2HYPE Chopped Cook-off Challenge


  1. Deepali Verma

    Deepali VermaHace 8 horas

    I am sorry dude

  2. Deepali Verma

    Deepali VermaHace 8 horas

    Wow so mean to mopi

  3. Collin Mully

    Collin MullyHace un día

    9:51 "does this look raw, or is it just me in the middle" Well said Jizzer

  4. Ethan Foster

    Ethan FosterHace un día

    Kris with the accent was so funny

  5. mando T

    mando THace un día

    Kris is fucken funny

  6. ToXiC DeMoN

    ToXiC DeMoNHace 2 días

    F yall mopi tried hard man tf

  7. Kenneth Goines

    Kenneth GoinesHace 2 días

    Kris is the only person in the world that doesn't know peanut butter goes with apples 🤯🔫

  8. Tj Pittman

    Tj PittmanHace 3 días

    “Mate you gotta commit” -LSK

  9. Tj Pittman

    Tj PittmanHace 3 días

    That Salmonella Chicken🤣🤣🤣

  10. liljj windham

    liljj windhamHace 3 días

    how dont you eat penut butter apples

  11. Cale Watson

    Cale WatsonHace 3 días

    I died of laughter at 1:48

  12. andyv1

    andyv1Hace 4 días

    James could've crushed cookies and covered the apple in chocolate and then made the crushed cookies stick

  13. Julian Miranda

    Julian MirandaHace 4 días

    Dude you guys have the best ideas🤭

  14. Trevor Anderson

    Trevor AndersonHace 5 días

    I knew Mopi wouldn’t win the second he walked in

  15. Moody Whale

    Moody WhaleHace 6 días

    Mopi is the best he always gets bullied make this the most like please 👇🏻

  16. Meaple007

    Meaple007Hace 9 días

    Jesse I'm sorry to say this but your not slick

  17. BoltyGG

    BoltyGGHace 9 días

    Who’s here since mopi has won chopped

  18. LD Reacts

    LD ReactsHace 9 días

    James is actually cooking like my mom from philly! Rep James😂. My mom always makes cooked apples and cinnamon

  19. Mariela G

    Mariela GHace 9 días

    kris be having me dead 😂😂😂

  20. Amazon Prime

    Amazon PrimeHace 9 días

    James’ dessert had a lot of potential. He could’ve melted some chocolate to put on the cookies, he also could’ve put less of it. If he had put less cinnamon, he would’ve won. Cinnamon apples are actually fire

  21. Colinn Putt

    Colinn PuttHace 9 días

    Let Todd cook

  22. Kuki YT

    Kuki YTHace 10 días

    20:08 why doesn't Kris just stfu

  23. Vols 8

    Vols 8Hace 10 días

    Do more chopped videos

  24. Macoman 07

    Macoman 07Hace 11 días

    Kris has never had apple and peanut butter it’s a Midwest and south thing and east coast thing Ik Zach and the bro’s heard of it at least

  25. Susie Devine

    Susie DevineHace 11 días

    They do look chooped😂😭


    GREENZFO VCHace 11 días

    Yo cash killed me for what he said to kris 13:30

  27. Jay Maupin

    Jay MaupinHace 11 días

    When you can’t find your juul 17:02

  28. Ex Bot

    Ex BotHace 11 días

    9:30 alright well then go fuck ya self😂😅

  29. King James

    King JamesHace 12 días

    Jidel is a try hard at eveything

  30. Tiger Zhang

    Tiger ZhangHace 13 días

    14:43 Todd was so scary

  31. Kodak Flash

    Kodak FlashHace 13 días

    They really went masterchef on mopi. Poor mopi I feel so bad for him

  32. LeBron James Junior LeBron James Junior

    LeBron James Junior LeBron James JuniorHace 13 días

    Is Zach really brother with kris

  33. Devion Taylor

    Devion TaylorHace 14 días

    Yall weird for treating mopi like that like if u agree

  34. YoBoy Izayah

    YoBoy IzayahHace 14 días

    Jesser "those dinosaur" Mopi "yeah" Jesser "respect" 😂😂😂

  35. Rodrigo Marin

    Rodrigo MarinHace 16 días

    Zack says that he is Chris brother but he doesn't even know him

  36. Fenzie 3000

    Fenzie 3000Hace 16 días

    Chef O'Nasty is 🔥

  37. DTH DamianTheKid1121

    DTH DamianTheKid1121Hace 17 días

    this is one of the greatest videos to ever exist

  38. Fabian Kindle

    Fabian KindleHace 17 días

    Leave alone mopi

  39. The Great Wee Wee

    The Great Wee WeeHace 17 días

    Mopi got absolutely destroyed

  40. Aidan Prejean

    Aidan PrejeanHace 18 días

    Poor mopi 😰 the so rude to him