$75 Amazon Fresh Meal Prep - 5 Meals, 5 Days


  1. Nicole Pospíšilíková

    Nicole PospíšilíkováHace 3 días

    I have tried the turkey recipe... it’s so f*cking amazing😍😍 I love it soooo much. Thank you!

  2. RealLife RealTalk with Biggs

    RealLife RealTalk with BiggsHace 4 días

    You’re not Vegan anymore?

  3. RealLife RealTalk with Biggs

    RealLife RealTalk with BiggsHace 4 días

    Chicken? Is that chicken chicken? I’m vegan bruh. Eggs?

  4. Joe Serrano

    Joe SerranoHace 11 días

    Fit Man you're COOL! LOL.....if we're beginning we should take it easy and work up to that level.....so for now, sticking with oatmeal porridge, glass of oj and banana. :(

  5. Cdlrrcb Games

    Cdlrrcb GamesHace 17 días

    never have i seen a salt/pepper bowl like that i want.

  6. LoveGoddess

    LoveGoddessHace 20 días

    What meal prep containers do u use

  7. Dayanna Vargas

    Dayanna VargasHace 20 días

    Everything looked freakin' amazing and soo yummy. Thank you for sharing!! you earned a new subscriber :)

  8. TheSecretninja420

    TheSecretninja420Hace 26 días

    Soap=cilantro?!! Wtf

  9. illwill

    illwillHace un mes

    Hey kev im wondering if you own an instant pot ? If you do I'd love to see you use that bad boy for these meal preps videos . Thanks for sharing your tips and tricks your the man bro!!

  10. Mekela Tyler

    Mekela TylerHace un mes

    This is perfect!! I work in a tax office and our busy season is coming, so I’m sure this’ll help prevent me from spending obscene amounts on junk food.

  11. Shak.

    Shak.Hace un mes

    Great video! Check out my latest video for my meal prep.

  12. Captain Pantys

    Captain PantysHace un mes

    Dude!!! This was so epic for a poor boy like me haha thanks man

  13. Survivalist Nomad

    Survivalist NomadHace un mes

    Boring AF.

  14. Daniel Foerste

    Daniel FoersteHace un mes

    When you do meal prep, do you pop it all into the freezer and defrost the day before? Or does it all last for 5 days in the fridge?

  15. Javier Catalan

    Javier CatalanHace un mes

    Excelente! Donde puedo encontrar los tuppers negros para tener la comida así de organizada!

  16. Zilero

    ZileroHace un mes

    Heck yes, thanks Kev 🙏🏼

  17. Crystal G

    Crystal GHace un mes

    I've been trying to eat healthier and do meal prep, but I'm so obsessed with Korean food. Could you make some recipes that still taste vaguely like the Korean meats and stews I love to eat?

  18. Andreea J

    Andreea JHace un mes

    Love your recipes, edits, personality! 👌🏾New subscriber here! Thanks for the videos!

  19. mrhoya14

    mrhoya14Hace un mes

    Whats up kev... Donde estan las naranjas?? Lol

  20. ShreqBoi

    ShreqBoiHace un mes

    Amazon fresh?! Shut up and take my money!!

  21. -

    -Hace un mes

    Great idea! May you also make one that's budget friendly? I can only spend around $40-$50 every week on food. Anything helps!

  22. Chris Richter

    Chris RichterHace un mes

    Love your videos and recipes! It’s probably just me, but the idea of meal prepping is kind of gross. I want fresh food, not some leftover stuff I made days ago. Love the recipes though!


    AFTER KETO REHABHace un mes

    Cool meal prep, balanced eating is the way to go, on my channel i'm getting people to think this way, not damage their bodies with extreme diets.

  24. Taylor Lincoln

    Taylor LincolnHace un mes

    i’m starting whole 30 “diet” meals PWEASR do a video on that 🙏 i’d help me tremendously 🤎

  25. Trey Graves

    Trey GravesHace un mes

    How does it feel to say “my” seasoning? #boss Beautiful colors as always. Much love.

  26. azouna bakhti

    azouna bakhtiHace un mes

    This is exactly what we need .... I'm a worker mom.... Thank you so so much

  27. Philip Gernert

    Philip GernertHace un mes

    Looks good!! Thanks for sharing this vid

  28. Daniel MacBride

    Daniel MacBrideHace un mes

    This man is a legend in my book tbh


    MEAL PREP THAIHace un mes


  30. Jeremy Hernandez

    Jeremy HernandezHace un mes

    What kind of hot plate is that your cooking on

  31. yazilliclick

    yazilliclickHace un mes

    Won't those apples or avocados go brown and bad if cut days in advance?

  32. Philipp Gerstmair

    Philipp GerstmairHace un mes

    Add some lemon juice to prevent browning :)

  33. Dj SZN

    Dj SZNHace un mes

    Thanks kev I’ll be trying this tmmrw 👏🏾🙏🏾

  34. cvanselus

    cvanselusHace un mes

    grocery haul with cost meal preps are your best videos!

  35. Gadiel Baez

    Gadiel BaezHace un mes

    no entiendo bien el ingles pero que recetas mas chidas😋

  36. Mrs.Casey

    Mrs.CaseyHace un mes

    This is great! I also have issues with a bagger putting different items together in bags...especially my fruits and veggies with meat 😱 lol

  37. Arelis Margarito

    Arelis MargaritoHace un mes

    This is genius and looks yummy! 👍🏼 thanks for sharing 😇🙋🏻‍♀️

  38. dahuckinator

    dahuckinatorHace un mes

    Didn’t know this was an option, tried it, and amazon fresh is not available in my location 😂😂😥

  39. ymb6987

    ymb6987Hace un mes

    I feel EPIC after watching this one Kev! And that Amazon Fresh showed up and out - great video!!

  40. Saul Martinez

    Saul MartinezHace un mes

    I didn’t even know amazon had this

  41. Donnie Franklin

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  42. blackrussian 1010

    blackrussian 1010Hace un mes

    Ditto! 😮

  43. Yeva P.

    Yeva P.Hace un mes

    Awesome! Everything looks delicious!

  44. Aloha Adri

    Aloha AdriHace un mes

    I love these easy recipes! I still make your budget chili from ur app..my fave! I would love to see more Instant Pot recipes...I’ve been trying to experiment more with my pot👌🏽

  45. Tondaleya Carter

    Tondaleya CarterHace un mes

    Looks good but I stop eating meat. But I can see some modifications I can make. You are always informative!

  46. Luis Pisquiy

    Luis PisquiyHace un mes

    A M A Z I N G

  47. Ryan Redding

    Ryan ReddingHace un mes

    Wish I could triple like this video. Thank you for what you do!

  48. brewatch

    brewatchHace un mes

    I know these videos are a lot of work. Thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it.

  49. Shahrukh Rahman

    Shahrukh RahmanHace un mes

    Loved this video? would you be able to make another one for $60 as I am a college student so everyweek $75 is a bit too much

  50. ckrtom2

    ckrtom2Hace un mes

    Solid video. As someone maintaining a 300 pound weight loss and been meal prepping 14 years now, what you did here is very much what I do. At this point in my life I'm about at your level of sophistication as far as thought process and execution. I doubt many people are at our level of dedication...I think short-sightedness and the notion that this will be "easy" or effortless contributes to burn-out! This process has to become a way of living, a commitment.

  51. Brett Bernotus

    Brett BernotusHace un mes

    Love the channel. App. Cook book and seasonings. But I cringed when he put that wooden utensil w tomato paste on the white counter top lol

  52. CSI

    CSIHace un mes

    Love your channel. This is great! Thanks. Add green salad mix to fill up after each meal.

  53. Tearyatobitz

    TearyatobitzHace un mes

    Would be cool to see a pescatarian meal prep. With sustainable seafood and such 🤙🏾


    AFTER KETO REHABHace un mes

    And it's about the most healthy way to eat with all the polyunsaturated fats, like i talk about on my channel, unlike saturated fat in keto.

  55. Big red Mckibbens

    Big red MckibbensHace un mes

    Hey Bro and family! I hope y'all are having a wonderful and blessed day.the food looks so good

  56. Ed Joshua

    Ed JoshuaHace un mes

    Wow, your way of cooking and organizing your meals really inspiring, Thank you so much for the video 💪❤️

  57. Cheryl Lewis

    Cheryl LewisHace un mes

    ... I have all these items and will make these dishes as well.. YES, i take note of how my groceries are bagged as well.. #reassembleONTHESPOT LOL #4hourdeliveryWHOA Grab one of these---> www.amazon.com/Heat-Resistant-Meat-Chopper-Hamburger/dp/B07QD449ZW/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?keywords=meat+chopper&qid=1578937140&sr=8-1-spons&psc=1&spLa=ZW5jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUExWVI4SFY3MFNERkZFJmVuY3J5cHRlZElkPUEwOTIzNjU2M0FKVzdDVTZRU1pQMCZlbmNyeXB0ZWRBZElkPUEwMTYzNjE2Wk0ySUZYOFdJRjIyJndpZGdldE5hbWU9c3BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj1jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN0JmRvTm90TG9nQ2xpY2s9dHJ1ZQ==

  58. Queenofweaves

    QueenofweavesHace un mes

    Happy New Year🎊 I have your app and I’m looking forward to creating some great healthy meals!

  59. faithunsaid

    faithunsaidHace un mes

    Great video.. where can I purchase that Charlie Brown shirt you had on in this video.

  60. nut2611

    nut2611Hace un mes

    Awesome!!! I start watching u almost 8 years ago when i was trying to lose weight..and i did lose them..and i gain all back and more after i gave birth..so im watching you again! Lova ya recipes!