$5,000 2010 Ford F350- Cummins Swap 6.4L to 12 valve Cummins Part 4


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    Why don’t you get a ball to secure things on bobs forks.

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    cool video bro and your cool as hell !

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    So want to see the rest!

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    Great work Westen!

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    I like how you can see ol' bob leaking away when hes unbolting the pan off, on that time lapse it lowered quite a bit from where it was.😂

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    Gang bro. Put a 5.9 in a 92 f350 single cab.

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    now that was pretty cool with the tractor

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    Ol' Fummins

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    13:00 it was a great time learning about the adapter plates on Cummins!

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    Finally. Missed you.

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    Buddy you've got all the warning signs of a kick-ass up and coming ESreporter channel. I say warning signs, because all the other project car guys have some new competition to worry about! May the ESreporter algorithms not screw you over

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    Up side

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    Do you buy these trucks at online auctions?

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    Waiting for the next vid

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    Hi, I'm from South Jersey, and I love your videos and you have a great personality.

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    nice socket rinch hamer

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    Love your channel. Tell Bob hi for us from Missouri....

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    Love your videos! Great work on what you do so looking fwd to the conclusion on the fummins build. 🇱🇷

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    Hey Westen! Out of Curiosity, do you sell these trucks you purchase? I'm trying to come across a deal like some of the deals you get.

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    Can’t wait to see part 5 Awesome job

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    When's next video I cant wait.

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    Hey west where have you been? Hope you feel better I haven't seen any more videos from you hope that pneumonia didn't kick your butt too bad! your friend from nyc hope to hear from you soon

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    I ha a 6.4 that I would like to put a Cummins in can you do a parts description for the swap

  25. Les & Chase Garth

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    What did you use to swap all the sensors what kind of harness

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    How’s the Belarus doing? Are doing anymore tractor vids? Love your videos

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    Beyonce'. Maybe she was goin' to deliver the fried chicken. "I guess its installing itself". Hope all fingers were clear as that engine weighs at least 1000 pounds. You got the right attitude, buddy.

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    Just subbed tonight after seeing a random video of you buying two trucks at auction. I cant wait to hear this thing fire up!

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    i cant wait for the next video ill be waiting !

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    Why does the ad for Mountain Dew seem so very apropos?

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    Westen, Where are ya? Been riveted to the screen checking and checking. The Fumins is a great conversion

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    I don't like a diet either.

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    Best thing that’s ever happened to that truck

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    Westen - "There ya go. Try jiggling it up and down a bit." Me - "That's what she said." Having fun yet?? I wanna see this baby all done and running!

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    @7:25 the grilled chicken reaction... I get that on a spiritual level

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    ' best suggestion... not need to put currency number in here title video... not important to know... not like ford F-350 truck... but good R/C tamiya F-350 model truck 1/10 scale

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    What in the hell are you talking about? Just curious.

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    What do you do for a living

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    I have never been so annoyed by waiting for content as I am from waiting to see Westen’s uploads.. however this is not a bad thing, just shows how entertaining these videos are. Been getting burned out from everyone else I subscribe to.

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    Poor guy got pneumonia again.

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    Wow, over 100,000 subscribers. Congratulations Westen!

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    Westen I have a pickup you can have free of charge. 2002 f250 come and get it. Hit me up if you’re interested.

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    Get to feeling better brotherman and keep on keeping on!!!

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    Cant wait til the truck is done and running ..nice job putting it together hope to see a new video soon i understand that bein sick you had to take time to get better good to see you back at it i watching videos of trucks getting built ...

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    All I want to know is if he returned those two phone calls he got. Lol

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    Ready to see this beast run! Keep up the good work!

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    The f700 is a Ford, so your basically putting it back into another Ford right

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    So much slurred speech. Either on drugs or an alcoholic-- which is unfortunate considering how much overweight he is and poor health he's in.

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    Lol. Maybe you're just schizophrenic.

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    Counter sunk screw. Just a very large one

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    Checking everyday for the next video on the Fummins! I did one a long time ago but never could get the trans working properly

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    Glad you're feeling better.