2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer | Ep. 04


  1. Sanguine Entertainment

    Sanguine EntertainmentHace 23 horas

    If you are just looking for someone to come on the podcast - Andrew Yang will do it. He goes on anything.

  2. Itz_juliannn

    Itz_juliannnHace un día

    “Let’s just call him Tom” 😂

  3. George Lopez

    George LopezHace un día

    Bert: I’ve only ever been wife white chicks One second later, yea I hooked up with a black chick and she flipped me over and spooned me.

  4. Scott Crothers

    Scott CrothersHace un día

    The Presidential Candidate you boys NEED to champion is Vermin Supreme.

  5. Adrian Ruelas

    Adrian RuelasHace 2 días

    Ii hate Bert's squeeling.. I wish I didn't

  6. Jamie Carlson

    Jamie CarlsonHace 2 días

    I love when I can hear the staff laugh in the background. It just shows how funny Tom is, even the people around him all the time can't hold it in

  7. BlissBayBay

    BlissBayBayHace 2 días

    if you want to feel bad forever, look up "guy trimming tree slapped in face with limb" on bestgore(dot)com you will never sleep again you have been warned

  8. Krystle Pettigrew

    Krystle PettigrewHace 2 días

    LMFAO! Bert I don't know if you should own a gun. 😂😂

  9. no

    noHace 2 días

    Bitching about how his wife isn’t impressed by anything. Proceeds to talk about how he’s always fantasized about her being in a coma. Yeah....I wouldn’t care about your 1200 seat show either. But I’d let you talk about my death for free trans pacific first class upgrades. We all have our price.

  10. Rick Kroening

    Rick KroeningHace 2 días

    When Bert smokes a joint before the show!

  11. Sterling Archer

    Sterling ArcherHace 2 días

    When he said down blousing i thought he was trying to say up skirt!! Lmao

  12. Sterling Archer

    Sterling ArcherHace 2 días

    Bert can make a game out of anything!! Must be from drinking games and having baby girls!! Lmfao

  13. John Kelly

    John KellyHace 3 días

    Get Andrew Yang for your President guest.

  14. Laurentius

    LaurentiusHace 4 días

    I did not expect my hometown to be featured so heavily in the 1st 10 minutes of this podcast

  15. Vincent Cifarelli

    Vincent CifarelliHace 4 días

    Get Andrew Yang on the show!

  16. Cee Bee

    Cee BeeHace 4 días

    Yep, just saw tree trimming vid, he definitely needed stitches

  17. fancyscientician

    fancyscienticianHace 4 días

    Ok. I am just catching up on these because I am slow but this is the funniest podcast ever made.

  18. dylan sarver

    dylan sarverHace 5 días


  19. FoodforThought

    FoodforThoughtHace 6 días

    I can't believe Bert says "All I want to do is piss on niggers and make them eat my shit. They are lower than cockroaches". He's gone too far

  20. Ataraxia F

    Ataraxia FHace 6 días

    this is sooo funny! keep it up!

  21. vHectiKv

    vHectiKvHace 6 días

    What an angry leprechaun?

  22. The Solid Creative

    The Solid CreativeHace 8 días

    it's really cool they're making podcasts for dogs now

  23. erick b

    erick bHace 8 días


  24. Terry Beveridge

    Terry BeveridgeHace 8 días


  25. Kailie Schellinger

    Kailie SchellingerHace 8 días

    Someone already said this, but i have to say it again. NEVER GET RID OF THE LAUGHING GUY IN THE BACKGROUND!!

  26. Life Of Lucifer

    Life Of LuciferHace 8 días

    God damn Tom, you snicker and roll your eyes about hollow points like you know what they are. Your leftist retard is showing... Hollow points are necessary in home defense guns because the bullets are designed to open up and disintegrate upon impact, decreasing chance of it passing thru the assailant, or a wall, accidentally hitting an innocent victim. Secondary effect of hollow points are to cause maximum damage. Lee Ann is doing it right!

  27. Randolph Hall

    Randolph HallHace 8 días

    I really thought Brent Lancaster was gonna stroke out on this one

  28. Rachel As She Paints

    Rachel As She PaintsHace 8 días

    Bert sprung a leak.

  29. Sean O'Neil

    Sean O'NeilHace 9 días

    At 22 minutes in when Tom asked Burt how long he thought he was going to live it switched to commercial and a lady's voice responded "Life is short. Bla bla insurance" I lost it.

  30. TheJamsh

    TheJamshHace 9 días

    Kill it or Drill it fucking hell hahaha

  31. Aidan Barcliffe

    Aidan BarcliffeHace 9 días

    Post more content

  32. samh7771

    samh7771Hace 10 días

    Bert talking about guns is so funny. Also, no one look up the tree accident aftermath. It’ll ruin your day for sure!!

  33. Collin Hasty

    Collin HastyHace 10 días

    man what was that video

  34. Margaret Mosca

    Margaret MoscaHace 10 días

    Bert’s not really that fat but he’s nuts lol

  35. Adam

    AdamHace 10 días

    It's the ultimate irony that they talk about fans having a great time until... Watched the tree trimming video. No longer having a great time :(

  36. Raving Biologist

    Raving BiologistHace 11 días

    Bert: "I cut down on my showering by 7/8s... I just go in the lake, that's my shower" Also Bert: "Nothing I do impresses Leanne" ....

  37. c bac

    c bacHace 12 días

    Bert runs Trumps twitter account

  38. jar w

    jar wHace 13 días

    Should get andrew yang on the podcast

  39. Chimqanzee

    ChimqanzeeHace 13 días

    Get Andrew Yang

  40. evil titan73

    evil titan73Hace 13 días

    Am I the only one that really wants to know you the comedian Bert whispers in Tom's ear is? I wanna know the story!!

  41. Ken Clarke

    Ken ClarkeHace 13 días

    Get Andrew Yang. He's your man.

  42. WoodHoods

    WoodHoodsHace 13 días

    "It was a little cold and just thought he could use a Hoodie!" HA! So stoked you enjoyed your WoodHood! Sounds like your cock is THAT big, you might need the next size up in the Willy Massive ;)

  43. Asa Nichols

    Asa NicholsHace 14 días


  44. Asa Nichols

    Asa NicholsHace 14 días

    You ever just slide your hand down the front of your pants because it feel warm and right? I wanna stress that this isn't for masturbation purposes. Anyway, I was doing just that and my roommate walked in and was like " shit , woah, burgers are done sorry bye" so this mother fucked thinks I'm in here BEATING MY FLOPPY SLOPPY COCKIE TO 2 BEARS 1 CAVE!!!! I didn't even feel like correcting him so yeah.

  45. Sted Nark

    Sted NarkHace 14 días

    “That’s not a shower........Ha Ha Ha You fucking maniac.”

  46. Andrew Jabear

    Andrew JabearHace 15 días

    this is the best thing ive seen in months

  47. Dave Sanderson

    Dave SandersonHace 15 días

    Bert doesn’t know how to laugh or breathe, or both while doing the other.

  48. Cowboy

    CowboyHace 15 días

    What the fuck Bert you idiot Obama was that defense funding asshole. He blew up so many citoes

  49. Cowboy

    CowboyHace 15 días

    And fuck kamalla Harris

  50. Shelly Belly

    Shelly BellyHace 15 días

    That's called intrusive thoughts and can be part of a mental health condition or not...

  51. jon williams

    jon williamsHace 16 días

    Bert the girl you met is Australia is named lindz and her company is called woodhoods www.woodhoods.net/

  52. R Ehalt

    R EhaltHace 16 días

    Every week, c’mon...

  53. Killian D

    Killian DHace 16 días

    Haha gun safety isn't a huge responsibility that should be taken seriously hahaha....

  54. ExodusOfSteel

    ExodusOfSteelHace 16 días

    Bert looking like fucking Alex Jones in this one!

  55. José Luis

    José LuisHace 16 días

    Honestly, I would never buy/consume any product advertised by Bert and Tom, is like, really? Owners of that company, was that the best option on your sight?


    ONE LOVE VIBE SHOWHace 16 días

    I’m the candidate for you to have on

  57. Joshua Tree

    Joshua TreeHace 16 días

    what if they did a weight lifting challenge for sober october?

  58. wastedlady

    wastedladyHace 16 días

    laughed the whole way through. keep it up guys! much love.

  59. Profit ofDoom513

    Profit ofDoom513Hace 16 días

    what happened to the tree trimming guy? i dont want to see it lol just wnna know

  60. Profit ofDoom513

    Profit ofDoom513Hace 15 días

    @Tantan Pandabear i saw part of it but they cut it off before it got graphic. did the tree do the damage or did he do some weird maneuver and cut himself with the tree trimmer?

  61. Tantan Pandabear

    Tantan PandabearHace 15 días

    Profit ofDoom513 It’s horrible. The guys face is a gaping, bloody mess of flesh with no distinguished features because he pretty much had no features anymore. There’s no way to describe how bad it was

  62. Dustin Kunish

    Dustin KunishHace 17 días

    If you skip to 1:00:00 for a hot 2 minutes you think fuck these too are comedians there just talking about death the Tom throws a Jew joke in there and everything makes sense

  63. Jake Anderson

    Jake AndersonHace 17 días

    "That's a real smile." Bert lit up unfortunately lol