100 People Tell Us About Their Worst Breakup | Keep It 100 | Cut


  1. Michelle Navarro

    Michelle NavarroHace 6 horas

    “How could you leave these titties” 😂

  2. Oliviaaa624

    Oliviaaa624Hace 9 horas

    Genuine question-please help me understand how someone can be hurt when they are the one who has dumped the other person

  3. magda ramirez

    magda ramirezHace 10 horas

    The last girl 🤣🤣🤣

  4. exo bliss

    exo blissHace 17 horas

    The intro one got me fucked up 😂

  5. Dipper Mabel

    Dipper MabelHace 18 horas

    Mine stole my ferret.

  6. Acusant OGYB

    Acusant OGYBHace 20 horas

    Why tf are there so many gay dudes

  7. Milly

    MillyHace 21 un hora

    5:08 “how could you leave these tities!!” 😂💀

  8. Sephiroth x

    Sephiroth xHace 21 un hora

    Has your breakup left you feeling POWERLESS and SO DAMN EMPTY…? I’ve been there... I know your pain. It sucks. It’s the worst. I was lost and insecure. All I wanted was to get her back. It damn near killed me. She had a 180 degree character flip. She suddenly didn’t want me, and I felt BETRAYED. No closure, no answers. The pain was so raw and so real… But you’re not powerless. NOW IS THE RIGHT TIME for you to say “FUCK THIS”, and unleash the beast within you. Go all out. FEEL the energy of a new man coursing through your veins. There’s a wrong way to do things and a right way. What most guys do: -Trying to get through the same old every day life, constantly thinking about the girl and all they went through. -Being reminded of her EVERYWHERE, all the time. -Losing sleep. -Drinking alcohol… -Letting the grief turn them into an empty husk. -Knowing she’s the one and not knowing what to do about it. -Or wanting to leave her in the dust but still not knowing what to do. -Sitting and wallowing, achieving nothing. These NEVER work, and are a waste of what is actually THE BEST OPPORTUNITY that you’ll ever have. You can literally use the pain of a breakup to change your life. The sudden massive changes in brain chemistry allow you to take on a new mindset. WHAT YOU NEED TO DO: -Feel the pain in it’s entirety. -Open yourself up to it. -EMBRACE it. -Welcome it. -Let it fill you with the most powerful fuel… -AND FUCKING USE IT. How? Simple. Transform your body. Smash some weights. Get in shape, by working out and eating right. Just like ‘The Rock’ Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Chris Evans (Catpain America), Arnold Schwarzanegger, and anyone who ever got in great shape in their lives. THE PROCESS IS ALWAYS THE SAME. No… not steroids. Not bullshit fad diets or “miracle pills”. I’m talking correct nutrition and exercise, and IT IS SIMPLE, but so incredibly rewarding. Imagine… ●Your body naturally produces hormones DIRECTLY from workouts and proper nutrition, especially serotonin, that make you feel suddenly EXTREMELY CONFIDENT, regardless of your starting point. (Women are attracted to the confidence in men more than ANY other trait). ●You build massive discipline FAST while seeing your body transform. ●With “Newbie gains”, you get the most insane results in the first weeks and months of your training. ●You don’t have to fumble around ESreporter or paid fitness products, waste money on a personal trainer whose job it is to keep you as a paying customer and be nice to you rather than get you immediate results. ●Fad diets and scam miracle pills don’t do shit. Hard work and proper nutrition is the ONLY way. But you can shave most of the time and hard work off by going directly down the right path, whatever your starting point and daily schedule is. ■■Getting in good shape is not complex IF YOU DO IT THE RIGHT WAY that saves you time and effort. BUT you have to get a basic workout plan and nutrition advice, get help with it by someone who seriously knows what they’re doing, and execute. If you’ve read this far, there’s a reason for it. I have an offer for you. My name’s Peter Birzer, I’m an online fitness coach, and I offer exactly this high quality service. I’ve coached a ton of clients in specifically your position to achieve their goals in transforming their bodies, whether it’s losing a stack of fat or building a muscular physique quite fast. ■What can I do for you? Get in touch with me by DMing my instagram account below, and I will sort you out with a FREE consultation Skype session (or alternate app) at a time that suits us both. It’s quick and easy, and I’ll literally just be giving you free information on how to start. This information itself is priceless, and you don’t have to pay a dime or be pressured into buying a fucking thing. IF you THEN want more value, we can see if you’re a good fit for a 4-week fitness mentoring program tailored to your goals. It’s legendary. It will get you out of this and into a great place, like every other client I’ve had. But you have to be someone who wants it. ■All at a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE to ensure every client gets what they want. You literally have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Guys. Breakup pain is crazy, and this will take you from a messed up state to a whole new chapter of your life of being a walking beast. No pandering, no BS. But if you choose not to even try, you’ve given up and set the agenda for your future. Do this for YOU, man. Start your new chapter. IG: birzerpeter I’ll see you there.

  9. Ciara Revell

    Ciara RevellHace 23 horas

    Just got out of a 2 and a half year relationship. Left him me cause he slept with 8 different women and took them shopping. Tried to fix it but ended up also cheating on him. I ended it because i needed space and now i got a good guy i hope

  10. Jimin Bais Bitch

    Jimin Bais BitchHace 23 horas

    2:07 “She will take my balls if she could” lol

  11. Heaven Orta

    Heaven OrtaHace un día


  12. Hi Sue

    Hi SueHace un día

    How’d u get over it? “Smoke some weed” Bitchhhh 😂🥴

  13. Zoé Delane

    Zoé DelaneHace un día

    omg the last girl i can‘tttttt

  14. Dishya Adams

    Dishya AdamsHace un día

    “I threw a burrito”

  15. synthomys

    synthomysHace un día

    "i thought they had such a cool screenname" *"what was it?"* "buttface maximus"

  16. wilfredo encarnacion

    wilfredo encarnacionHace un día


  17. Anne Jean

    Anne JeanHace 2 días

    “I wonder why I was hurt when I was the one that cheated” 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  18. Lathyr Sovi

    Lathyr SoviHace 2 días

    Comment are road maps for the video I swear

  19. 88smjls

    88smjlsHace 2 días

    You have to be with someone 5 years minimum. To have a reasonable idea of who that person actually is. Got frosty on my shirt😂😂

  20. shimkoong

    shimkoongHace 2 días

    5:23 I felt her so much. I broke up with my ex last month after a 3 1/2 years relationship because I couldn't see a future together anymore. We also took a long walk at night and talked things through. It was just like she said. I still love him, just not enough anymore. Sometimes I still think of him and all the memories and everytime I see him in the streets I start crying. Getting over something like this will never be easy I guess.

  21. Demetra Mur

    Demetra MurHace 2 días

    Wow people suck

  22. Shriya Chaudhary

    Shriya ChaudharyHace 2 días


  23. Caspian Weiland

    Caspian WeilandHace 2 días

    “He left me in the middle of the night and I’ve haven’t seen him since” “I just left in the middle of the night” *Ladies and gentlemen.. we got him*

  24. Chimchims _jamz

    Chimchims _jamzHace 2 días

    6:07 A PHAT ASS MOOD

  25. em

    emHace 2 días

    lol mine broke up with me 2 days after valentine’s day (also my birthday). we had exchanged gifts and he sent back the thing i got him after the breakup but i purposely used up the 100 dollar victoria’s secret gift card he gave me and sent it back to him. i guess he didn’t realize i used it because he tried to give it to his new gf shortly after lol

  26. Pichuela Newman

    Pichuela NewmanHace 3 días

    Omg the last one I'm- 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  27. Nk .Swiss

    Nk .SwissHace 3 días

    “You are just a wack nigga” I’m dead💀

  28. Peony ͦ ᷱ ͦ

    Peony ͦ ᷱ ͦHace 3 días

    Breakup is bad and all but have you ever lost your charger and couldn't find it when your phone was on 7%

  29. tiahna lawrence

    tiahna lawrenceHace 3 días

    "i just got out of a five year relationship" broke my fucking heart

  30. Makyla

    MakylaHace 3 días

    The girl who was taking about abortion..Bbg it’s the guys who want you to get one and don’t care..and theres the guys who’s doing it For you and think badly about you later

  31. Unknown Knight

    Unknown KnightHace 3 días

    My fiancé broke up with me on our wedding day at the alter. She was my life and I had given up going to school to move in with her on her insisting but now I’m a proud single father of two lovely adopted children and a cat and dog. I’m in my last year of college to get my masters after 7-12 years of being being separated from her so I’m very glad of where my life has gone so I guess I can say I’m glad she broke up with me

  32. jessica paley

    jessica paleyHace 3 días

    they both are there omg

  33. Scotti Brown

    Scotti BrownHace 4 días

    “She was batshit bananas” I will start using that to describe people who are crazy now

  34. Katten i ̈Slakten

    Katten i ̈SlaktenHace 4 días

    gay people who marry straight even though they know what they are is the worst. Dont put another person through that shit.

  35. iLike Labradors

    iLike LabradorsHace 4 días

    Going on being 10 years single here.

  36. Alicia Varela

    Alicia VarelaHace 4 días

    he said " shell take my balls if she could " LMFAOO

  37. Libra Sun & Moon

    Libra Sun & MoonHace 4 días

    I just had my worst breakup in my early thirties, year and half later still trying to move on. However this experience has taught me a lot about myself. I think everyone needs to experience heartache, it forces you to evolve closer to your better and fullest potential.

  38. мєl

    мєlHace 2 días

    ;-; Why. I experience heartache. I give up finding love. I know I'll be hurt.

  39. Zamara Clarke

    Zamara ClarkeHace 4 días

    That girl at the end. She kills me every time I see her in a video.

  40. Rice Lady

    Rice LadyHace 4 días

    If I have 100 subscribers, I’ll share my first worse break up on my channel

  41. laurence wemple

    laurence wempleHace 4 días

    fuck the guy who hates the dog

  42. More Than Rubies

    More Than RubiesHace 4 días

    Not gonna lie 5:25 got me to break down 😭 Breakups suck!!!! I wanted to die after my ex. Still healing but way better than how I was last year!! Loving again after heartbreak is real bravery man. Idk if I wanna do that again!!! N FUCK YOU JAMES MARTINEZ 😂😂😂

  43. Fern Kelly

    Fern KellyHace 4 días

    Breakup text is sooo bad

  44. Ishika Jaiswal

    Ishika JaiswalHace 5 días

    I mean what is up with the guy 1:08

  45. Megan O'Brien

    Megan O'BrienHace 5 días

    Everyone: They were abusive That one guy: I threw a burrito

  46. Hey Daddy

    Hey DaddyHace 5 días


  47. 15.5M views

    15.5M viewsHace 5 días

    6:07 SmOke SoMe wEEEEd....

  48. Nadaa

    NadaaHace 5 días

    How'd yuu get over it SMOKE SOME WEEEEDDD 😂

  49. CurlyPea

    CurlyPeaHace 5 días

    6:09 so cute!

  50. 屎地文儿

    屎地文儿Hace 5 días

    wanna know the cast

  51. Prub D

    Prub DHace 5 días

    The lady with the grey hair and dark red peek a boo streaks, is my muse. I aspire to be like her, starting at 30 and working my way up. Thank you

  52. Allison Louie

    Allison LouieHace 5 días

    4:50 I like how she said, “Zack Warner you’re a piece of trash.” ik it’s suppose to be offensive but I thought it was funny

  53. Kati Addams

    Kati AddamsHace 6 días

    6:04 IS THIS HE-MAN?

  54. Broskijamez ._.

    Broskijamez ._.Hace 6 días

    Leaving anyone (relationship or friendship) is one of the hardest feeling that someone could ever experience going through in life... *imo*

  55. Mike Hunt

    Mike HuntHace 6 días

    I’m crying with that Asian girl when she said they walked really slow bc they knew .. 😭 that’s so sad

  56. Val

    ValHace 7 días

    “She stole my dog and I still miss her but, MY DOG” Lmfao I like this guy 😂

  57. Duckman Carter

    Duckman CarterHace 7 días

    HoW CoUld YOu YoU LeAVe THEse TITtieS

  58. Gooblat Heckwagon

    Gooblat HeckwagonHace 7 días

    Wow the lady with the grey hair with red streaks looks awesome!

  59. Jordan D'Orazio

    Jordan D'OrazioHace 7 días

    Just got broke up with the other day. This sucks so fucking much FUCKKKK just thinking no one will ever compare is torturing... UGHHHH LIFE SUCKS

  60. Nicholas Azar

    Nicholas AzarHace 8 días

    1:07 I've seen this dude on Rick and Morty before

  61. oh dear

    oh dearHace 8 días

    *poor babies* _i hope they find true love_