1. 5-Minute Crafts

    5-Minute CraftsHace 2 meses

    Do you like puff pastry? Then we have a wonderful and very simple recipe for you! Just watch it at 7:50 and try to cook it yourself 😉 Believe us, it turns out very tasty! 😍 And what baking do you like more?

  2. Sierras YouTube Channel

    Sierras YouTube ChannelHace 3 días

    5-Minute Crafts I LOVE YOU THE BEST HACKS Hack number 3 was super great

  3. Adolfo Carmona

    Adolfo CarmonaHace 7 días

    5-Minute Crafts z

  4. Zay Arrington

    Zay ArringtonHace 11 días

    5-Minute Crafts that thing you made to be a like scooper could also be used as something to help your kids reach the water if you know what I mean

  5. Redbell 999

    Redbell 999Hace 14 días

    5-Minute Crafts.. How are these hacks so easy on camera? The result looks nothing like what it looks like in the video, no matter WHAT you do...

  6. Карим Нурмамятов

    Карим НурмамятовHace 20 horas

    То сливки шоу спиздишн

  7. Piotr Kotecki

    Piotr KoteckiHace 22 horas

    Więcej jebania z tymi hackami niż to warte. Totalnie do dupy! Są tak kurewsko nieżyciowe, że siedzę i zastanawiam się co za głąb to wymyśla ;)

  8. Rose

    RoseHace 2 días

    Has anyone tried the apple juice hack ? If yes: 1.)Does it work? 2.)How many hours or minutes do you leave the apple for in the fridge? 3.) How many minutes do you wait for it to de-frost 4.) Does it work for all apples?

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    Sub me back

  10. mrmandoctor

    mrmandoctorHace 2 días

    Bread knives are a thing

  11. Roberto Querzá

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  12. עומר עטיה

    עומר עטיהHace 3 días

    Where can i find the soundtrack?

  13. Lps t̾r̾i̾n̾i̾t̾y̾

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  14. Noah Cobb

    Noah CobbHace 4 días

    Okay, about that recipe with the heart egg, how long should I cook it to cook the egg. The video shows a heated embryo.

  15. Tacos Forever

    Tacos ForeverHace 4 días

    Did that whole apple really fill up that cup?

  16. ChamaChama

    ChamaChamaHace 4 días

    10:36 Ice pops 16:15 Ice cream cake

  17. Joe Calverley

    Joe CalverleyHace 4 días

    The apple one doesn’t work

  18. Marley Hubbell

    Marley HubbellHace 5 días

    Is everyone just gonna ignore the fact that she baked the core of the apple with all the other slices and didn’t take the seeds out 😂😂😂

  19. Gucci Scucci

    Gucci ScucciHace 5 días

    You've just told people that crushed strawberry shortcake is jam when it's much harder and it'll only last 2-3 days

  20. Talha Iqbal

    Talha IqbalHace 5 días

    Mr.bean used the technique to dry the mint in his socks for the first time......

  21. shlok chaudhari

    shlok chaudhariHace 6 días

    The music is disgusting

  22. CrossEAGLE gaming

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  23. Miroslav Šebestík

    Miroslav ŠebestíkHace 6 días

    PET bottles are not manufactured to withstand high temperatures. Chemicals into food and drink

  24. Miroslav Šebestík

    Miroslav ŠebestíkHace 6 días

    There is ongoing concern as to the use of plastics in consumer food packaging solutions, environmental impact of the disposal of these products, as well as concerns regarding consumer safety. Karin Michaels, Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, suggests that toxins leaching from plastics might be related to disorders such as infertility and cancer in humans.

  25. Riaz Peita

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  26. Des

    DesHace 6 días

    Can you imagine walking into someone's kitchen and everything from their scoops to their soap dish to their juicer is crafted from plastic bottles and glue? I would be genuinely concerned for multiple reasons.

  27. Selena Le

    Selena LeHace 6 días

    Yes bike is Jodi gegdyegim iyo cymbal m

  28. Isabelle Berger

    Isabelle BergerHace 6 días

    Lets just talk about how those were totally smashed tomatoes not strawberries

  29. Eye Roll

    Eye RollHace 6 días

    these were good until we got to the plastic bottles and x-acto knives. no one would ever take the time to do those when you can just buy most of that.

  30. Gacha Lord02

    Gacha Lord02Hace 6 días

    I’m pretty sure most of these take longer than 5 minutes....

  31. Gary West

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  32. galatei11

    galatei11Hace 6 días

    where do you get all these plastic bottles?! I can't imagine using so many plastic bottles at home, so much plastic pollution!

  33. Emily Williams

    Emily WilliamsHace 6 días

    You just have to snap the ends off asparagus, no need to cut.

  34. raptor 12

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  35. raptor 12

    raptor 12Hace 6 días

    Am i the only one who hates a half liquid egg like seriously

  36. young caculator

    young caculatorHace 7 días

    Is there a 5minute craft to make my d*ck bigger bc its really small

  37. Kenya Alonso Ontiveros

    Kenya Alonso OntiverosHace 7 días

    The ice for the water bottles looks nice until you start to choke from the ice cube and get traumatized.

  38. Basel Altows

    Basel AltowsHace 7 días

    2:00 this idea is all fun and games till u deapthroat a 4 inch ice rod

  39. Cainasia Williams

    Cainasia WilliamsHace 7 días

    🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭 🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸🚭🚸 I don’t know what this is but it’s something

  40. Ms. Smith

    Ms. SmithHace 7 días

    dumb, as usual

  41. True Gaming2

    True Gaming2Hace 7 días

    The apple life hack doesn’t work I tried it and only got about tiny bit of juice

  42. brandon lillibridge

    brandon lillibridgeHace 7 días

    these are more like DIY things that take too much time to get something not so worth it

  43. Ry-Quon Martin

    Ry-Quon MartinHace 7 días

    😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😯😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮😮spot the difference

  44. LeedsCity

    LeedsCityHace 7 días

    11:08 just use a bread knife thats what they were made for😂

  45. Yuri Salvato

    Yuri SalvatoHace 7 días


  46. Keira Williams

    Keira WilliamsHace 7 días

    Wth was that fruit

  47. thorduna

    thordunaHace 7 días

    why did you make pepsi and coke raw each other bareback on video

  48. Silvio6

    Silvio6Hace 7 días

    Watchers, don’t mix plastic/glue with food, bad idea ..

  49. erhan topcu

    erhan topcuHace 7 días

    Abla 5 dakikada hallet diye bı kanal var videolarını çalıyor orrospu evladı

  50. K0DeX

    K0DeXHace 7 días

    1:59 - It's all fun and games until you take a drink of your water and end up deepthroating a 5 inch ice-rod.

  51. Jopo1226

    Jopo1226Hace 8 días

    Some of this doesn't look sanitary. I am no germ freak but when it comes to my food and cooking I'm very paranoid. Like the pipe and the meat thing

  52. Jason Spain

    Jason SpainHace 8 días

    I don’t see the point of this video it’s just things people do every day!

  53. ChrysGamerWolf

    ChrysGamerWolfHace 8 días

    13:29 No mess! *as the lemon drips*

  54. Kylie Roy

    Kylie RoyHace 8 días

    11:10 try using a bread knife

  55. knight night

    knight nightHace 8 días

    Wow who knew cutting was hard...