10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality


  1. ccon1001

    ccon1001Hace 15 horas

    Dudes crazy giving that second to last girl a 6.5

  2. Snice !

    Snice !Hace 17 horas

    This must be hard for the girls even though they chose it

  3. ChainsawRomeo

    ChainsawRomeoHace 19 horas

    All these women are beautiful in their own unique way.

  4. Peter Torres

    Peter TorresHace 19 horas

    I wish i was blind.

  5. Anthony Burn

    Anthony BurnHace 23 horas

    "I liked her energy, by looking at her". Too funny dude. I can imagine the "energy" you were feeling.

  6. A K

    A KHace un día

    That 6.5 girl 😍😍

  7. Chris Stevens

    Chris StevensHace un día

    I would love to do this and love to get dragged at the same time

  8. joshua carlos

    joshua carlosHace un día

    Idk if its just me but.. the winner.. the guy needs to start running.. that chick have the crazy eyes

  9. Kylie Renée

    Kylie RenéeHace un día

    if he doesnt want the girl with the really short hair can i have her

  10. Adriana Waddington

    Adriana WaddingtonHace un día

    i think you should do this with teens too

  11. Da Pumaface

    Da PumafaceHace un día

    I would die this is so stressful

  12. Mk 3

    Mk 3Hace un día

    Wow this makes me feel bad it just shows that people caul looks more

  13. nico

    nicoHace un día

    whats sophias @

  14. Neo Anderson

    Neo AndersonHace un día

    I think the girl with the braids has a really pretty face and is super cute 😁 . Before I clicked the play button, I said to myself, why are those blacks girls even there, I know how this is going to go, but you know what, I envy this kind of self- esteem, to have the world judge you on things you can't change!

  15. Sinead Hawkins

    Sinead HawkinsHace un día

    I think they were both beautiful.. But maybe neither one of them would have dated him on their own

  16. Phlapp

    PhlappHace un día

    This dude is like the ginger version of my But i have more muscles

  17. Ambition Only

    Ambition OnlyHace un día


  18. VK Jungenberg

    VK JungenbergHace un día

    did anyone else love Dora? I don't know she just seemed so amazing and cool.

  19. name hidden

    name hiddenHace un día

    Does anybody know Doras instagram name?🙏🏻🙏🏻

  20. Dominique Marshae

    Dominique MarshaeHace un día

    They never put pretty black girls in stuff. Just my opinion

  21. India Super Pro Gamer

    India Super Pro GamerHace un día

    That first asian girl he rate a 7.5 is a 10! She is literally my dream girl

  22. Koalacha

    KoalachaHace 2 días

    The London girl seemed so lovely!

  23. Zindagi

    ZindagiHace 2 días

    How do I get entry?? I want to participate 😊😊

  24. Azize Aynur Cavdar

    Azize Aynur CavdarHace 2 días

    Am I the only person who thinks he is damn awesome gosh 😍😍

  25. MyNameJeff 69

    MyNameJeff 69Hace 2 días


  26. mdoerkse

    mdoerkseHace 2 días

    Based on his estimate of importance of 45% looks and 65% personality he made exactly the right choice for the two options he was given.

  27. antfr1993

    antfr1993Hace 2 días

    Image if this became the norm of dating.

  28. antfr1993

    antfr1993Hace 2 días

    I wanna know what the short haired girl looked with longer hair.

  29. antfr1993

    antfr1993Hace 2 días

    I think he lowkey knew which girl he picked lol

  30. Mia Sky

    Mia SkyHace 2 días

    At least he was honest at the end.

  31. Ditrix Genesis

    Ditrix GenesisHace 2 días

    Honestly, I think the "because looks fade" argument is a cop out. I truly believe personality is more important by a mile. Looks can help with approaching someone, but after that initial meeting, if her personality and mannerisms don't mesh well with mine, it wouldn't last a week. So yeah, personality is more important.

  32. Lilo MM

    Lilo MMHace 2 días


  33. Lilo MM

    Lilo MMHace 2 días

    Girls that shave their head and pull it off will always have my heart 🤤🤤

  34. The High Noonie

    The High NoonieHace 2 días

    She's got really pretty eyes 5.6 *Proceeds to give 5.5*

  35. Alexandria Geiler

    Alexandria GeilerHace 2 días

    Angela was literally one of the prettiest inside and out and confident. He gave her a low rating because he felt threatened 😂 your loss bro

  36. Jeremiah

    JeremiahHace 2 días

    “What would you describe the color green to a blind person?” “I don’t think I would because I don’t think it, at that point, matters.” I’m DEAD 😂 I rate him a 4 Personality 4

  37. sebastian jitaru

    sebastian jitaruHace un día

    You can't describe a colour its literally imposible

  38. Hippo Ebic

    Hippo EbicHace 2 días

    *feminists have entered the chat*

  39. eg lavina

    eg lavinaHace 2 días

    Idk why people are complaining he chose the girl with looks, she also got a high score personality wise, why not get the best of both worlds?

  40. Your Name

    Your NameHace 2 días

    Damn, I would've picked Erin.

  41. Jy Davis

    Jy DavisHace 2 días

    Why did he read the black girls lowest???

  42. Critical Commentators

    Critical CommentatorsHace 2 días

    8:05 Idk why but this girl reminds me of me a hippo like from a cartoon not because of her looks but the way she talks that’s a hippo would act

  43. silver wesso

    silver wessoHace 2 días

    Weird how he feels so bad about rating them on their looks and he felt so terrible however he chooses the girl with the highest score physically. 🙄

  44. Leona Banks

    Leona BanksHace 2 días

    He's such a hypocrite. He does care MORE about looks opposed to personality. The black Christian girl knocked them all out the box. He's a fool.

  45. Alpha Svn

    Alpha SvnHace un día

    People have preference, back off troll

  46. xCamoHyper

    xCamoHyperHace 2 días

    Girl Speaks: I’m Dora... Guy Speaking: yOU LIke To ExPLorE?

  47. Mason King

    Mason KingHace 2 días

    "I like traveling alone" "really? me too" "Lets go traveling alone together."

  48. BoIS Ok

    BoIS OkHace 2 días

    When he went ✋ on her she was like FRIEND ZONED

  49. Kaushal Mallah

    Kaushal MallahHace 2 días

    @7:20 *she literally pissed off my mind*

  50. daniel rountree

    daniel rountreeHace 2 días

    Idk why, but for some reason, I can't stand this Douch*bag

  51. Lazier

    LazierHace 3 días

    He liked her bobs

  52. Mynameis

    MynameisHace 3 días

    I chose bald girl, just 2 years and she will not bald anymore

  53. Hanna Reyes

    Hanna ReyesHace 3 días

    As what I'm expecting💖They look good together uwu❤

  54. Sir Hyperion

    Sir HyperionHace 3 días

    This is so fucked up in many ways.

  55. RockyRoadkill

    RockyRoadkillHace 3 días

    What a total D BAG 😡

  56. Hilda Jimenez

    Hilda JimenezHace 3 días

    Can I go for the cast if i live in a country different from you guys?

  57. TeeLive x5

    TeeLive x5Hace 3 días

    Brah do not fw black women lmaooooooooo ain’t nothing wrong with that it’s just a preference

  58. Kirsten Carter

    Kirsten CarterHace 3 días

    Y'all need a 6 antivaxxers vs a provaxxer odd man out vid!

  59. Jamie Mendoza

    Jamie MendozaHace 3 días

    The girl rating they hugged while they just shook hands

  60. LE WIN

    LE WINHace 3 días

    isn't this dude the same guy from the video 'Can 2 Strangers Fall in Love with 36 Questions? Dani + Andrew' ?

  61. Derrick Blake

    Derrick BlakeHace 3 días

    Love how the black women got the lowest looks

  62. Joey J

    Joey JHace 3 días

    he rates the two blacks 4.5

  63. BigBearBrads

    BigBearBradsHace 3 días

    Why is it put down whenever guys rate women, but its fine for women to rate men.

  64. BigBearBrads

    BigBearBradsHace 13 horas

    @xoxo floofi i know what you're saying, its just annoying that women kinda get a pass on that, but men have to worry about saying it. But, i guess that's just life.

  65. xoxo floofi

    xoxo floofiHace 13 horas

    Don't care about who puts you down. No person can decide your worth based on just your gender. It's personality that really represents who you are as a person, you can't control what gender you are born as just like race, what height you reach, etc.

  66. AveragePlayer

    AveragePlayerHace un día