100 Racks


  1. Imam Mahdi

    Imam MahdiHace 11 días

    100 racks🛩👭🏝💶💵🤐💯🤑👭🛩👭💶💴💵🤑👳🏽🙏🙌🏼🏦💰🏝🤔🙃#B.W.A#CMG#QC#MMG#YFN#YME#P.D.E#CTE#Where my women at? Centerfolds, Video Vixens, Instagram Models, Foreign Models, and Supermodels#Im being patient I bet they excited cause they flights is paid for and they got some more in store when they arrive#Today is the Day#OnJesusChrist#Allah#MyManager will handle all business affairs and business matters#(615-394-6735)#Im in Monroeville Alabama 720 Legion Drive Posted with a black durag on#Im ready to ball and be surrounded by these women that I’m impatiently waiting on#Allah#

  2. JJ

    JJHace 20 días

    Can someone do a acapella of this please ?

  3. how do i buildz-HR

    how do i buildz-HRHace un mes

    I didn’t even have to look and see play boi Carti was in this song I juss heard the beat and knew

  4. Drake Royal

    Drake RoyalHace 2 meses

    Mom: go play outside carti Carti: playing with bans


    XXWOLFXPACKXX HDHace 2 meses

    God sent

  6. Felipe Oliveira

    Felipe OliveiraHace 3 meses

    Carti ft carti

  7. Avante Love

    Avante LoveHace 3 meses

    they both did they shit get cardis dick out yall mouths

  8. Brooks 4ET

    Brooks 4ETHace 3 meses


  9. TheFreshWay

    TheFreshWayHace 4 meses

    My boy Playboi Cahti!

  10. Ian Blargh

    Ian BlarghHace 4 meses


  11. Stephen Dunlap

    Stephen DunlapHace 4 meses

    Produced by Metro Boomin & Pi’erre Bourne


    AFLOSENDSITHace 4 meses

    It's sound like snippet still

  13. just nøbody.

    just nøbody.Hace 5 meses

    This song is so underrated 😐🔥

  14. JL | Broddha

    JL | BroddhaHace 5 meses

    Damn. This is whack compared to the "Remaster". These artists need to control the circulation of their music better because how tf does an unofficial loop sound more interesting/fun than this? The new lyrics are a no from me dawg.

  15. Ronaldo Goat

    Ronaldo GoatHace 5 meses

    Carti starts @0:35

  16. ysl dragos

    ysl dragosHace 5 meses

    who di di

  17. Muh Nigga Trigga

    Muh Nigga TriggaHace 5 meses

    this beat was specifically for carti 🦋

  18. Tackle Fishing

    Tackle FishingHace 5 meses

    I millionth view right here

  19. Chrono Beats

    Chrono BeatsHace 5 meses

    Composer Lyricist: Jordan Carter Carti the goat 🚫🧢

  20. Baby Demon

    Baby DemonHace 5 meses

    Offset n playboi Carti need make a whole album together frfr who agree

  21. Phinley Prosper

    Phinley ProsperHace 5 meses

    Aahhh shiiit that biihh just hit 1M views slatt!*+🤘🏾💯🔥

  22. rachel l

    rachel lHace 5 meses


  23. GOAT

    GOATHace 5 meses

    They did Carti wrong by not making him do the hook

  24. Bien Gardo

    Bien GardoHace 5 meses

    Carti pure garbage

  25. Savage Soldier

    Savage SoldierHace 5 meses

    Shut yo goofy ass up nigga

  26. RRoJ

    RRoJHace 5 meses

    I’m crying Carti the 🐐

  27. Eg_ sav

    Eg_ savHace 5 meses


  28. AyeitsDLay

    AyeitsDLayHace 5 meses

    Whos here from Offset Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex 🔥🔥🔥

  29. Vlone Free

    Vlone FreeHace 5 meses

    Everybody here for Carti this amazing

  30. Follow me

    Follow meHace 5 meses

    I'm dot

  31. C .G

    C .GHace 5 meses

    Smoooooth giooo

  32. Tyler McQuiston

    Tyler McQuistonHace 5 meses


  33. YEEZUS

    YEEZUSHace 5 meses

    Get slap wit da racks in ya mouf

  34. Phillip

    PhillipHace 5 meses

    Need beats?

  35. yslmark

    yslmarkHace 5 meses

    Me nodding my head Carti : play with them racks you get slapped Also me : turn my headphones up all the way

  36. NotSatzer

    NotSatzerHace 5 meses

    So we are gonna sit here and ignore the fact that carti said this 0:36🤔

  37. YNW Lime

    YNW LimeHace 6 meses

    Cardi b: who did it Offset: Playboi Cahti Cardi b: Ahhhhhh


    PROFANUM HATAKEHace 6 meses


  39. fuck bra

    fuck braHace 6 meses

    This song is pure greatness

  40. Hbkmicah

    HbkmicahHace 6 meses

    Boutta play wit these bands

  41. Jago TooCrazy

    Jago TooCrazyHace 6 meses

    My fur hunnit rah

  42. OFF- CODE

    OFF- CODEHace 6 meses

    @31 seconds ,yo the producers need to get on that

  43. Jair Jourdan

    Jair JourdanHace 6 meses

    Cardi b: who di di Offset: playbuah cahhti

  44. Efrain Fuentes

    Efrain FuentesHace 6 meses

    This sounds lq

  45. Steven D

    Steven DHace 5 meses

    Efrain Fuentes was sayin the same shit idk why it sound like dat😂

  46. some1around

    some1aroundHace 6 meses

    *sponge bob float*

  47. XXMRGOON305Xx

    XXMRGOON305XxHace 6 meses

    Y’all trippin offset killed that second verse 🔥🔥

  48. Shemar Thomas

    Shemar ThomasHace 6 meses

    Playboi Cahti go too hard lol 🔥

  49. Proxy Singed

    Proxy SingedHace 6 meses

    Good one dude !

  50. jack bart

    jack bartHace 6 meses

    rlly thought it said " god sent " in the live , shits still a absolute fucking beauty

  51. Omar Gutierrez

    Omar GutierrezHace 6 meses

    Ima play with this bands

  52. Dee

    DeeHace 6 meses

    Some strange reason this sound like bygrath or whatever his name is from Philly..it sound just like him 🤨🤨

  53. George Cortes

    George CortesHace 6 meses

    “And that bitch want my mans” 0:37 .... even thow it’s kinda gay, carti went hella hard

  54. daniel rodriguez

    daniel rodriguezHace 6 meses

    Stop saying carti carries he ate but this offset song dont give af stop disrespecting migo

  55. red bandana santana

    red bandana santanaHace 6 meses

    carti fans the ultimate dick riders

  56. Cactus slatt

    Cactus slattHace 6 meses

    Whose here after offset joined?🔥🔥🔥

  57. BrokeBoi

    BrokeBoiHace 6 meses

    0:35 Feels

  58. Mahoua Natacha Toure

    Mahoua Natacha ToureHace 6 meses

    i love dis song so much

  59. Adrian Cruz

    Adrian CruzHace 6 meses

    This song slaps hella hard

  60. Tel

    TelHace 6 meses

    Why does Carti's voice sound like that?

  61. Taykiz

    TaykizHace 5 meses

    Tel Thats what people call his kind of more high pitched voice flow, probably the reason why you asked why his voice sounded like that 😂

  62. Tel

    TelHace 5 meses

    @Taykiz baby voice?

  63. Taykiz

    TaykizHace 6 meses

    baby voice and autotune i think

  64. Crear

    CrearHace 6 meses

    Pretty boy fredo?

  65. CK Rager

    CK RagerHace 6 meses

    Playboi Cahti