$10 Sushi & Burger Vs. $58 Sushi & Burger


  1. Vihaan kanvinde

    Vihaan kanvindeHace un día

    At 15:48 Steven said smoke not steam🤦‍♂️

  2. Blackened

    BlackenedHace un día

    i guess this was opposite day...

  3. youtube commenter

    youtube commenterHace un día

    Do marijuana next!!!!!!

  4. GamingWithTDH

    GamingWithTDHHace 3 días

    am i late? XD

  5. Renato Valderama

    Renato ValderamaHace 5 días

    I have a massive crush on Annie...

  6. Ike F

    Ike FHace 7 días

    Buzzfeed’s backbone.

  7. Ashley Buckingham

    Ashley BuckinghamHace 8 días

    Adam looks gooooodd in this episode

  8. danielkirby dellossanotos

    danielkirby dellossanotosHace 9 días

    Wuts up with andrews shirts HAHAHAHA

  9. thry

    thryHace 9 días

    they should both leave buzzfeed then make a super successful youtube channel

  10. Sakatsuki

    SakatsukiHace 10 días

    andrew asking about ototo cats is mood

  11. Gary Nintendo Switch Lite

    Gary Nintendo Switch LiteHace 10 días

    Masa is like the picasso of sushi

  12. skratta du förlorar du

    skratta du förlorar duHace 12 días

    that girl beside adam looks like rosa diaz from brooklyn nine-nine

  13. Omar Soubra

    Omar SoubraHace 12 días

    why do u always show that adam is lonely

  14. tony hack

    tony hackHace 12 días

    Background musik at 6:30 ?

  15. fritzmartin01

    fritzmartin01Hace 13 días

    9:43 surprised pikachu face! 😂😂😂

  16. LtSoulRipper

    LtSoulRipperHace 13 días

    $23 for that small plate of Crudo tho.. >.>

  17. Evan Luu

    Evan LuuHace 16 días

    Bushi serger?

  18. Jayli Vivas

    Jayli VivasHace 17 días


  19. tazzywazzygaming

    tazzywazzygamingHace 20 días

    Felt bad for Adam eating by his self at the end

  20. Toni Blair

    Toni BlairHace 20 días

    They need to do a chilli burger worth it now

  21. john beltran

    john beltranHace 22 días

    That last chef look so badass that i thought he will always ask if you are "dragging" or "rushing" during cooking. Hmmmm.

  22. Mackenzie Colvin

    Mackenzie ColvinHace 22 días

    do a worth it episode for pickles.

  23. David Holmes

    David HolmesHace 22 días

    I just fell Out when Steven dropped the Sushi! I had to watch it 5 times!! It was because he yelled OhNo

  24. Marcos Dominguez

    Marcos DominguezHace 22 días

    Let’s bump buns

  25. maravue _

    maravue _Hace 23 días

    9:43 i honestly love Adam

  26. Alstare Matutino

    Alstare MatutinoHace 24 días

    Goshdarn, thought it was Sushi Burger, was gonna complain because I haven't seen any but Nevermind!

  27. Albert Kalayil

    Albert KalayilHace 24 días

    The last chef looks like saitama from OPM.

  28. JanainaPerez10

    JanainaPerez10Hace 25 días

    I want your job!!

  29. Jacob Hogan

    Jacob HoganHace 25 días

    Tbh Annie is really cute

  30. alex cena

    alex cenaHace 27 días

    0:40 anyone know the name of the song??

  31. Velociraptor Rex

    Velociraptor RexHace 27 días

    What's the name of the song they played for Keith????

  32. Shachin Chaya

    Shachin ChayaHace 29 días

    Their videos are getting cheaper and cheaper

  33. sarah

    sarahHace 29 días

    big apple steve!

  34. mowafaq the boss

    mowafaq the bossHace un mes

    8:20 Pickled Andrew😂

  35. Puprle Pin

    Puprle PinHace un mes

    Ok this is the only redeeming quality of buzzfeed

  36. Chrystal

    ChrystalHace un mes


  37. Rosepink22

    Rosepink22Hace un mes

    Try Spanish food, Korean food, go to Korea or South America try ceviche travel lol

  38. Brian Lin

    Brian LinHace un mes

    I read the title as Sushi Burger lol. Wouldn't that be something to try

  39. FANDI DK

    FANDI DKHace un mes

    Andrew is much much much better than keith

  40. Xiao Ming

    Xiao MingHace un mes

    was eating Nutella while watching this

  41. Hunter Schrink

    Hunter SchrinkHace un mes

    “Pickles are the best”

  42. Ciaran Conley

    Ciaran ConleyHace un mes

    Hunter Schrink I like pickled cucumbers more tho

  43. sasha fierce

    sasha fierceHace un mes

    I love Adam, he's my kind of guy(nerdy, down to earth,)

  44. Druthi Ganesh

    Druthi GaneshHace un mes

    Potato and patato No that’s the same thing... Oh,... Tomato and patato 🤣🤣🤣

  45. Timon NguyenPhuoc

    Timon NguyenPhuocHace un mes

    2:51 Steven: I wish :(

  46. astra-magicka

    astra-magickaHace un mes

    "in what universe does this happen?" "northridge universe" i can confirm this does indeed happen in the northridge universe

  47. Joyful Yan

    Joyful YanHace un mes

    The camera guy Adam is super creepy when you let him taste the food ! °0°

  48. Jumpman056

    Jumpman056Hace un mes

    I find it crazy that this man has eaten golden flakes and truffle before he has eaten a chili cheeseburger

  49. j lynn

    j lynnHace un mes

    I appreciate her japanese so muchhhhhh

  50. DeeLee

    DeeLeeHace un mes

    "very accessible" $25 is my whole weeks budget :')

  51. DeeLee

    DeeLeeHace un mes

    @Trolololololololololololololololololololololol wow you got me there

  52. Trolololololololololololololololololololololol

    TrololololololololololololololololololololololHace un mes

    DeeLee lmao broke boi

  53. ZingerFlame

    ZingerFlameHace un mes

    Two bites of raw fish is $23...

  54. Seth Thorn

    Seth ThornHace un mes

    Chef Masa is a straight up artist


    DJ GAMINGHace un mes

    Masa means table in Romanian lol

  56. pewdiepoop 101

    pewdiepoop 101Hace un mes


  57. Prince Heru

    Prince HeruHace un mes

    Can someone explain to me the story of what’s going on because it sounded like something happened.

  58. Ofentse Ramokoka

    Ofentse RamokokaHace un mes

    Anny is hot,😍😍😍😍😍 thats my crush right there.

  59. Sailaja kl

    Sailaja klHace un mes

    This is the first time that Andrew's calling Steven on a worth it food adventure

  60. Eric Saxon

    Eric SaxonHace un mes

    I used to go to King's all the time, when I went to CSUN. Maybe I'll visit tomorrow, when I go to pick up stuff from the Rite Aid on Plummer. :D

  61. Colin Sweeney

    Colin SweeneyHace un mes

    you know that the food is good when adam smiles 9:40

  62. chris ohyama

    chris ohyamaHace un mes

    So just overpriced MOS burger

  63. GeI -o

    GeI -oHace un mes

    They are out of ideas