2021 Ford Mustang Mach E: Ford's electric Mustang Mach-E revealed


  1. Azad K

    Azad KHace 10 horas

    Ooo Tesla they’re coming watch out

  2. carlos martin hernandez diaz

    carlos martin hernandez diazHace un día

    Oh God, the exterior is magnificent, I love it, I am excited to see an SUV with the characteristics of the beloved Mustang ... but that huge screen ended with the charm I felt ... big is not always the best, they would have looked for a better position, as did the engineers of the ram 1500 that has a large screen well positioned and looks elegant ... you finished with lk bell that had been created outside ... hopefully consider making a good adjustment to that ugly pantallota

  3. Kainthemain

    KainthemainHace un día

    I don't understand why people don't like mustang badge on it. This is the mustang of electric car that's their goal. Makes perfect sense

  4. troynov1965

    troynov1965Hace 2 días

    Jesus i thought the Mustang II was a ass ugly POS Eco box when it came out.........congrats Ford made a even worse Mustang .

  5. You Know

    You KnowHace 2 días

    Just like Tesla, they can’t figure out to make a skihatch in the middle rear seat.. dooh 😫

  6. Sailing Luana Cordelia

    Sailing Luana CordeliaHace 2 días

    It's hideous...

  7. megatron ha.

    megatron ha.Hace 2 días

    Let's go electric 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖

  8. The great One

    The great OneHace 3 días

    The gerbil man presenting, represents this ford fail perfectly

  9. Alex Ortega

    Alex OrtegaHace 5 días

    it look more like crossover Nissan or model x

  10. jerry burchell

    jerry burchellHace 5 días

    the 2021 mache4 looks nine suv croosover. mustang taillights. got horse on grille . I when mustang changed to 73 to 74 size pinto I worked for dahl ford no big deal ford made 79 fords mustang 5.0 a dealer iowa let people ride in it 3000 pe0ple like the body style I bought auction but coudnt drive it till 1978. middle of the year. 27k list . I had in dahl ford show room in 1976. 1 week.

  11. Moontunes82

    Moontunes82Hace 6 días

    I thought mustang sounded familiar

  12. Jandre

    JandreHace 6 días

    electronic mustangs aint a thing

  13. Robert H

    Robert HHace 6 días

    Worst thing since the Edsel...

  14. Super JLK

    Super JLKHace 7 días

    There better be a REAL MUSTANG behind door number 2!

  15. Super JLK

    Super JLKHace 7 días

    That center console is disgusting

  16. Mr. Truth

    Mr. TruthHace 7 días

    The side is like the Porsche and Audi.

  17. mrpmj00

    mrpmj00Hace 7 días

    wtf ugly. A desktop pc monitor in the car is like a giant wart.

  18. Ron Stubblefield

    Ron StubblefieldHace 7 días


  19. Rodney Robbins

    Rodney RobbinsHace 8 días

    Mustang SUV make me almost as ill as the new corvette that is a EURO knockoff.

  20. Jacob Xiao Long

    Jacob Xiao LongHace 8 días

    and yet they wonder why their sales are so low today...

  21. pete Dogg

    pete DoggHace 8 días

    Lots of other horses to name it after. If you are expanding the stable just give it another horse name like Shetland etc...No need to piss off the Mustang fans by stealing the Mustang name. The names Pinto and Bronco never pissed off any Mustang fans I know of. Just keep with the theme without stealing an already iconic name. Clydesdale would also be a good name 😝

  22. Arden Grosfeld

    Arden GrosfeldHace 8 días

    Wait so they got rid of the v8 and they aren’t going to make anymore or are they still going to offer the v8 with the Mach E

  23. TIOTIO

    TIOTIOHace 7 días

    They are just using the mustard name to get in to the electric car market

  24. Hanzel Rodriguez

    Hanzel RodriguezHace 9 días

    this what happens when a Turbodiesel loses to batteries 😂😂😂Tesla is simply the future lol

  25. S god

    S godHace 9 días


  26. diane h

    diane hHace 9 días

    The apocalypse has begun!

  27. Mario Monclova

    Mario MonclovaHace 8 días

    In Automotive History yes, it will be the End of the Muscle Car era when Camaro production ends in 2023. The addition of this 4 door variant to the Mustang name and badge. Removes all other Mustang's from the past, present, and future Mustang's, from the Muscle Car Status shared with the Challenger and Camaro. The Dodge Charger was removed from the segment, when they added the 4 doors I was contemplating whether to trade in my 2016 Mustang for a Porsche Cayman. Though, found out it had less horsepower and I know I can out hand those on the road course. Due to my Mustang's magneride suspension, and the Goodyear F1 Asymmetric all season tire combination.

  28. juan g

    juan gHace 9 días

    To Ford Company: DON'T call this a Mustang

  29. Darwin roldan

    Darwin roldanHace 9 días

    If Ford does not change the name I’ll sell my mustang🤯🤯

  30. Thomas S.

    Thomas S.Hace 10 días

    Who’s got a time machine? We gotta go back and stop this shit

  31. SunTai

    SunTaiHace 11 días

    Mustang?? Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for battery power. But until an EV is built that’s worthy of the name, leave Mustang out of it. And, in my mind, an SUV will never meet that criteria, regardless of speed. C’mon Ford, make the vehicle, but call it something else...

  32. DelinquentDJ

    DelinquentDJHace 11 días

    1.4k comments hating on it the video has 2k likes lmao

  33. Lil lntro Vert

    Lil lntro VertHace 11 días

    Camero owners are laughing at Mustang owners. Lmao (I’m more of a Subaru guy)

  34. jmcascardo

    jmcascardoHace 11 días

    All these big car manufacturers trying to catch up to Tesla ......what were they thinking?

  35. Vlad Alucard Tepes

    Vlad Alucard TepesHace 12 días

    Pay attention auto makers. This is the perfect example of how to kill a legacy. What an insult to the mustang name.

  36. Vlad Alucard Tepes

    Vlad Alucard TepesHace 12 días

    They shot themselves in the leg to call this a mustang.

  37. jascam1

    jascam1Hace 12 días

    Shame on Ford. This is nothing but a marketing scheme to capitalize on the Mustang name, called this crap Stallion or something else. You can't fool all the people all the time. Are we to assume that there is going to be a Mustang division at Ford.

  38. Bill

    BillHace 12 días

    I like the car. Maybe calling it Mustang wasn't the best idea.

  39. OldCavLT

    OldCavLTHace 12 días

    Zero Mustang DNA outside the horse. I own a supercharged 16 GT that I bought new and had a dealer installed Roush slapped on it. Great car. Everything I ever wanted in a car. And the last one I will ever own. Hellcat, here I come.

  40. Darth Vader

    Darth VaderHace 12 días

    This guy is the definition of testosterone loss

  41. Super Bird

    Super BirdHace 12 días

    You know it's a bad decision when V6 owners are pissed about it.

  42. Frosty Plays

    Frosty PlaysHace 13 días

    Bruh Ford going out of business love the mustang until now