2HYPE Chopped Cook-off Challenge


  1. Julio Stefano Datinguinoo

    Julio Stefano DatinguinooHace un hora

    Do chopped cook off challenge with nba players or other popular people.

  2. Michael Buckley

    Michael BuckleyHace 3 horas


  3. Gex

    GexHace 6 horas

    4:41 Todd is in the right I think he is about to save the day

  4. Rudra Ghutadaria

    Rudra GhutadariaHace 11 horas

    Kris is gordon Ramsey

  5. Ninize Baby

    Ninize BabyHace 19 horas

    I never Chris was Zach brother

  6. Zach Boyd

    Zach BoydHace 20 horas

    Mopi makes himself a meme on purpose it seems

  7. Jon Chadiha

    Jon ChadihaHace un día

    This should be called worst cooks in America

  8. Big Body

    Big BodyHace un día

    Make a part 2

  9. Jacob Fonseca

    Jacob FonsecaHace un día

    21:41 cash nasty taking this seriously 😂😂

  10. Big baller James

    Big baller JamesHace un día


  11. Cody Manzo

    Cody ManzoHace un día

    Do a part 2

  12. Maxiboy 1230

    Maxiboy 1230Hace 2 días

    LSK accent was so funny

  13. Graydon Trujillo

    Graydon TrujilloHace 2 días

    4:16: TODD

  14. Spider Monkey

    Spider MonkeyHace 2 días

    I feel bad for mopi

  15. Tyriq Mollock

    Tyriq MollockHace 2 días

    yall so mean to mopi

  16. YTDaniel Fischer

    YTDaniel FischerHace 3 días

    5:00 😂😂😂😂

  17. Aathi Mano

    Aathi ManoHace 3 días

    real shit u if jesse said hes Italian it pretty believable

  18. Mutombo_NOOO

    Mutombo_NOOOHace 3 días

    Who’s still here August 2019

  19. BX Productions

    BX ProductionsHace 4 días

    Mate you been seasoning that for fuckin 12 mins do something

  20. DeQuavious J

    DeQuavious JHace 4 días

    The videos look soo lonely with out the other 2hype members

  21. Cod

    CodHace 4 días

    Mopis 14 on his shirt is the age of his cooking skills

  22. WestbrookBetterThanCurry

    WestbrookBetterThanCurryHace 4 días

    I need a part 2

  23. Jose Rivera

    Jose RiveraHace 4 días

    Can 2hype make another episode Like= a prayer for Mopi

  24. Peyton Rodriguez

    Peyton RodriguezHace 4 días

    Is Zack and Kris actually brothers

  25. Gus The Goat

    Gus The GoatHace 4 días

    Peanut butter on an apple is 🤤 I do it all the time

  26. Marvy_ArtsySFM

    Marvy_ArtsySFMHace 4 días

    I never knew zac and kris were brothers I have a brotther named zac and my nickname is kris

  27. John McCarthy

    John McCarthyHace 4 días

    4:09 that is a Good Accent 😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  28. Elan Mullakandov

    Elan MullakandovHace 4 días

    You can’t bully Mopi he was trying his best

  29. Jayden C

    Jayden CHace 4 días

    they're funny but they can treat mopi better

  30. Robert Ryan

    Robert RyanHace 4 días

    Jayden C it’s not serious lol

  31. Jayden C

    Jayden CHace 4 días

    u know what hurt u wearing glasses inside a house. lmaoooo cash got mad serious

  32. ie ducks

    ie ducksHace 4 días

    We need more please

  33. Jhonatan Rodriguez

    Jhonatan RodriguezHace 4 días

    I agree with dakota

  34. Justin khezri

    Justin khezriHace 4 días

    Little does he know I’m allergic to cinnamon

  35. SLK Burnt

    SLK BurntHace 5 días

    14:42 14:45 who is that creep

  36. Patrick Huntley

    Patrick HuntleyHace 5 días

    Rip mopi

  37. Zakai Henry

    Zakai HenryHace 5 días

    Mopi was just getting bullied the whole video

  38. MsBirdsong 77

    MsBirdsong 77Hace 5 días

    Okay this shit was funny but..... awwwwww Mopi, yall did em DIRT..TEE 😂😂 it's not funny

  39. Sean Thompson

    Sean ThompsonHace 5 días

    i really wanna see more of mopi getting chopped

  40. Creeper Kingsdamac

    Creeper KingsdamacHace 5 días

    7:25 Kris: little does he know, I’m allergic to cinnamon 14:18 (eats cinnamon covered apple)


    ALISTER SINGHHace 5 días

    I got 656 words


    ALISTER SINGHHace 5 días

    damn 4k quality

  43. Ryan Wieder

    Ryan WiederHace 5 días

    I love lsk accent "mopi do you want me to help Mopi: I don't need your help Kris: well go fuck yourself 🤣🤣🤣

  44. Lil Juelz

    Lil JuelzHace 5 días

    Do you want to substitute

  45. Youngmarques 23

    Youngmarques 23Hace 5 días


  46. You ain’t on Sh#t

    You ain’t on Sh#tHace 5 días

    “Am I doing the fucking cinnamon challenge mate”😭😭😭

  47. The victor64

    The victor64Hace 6 días

    What is your intro song? I love it

  48. Oliver S. Delly

    Oliver S. DellyHace 6 días

    Wait zach and kris are bros😯😯😯😯😯😯

  49. Hyperblade321

    Hyperblade321Hace 6 días

    Make more guys

  50. I do Everything

    I do EverythingHace 6 días

    Leave a like for for how many times they said mate

  51. VaderXHooper

    VaderXHooperHace 6 días


  52. Gamer Me up

    Gamer Me upHace 6 días

    Poor mopi

  53. Ricardo Netzahaul

    Ricardo NetzahaulHace 6 días

    Imagine mopi in the real show chopped

  54. Ricardo Netzahaul

    Ricardo NetzahaulHace 6 días

    3: 14 XD 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂mopi

  55. Crispy J

    Crispy JHace 6 días

    LSK tho@ 21:9 - 21:10

  56. Rhett Harris

    Rhett HarrisHace 6 días

    Do chopped 5

  57. La Som

    La SomHace 6 días

    4:17 is that todd i see

  58. Caleb Campbell

    Caleb CampbellHace 6 días


  59. LilKxng

    LilKxngHace 6 días

    Bro i might start only watching mopi and unsubbing to all others cuz of them bullying mopi he is a great dudr

  60. Jayden C

    Jayden CHace 4 días

    fax that's not cool

  61. Tbfit Tbfit

    Tbfit TbfitHace 7 días

    @16:44 such a dang follower he was about to say the milkshake was good til he saw lsks face, smh hater

  62. Jeremy's Sports

    Jeremy's SportsHace 7 días

    Kris and Zack where being dicks this video ngl

  63. joban mann

    joban mannHace 7 días

    just saying this is my 3rd time watching this and lsk has to be the best judge we need another YoU hAvE bEeN sEaSoNiNg ThAt ChIcKeN fOr FuCkInG 12 mInUtEs

  64. Jesus Sav3’s

    Jesus Sav3’sHace 7 días

    Todd is the best camera man ever Is this why the Call you wiener boy

  65. Karl Davis

    Karl DavisHace 7 días

    Mopi should compete on kids baking championship

  66. RaZR Malik

    RaZR MalikHace 7 días



    RYANTHEGOAT BDAHace 7 días

    LSK English accent 🤣🤣

  68. Josh Rodriguez

    Josh RodriguezHace 7 días

    Do the 2 part this is amazing

  69. Nigel Sheppard

    Nigel SheppardHace 7 días

    Kris had me dying the whole vid 😂😂

  70. Sylas Gahan

    Sylas GahanHace 8 días

    Zach: when we said leave the premises we were serious Mopi’s head: I’m leaving 2hype

  71. John The Gamer Productions

    John The Gamer ProductionsHace 8 días

    At 17:38 Zach was savage

  72. John The Gamer Productions

    John The Gamer ProductionsHace 8 días

    Kris is petty

  73. Te-Floche

    Te-FlocheHace 8 días

    17:56 that’s a fact, they just roasted him. I’ll team up with Mopi and beat all of them

  74. Billy 235

    Billy 235Hace 8 días

    Guys let’s get Tod to be an official 2hype member

  75. Billy 235

    Billy 235Hace 8 días

    Jidel do you have a culinary degree cause it looks like your a master chef

  76. Billy 235

    Billy 235Hace 8 días

    Zack looking like he just got home after being on a date with a hot girl

  77. Billy 235

    Billy 235Hace 8 días

    Zack I’m actually kinda jealous of your Apple Watch

  78. Milan Kushner

    Milan KushnerHace 8 días


  79. Jose Gonzalez

    Jose GonzalezHace 8 días

    Why mopi😭 1like=1prayer


    KAIDEN PATELHace 8 días



    KAIDEN PATELHace 8 días


  82. Ava Kerr

    Ava KerrHace 8 días

    Is mopi good at anything?

  83. TSwizzleRex Mixtapes

    TSwizzleRex MixtapesHace 8 días