$5,000 2010 Ford F350- Cummins Swap 6.4L to 12 valve Cummins Part 4


  1. Sti B

    Sti BHace 13 horas

    My cummins got low turbo mount out of ford truck,in my f250,got ford on the cummins I'd plate,I'm in Australia, love you channel

  2. Mgrand99

    Mgrand99Hace 22 horas

    What did you do with the hydraulics on the braking system? Was still in good condition? I could use your parts

  3. Nathan Skalicky

    Nathan SkalickyHace 2 días

    Anyone else notice the loader creating down during the time lapse while he pulled the pan?

  4. Chuck Yeager

    Chuck YeagerHace 2 días

    Please brothers next time you used angled grinder wearing face shield u don't want the grinding discs broken flying towards your faces I seen a lot people loses their eyes..great setup way to go...

  5. David Libby

    David LibbyHace 5 días

    Fummin's or not. I watched the whole video just to see the 175,000,000 commercials. Thanks ESreporter for messing up another one!

  6. outlaw trucks tv

    outlaw trucks tvHace 6 días

    Had to sub. Lol love the Cummins swap may have to do one in my f250 . Hmmmmm

  7. TheSevenJr86

    TheSevenJr86Hace 7 días

    "That looks like a bee, but that's ok." *Subscribe* Was a good chuckle

  8. Gustavo Cordero

    Gustavo CorderoHace 7 días

    Hello I'm Gust from Costa Rica I love the American Car Do you know how can I buy Iit I don't matter if iit is old Here is difficult found it I

  9. Robert Kizer

    Robert KizerHace 9 días

    clean your shop sir

  10. David Creson

    David CresonHace 11 días

    Next time at auction get some engine stands a crushed chest is no fun!

  11. cell pat

    cell patHace 11 días

    Man I love the sound of rain falling on an aluminum shed. Makes for a good sleep.

  12. cell pat

    cell patHace 11 días

    (15:33) Wow, even the Army wanted to see the Cummins swap! Imagine having the flu and having to jump from one of them choppers. I'd rather be busy with a Fummins.

  13. agaragar21

    agaragar21Hace 12 días

    Pneumonia, can kill you....in fact when your weak and old, like most of will be eventually, pneumonia will kill us Fun Fact ! Time to go see a Professional Human Mecnahic !

  14. Van's Best Friend

    Van's Best FriendHace 12 días

    Bra... you're f-ing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for this awesome content!

  15. E G

    E GHace 13 días

    some buddy decided that we need that last engine hoist so we had to go get a new one ... wait what? oh i see i know what you meant someone must of thrown away the old one :D you guys are something else

  16. PureFun32937

    PureFun32937Hace 15 días

    Absolutely great camera persona, what a character!!! And a cool project!!!

  17. Chris Easterling

    Chris EasterlingHace 15 días

    It's coming on great excited to see it running in the Ford 350

  18. William TA

    William TAHace 17 días

    Great video! My moma said put on some ear plugs and safety glasses

  19. Armando Garcia

    Armando GarciaHace 17 días

    No guard on the grinder or safety glasses 👓 safety 1st at all times and yes I am a UA hand ✋u only have two eyes lol

  20. Ricardo Salgado

    Ricardo SalgadoHace 17 días

    It is so I got to Perkins diesel 6 cylinder for sale they're ready to be rebuilt really cheap my phone number is 760-970-0550

  21. Fabron Fretwell

    Fabron FretwellHace 21 un día

    It's the superD FORminns! I luv these guys!

  22. GMONY 11

    GMONY 11Hace 23 días

    i just started watching your videos yesterday and i dont know the history but why do you like cummins swapped fords?

  23. Brandon Smith

    Brandon SmithHace 24 días

    This is awesome man!!

  24. Ron F

    Ron FHace 25 días

    I dont like diets. Westen you dont need to diet youve just got big bones

  25. T.C. Robinson

    T.C. RobinsonHace 25 días

    The best way to keep flys and gnats out your face is to tear a small hole in the back of your pants Have you ever seen flys and gnats in a dogs face,

  26. Blanco Niño

    Blanco NiñoHace 26 días

    "We're getting ready to put a fummins....". And now she has a name. Fummins.

  27. Matt Miles

    Matt MilesHace 28 días

    The chinaman is not the issue hete.

  28. jhonjhon 17

    jhonjhon 17Hace un mes

    1:29 is that a zd 28

  29. K. lamar eye v

    K. lamar eye vHace un mes

    Subscribed bro!

  30. SIL3NT BULL3T18

    SIL3NT BULL3T18Hace un mes

    17:57 first time with a girl

  31. Mario Lopez

    Mario LopezHace un mes

    What the hell is wrong with you Americans?! Environmental protection is probably a foreign word! Absolutely irresponsible! Damned hillbillies

  32. Aaron Friesen

    Aaron FriesenHace un mes

    Helo how is your day How did you instal your rpm sensor

  33. Silver Fox

    Silver FoxHace un mes

    Was it any problem putting the motor mounts in?

  34. Stonewall Bedrock

    Stonewall BedrockHace un mes

    i like your stuff i use to do stuff like that years ago when my mechanic friend barry was alive so big up yu self mr mechanic

  35. MegaRiffraff

    MegaRiffraffHace un mes

    I’d fix the dodge killer Dow pin while it’s out and easy to get to

  36. Cody Carlson

    Cody CarlsonHace un mes

    He did that in the last episode with a modified washer

  37. The devil Made me do it

    The devil Made me do itHace un mes

    “ I don’t like diets “ ... I never would have guessed

  38. schnekm483bk Ken

    schnekm483bk KenHace un mes

    Why not an old DETROIT engine?

  39. Peter Riis

    Peter RiisHace un mes

    Damn dude. You fat!

  40. Greg Carlisle

    Greg CarlisleHace un mes

    You must live near Sundance eh? Blackhawks always going to refuel there!

  41. Andy Reid

    Andy ReidHace un mes

    Would love to have a truck like that!

  42. Mark Crawford

    Mark CrawfordHace un mes

    Set your purse down, and let that grinder eat biggun

  43. Bigbluedog94 Clifford

    Bigbluedog94 CliffordHace un mes

    The people mechanic. Lmfao

  44. Fred Surrette

    Fred SurretteHace un mes

    Any man (real man) would love to be the lucky man to get a build like this.

  45. Naturzone Pest Control

    Naturzone Pest ControlHace un mes

    Just one dumb question. Can this swap pass emissions in any state (like Arizona)?

  46. Nutra Gardens

    Nutra GardensHace un mes


  47. Lee Holloway

    Lee HollowayHace un mes

    Awesome videos, but for the love of god wear eye protection/ face shield when your using that angle grinder

  48. B MillHouse

    B MillHouseHace un mes

    Torqued to 4 ughhaduggas has me freaking rolling. Laughing at work in my quiet office

  49. Darryl Goben

    Darryl GobenHace un mes

    Flies are attracted to flywheels and Hillary

  50. Chris OConnor

    Chris OConnorHace 2 meses

    Beyonce?!?! i figured you for a Taylor Swift kinda guy....

  51. Chris OConnor

    Chris OConnorHace 2 meses

    so...what if you used Torque Sticks rather than a torque wrench to torque those bolts down...would you feel theyre the right torque?

  52. Joseph Atnip

    Joseph AtnipHace 2 meses

    The helicopters are Probably headed up towards Fort Riley up in the Central /Northeast Kansas by Junction City that's a big Army Post there always running Maneuvers out there

  53. W. Maximillian de Johnsonbourg

    W. Maximillian de JohnsonbourgHace 2 meses

    Yep it's a beauty. Go cummins.

  54. Michael Bledsoeii

    Michael BledsoeiiHace 2 meses

    Do you sell these trucks when finished? Is there a website for that?

  55. Cuniclus

    CuniclusHace 2 meses

    Fummins lol

  56. Stinky Pinky

    Stinky PinkyHace 2 meses

    Did any of you bothered to look up and see the engine hoist hitting the hood preventing it from going forward any more. Always put your engine hoist hook as close to engine as possable. No need for those 8 links of fuckin chain between the hook and motor. I thought u country boys knew shit like that.

  57. Tripsolo65

    Tripsolo65Hace 2 meses

    Did you used to work for Ford or something? cause you is one smart sum ma gun!

  58. Peter Miramontes

    Peter MiramontesHace 2 meses

    Nice vidio

  59. shartne

    shartneHace 2 meses

    The LORD wanted that Cummins installed NOW and No you aint waiting another minute ! Gods Power was pushing it down on to the mounts and the hydraulic hoist was no match.

  60. yes3443

    yes3443Hace 2 meses

    "I don't like diets" lol

  61. Pyro Gaming Hound

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