100 Racks


  1. Muh Nigga Trigga

    Muh Nigga TriggaHace 5 días

    this beat was specifically for carti 🦋

  2. Tackle Fishing

    Tackle FishingHace 6 días

    I millionth view right here

  3. Chrono Beats

    Chrono BeatsHace 6 días

    Composer Lyricist: Jordan Carter Carti the goat 🚫🧢

  4. Baby Demon

    Baby DemonHace 7 días

    Offset n playboi Carti need make a whole album together frfr who agree

  5. Phinley Prosper

    Phinley ProsperHace 7 días

    Aahhh shiiit that biihh just hit 1M views slatt!*+🤘🏾💯🔥

  6. rachel l

    rachel lHace 7 días


  7. GOAT

    GOATHace 7 días

    They did Carti wrong by not making him do the hook

  8. Bien Gardo

    Bien GardoHace 7 días

    Carti pure garbage

  9. RRoJ

    RRoJHace 9 días

    I’m crying Carti the 🐐

  10. Eg_ sav

    Eg_ savHace 10 días


  11. AyeitsDLay

    AyeitsDLayHace 10 días

    Whos here from Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Vlone Free

    Vlone FreeHace 11 días

    Everybody here for Carti this amazing

  13. Follow me

    Follow meHace 13 días

    I'm dot

  14. C .G

    C .GHace 13 días

    Smoooooth giooo

  15. Tyler McQuiston

    Tyler McQuistonHace 14 días


  16. YEEZUS

    YEEZUSHace 15 días

    Get slap wit da racks in ya mouf

  17. Phillip

    PhillipHace 16 días

    Need beats?

  18. yslmark

    yslmarkHace 17 días

    Me nodding my head Carti : play with them racks you get slapped Also me : turn my headphones up all the way

  19. FreeZingFire

    FreeZingFireHace 17 días

    So we are gonna sit here and ignore the fact that carti said this 0:36🤔

  20. LBN Squad

    LBN SquadHace 18 días

    Cardi b: who did it Offset: Playboi Cahti Cardi b: Ahhhhhh

  21. Młody Granddady Purple •

    Młody Granddady Purple •Hace 18 días


  22. fuck bra

    fuck braHace 18 días

    This song is pure greatness

  23. Ballistic Bolt

    Ballistic BoltHace 19 días

    Boutta play wit these bands

  24. Nine Way

    Nine WayHace 19 días

    My fur hunnit rah


    I NEED MY OPIOIDS BROHace 19 días

    @31 seconds ,yo the producers need to get on that

  26. Jair Jourdan

    Jair JourdanHace 19 días

    Cardi b: who di di Offset: playbuah cahhti

  27. Efrain Fuentes

    Efrain FuentesHace 20 días

    This sounds lq

  28. Steven D

    Steven DHace 9 días

    Efrain Fuentes was sayin the same shit idk why it sound like dat😂

  29. 17 z

    17 zHace 21 un día

    *sponge bob float*

  30. XXMRGOON305Xx

    XXMRGOON305XxHace 21 un día

    Y’all trippin offset killed that second verse 🔥🔥

  31. Shemar Thomas

    Shemar ThomasHace 21 un día

    Playboi Cahti go too hard lol 🔥

  32. Proxy Singed

    Proxy SingedHace 22 días

    Good one dude !

  33. jackson bartholomew

    jackson bartholomewHace 22 días

    rlly thought it said " god sent " in the live , shits still a absolute fucking beauty

  34. Omar Gutierrez

    Omar GutierrezHace 22 días

    Ima play with this bands

  35. Dee

    DeeHace 23 días

    Some strange reason this sound like bygrath or whatever his name is from Philly..it sound just like him 🤨🤨

  36. George Cortes

    George CortesHace 23 días

    “And that bitch want my mans” 0:37 .... even thow it’s kinda gay, carti went hella hard

  37. daniel rodriguez

    daniel rodriguezHace 23 días

    Stop saying carti carries he ate but this offset song dont give af stop disrespecting migo

  38. david 300

    david 300Hace 23 días

    carti fans the ultimate dick riders

  39. cyclxne xx

    cyclxne xxHace 23 días

    Whose here after offset joined?🔥🔥🔥

  40. o C a s h

    o C a s hHace 23 días

    0:35 Feels

  41. Mahoua Natacha Toure

    Mahoua Natacha ToureHace 23 días

    i love dis song so much

  42. Adrian Cruz

    Adrian CruzHace 23 días

    This song slaps hella hard

  43. Tel

    TelHace 23 días

    Why does Carti's voice sound like that?

  44. Taykiz

    TaykizHace 13 horas

    Tel Thats what people call his kind of more high pitched voice flow, probably the reason why you asked why his voice sounded like that 😂

  45. Tel

    TelHace 15 horas

    @Taykiz baby voice?

  46. Taykiz

    TaykizHace 21 un día

    baby voice and autotune i think

  47. Coffee

    CoffeeHace 23 días

    Pretty boy fredo?


    ACTIVATED CLONEHace 24 días

    Playboi Cahti

  49. King Zorey

    King ZoreyHace 24 días

    Walks in strip club See stripper doing tricks to this song🤸🏽‍♀️ Me:🤤😯

  50. Mr. savage

    Mr. savageHace 24 días

    Just search up god sent way better

  51. Nathan Ochoa

    Nathan OchoaHace 24 días

    How is this not poppin

  52. iRunThat

    iRunThatHace 24 días

    Man if only Travis Scott was in this

  53. Gold WurL

    Gold WurLHace 24 días

    Dat mfuccccckkka gone dance 💃

  54. Savage

    SavageHace 24 días

    it's a shame cardi b's part wasn't added, I feel like this is missing something

  55. Edin M

    Edin MHace 22 días

    I listened to the snipped so many times and i really miss Cardis Voice even tho shes annoying af 😂😂😂

  56. arty ziff

    arty ziffHace 24 días

    Add who dat is back lol

  57. The Divine Centurion

    The Divine CenturionHace 25 días

    Offset killed this 🖤🕊

  58. Eastsidetye

    EastsidetyeHace 25 días

    Dis would be the best song if it was just carti in it

  59. Ajdin

    AjdinHace 25 días

    Produced by Metro

  60. trap sam

    trap samHace 24 días

    n pierre

  61. yo_4reel

    yo_4reelHace 25 días

    Not hearing carti b feels weird

  62. TDGHenry Artiga

    TDGHenry ArtigaHace 25 días

    I accidentally double clicked the left side of the screen and skipped over Carti's verse

  63. avisipswater

    avisipswaterHace 25 días

    Song starts at 0:35 and ends at 0:57

  64. CJacobs

    CJacobsHace 25 días

    Both Carti and Offset killed it

  65. matt

    mattHace 25 días

    Top five albums of the year

  66. Brennan Backwood

    Brennan BackwoodHace 25 días

    We are all just here for carti