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  1. Brooklyn Stockdale

    Brooklyn StockdaleHace un hora

    3 days before meh b day

  2. Milka Moonlight

    Milka MoonlightHace 2 horas

    Oh my god your so funny 😂

  3. Ella Mei

    Ella MeiHace 3 horas

    joanna you don't put a metal bowl in the microwave jo anA

  4. Ella Mei

    Ella MeiHace 3 horas


  5. MMgaming

    MMgamingHace 4 horas

    I wonder what she did with all those cookies

  6. Lyndsey Preston

    Lyndsey PrestonHace 8 horas

    What a great family

  7. Lyndsey Preston

    Lyndsey PrestonHace 8 horas

    YS cookies for days

  8. Where's My Cow?!

    Where's My Cow?!Hace 9 horas

    what was the effect of this furious activity on your household's electricity bill? 😆

  9. Elizabeth Rose

    Elizabeth RoseHace 9 horas

    Oreos has a cereal, they were my brothers favorite when he was growing up. I'm not sure if they still sell it, but the cereal is called Oreo-O's

  10. Gr Wa

    Gr WaHace 11 horas

    4:50 You Canadian fool! America invented those years ago! Im not even joking lol

  11. Pia Lianne Magpayo

    Pia Lianne MagpayoHace 11 horas

    Actually u can't can't beliece

  12. Pia Lianne Magpayo

    Pia Lianne MagpayoHace 11 horas

    Omg u can't believe that u hit 2mil in my birthday

  13. miilk theaaa

    miilk theaaaHace 12 horas

    Imagine it's only 1,999,999 cookies after cleaning everything up

  14. Esi Fataj

    Esi FatajHace 17 horas

    Who's gonna eat all these?

  15. Shayla Ngo

    Shayla NgoHace 18 horas

    Give a like for her determination and a like for a prayer

  16. Aishwarya Konwar

    Aishwarya KonwarHace 20 horas

    I know this is completely off the point but I just need to ask.... Doesnt this girl have a boyfriend???!cuz she is beautiful 😇

  17. WaterMelon's Animations

    WaterMelon's AnimationsHace 20 horas

    James from the odds one out does this but with sprinkles

  18. TheGamingMoose - BrawlStars and more

    TheGamingMoose - BrawlStars and moreHace 20 horas

    can i have some?

  19. addict with a harpøøn

    addict with a harpøønHace 21 un hora

    Can’t wait for 3million cookies

  20. Llama Kween

    Llama KweenHace 23 horas

    Your parents are so supportive omg

  21. xuan lmao

    xuan lmaoHace 23 horas

    u just hit 2.3m !!

  22. Kiki Zajdova

    Kiki ZajdovaHace un día

    I wanna eat it

  23. Katelyn ko

    Katelyn koHace un día

    did you just put a steel bowl in the microwave😮

  24. 1-800-Jimins Jams

    1-800-Jimins JamsHace un día

    *How did you microwave the metal bowl😂*

  25. Angelica Schuyler

    Angelica SchuylerHace un día

    0:42 if you know you know💜💜💜

  26. Anita O

    Anita OHace un día

    *BuT WhErE ArE ThE AvoCadO tOrtIlLaS??!??*

  27. ilovecodemonkeys

    ilovecodemonkeysHace un día

    Did she microwave the metal bowl?? Isn't that dangerous? EDIT: You have the chaotic energy of Jenna Marbles but with a sillier vigor

  28. that one guy

    that one guyHace un día

    Dude this is cookie clicker taken to the next level my dude

  29. Flav-e

    Flav-eHace un día

    b-but did you ever eat the cookies?

  30. Charlei Perniciaro

    Charlei PerniciaroHace un día

    She hit 2 million the day after my birthdayyyy

  31. Grand Slimez

    Grand SlimezHace un día

    Billy Eyelash

  32. sunny sunmi

    sunny sunmiHace 2 días

    next time i make millions of cookies, i will definitely play rasputin. *thanks for the suggestion joanna, now i feel like russia’s greatest cookie machine*

  33. iSaulbeltran III

    iSaulbeltran IIIHace 2 días

    How did she put the metal bowl in the microwave?????🤔

  34. Silviis Irithyl

    Silviis IrithylHace 2 días

    I love how dramatic you make everything sound 😂

  35. jay myers

    jay myersHace 2 días

    Literally stumbled on to ur channel and I'm glad i did.

  36. gaby

    gabyHace 2 días


  37. Pola Krajewska

    Pola KrajewskaHace 2 días

    3:37 tho lol

  38. candymoon

    candymoonHace 2 días

    you and your mom singing bohemian rhapsody??? that's so blessed i sing with my mom too it's truly something

  39. Megan Holt

    Megan HoltHace 2 días

    Your relationship with it mom is so cute !!

  40. rogah taylah is my mozzarella stick

    rogah taylah is my mozzarella stickHace 2 días


  41. Alyssa Wheeler

    Alyssa WheelerHace 2 días

    She hit 2 million on my birthday

  42. travel time! !

    travel time! !Hace 2 días

    what do you use to record your videos?

  43. a

    aHace 2 días

    if each tray fit 128'd have to bake over 15 thousand trays to make 2 million cookies...nice

  44. Ava Reyes

    Ava ReyesHace 2 días

    So I soon realized that no one had made a time stamp of mother goose dancing. . . Your welcome people 11:32

  45. Maten su

    Maten suHace 2 días

    Can we get a full cover of Joanna and her mom singing Bohemian raspody?

  46. lickthismiff

    lickthismiffHace 2 días

    This video is 2 months old and has two million views. The secret to the universe is *2*

  47. Nadine Junio

    Nadine JunioHace 2 días

    I literally bought a cookie cause I binged all the cookie videos

  48. Xx_Sapphire_xX and Gacha Gotcha

    Xx_Sapphire_xX and Gacha GotchaHace 3 días

    March 18 is my birthday…… DOUBLE WIN! BECAUSE I HAVE JOANA

  49. rιce ιѕ a мιѕтaĸen

    rιce ιѕ a мιѕтaĸenHace 3 días

    Diabetes please lemme get some cookies even tho we live 2 million ways away

  50. Oofer Gang

    Oofer GangHace 3 días

    Isn’t it funny how you got over 2,000,000 views

  51. HoneyFlower Dot

    HoneyFlower DotHace 3 días

    Me: *eats mini cookies while watching this*

  52. Ksenia Crystal

    Ksenia CrystalHace 3 días


  53. Bad Bean

    Bad BeanHace 3 días

    I no one going to point out that she used a metal bowl in the microwave 😭😭

  54. subscribe me and you will forget that you did

    subscribe me and you will forget that you didHace 3 días

    I wish I had supportive parents

  55. Emily’s Gatchalife

    Emily’s GatchalifeHace 3 días

    I am a cookie now

  56. Christan Becker

    Christan BeckerHace 3 días

    I watched this vidoe for the 5th time amd just realized that Joana put a metal bowl in the MICROWAVE! Like excuse you!? No hate! I love her and her vidoes but her house didnt burn down 🤔🧐

  57. gingersnap gf

    gingersnap gfHace 3 días

    Even the mixers are dancing 😂

  58. Lilia from syria

    Lilia from syriaHace 3 días

    I think it will be great for any cookies left to be given to the poor people cuz I am sure u cant finish all of that 😏 I LOVE UUUU

  59. Ava Worden

    Ava WordenHace 3 días

    I'm not making 2 million cookies, I making 3 million

  60. Limelight Avery

    Limelight AveryHace 3 días

    how am I seeing no comments about 5sos? was I the only one who didnt know she listened to them??? edit: AND BILLIE EILISH???


    HERMIONE RANKINHace 3 días

    Loved ur bohemian rhapsody song singing

  62. Pat Morales

    Pat MoralesHace 3 días

    I wish my mom was like dat

  63. RebelHype

    RebelHypeHace 3 días

    Omg ur parents bruv

  64. Sophia Trash can

    Sophia Trash canHace 4 días

    Omg the tac light description 😂 if you don’t understand it please leave kidding please stay I don’t have friends

  65. Noah Blank

    Noah BlankHace 4 días

    Why are her and her mom literally twins tho

  66. YEE HEE

    YEE HEEHace 4 días

    Her family is so PURE✨

  67. Mya Kramer

    Mya KramerHace 4 días

    In less than a year she made 2 million subscribers. Not trying to brag but, I got my grade from a 3.26 to a 20.54 in 2 months 😎😏

  68. Elisa yAbby Land

    Elisa yAbby LandHace 4 días

    Omg....Love ur glasses 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂

  69. Elisa yAbby Land

    Elisa yAbby LandHace 4 días

    Can I have one..? click like on my comment and on her video if u agree 👇

  70. Sidney Her

    Sidney HerHace 4 días

    Easier way. Roll batter into cylinders, cut mini cookies.

  71. Yee Oof

    Yee OofHace 4 días

    Her mom is the og we stan

  72. Sydnee Thomas

    Sydnee ThomasHace 4 días

    ohhhhhh, so that’s what happens when you give healthy people sugar.

  73. TessaPlayz ROBLOX

    TessaPlayz ROBLOXHace 4 días

    “this song, all I can say is....” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

  74. LexiandCassie

    LexiandCassieHace 4 días

    I've never felt what it's like to bake 2 million cookies and I don't think I ever will but I can oddly relate to your struggle

  75. Olivia Craig

    Olivia CraigHace 4 días

    I am convinced that she is Dwight shrute


    AMELIA WHITEHace 3 días

    Olivia Craig. Holy crap. I think she is.

  77. Olivia Craig

    Olivia CraigHace 4 días

    Great design geniuses had me dying

  78. Marit Boogaard

    Marit BoogaardHace 4 días

    0:42 armys were are u at?

  79. Nicole Deni

    Nicole DeniHace 4 días


  80. Isabel Ruiz

    Isabel RuizHace 4 días

    Tell your parents that I love them so much

  81. Belinda Downes

    Belinda DownesHace 5 días

    I love you you are so funny

  82. Lauren Hawkins

    Lauren HawkinsHace 5 días

    Wait till she hits 3 million

  83. 露露030

    露露030Hace 5 días

    My friend want all the cookies, she said she’s hungry.

  84. makn.ae_

    makn.ae_Hace 5 días

    joana, innocently putting a metal bowl in the microwave: me, panicking: S T O P

  85. ASRW

    ASRWHace 5 días

    and i thought 100 was a joke... :0

  86. fionasadie

    fionasadieHace 5 días

    that was THE most beautiful cover of Bohemian Rhapsody my ears have ever been blessed by

  87. Milk Cookies

    Milk CookiesHace 5 días

    Idk why but I like watching you while eating subway and Chinese food ..

  88. Happy1213AJ

    Happy1213AJHace 5 días

    Omg my mom just just did the blood test on me the other day also!

  89. represent .com/crankthatfrank

    represent .com/crankthatfrankHace 5 días

    Ingredients: Flour Milk Sugar We’re Going Down Chocolate chips

  90. Danger_Cookieee Gatcha

    Danger_Cookieee GatchaHace 6 días

    *My birthday is March 18th*

  91. mcspam_laspam

    mcspam_laspamHace 6 días

    maybe you can try and put the cookie dough in a piping bag to pipe them on the tray

  92. Victoria :3

    Victoria :3Hace 6 días

    *theodd1sout wants to know your location*

  93. nay hayman

    nay haymanHace 6 días

    Why the F 806 ppl disliked huh bishh u better like u blind,silly goose

  94. Krishettey :D

    Krishettey :DHace 6 días

    Is everyone going to dismiss the fact that joana put a metal bowl in the microwave?

  95. Trine Petersen

    Trine PetersenHace 6 días

    Chocolate-chip-less is my new favourite word

  96. Shraddha Krishnan

    Shraddha KrishnanHace 6 días


  97. Mia Lopez

    Mia LopezHace 7 días

    is nobody gonna talk about the fact that she put a metal bowl in the micro

  98. Caitlyn Rodrigues

    Caitlyn RodriguesHace 7 días

    The last time I made cookies it turned into the opposite of thicc it was as crispy as a eggo waffle that has been in the toaster for a 2 hour shopping spree.

  99. Devin Rodriguez

    Devin RodriguezHace 7 días

    My aunt has that blood sugar thing to

  100. Devin Rodriguez

    Devin RodriguezHace 7 días

    I’m literally in my kitchen curled up in the corner with my blue pillow watching you😂❤️

  101. Jade Longe

    Jade LongeHace 7 días

    You kept on eating us!