Egg Bread - Korean street food


  1. سنية سلفية

    سنية سلفيةHace 14 horas

    السلام عليكم

  2. Hubert Jadczak

    Hubert JadczakHace 20 horas

    With ham, cheese, olives and champignons would be a dream for a breakfast

  3. Вкусно и просто своими руками!

    Вкусно и просто своими руками!Hace 2 días


  4. น้าหนุ่ยคุ้ยครัว by Unclenui

    น้าหนุ่ยคุ้ยครัว by UnclenuiHace 2 días

    👍👍👍 V e r y n i c e 👍👍👍

  5. hyeon seong lim

    hyeon seong limHace 2 días

    와플이 지금도 천원이면 가야겠다

  6. Huy Le

    Huy LeHace 2 días

    Bạn ơi cho mjk hỏi muốn mua khuân và bếp làm bánh ở đâu z

  7. jessica !

    jessica !Hace 4 días

    Ive tried that in korea at myeondong, ( i dont know if thats how you spell it lol) we tried that. And let me tell you. THAT IS REALLY GOOD



    Muito bom

  9. Lady Bug

    Lady BugHace 5 días

    Mmmm now just add some bacon

  10. yusukefuuma08

    yusukefuuma08Hace 6 días

    i'd tried the 1 in myeongdong... n it is soooooooo good

  11. Mauricio Salera

    Mauricio SaleraHace 6 días

    Look at the dirt under her nails.

  12. Mauricio Salera

    Mauricio SaleraHace 6 días

    Look at the dirt under her nails.

  13. Rifath Al Nahiyan

    Rifath Al NahiyanHace 7 días

    i love it but the size of it need to make bigger... 🧐

  14. Favourites

    FavouritesHace 8 días

    what are the ingredients

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    Soon FilmsHace 7 días 😋😋😋​​

  16. Genadir Jose dias

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    Cem son para o vídeo


    SIMONE SOARESHace 9 días

    Pasta recipe, please 🙏

  18. Soon Films

    Soon FilmsHace 8 días 😋😋😋​​

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  20. M J

    M JHace 10 días

    I just love egg & chips

  21. Michael Turng

    Michael TurngHace 11 días

    I cannot deal with doing repetitious things everyday for the rest of my life...

  22. Morela Leon

    Morela LeonHace 12 días

    las unhas

  23. Anne Wheadon

    Anne WheadonHace 12 días

    wow how did you make the bread part

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    Very interested like to know more about any website

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  27. I am

    I amHace 16 días

    1) Is there any milk in the cake part of it, and 2) does the egg get fully cooked or is it runny inside? Thank you : )

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  29. Andrew Fikusov

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    BIG YUM!!! 🤗🤗

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    DEVE SER UMA DELÍCIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Kilo Byte

    Kilo ByteHace 19 días

    1:58 Why bother wearing one glove if you're handling the food with both hands?

  34. Timothy Avendt

    Timothy AvendtHace 20 días

    They should offer a "over easy" version. Might offer a different flavor

  35. dhgrazer masta

    dhgrazer mastaHace 20 días

    the simplicity is just shocking.....and for presentation? it looks freaking great...... I wonder if you can ask the korean to put a small sausage in the middle instead of an egg? eggs and sausages.....sounds freaking great

  36. H11K07

    H11K07Hace 20 días

    Pode crer...aqui a gente come pão com ovo e café 👍

  37. Daniel Ortigoza

    Daniel OrtigozaHace 18 días

    O mandioca paraguaia

  38. Minal Khan

    Minal KhanHace 21 un día

    I just love 💖love💗 love💓 love ❤love 💟ur video

  39. Rajneesh Prem

    Rajneesh PremHace 22 días

    Looking soo delicious. It's looking like soap. But looking crazy. And the making pan is awesome. How it tastes. 🇳🇪

  40. Alan Inu No Tomodachi

    Alan Inu No TomodachiHace 22 días

    I would like to place a order for 6 egg bread please.............

  41. SUVCAM

    SUVCAMHace 22 días

    If you got egg bread hola at me anytime

  42. Ingerimm

    IngerimmHace 22 días

    Meanwhile in America: "Can I get fries with that?" "Arghhh, they didn't give me my fries! They had one simple job..." Sigh!

  43. 이성진

    이성진Hace 23 días

    이거지...진짜 계란빵...

  44. kaniz fatima khan

    kaniz fatima khanHace 23 días

    Looks yummy 😋

  45. Rossy Rossy

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    Se me antojo ❗❗❗❗pero en México no existe un negocio así ☹️

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  47. me lokest

    me lokestHace 24 días

    Wow that's some great food!😍😍

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    VERY NICE YOUR VIDEO #MasterMaqboolFlex

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    Een broodje ei nou nou

  51. melik kılıç

    melik kılıçHace 25 días

    what kind of egg are big for a chicken ass

  52. Tommy Leite

    Tommy LeiteHace 25 días

    Isso deve ser muito bom...

  53. Rab Warren

    Rab WarrenHace 25 días

    That looks proper!

  54. cosdache

    cosdacheHace 26 días

    Korean street food is awesome❤

  55. IamMe

    IamMeHace 26 días

    I want one of those waffles on the side

  56. Rob Kopple

    Rob KoppleHace 27 días

    1:45 Nope. I'll pass...

  57. Calvin Crews

    Calvin CrewsHace 27 días

    I want two for the price of one please thank you it looks delicious it doesn't have to be fresh ill eat it just the way way it is

  58. Jack Sagrafsky

    Jack SagrafskyHace 28 días

    The North WOULD love to move to the South if they saw these videos.

  59. AdrianJayeOnline

    AdrianJayeOnlineHace 28 días

    oh man thoes waffles

  60. HachiZenki

    HachiZenkiHace 29 días

    Yes, may I please see your Department of Health license?

  61. csmelen

    csmelenHace 29 días

    "if it's food, everyday is food".

  62. Steve Pasquale

    Steve PasqualeHace un mes

    Looks nasty tbh

  63. Robert Robey

    Robert RobeyHace un mes

    It would be nice if this video included instruction on making this dish.

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    Трнакты неге алмайды екен. Тазалыктан макрум.....

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    Wo sind die Schlangen und Frösche geblieben.

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    부천 시청역 나오면 있는 현대백화점 앞에 있는 계란빵... 맛있음...

  69. Tim Byles

    Tim BylesHace un mes

    They look amazing. Bet they're great hangover food.. .

  70. Edhen Uy

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  71. Fresh Loving Food

    Fresh Loving FoodHace un mes

    That egg sandwich looks so good full view thanks for sharing

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    Hooray for Egg Bread

  73. AgentMinor ReligionBrigade

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    Wheres the bacon?

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    It’s look so yummy I love bread and eggs I think it so good

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    Now I'm hungry! That looks SO good! :)

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    Is that cornbread?

  77. MrS

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    Great 😊

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    Äre här soon som i filip soon

  79. kijo215

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    It definitely looks good and tasty, but I couldn't help notice he still touched the waffle with the un-gloved hand lol

  80. heidi villaescusa

    heidi villaescusaHace un mes

    como se hace esta masa

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    Ohh that looks yummy

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    someone needs to bring this to america, its looks awesome.

  85. Ian Muessig

    Ian MuessigHace un mes

    Wow, that egg was perfect. Replace the salt with a splash of hot sauce and I'd be set

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    Mmm me so hungy - H.S

  89. baumcollc same

    baumcollc sameHace un mes

    If the street food is so damn good, then why do the customers need to wear a mask over their mouths and noses? Does the food smell that bad?!!

  90. Harry Cranke

    Harry CrankeHace un mes

    An egg sandwich. No big deal.

  91. pork n beans

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  92. NightWolf XI

    NightWolf XIHace un mes

    Wow! The perfect egg sandwich... Amazing video! Best wishes 🇿🇦

  93. garmon bozia

    garmon boziaHace un mes

    So basically it's just a boiled egg in bread

  94. green_name

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  95. Chris Carroll

    Chris CarrollHace un mes

    Can I have some egg with that salt?.

  96. Lt.Dal94 TexasCommand

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    Discipline ✍🙏⛩

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    Seoul food.

  98. Cycoloy

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    has no1 seen how dirty her finger nails where?

  99. MegaBait56

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    Where's the bacon ????

  100. Modern Modern

    Modern ModernHace un mes

    The following is an elixir for all sorts of cold virus; You do that right before going to bed in the night time and on Friday or Saturday 1) Bring a pot of water to boil 2) Chop 2 fresh lemons 🍋 3) Chop peppermint 4) put the 2 items into boiling water 5) boil all another 2 minutes 6) let sit all another 2 minutes 7) drink this elixir while hot 8) put warm pajamas on 9) get into covers, all covered and nothing sticking out 10) sweat like a pig under covers until tomorrow morning 10.5) all body parts must be covered and in covers 11) as soon as you get up drink that elixir again - hot Tomorrow, 12) get into hot shower for about an half an hour 13) drink another glass of hot elixir 14) dress up warmly and don't stay in cold breeze 15) have a relaxed and warm day You are fixed of your cold and enjoy a relaxing weekend

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    1000원 = 0.85$ , Egg Bread 1EA , 1$ =1175원.

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    I really need to stop watching these kinda things

  103. Tim Burr

    Tim BurrHace un mes

    Meanwhile their communist cousins to the North are starving to death.

  104. Gummelgimp

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    O M G... I live on the wrong place on this Planet... Why this looks so good

  105. stew8fpv

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    That’s fucking disgusting