$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger


  1. yee haw

    yee hawHace 5 horas

    try hash browns and rice next episode

  2. Philosopher :D

    Philosopher :DHace 7 horas

    So I’m not sure how you haven’t done this, but y’all needa do Mediterranean food

  3. Razia Ki Rasoi

    Razia Ki RasoiHace 11 horas

    I love you andrew !!

  4. James Urizar

    James UrizarHace 12 horas

    What place is the restaurant?

  5. Blitzman 338

    Blitzman 338Hace 16 horas

    I like burgers and don’t like seafood/fish and this is disgusting to me but I’m watching it because I can

  6. Flavio

    FlavioHace 17 horas

    isn't ototo used by yakuza? aniki the old brother and ototo the young one, right?

  7. Christian Jung

    Christian JungHace 20 horas

    Keith was kind of an ass to Steven

  8. Milia

    MiliaHace un día

    that tetsu chef impress me a LOT, I WILL GO EAT THERE

  9. Muhammad Hamza

    Muhammad HamzaHace un día

    Idea for season 7/8. Come to Dubai, and try shawarmas at 3 different price points. You’ll love it :)

  10. Mikey Allen

    Mikey AllenHace un día

    Why does Jun remind me of a Japanese Paul Stanley? Lol idk

  11. Monique E. Jones

    Monique E. JonesHace un día

    Have you seen a tuna?? 🤣

  12. Jack Lopez

    Jack LopezHace un día

    Do crab cake sandwich

  13. Sunglass Dubsteps

    Sunglass DubstepsHace un día

    I want Worth It-Try Guys collaboration.

  14. Zaw Myint Oo

    Zaw Myint OoHace 2 días

    You just had to add sushi to your father's burger. Lol. It sounded like he reprimanding him or sth

  15. Stephanie Cinna

    Stephanie CinnaHace 2 días

    I am so loving that you guys put this series on Hulu. My kids and I now enjoy your episodes on the regular instead of me just catching the videos alone after work on ESreporter 😊 can't wait for season 7. Keep up the good work guys ❤

  16. Alyasgar Hussein

    Alyasgar HusseinHace 2 días

    Milk tea please

  17. DresdenFrost

    DresdenFrostHace 2 días

    Rewatching this and noticed just how much more you actually saw Adam show his personality off in this and talk. Part of me really thinks that he just puts up the stoic, quiet front on the show, but in reality he is the most absurdly talkative person out of them all

  18. Ahmed

    AhmedHace 2 días

    I love love love this series, but to be honest the parts where they slow it down is almost annoying to me. Anyone else?

  19. Blake Fisher

    Blake FisherHace 2 días

    Love this squad

  20. OMAYAKI lel

    OMAYAKI lelHace 2 días

    Didn't they say they would do 6 episodes in season 6?

  21. Agarmachida

    AgarmachidaHace 2 días

    One of my fav. Shows on youtube. Period. But do these guys ever give a bad review on foods? Lol

  22. Tanushree Thappa

    Tanushree ThappaHace 2 días

    I think WE ALL love Keith

  23. Alexa Mandes

    Alexa MandesHace 3 días

    The idea of eating sushi and a burger in no way sounds appetizing to me. These guys have the most adult palettes ever

  24. becky -

    becky -Hace 3 días

    Where is the new season already

  25. Jonny666D

    Jonny666DHace 3 días

    Top 10 Worst Anime Character Development last 10 years: 1.Keith

  26. nad d

    nad dHace 3 días

    I watch this show mostly for the character development

  27. Blue

    BlueHace 3 días

    First episode where Andrew asks Steven 😂

  28. Wallace Lam

    Wallace LamHace 3 días

    I really want them to make shut up and eat and adam is the star and they put it on buzzfeed

  29. Gabby Ro

    Gabby RoHace 4 días

    Back when Andrew was like a Steven and Steven was like an Andrew

  30. cj

    cjHace 4 días

    11:10 they should've went there for the sushi episode

  31. Rochelle Anne Romero

    Rochelle Anne RomeroHace 4 días

    please don't cancel this show. ever. or unsolved. don't ever cancel that one too. I also would like to see more make it fancy and scared buddies please.

  32. Nicolas Wyatt

    Nicolas WyattHace 4 días

    Get yourself a guy who looks you like Andrew looks like Steven.

  33. Tiffany Glackin

    Tiffany GlackinHace 4 días

    U guys should do bubble tea👀

  34. Raghav Poudel

    Raghav PoudelHace 4 días

    Do Indian food

  35. Maryam Al Zadjali

    Maryam Al ZadjaliHace 5 días

    I'd like to see more of... ADAM plz!

  36. Leela

    LeelaHace 5 días

    Please do a vid on bingsu nextttt

  37. Angela Rose

    Angela RoseHace 5 días

    have they ever eaten anything they DIDNT like?

  38. Philip Chua

    Philip ChuaHace 5 días

    is that dirt in his nail at 4:16 or part of the ingredients?

  39. Just a pessimist Trying to live their worst life

    Just a pessimist Trying to live their worst lifeHace 5 días

    They put worth it on Hulu it makes me really happy

  40. Khalil Hart

    Khalil HartHace 5 días

    I LOVE this version of surf and turf. My two favorite things to eat!

  41. Joseph Davis

    Joseph DavisHace 5 días

    Only good vids they make

  42. Gnarlie Blovern

    Gnarlie BlovernHace 5 días


  43. Maya z

    Maya zHace 6 días

    I miss the show, please upload the new season asap! 😭

  44. Kira Phoenix

    Kira PhoenixHace 6 días

    I love Keith, however this show wouldn't have been possible with Andrew and Steven together, also, Keith was very mean and grumpy with Steven for some reason...

  45. Stephen Zide-Betts

    Stephen Zide-BettsHace 6 días

    does anyone else hear the ping towards the end of the video?

  46. nicolett

    nicolettHace 6 días

    Does anyone else want them to do a silent food show, staring Adam!?

  47. aaisha sair

    aaisha sairHace 7 días

    Why do they never feed Annie doe

  48. aaisha sair

    aaisha sairHace 7 días

    Why do I keep watching these videos when I want to go vegan 🤧🤧

  49. maridoda kitty

    maridoda kittyHace 7 días

    Why don't u try an episode with pies🤔

  50. Bob The builder

    Bob The builderHace 7 días

    What next pizza casserole

  51. Sophie Shabrina

    Sophie ShabrinaHace 7 días

    I really really really want you guys to try Indonesian foods, like Rendang, Nasi Goreng, and others!! Please please please please!!!

  52. Quinisha Collier

    Quinisha CollierHace 7 días

    Milkshakes please

  53. tarantula man

    tarantula manHace 8 días

    *the perfect job doesnt exis-*

  54. Kaleidoscope Khrys

    Kaleidoscope KhrysHace 8 días

    Are new videos coming out ?!?!??

  55. Arielle Victoria Wood

    Arielle Victoria WoodHace 8 días

    I feel like most Michelin chefs have a separate restaurant where they have more fun with cooking

  56. Lasse Trevland

    Lasse TrevlandHace 8 días

    How have these guys not gained 50 pounds by now?

  57. Advait Naik

    Advait NaikHace 8 días

    Why doesn't ani likes cameras

  58. Vee young

    Vee youngHace 9 días

    I just love Andrews personality because he's like the reflection of me in a different gender version🤣💓

  59. Lance Pantino

    Lance PantinoHace 9 días

    How about milk tea on Worth It? Can you do this?

  60. awks_eats

    awks_eatsHace 9 días

    Thank you for making this beautiful segment. Love this show