme

    Kelsey Prud'hommeHace 3 días

    This feels like it was written for Brendan Urie

  42. Luis Antonio

    Luis AntonioHace 3 días


  43. かき

    かきHace 3 días


  44. Arpita Majumder

    Arpita MajumderHace 3 días

    I like the song but the video is Ununderstandable 😀

  45. Poop Spaghetti

    Poop SpaghettiHace 3 días

    This scares me

  46. Giovana Arduino

    Giovana ArduinoHace 4 días

    Meu ❤ não aguenta tanta perfeição❤💖❤💖❤💖❤

  47. Giovana Arduino

    Giovana ArduinoHace 4 días

    I Love 5sos❤💖❤💖❤❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤

  48. Giovana Arduino

    Giovana ArduinoHace 4 días


  49. pOOpy harlow

    pOOpy harlowHace 4 días

    damn, I heard this song at my dentist. coincidence?

  50. M & A VIDS

    M & A VIDSHace 4 días

    Why does this song sound like the stranger things theme song??🤔

  51. Kyouko Chan は

    Kyouko Chan はHace 4 días

    the first beat sounds like stranger things intro

  52. Pieter Post

    Pieter PostHace 4 días

    Ugly song


    SARITA SHAKYAHace 4 días

    Love your songs


    SARITA SHAKYAHace 4 días

    Love from India

  55. La_ Bandida_13

    La_ Bandida_13Hace 5 días

    Hermosa cancion >:'3

  56. * Diamantes

    * DiamantesHace 5 días


  57. M yama

    M yamaHace 5 días


  58. alms yf

    alms yfHace 5 días

    *This could be one of stranger things official soundtrack*

  59. Kyouko Chan は

    Kyouko Chan はHace 4 días

    alms yf ikr

  60. DelphianRose

    DelphianRoseHace 5 días


  61. Hung Nguyen

    Hung NguyenHace 5 días

    😡fight so dirty but your heart so sweet 🎶🎵 but your heart has teeth 🦷

  62. Scarlett Lennon

    Scarlett LennonHace 4 días

    Hung Nguyen it fight so dirty but your love so sweet talk so pretty but your heart got teeth

  63. Donna Patton

    Donna PattonHace 5 días

    My favorite is rabas