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    Hic biini yapmayanlar

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    Look like in blossom

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    Zara giờ này mà quên mất rồi em à quá chấm ướt hết người rồi giết và ăn hại hơn xưa anh đi làm rồi hả anh em không muốn làm người

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    5 -Minute crafts:the only channel that thinks free zing a drink is s life hack

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    Tell me your name

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    The point of wearing a swimming cap is so that you don't get your hair wet 🤨

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    Nc and hot video oooooonc.

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    esreporter.com/v/vídeo-LAe0-NGvYKI.html vide o li n k

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    Here's another pool noodle hack I guess. When I was little I had a bunk bed and my brother and the ladder was metal and so my dad took a pool noodle and put it around the metal bars so that wouldn't hurt our feet as much and it actually worked so if you have kids yeah

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    GgxxbydsbkraZfhy😊😂 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😉😉😂😉😊😎😍😎😋😋😂😂😂😂😁😂😋😋😋😎

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    Если у тебя ето тоже в русских трендах ставь 👍

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    Yo no creo poder hacer eso q uso con el gorrito para nadar 😂

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    Y’all gotta be living in Australia.

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    Todo eso ya lo habíamos visto copeona copeas alos Polinesia😱😆😝😠 💔 😾😾

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    Tienes razón😃😍😱

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    You can get a skin disease from drawing on yourself

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    4:44 #NotSponsored

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    always best hacks😀😀

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    I am watching

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    amo esses vídeos ❤👌👌👌

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    I was introduced to this channel by the ESreporterr Robby

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    Who is here because of markiplier

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    13:19 That is not how you spell yogurt. “Frozen Joghurt Pop” SERIOUSLY?!?!

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    pollice in su chi è italiano

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    No funciona las cosas

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    *Lesbian* 7:45 😂

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    Cool ideas😎

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    Ur gonna ruin perfectly good goggles what is my life right now

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    tem br com jantando???

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    i am confused

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    Meiyouyong Feiu Diamcat

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    E se a pessoa rouba o lenço ou o protetor por necessidade!?

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    Oh no the man does not have any pants cous the girl throud it In water

  45. Lulu Amirkhani

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    I tried all but they didn,t work

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    Who is watching it in December??????😂

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    4:29 אפשר לעשות את זה גם עם אבנים, אבל אחלה רעיון 😂

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    l love channel :)

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    What a logo of hot summer hacks🙂🙂

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    I'm not sure if its genious or funny 😅

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    я одна тут русская?!

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    yeah put water in a swimming cap which is also used to KEEP YOUR HAIR DRY

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    I hate going to the beach, I always end up in wet pants.

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    is so cool

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    *when you just watch these videos to get a laugh at the actors stupidity for not knowing basic problem solving mechanics*

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    I am

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    wow perfect😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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    yo quiero un unicornio

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    6:01 n pode usar canudinho

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    Coca cola vainilla

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    one of the best channels on youtube

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    5 minutes craft is great

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    i love 5 minutes craft

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    Wow putting ice in a drink us a hack!

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    your so cool

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    is beorefole

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    Dale like si ablas español y te gustan sus videos

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    You know that none of that is new

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    Wow i always wanted to know that you could put a noodle in a shoe

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    These are awesome life hacks

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    pero.....como se va a quitar:v😈

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    me gustaron todos tus vídeos son muy bonitos y cómo es bueno es que todo lo que tú has hecho esa creación que yo veo ahí es que está muy bonita bueno abrazos y besos de colores para ti chao 🌈⛱️🌬️

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    In the fill the thing up thing that when on her head to make sure for him doesn’t get wet welll when he drop it it got her hair wet

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    El de la bolsita roja nada más gastan pura cinta perdedora de cinta

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    Turk yokmu anasını🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

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    "Oh no someone is Drowning HELP HELP! well.. guess ill make a Lifevest of Pants Ok done!" "Wait where she is"

  82. Davojak cz ma rad youtube

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    +TheAshley2008 Gamer That gave no sense…

  83. TheAshley2008 Gamer

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    Davojak cz ma rad youtube in your face

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    1:11 I died laughing after seeing this

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    They put the cap on wrong. really?!?!?!?

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    Туалет из ведра ето слишко

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    1:09 Pero nos ponemos la gorra para no mojar el pelo y no dejar pelos, Piojos Etc pero dice que nos mojemos el pelo😂

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    que cool el del jugo

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    My mom haves an underwater phone

  97. испанский антимаппер

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    поставьте лайк чтоб подумалли что яя написал ккрреатиииввнммй коомменнтт



    I like this video

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    On the swimming cap one the only reason it worked is because she had no bun in and the first time she did she had a bun

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    Ala bu nə divijeniyadı


    SHENZZZ LOHHace 2 días

    I tried ..... This is 15-minute craft

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    الله ياخذ الي بحط شي زي هذا😎😎