2 Bears 1 Cave w/ Tom Segura & Bert Kreischer | Ep. 04


  1. natecar1

    natecar1Hace 15 horas

    I get we all joke about bert but, to be fair (maybe other than the weight) he actually looks well for 47. Decent hair, both volume and lack of gray, lack of wrinkles etc

  2. Allison Jerkolani

    Allison JerkolaniHace 4 días

    I’m weirdly attracted to Berts Buddha body. (Skinny standing up fat sitting down)

  3. Rutger Colt IV

    Rutger Colt IVHace 5 días

    Jesus bert🙄..... please go to a gun safety class

  4. MrJtin69

    MrJtin69Hace 5 días

    57:59 mins is the best reaction ever between friends

  5. Alex Platte

    Alex PlatteHace 7 días

    Bert really should take a gun safety class 😂😂

  6. J. Blood

    J. BloodHace 7 días

    The distant cackles from the production room are an indispensable feature of this podcast.

  7. sparkasplinter

    sparkasplinterHace 7 días


  8. Ryan James

    Ryan JamesHace 7 días

    Bert's forced laugh is so cringe

  9. Cullen Ryan

    Cullen RyanHace 8 días


  10. faded flow

    faded flowHace 8 días

    Made me watch the after math tom, you fat tub of shit. Why would you tell me that 😂

  11. Alejandro Diaz

    Alejandro DiazHace 8 días

    Have you heard about his fantasy about you being in a coma 😂😂😂

  12. ETPhoneHome

    ETPhoneHomeHace 8 días

    By far the best podcast I've seen in ages.

  13. wank memes

    wank memesHace 10 días

    Didnt really understand the joke in the intro but great episode other than that

  14. Willard What

    Willard WhatHace 11 días

    When you guys talked about the tree trimmer i died lauging cuz its been haunting me too

  15. Sherman Graves

    Sherman GravesHace 14 días

    A historic meeting between the Florida Skinner, and the Imperial Wizard. Circa 1876

  16. SUB ERA

    SUB ERAHace 18 días

    The best part of this show is the guy laughing constantly in the background, please have him in every episode

  17. Chomp

    ChompHace 19 días

    Brad Williams on Doug Benson

  18. Design Rhythm

    Design RhythmHace 19 días

    Good thing they never made this episode public

  19. Danny Lopez

    Danny LopezHace 22 días

    Who in the fuck disliked this video!?

  20. Natasha Garcia

    Natasha GarciaHace 22 días

    I love these two together. I really enjoy their relationship and how Tom gets Bert to overshare. 🖤🖤🖤

  21. Ben Bieryla

    Ben BierylaHace 22 días

    Tom: "She's like 'I can't swim'..." ... Tom: "... I'm in the shower, she comes in the shower-" Bert: "She's like: 'this water doesn't get higher than this, right?'" fucking hilarious on-the-spot joke

  22. HUNTENT247

    HUNTENT247Hace 26 días

    I could never understand why people go near water if they can't swim.

  23. Disco John

    Disco JohnHace 28 días

    What the cop meant is, if the foreign foo told the cops the short guy asked "what country are you from?" That's not chargeable harassment. Freedom of speech means someone says something you may not like, and you can do the same, and as long as there's no threat to physical safety, we both go home happy. Look it up tom, you cant get arrested for harassment, that's wayyy too vague lmao.

  24. jeremy r

    jeremy rHace un mes

    Stop lieing tom. What u ment to say is uve fuck all of the different pocket pussys..lol

  25. Fernando Castro

    Fernando CastroHace un mes

    58:04 fuckin kills!

  26. Qays Ladha

    Qays LadhaHace un mes

    Vermin Supreme

  27. bullowner

    bullownerHace un mes

    Sounds like bill berr

  28. fear741

    fear741Hace un mes

    Berts gonna die one day from laughing too hard

  29. High Rez

    High RezHace un mes

    3:33 The comedian that Bert is talking about who raped a girl is Brad Williams.

  30. DoubleDowner

    DoubleDownerHace un mes

    The guy they’re talking about at 3 mins is Tyrion Lannister btw

  31. 420BlzEiTFgT

    420BlzEiTFgTHace un mes

    4:01 It's Brad Williams from Getting Doug with High

  32. Yeomra B

    Yeomra BHace un mes

    That high pitch crying shit is for the birds. holy shit wtf

  33. Spawnpool

    SpawnpoolHace un mes

    3:25 the comedian they are talking about is Brad Williams

  34. Bob Marley

    Bob MarleyHace un mes

    Spawnpool saw that reddit post

  35. Elmer Adkins

    Elmer AdkinsHace un mes

    Bert is most likely talking about Brad Williams as the dude who started talking about raping a girl on a podcast.

  36. Phecus

    PhecusHace un mes

    Brad Williams is the comedian who admitted he raped someone. On Getting Doug With High.

  37. Youtube CommentsBlow

    Youtube CommentsBlowHace un mes

    I love how it veered into existential crisis in the middle


    MRYEMANHace un mes

    4:27 the sound as kamikaze's hitting pearl harbor

  39. Andrew Watlon

    Andrew WatlonHace un mes

    Brad Williams brought me here....

  40. Harold BeaumontFinns

    Harold BeaumontFinnsHace un mes

    What the fuck man why is he laughing like that chill out

  41. Theo Cabut

    Theo CabutHace un mes

    Brad Williams the rapist.

  42. MrSoldierboi420

    MrSoldierboi420Hace un mes

    The comedian Bert was talking about is Brad williams the midget. He did it on Carlos Mencia's tour bus. He said it on Doug Bensons podcast. Just watched a clip of it on reddit, definitely the last comedian I thought it would be!

  43. sagenev

    sagenevHace un mes

    Clip of the rapist admitting to it on a podcast Bert mentions at 3:33: esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-0kG1x7_iQHc.html

  44. Matt Henry

    Matt HenryHace un mes

    Around 3:30 , Brad Williams is the guy who raped a chick. It's on his Doug with High podcast. Hi Reddit.

  45. Alak Magalhães

    Alak MagalhãesHace un mes

    3:32 that was Brad Williams btw, on the Getting Doug with High podcast (edit: so apparently now Brad is saying he made that story up because he was put on the spot, which I can honestly believe because it is a very unlikely story. link: tinyurl.com/uvy3pg4)

  46. As Below, So Above

    As Below, So AboveHace un mes

    This comment and info deserves a lot more attention 👍

  47. Alak Magalhães

    Alak MagalhãesHace un mes

    @J W you got me, I just thought it'd be good to tell people here

  48. J W

    J WHace un mes

    Alak Magalhães welcome from reddit.

  49. Alak Magalhães

    Alak MagalhãesHace un mes

    also why Tom was so surprised link: esreporter.com/v/v%C3%ADdeo-0kG1x7_iQHc.html&feature=emb_title

  50. kelly marie

    kelly marieHace un mes

    My husband cums when he eats me out too! Not every time, maybe 25% of the time. He thinks there's nothing sexier than me getting off from him

  51. Nixi Pixi

    Nixi PixiHace un mes

    Same here girl😮!.. and I for one think there's absolutely 0 shame in that 😉

  52. Tristan Peyton

    Tristan PeytonHace un mes

    Bert turned that mossberg into a mossberger

  53. Keith Johnston

    Keith JohnstonHace un mes

    these are the best podcasts when they DO NOT talk about the comedy scene

  54. Matt Henry

    Matt HenryHace un mes

    What? There's nothing better than comedians talking about comedy /s


    KRIEGLERRHace un mes

    3 mins in and Bart is already crying

  56. Kate S

    Kate SHace un mes

    Is it Charlamagne the God who unknowingly admitted to rape?

  57. Tsamuelfc

    TsamuelfcHace un mes


  58. semaj156

    semaj156Hace un mes

    I still come back to this podcast and listen to the first 10 mins. Shit makes me laugh or smile a bunch every time.

  59. Music15404

    Music15404Hace 2 meses

    LMAO ship is short for worship Bert you can’t be racist and old Mr. Chrystler.

  60. Gordo

    GordoHace 2 meses

    Bert laughing like that and immediately coughing and choking is so concerning. Lol. Get yourself checked out dude.

  61. Kayotik96

    Kayotik96Hace 2 meses

    Nadavs laugh in the background gets me every single time. If it's not on this pod, then it's Dr Drew's 😂😂😂

  62. Mike Doggers

    Mike DoggersHace 2 meses

    Don’t search for the tree trimming video. I immediately regret watching it

  63. Scott Kunkle

    Scott KunkleHace 2 meses

    Bill Burr had a bit about that type of stuff you cant unsee.

  64. SirKevinthefirst

    SirKevinthefirstHace 2 meses

    Lime scooters are life changing though.. maybe just try the bird ones..?

  65. Taylor Wyatt

    Taylor WyattHace 2 meses

    you two, Rogan, Shaffir and Burr need to do a tour or a festival of sorts, for us true stand up comic geeks. At my work alone of like 20 people I talk to, easily 5 or 6 would go. 4 out of every 20 is a great ratio to make some money, and if not that just to have fun and prove that you can you guys could draw the crowd. I live in Sacramento and I would drive down to LA to see you guys do a one off festival, and before you say that you guys have done something similar, I'm talking about a show or tour where you do real advertising and marketing for the gig or tour.

  66. Autism Unleashed

    Autism UnleashedHace 2 meses

    Can someone link what he showed at 58 mark

  67. Raw North

    Raw NorthHace 2 meses

    Ugh i just cant get through berts stuck pig impersonations. So annoying. Its like he did it for the girl who he lost his virginity to and never stopped. Sounds so forced especially when he just keeps talking that way grow the fuck up! I hope you lose your voice for a month doing that dumb shit so unnecessary

  68. Ilovemusicnbabes

    IlovemusicnbabesHace 2 meses

    26:03 is the greatest noise I’ve ever heard

  69. Your Uncle

    Your UncleHace 2 meses

    The one where they are talking about 2nd wife, girl swimming