1. 5-Minute Crafts

    5-Minute CraftsHace 7 días

    Do you like puff pastry? Then we have a wonderful and very simple recipe for you! Just watch it at 7:50 and try to cook it yourself 😉 Believe us, it turns out very tasty! 😍 And what baking do you like more?

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    5-Minute Crafts jiiiiui

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    5-Minute Crafts K

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    If you cook your bacon in the oven you have a 101% chance to die alone

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    4:26 грабеж плагиаттт

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    Actually useful

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    (1) how Long has to freeze it???

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    brasillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll quem e brasileiro

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    Oh, so we now can get Juice from a frozen apple.

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    Ya, it works... Try it

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    4:01 plagiarism or slivki show

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    4:06 лайфхак СливкиШоу ПЛАГИАТЫЫ

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    At 16:10 anyone know how much melted icecream and flour? 😄

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    I like it but no much as wonderful as aspected frm ,useless

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    From which country are you guys from

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    Tell me if the one with freezing an apple really works please

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    4:02 - stole from "SlivkiShow" ( esreporter.com/v/vídeo-2hCKIBabHLk.html )

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    5 Minute DIABETES

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    The first one looks like apple peeeing

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    Nobody notices that 5-minute-crafts doesnt take 5 minutes, it takes like sometimes days. The apple one for defrosting...

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    good job solving problems that no one had

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    3:46 3:46 3:46 What's that...?

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    4:00 SlivkiShow!!!!😡😡😡

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    The frozen apple hacked worked!! Thank you! No I can make my own apple juice!😋

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    anyone else is just to lazy to do these? just me...

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    Плагиат !!!

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    Who else got a gucci bloom ad at the end of the video

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    Before I even waste my data let me jump in these comments to hop to that frozen apple 😂


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    4:35 вы сплагиатили у Slivki Show

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    At 3:36 what kind of fruit is that

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    I just got an ad "What's good in 5 minutes? Ice cream!"

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    Like jos oot suomalainen

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    I like the video but I hate the songs

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    The song is so bad 0:36

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    Who eats wedges with a fork!

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    It is fake I tested in my home from the apple I don't get juice

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    I am always suprised by the sheer amount of secrets women still extract from the kitchen.

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    Best ESreporter Channel 👌🏿👌🏿

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    Cung duoc ok

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    90% of everything on this channel is a useless waste of time

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    *It kinda feels like the apple is peeing.*

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    3:41 IS THAT A GRAPE FRUIT???!!

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    I love you 5-minute Crafts!!

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    Like ọk

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    وين العرب

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    0:22 You're squeezing the life outta me!

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    Can I get likes because... it’s my birthday, yes definitely Don’t like

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    Nice #popular video on youtube india

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    #hungarianwinetokaji 12:06-12:18

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    PLAGIAT!4:15 On channel Slivki Show have this lifehack!!!

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    Many of the tricks that you have shown are false but some was appreciable

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    Bazzeg ott virít a Tokaji bor :D

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    Same Hacks Are Being repeated.....

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    I havent watched you in a while.. The last video i saw u had 30 mil subs..

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    Abe pagal he Kya 40 million subscribers

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    More like 18 minute crafts lol 😂

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    15:26 5 minute craft ey!

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    3:40 q fruta e ????

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    1:25 REALLY? REALLY?

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    Comment if u agree with me!!! 👍👎👍👎👍👎

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    Ok, the bread one is dumb. First of all she wasn’t using the correct nife second of all water makes bread soggy :)))

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    0:12 How China Makes Apple Juices

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    Isn’t putting frosting in a bag and putting a tip on it easier?...:3

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    the way they put that "jam" on that "toast" disgusts me ..... XD

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    Who else is watch8ng this at 2 am... *ony me okay*

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    3:20 is bullocks, if you don't cook the strawberry with sugar, the raw strawberry jam will rot in days.


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    Who would win pewdiepie, t-series or 5 minute crafts

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    9:40 that cake didnt look very apetising

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    half of these hacks can be done with one piping bag set?

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    I am keeping thinking what the hack are they doing like why they want to use something like glue to hold food or how come they would like to squeeze such a hard bottle instead of using pastry bags....

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    9:55 zionist

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    Mushed up strawberries is not jam Five minute crafts.

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    All of these dumb life hacks dont Even work

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    10:06 what is that monstrosity

  93. Radicalabyss564 564

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    7:25 would if been easier to get a funnel

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    I watched this for 7 minutes, then i realised this was 18 mins long

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    They need to stop worrying about the grease and start worrying about why the bacon burnt like that

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