10 vs 1: Rating Girls By Looks & Personality


  1. Andrew Sugono

    Andrew SugonoHace 14 minutos

    Why does this video exist.. its not right...

  2. 7acinnej

    7acinnejHace 48 minutos

    Oooh how I wish I can be in a Jubilee project or video. I’ve been watching your videos since the Love Language video!! Sad thing is I’m from the other side of the world

  3. Gal

    GalHace 52 minutos

    בבקשה תמחקו את הסרטון הזה מה לא בסדר איתכם

  4. invinoveritas

    invinoveritasHace un hora

    What do you like about her? HER GLASSES. *cringy*

  5. N!Mm0

    N!Mm0Hace un hora

    They were worst looking birds ever

  6. Bettina Puskás

    Bettina PuskásHace 2 horas

    Ok, but the one who he rated 6 must be pretty without makeup. Holy sheet.

  7. stealtbadge

    stealtbadgeHace 3 horas

    Most British people don’t sound like that, I am British and I never heard someone speak like that

  8. 1000 Subscriber Venator

    1000 Subscriber VenatorHace 4 horas

    Noelle was so fugly

  9. Rose Gauss

    Rose GaussHace 4 horas

    Why no blonde

  10. Dian Noor Hayati

    Dian Noor HayatiHace 4 horas

    This guy is a lot into LOOKS...

  11. Min Kyu Kim

    Min Kyu KimHace 6 horas


  12. Gul D

    Gul DHace 8 horas

    Um. Xenophobia at max for this white guy

  13. Jack Stirewalt

    Jack StirewaltHace un hora

    he doesnt have to find people atractive just to be politicaly correct

  14. Shuave Speed

    Shuave SpeedHace 9 horas

    he said he grew up in the truth. wy u leave come back u missing out

  15. Jack Morrison

    Jack MorrisonHace 10 horas

    This guy is the definition of the over woke He’s always saying stuff about being misogynistic just for the way he feels

  16. Alexandra Pitman

    Alexandra PitmanHace 10 horas

    i just realized theyre not wearing shoes

  17. Chloe Nutall

    Chloe NutallHace 10 horas

    K wow. This guy has no shame 😂 Black girls: *exist* Andrew: just not my type personally

  18. J P

    J PHace 11 horas

    Sophia is like a 7.5, 8 on a good day and the hottest one... maybe I'm being harsh here or are these girls just not all that cute

  19. DanceDiva234

    DanceDiva234Hace 12 horas

    He's like a buff Ed Sheeran

  20. Emme Younker

    Emme YounkerHace 12 horas


  21. Ibrahima Barry

    Ibrahima BarryHace 12 horas

    No pretty black girls 🤦🏾‍♂️

  22. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusHace 12 horas

    All the asians chicks were hot but they couldn't find decent looking black women? Instead they got those rachet looking hoochie mamas lol

  23. Cybroz

    CybrozHace 13 horas

    Damn he looks like Ben Stokes

  24. Baekhito Banega

    Baekhito BanegaHace 13 horas

    Light racism.

  25. Jack Stirewalt

    Jack StirewaltHace un hora


  26. Buds 99

    Buds 99Hace 13 horas

    He gave the lowest scores to the blacks

  27. Caylie Clements

    Caylie ClementsHace 13 horas

    You should have them talk to them first then rate their looks

  28. Mystix -FN

    Mystix -FNHace 14 horas

    He didn’t want the black chicks 😂👎

  29. tangerinefruit

    tangerinefruitHace 17 horas

    Tier List of Women.

  30. GarfieldDemandsASacrifice

    GarfieldDemandsASacrificeHace 18 horas

    Man he really rated the 9th girl that low


    CRINGE MASTERSHace 18 horas


  32. dmerhi

    dmerhiHace 6 horas

    Whats so bad about that? Ppl are allowed to have opinions

  33. mew.z

    mew.zHace 18 horas

    I just don’t get how people would really rather have a smoking hot boy/girlfriend with a boring personality? Meanwhile you could be having the time of your life with someone you love for their personality which also shows a stronger attraction and relationship between the two of you. It’s really sad he missed out on Dora she seemed really amazing! If I were lesbian I would totally date her! 😩❤️🥺

  34. mew.z

    mew.zHace 3 horas

    Unity 0 ehhh okay everyone is weird in their own way... maybe so weird that they don’t even realize it! so I’ll take it as a compliment! :>

  35. Unity 0

    Unity 0Hace 3 horas

    You are weird

  36. aR Bi

    aR BiHace 19 horas

    The indian girl, Christine, is a 9.5 physically and probably her personality is great too

  37. Cell Carvalho

    Cell CarvalhoHace 19 horas

    I don't think he's got something agains't black girls.. I'm brazilian and i'm super into black girls but, i wouldn't give a high score to those 2 either... and this dude is like really good looking, even i can admit it, so..........come on give him a break.

  38. Faze censor 1

    Faze censor 1Hace 20 horas

    Irene was in another video

  39. Got No Fans 123

    Got No Fans 123Hace 20 horas

    bruh why does this make me feel so awkward

  40. Mlg PLANT

    Mlg PLANTHace 21 un hora

    This guy didn’t pick the girl he rated highest on personality because he knows she was the girl with short hair and he didn’t like her. THEN he says “usually I would pick the girl by personality butttt... this time”

  41. sidewinder2057

    sidewinder2057Hace 21 un hora

    Pretty face, big boobs, great body, beautiful smile. No surprise

  42. Jeeroy Lenkins

    Jeeroy LenkinsHace 22 horas

    Notice how the guy didn't comment on their physical looks as much as the girl did in the other video. Guys aren't allowed to do that.

  43. tommy boi

    tommy boiHace 22 horas

    wtf he's so mean

  44. Amy France

    Amy FranceHace 22 horas

    Why are they almost all Chinese girls

  45. DJ Woof

    DJ WoofHace 23 horas

    Well.... Sophia won and got the most overall points added up, so he did choose based on personality too

  46. Dematotic

    DematoticHace un día

    *girls rating boys* “meh its ok” *boys rating girls* “so rude”

  47. Jeeroy Lenkins

    Jeeroy LenkinsHace 22 horas

    Yep, girls are allowed to talk about guys height, weight, looks etc but a guy can't even say a girl isn't his type without all the feminazi's getting triggered.

  48. Sumera xoxox

    Sumera xoxoxHace un día

    I swear Irene is always on here...

  49. marvin ligart studio

    marvin ligart studioHace un día

    Am 1 pervert if that boob attract me? Damn

  50. Armin Magyar

    Armin MagyarHace un día

    He really matched with the tall Asian girl, shame

  51. ConcernedCitizen5514

    ConcernedCitizen5514Hace un día

    That guy was good-looking, but he comes across as very beta with the way he kept apologized about objectifying women

  52. ConcernedCitizen5514

    ConcernedCitizen5514Hace un día

    It is hilarious that the girl with the short cut hair thinks men are "intimidated" by her. Is she serious?

  53. Mike Bargs

    Mike BargsHace un día

    Noelle looks like a granny

  54. demitri duruisseau

    demitri duruisseauHace un día

    Bro was a little shallow as for the black chicks they was cool lookin but to be honest this is in LA theres hella fine ass black chicks they could of got but all the women were ight lookin but its there attitude that would have made me interested in all of them

  55. Laviomella

    LaviomellaHace un día

    Honestly hes a douche thats all

  56. Unity 0

    Unity 0Hace 3 horas


  57. watchcode

    watchcodeHace un día

    boobs > everything