1. The Gacha potatoes

    The Gacha potatoesHace 5 horas

    I think that’s a fake avocado

  2. Cricket Girl

    Cricket GirlHace 11 horas

    29 summer hacks: Sit in a giant water balloon! We have such good imaginations!

  3. Kevin Thieman

    Kevin ThiemanHace 11 horas

    5:44-5:50 Just saying if you have a bratty friend like this, well just don’t have a bratty friend like this.

  4. DDBoyZ

    DDBoyZHace 19 horas

    am i the only one that cringes to this song

  5. sophia warkentien

    sophia warkentienHace un día

    Is itjust me or in the flipflop beach hack when she triped and threw her bag she is more focused on her flip flop she wont notice that her stuff went every where

  6. Tamara Mirabyan

    Tamara MirabyanHace un día

    Milk@ ice

  7. Ann Olsen

    Ann OlsenHace 2 días

    She's ue ufhkjeojuihijhbjhsep

  8. alida gomez

    alida gomezHace 2 días

    el video es bueno me encanto la parte que le roban a la chica

  9. Arvind Patel

    Arvind PatelHace 3 días

    If I was hurt Id rip my skin

  10. Kaua Santos

    Kaua SantosHace 3 días


  11. Ail Raed

    Ail RaedHace 3 días

    موو حرام تحطين الخبز في رشلك الا عربي يحط 🌏🌏😠

  12. Mala Kadam

    Mala KadamHace 3 días

    3 : 8 useless

  13. Jennifer Kalmbach

    Jennifer KalmbachHace 4 días

    0:40 were is the bag gone 😂😂

  14. Clsudia Jhoana Tasama Losano

    Clsudia Jhoana Tasama LosanoHace 4 días

    24 horas estar vivo de la cama porfa agalo

  15. Sarita Kadam

    Sarita KadamHace 4 días

    your ideas are cool

  16. Ntenis Guri

    Ntenis GuriHace 5 días

    Μάλλον καλές μου😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  17. Ntenis Guri

    Ntenis GuriHace 5 días

    Καλή μου Ελληνίδα είσαι;

  18. Saturday Cuddles

    Saturday CuddlesHace 5 días

    10:07 Just who would take an iron to the pools and find an outlet

  19. Ling Ngai

    Ling NgaiHace 6 días

    Does everyone bring a paper clip to the beach other than me?

  20. Shanti Maharjan

    Shanti MaharjanHace 6 días

    Please make winter hack

  21. Esme Diaz

    Esme DiazHace 7 días

    Yo estoy iguala de reseca y no tengo sabila

  22. Pamācību kanāls

    Pamācību kanālsHace 7 días

    0:10 what is this ?

  23. Smail Bouazdia

    Smail BouazdiaHace 7 días

    شوفو معاي لبنات كي دلها هديك القشرة في وجها كيجي رايح الدير الوصف قبل ما ترشها في وجها كي تخزري فيه ماكاش او قبل مالدير الدواءياعباد ربي الكذب عيني عينك😑🤯😤🤯🤯🤯🤯

  24. Muhammad Abdussalam

    Muhammad AbdussalamHace 8 días

    6:45 what a waste

  25. mew mew catty

    mew mew cattyHace 9 días

    The second cat at the beginning like WTF IS THAT BITCH DOIN

  26. Al Somo

    Al SomoHace 9 días

    Ugh guys!👋🏻 don't be silly, or funny!😂 Or ridiculous. Maybe they just take off of the avocado, sorry, maybe I didn't see it.

  27. elleigh fant

    elleigh fantHace 9 días

    Lots of repeats

  28. Katelyn Payne

    Katelyn PayneHace 9 días

    10:12 why did she struggle that much of she could just touch the bottom anyway/stand up with out going under

  29. Katelyn Payne

    Katelyn PayneHace 9 días

    Is no one gonna talk about how at 7:08 the “fReSh AvOcOdO” has no pit/seed 😂🥑🤔🧐

  30. Muhammad Fort nite

    Muhammad Fort niteHace 9 días

    Wow this is so cool

  31. Hung Do le hung hung

    Hung Do le hung hungHace 9 días


  32. sowmya ram

    sowmya ramHace 9 días


  33. SomeBody Who Likes Undertale

    SomeBody Who Likes UndertaleHace 10 días

    How in the HECC is there no seed!?!?

  34. Ábel Kende

    Ábel KendeHace 10 días

    30Million views in one day?

  35. maddie paddie

    maddie paddieHace 11 días

    0:36 *ME* *hhahahahahahaha*

  36. Leanna Buchina

    Leanna BuchinaHace 11 días

    5 minute crafts: wait 15 minutes me: wait a minute.........................

  37. Leanna Buchina

    Leanna BuchinaHace 11 días

    7:08 where the heck is the pit!

  38. Super_ Suga

    Super_ SugaHace 11 días

    *Kills hundreds of turtles*

  39. Parth Chandel

    Parth ChandelHace 11 días

    Save the money

  40. Parth Chandel

    Parth ChandelHace 11 días

    They wasted milk just for fashion

  41. Caca Ashara

    Caca AsharaHace 11 días


  42. David Evanoviti

    David EvanovitiHace 12 días

    Y Love you, helou boys guirs

  43. Святослав Симонов

    Святослав СимоновHace 12 días

    12:45 this is "Добрый"?

  44. Bella Jaramillo

    Bella JaramilloHace 13 días

    What is that pink thing they put her in for the first one


    JAGUAR GAMING 2.0Hace 9 días

    Didn’t mean to be rude but that’s a big duh momment

  46. Bella Jaramillo

    Bella JaramilloHace 10 días


  47. Bella Jaramillo

    Bella JaramilloHace 10 días

    I know it’s a balloon but like where do u get a balloon like that


    JAGUAR GAMING 2.0Hace 12 días

    It’s a balloon duh


    JAGUAR GAMING 2.0Hace 12 días

    A giant alien egg capsule

  50. Maisa Roberto

    Maisa RobertoHace 14 días


  51. Arda Somuncu

    Arda SomuncuHace 14 días


  52. Karina Gutierrez

    Karina GutierrezHace 14 días

    8:05 Ewwwww!

  53. Mina Xopupis

    Mina XopupisHace 14 días


  54. M Veeraya

    M VeerayaHace 14 días

    Sure 🎴😍😘🤗😊

  55. Summer Grandson

    Summer GrandsonHace 15 días

    This how much I like watching there videos ⬇

  56. Marcela Olsson

    Marcela OlssonHace 12 días