10 Products that Got Extreme Upgrades!


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    Tan man doesn’t know what he’s talking about

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    The green and white thingies mightier is a LIME Bru

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    Cc stands for cubic centimetres

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    Surfboards were the first out of skateboards, snowboards, and themselves. Like they decided when they could hit the knarly waves, brah, they would hit the knarly concrete.

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    Of you go to 3:45

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    No one wanted Michael to lose his hair

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    The tootpaste tablets are useful when you go backpacking because a tube can open/explode inside and make a hot mess

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    "I'll give that 60% for rotten tomatoes" Matthias~2019

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    someone did a kick on my flowboard and it snapped instantly.

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    The toothpaste chew tablets are for zero waste lifestyles, to prevent less waste and damage to our planet.

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    Tanner next to Michael and liss

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    cc is the size of the motor for a smaller motor and cubic inch in for a car motor

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    Cc stands for cubic centemeters

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