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  1. Daniel Allen Butler

    Daniel Allen ButlerHace 17 horas

    He won four Super Bowls in a span of six years, never lost a Super Bowl, beat Staubach twice in the SB, two-time Super Bowl MVP, NFL MVP in 1978 -- AND TERRY BRADSHAW ISN'T IN THIS GROUP? Makes me wonder if more than a bit of petty network envy wasn't in play here....

  2. Ko531

    Ko531Hace 20 horas


  3. Dunder Mifflin Regional Manager

    Dunder Mifflin Regional ManagerHace un día

    Bart Starr? Steve Young?

  4. Ivell Bullock

    Ivell BullockHace un día

    Brett Favre is like the John Wayne on the field. He competitiveness is true grit.

  5. Stephen magill

    Stephen magillHace 2 días


  6. Austin Parsonage

    Austin ParsonageHace 2 días

    That roger dodge at 43:20 tho

  7. Fari Garcia

    Fari GarciaHace 3 días

    Favre? The Packers' 3rd best QB and the Vikings' 2nd (maybe 3rd) best? I would have placed any one of the following over him: Bart Starr, Fran Tarkenton, Drew Brees, Dan Fouts, Terry Bradshaw or Warren Moon.

  8. NFL DNA

    NFL DNAHace 4 días

    Why can't anyone mention Eli Manning

  9. Sean Gilbertson

    Sean GilbertsonHace 4 días

    This whole series was great. I look forward to the 200 anniversary

  10. Sean Gilbertson

    Sean GilbertsonHace 4 días

    I want to find a woman who looks at me the way Tom looks at Favre.

  11. OhB1Kenobi

    OhB1KenobiHace 4 días

    Drew Brees not being on here is a crime and this comes from a Colts fan

  12. Darth Max

    Darth MaxHace 5 días

    40:12 Belichick with the 70’s pørn-stache 🤣

  13. grafter g-man

    grafter g-manHace 9 días

    What about 4 Time Super Bowl champ, Terry Bradshaw!?

  14. Ulquiorra Cifer

    Ulquiorra CiferHace 10 días

    Pat Mahomes will be here soon

  15. Panzer Lambert

    Panzer LambertHace 10 días

    As a Steelers fan Ive hated the Cowboys my whole life but it is utterly impossible not to respect, admire and like Roger Staubach and Tom Landry. The NFL was soooo much better then

  16. Eric Holzman

    Eric HolzmanHace 10 días

    Aikman should rank higher than Marino

  17. Eric Holzman

    Eric HolzmanHace 10 días

    Favre was the Most fun since watching Staubach play

  18. cesar castro jr

    cesar castro jrHace 12 días

    I would take off Brett Favre off this list in a heartbeat.

  19. Sassonic Aquariums

    Sassonic AquariumsHace 14 días

    They should have done more than 10 quarterbacks, it's the most important position. And then leaving off Drew Brees wouldn't have happened... How can Brees not be on the list? First EVER in TD's, first EVER in Yards, won a SB, and a total class-act...

  20. Henryk John

    Henryk JohnHace 3 días

    Because drew Brees was arguably never better than Brady or Peyton. He JUST broke all the records, by playing longer than peyton. Brees is very very good even a little great, however, sadly he was over shadowed by Peyton and Brady

  21. swieri2003

    swieri2003Hace 14 días

    Brees not on this is ridiculous .

  22. Greg Phillips

    Greg PhillipsHace 14 días

    So much time on Brady and Favre, understandably, but two minutes on Dan? Come on.

  23. Jon Eastfield

    Jon EastfieldHace 16 días

    Imagine being Brady's teammate, and seeing yourself be behind in the 4th, and everyone just goes "calm down, we have Brady leading us..." the man is like a gawddamn general... and then you realize that Belichick is designing the plays... it's like having Leonidas Lead to battle, and knowing he read the art of war beforehand

  24. John Partee

    John ParteeHace 18 días

    Tom Brady greatest of all time and I from North Carolina course I'm a Panthers fan and admits out about Brady after he beat us in a Super Bowl you'd be lying if you said he wasn't. I did expect Peyton to come out Joe Montana would have been killer

  25. Anthony Eckman

    Anthony EckmanHace 20 días

    A bit surprised about the lack of Fran Tarkenton: man could scramble

  26. Anthony Eckman

    Anthony EckmanHace 20 días

    MD Streeter definitely one of the most underrated quarterbacks ever

  27. MD Streeter

    MD StreeterHace 20 días

    Not only scramble, but the passing records that Marino and Favre ended up breaking all belonged to him.

  28. A_villain_ _

    A_villain_ _Hace 22 días

    No black qbs

  29. Bofa Deez nuts

    Bofa Deez nutsHace 23 días

    Where the F is Drew Brees

  30. Ryan Mcneila

    Ryan McneilaHace 24 días

    Retarded list. Steve Young is one of the top 5 greatest quarterbacks ever.

  31. Tom Mollan

    Tom MollanHace 25 días

    Bart Starr not on the team? Five world championships. What a travesty.

  32. lee Bailey

    lee BaileyHace 26 días

    38:13 Euro step

  33. Keenan Walsh

    Keenan WalshHace 26 días

    Kurt Warner Drew Brees Steve Young Aaron Rodgers Terry Bradshaw Troy Aikman I mean I really feel like they missed some big ones

  34. Anthony Eckman

    Anthony EckmanHace 20 días

    Fran Tarkenton

  35. The Real Steve Harvey

    The Real Steve HarveyHace 22 días

    bradshaw young or brees are the ones i think have the best shot at getting on there

  36. Jeff Froment

    Jeff FromentHace 26 días

    So when Tom Brady told Robert Kraft that he was the best decision this organization has ever made was the truth. It's like Tom knew how good he was going to become and win 6 super bowls.

  37. Tom Ross TV

    Tom Ross TVHace 27 días

    Just imagine running being attacked for Lamar and Vick, but praised for Staubach and Unitas..

  38. Tom Ross TV

    Tom Ross TVHace 27 días

    Coach is Married to Football

  39. Bri Magness

    Bri MagnessHace 28 días



    NO PATS JIMHace 28 días

    Find NFL 100 years videos in my Playlist (Push like button please): *Players in Different Uniforms* *1 Year Later, Chiefs are Super Bowl Bound* *Records that No Players Wants* and more

  41. WoeIsLee

    WoeIsLeeHace 28 días

    20:12 Yeah way to make a snide joke about how you've gotten away with filming practices for years.

  42. Chandler Morillo

    Chandler MorilloHace 28 días

    I haven’t watched this at all. The videos at 8 seconds talkin about Brady. But I do know Ben Roethlisberger needs to be in this list. Go Steelers.

  43. NFL DNA

    NFL DNAHace 28 días

    They talk about Peyton but not Eli. well that stinks.

  44. Jayden chandler

    Jayden chandlerHace 28 días

    Micheal Vick???

  45. Jonathan Wilkins

    Jonathan WilkinsHace 29 días

    No Drew Brees.. Wow.

  46. Michael Sloane

    Michael SloaneHace 29 días

    Brees should absolutely be on here over Baugh, who threw more interceptions than touchdowns.

  47. Matthias Webber III

    Matthias Webber IIIHace 29 días

    The thing I hate the most about people’s defense against the Pats and their fans is everyone who defends the pats is a bandwagon fan and they only like the pats because they are good. The pats are the only team in all of New England, it’s so annoying how people don’t stfu.

  48. milkman

    milkmanHace un mes

    rodgers? brees? young?

  49. Jay Z

    Jay ZHace un mes

    The goat

  50. Team Carrot

    Team CarrotHace un mes

    This is insane. All of these boys but not the real goat. You gotta have Ryan Fitzpatrick on here. Absolute disgrace

  51. pimpinnevaslipin

    pimpinnevaslipinHace un mes

    *Steve Young didn't make the cut. . i'm shocked...same goes for Bradshaw*

  52. Paul McFadden

    Paul McFaddenHace un mes

    Please, one of you TV networks, give Belichek 10 million to do special comments during games. He knows so much about the game.

  53. Josiah O'Connor

    Josiah O'ConnorHace un mes

    surely a punters 100, ray guy, pat mcafee??

  54. Travis Hart

    Travis HartHace un mes

    Drew Brees though?

  55. olhaopauloeosamigos

    olhaopauloeosamigosHace un mes

    This is officially the longest i've seen Belichick talk.

  56. Mylum O'Shinn

    Mylum O'ShinnHace un mes

    When Otto Graham shoulder tackle that Bear defender, I felt that. Imagine the nasty bruise he got after that hit.

  57. Mylum O'Shinn

    Mylum O'ShinnHace un mes

    Heck yah, my man the Duke John Elway is on the list! I was getting a tad worry at the end there....I was thinking Drew Brees would be on this list. I guess he'll appear on the 200th year list.

  58. SuperGoldnut

    SuperGoldnutHace un mes

    I bet there is not a person alive that knows more about the game and the people that played it than Bill Belichick

  59. SuperGoldnut

    SuperGoldnutHace un mes

    Adam Vinatieri sure was something special

  60. SimplyDogo

    SimplyDogoHace un mes

    Dan marino is on it yay :D

  61. Marcus Reed

    Marcus ReedHace un mes

    I was 12 when they WON the 1st super bowl...i just turned 30 last month

  62. Luke Kiefer

    Luke KieferHace un mes

    Rodgers and Brees over Staubach and Marino.

  63. Isaiah H

    Isaiah HHace un mes

    Luke Kiefer nahhh

  64. RME Flow

    RME FlowHace un mes

    if there was ONE more spot on this list....drew bress is on this list

  65. Elton R

    Elton RHace un mes

    49ers faithful baby

  66. Ryan Cross

    Ryan CrossHace un mes

    I definitely think Favre earned his spot on his list. He's a perfect example of what matters in the game, and it's not just stats. Yes, Favre threw a lot of interceptions. A LOT. But he was one of the most entertaining people to watch play the game. Packer fans will tell you that when Favre would throw it deep you truly didn't know if he just threw a touchdown or an interception. But you sure got excited either way. And isn't that what it's all about? If football was just about who has the best stats you wouldn't even need players. Just throw some variables into a computer and let it calculate some results for you. So you can keep your passer ratings, you weighted wins per whatever. I became a fan of football because I enjoyed actually watching the games, not reading a box score or trying to gain some silly fantasy points. And Favre was one of the most enjoyable to watch.

  67. Ryan Cross

    Ryan CrossHace un mes

    @Michael Sloane True, but you could find reasons to criticize every quarterback. They all have their flaws. I know it's a real popular thing to do, but using Super Bowl wins (or lack of) is really a limiting way of viewing a quarterback's success. Yes, the quarterback may be the single most important position on the team, but it is still a TEAM game. Championships are team accomplishments, not individual ones. Plus you've completely missed the point of what I was saying. It's not just about his stats. Yes, Rodgers is probably a better passer. Yes many of Rodgers' stats are better than Favre's. But that is not what made Favre a great player (and for those who care, his numbers are actually pretty damn amazing). I know that in this world obsessed with fantasy points, stat lines, and using them to decide who is better than who it's really easy to get caught up in the numbers. Their convenient. You rattle off a bunch of stats (which in a way are arbitrary. Someone, at some point, just decided that keeping track of this thing in this way is better than that thing in that way) and then whomever has the higher number is better. Easy... and lazy. Like I said, Favre was one of the greatest players to WATCH play the game. Not just look at a box score after. Yes he made some bad plays, but he made exciting plays. The reason those interceptions were "soul-crushing" is because he was so good. I mean does anyone care of Jameis Winston throws a game-ending interception? No. Because he's not interesting to watch. Farve was a great player to watch, for both the good and bad.

  68. Michael Sloane

    Michael SloaneHace un mes

    Favre does belong on the list, but he deserves criticism not merely for throwing a lot of interceptions, but for throwing too many season ending soul crushing interceptions. Dawkins, Webster and Porter. Favre could've won more than 1 Super Bowl and certainly played in more than 2 Super Bowls if it wasn't for his own gaffes. That's why Rodgers is better than Favre is the interception avoidance. Rodgers would never throw those kind of season ending soul crushing interceptions. Favre had the talent, toughness, longevity, durability and stats (1st quarterback with over 6000 completions, 1st quarterback with over 70000 yards and 1st quarterback with over 500 touchdowns) He belongs on this team, but he's only 10 on my all time quarterbacks list. The season ending soul crushing interceptions to Dawkins, Webster and Porter should keep him out of any top 5 type lists.

  69. Buddah Theepoet

    Buddah TheepoetHace un mes

    There will be always be an asterisk by toms name ALWAYS! And who ever pick these people needs to do it again. They're missing 4 ppl.