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TWICE TV "Allure"

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  1. author

    Nothing to PlayHace 10 minutos


  2. author

    Wenny DunggioHace 11 minutos

    Me: *always skip ads* *Click chaeyoung video* *ads show up* *ada play Twice-Feel Special* ME: oh uhh!! hold ur fingers wen! Nu’uh! Not this time 😂😂🥰😍

  3. author

    Gucci - ssiHace 15 minutos

    I feel in love with saida

  4. author

    Judith OrtegaHace 16 minutos

    Dahyun and Sana they are very cute :3

  5. author

    Psalm Jasper seanHace 17 minutos

    hit the woah

  6. author

    Sweet GamerHace 18 minutos

    I really don't understand anything, but how can Chaeyoung be so Beautiful + Adorable? I enjoyed everything in this video, like I was smiling the whole time. I really love Chaeyoung's short hair, and also the other members who have short hair. They're the real pretty ones, be it short or long hair, they're slayin' the stage. They're the first Kpop girls who I admire the most. More power to Twice and all Onces...

  7. author

    Mia ThesssniperHace 19 minutos

    Hey do y’all remember when sana gave chaeyoung a massage before well payback is at 2:23

  8. author

    Judith OrtegaHace 27 minutos

    Like si eres Latinoamericana Like si amas a Mina !!!

  9. author

    S H R U T IHace 28 minutos

    Sana should do a k darama

  10. author

    MinMin90Hace 30 minutos

    Nayeon 😍

  11. author

    Jeem MartirezHace 31 un minuto

    What if Mina is thinking 'bout this. Mina: "They look very cool. And it looks so good even without me." NO MINA , NO TWICE HUHU

  12. author

    왕펠리페Hace 33 minutos


  13. author

    Judith OrtegaHace 33 minutos

    Chaeyoung beautiful UwU!

  14. author

    MoneyPumpHace 34 minutos

    she makes me so happy

  15. author

    theKim 47Hace 38 minutos

    Sana es hermosa de verdad

  16. author

    Noorsan NOSÁHace 41 un minuto


  17. author

    조영민Hace 42 minutos


  18. author

    hild asHace 42 minutos

    머리부터 발끝까지 완벽한 챙. 예쁘고 춤잘추고 랩잘하고 노래 잘 부르고. 채영이가 짱이야

  19. author

    hild asHace 43 minutos

    채영이 제일 시크하고 멋있고 근데 또 제일 귀여워

  20. author

    hild asHace 43 minutos

    챙이 후각 신경도 좋아

  21. author

    왕펠리페Hace 44 minutos

    Chaeyoung 🖒🖒🖒🖒

  22. author

    CharsyHace 48 minutos

    Hey, new fan here (very new)! ^-^ I have a couple of questions, cause I'm just starting to know the girls from TWICE: 1. Who's Mina and why is she not here? 2. Who's the one with short hair, bangs and a ponytail?

  23. author

    Judith OrtegaHace 49 minutos

    O WOW! 9:08 ITZY - ICY

  24. author

    Shy AquinoHace 49 minutos


  25. author

    鸡脚Hace 52 minutos


  26. author

    Shy AquinoHace 53 minutos


  27. author

    ภูษิต ศิริขวาHace 53 minutos

    ลูกรัก 🍓💕

  28. author

    鸡脚Hace 54 minutos

    When I look straight with Sana ...I cannot Heartbeat💗💗💗

  29. author

    Judith OrtegaHace 54 minutos

    Minaº.º Minaº.º Minaº.º Minaº.º Mina I LOVE YOU!!!!

  30. author

    Fernanda RodriguezHace 54 minutos

    Se suponía que era un capítulo de mina pues para mí fue la que menos estuvo y aparte no se le veía muy bien. Que pecado TT

  31. author

    Shy AquinoHace 55 minutos


  32. author

    BangTan BTSHace 55 minutos

    girls! They are too cute!😍😍❤️

  33. author

    Jack MaHace 57 minutos

    I Love Mina So Cute Beautiful 😍😍😊😊

  34. author

    Graciela CazenaveHace 58 minutos

    ONCE again, we have been blessed.

  35. author

    ღנιѕσσ۵Hace 58 minutos

    505 people don't have heart

  36. author

    Valendrian GamingHace un hora

    She looks good in ponytail.

  37. author

    미나mınä.exëHace un hora

    Chaeyoung is a girl with too swag

  38. author

    JayceeHace un hora

    I wish we could've seen a little more Mina here

  39. author

    Rock the worldHace un hora

    I wanna Congratulate to Chaeyoung for her amazing vocal & she has soul in her deep voice.. And Ofcourse 'Love foolish' track is one of my favorite..Chaeyoung Your deep Voice is so hot🔥🔥

  40. author

    JayceeHace un hora

    Poor Chae, I think she really wanted the rap part

  41. author

    JujuHace un hora

    5:11melhor parte parece um peixinho 가장 좋은 부분은 금붕어처럼 보입니다. best part looks like a goldfish

  42. author

    Rosemarie ReyesHace un hora

    Sana is so extra lol

  43. author

    SkiiindeepHace un hora

    Her outfit and makeup is my absolute favorite in this video I really want white eyeliner now 😭

  44. author

    fariz fauzyHace un hora


  45. author

    Bruce E GrimesHace un hora

    I continue to observe that Mina, Jihyo, and Chaeyoung do not have Wikipedia pages. Chaeyoung sees the future of TWICE, but does not have a Wikipedia page. Jihyo is the oil on the water who maintains a calm unity in TWICE, but Jihyo does not have a Wikipedia page. Mina has been the beneficiary of many expressions of concern, compassion, and kindness, but Mina does not have a Wikipedia page. I just checked. I must beg to be excused; I recently moved. My home and office are still in disarray. I expect a ONCE Uncle to respond to this request; Wikipedia is too old school for maknae.

  46. author

    Alisa PoosomdeeHace un hora

    I love chaeyong 😍😘😘

  47. author

    damiánHace un hora

    is that the sound of their footsteps?

  48. author

    Hajra javedHace un hora

    Marry me jihyo I’m prettier than kang Daniel

  49. author

    Morenita aylen CuizaHace un hora

    At the end of the video whisper Mina minute 3:43 Thank you for reading Al final del video susurran Mina minuto 3:43

  50. author

    きゅうり。Hace un hora


  51. author

    Paulo Roberto da ConceiçãoHace un hora

    Dahyun 💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💞💞❤️❤️💞💘💚👸❤️ amada ❤️

  52. author

    stas stasovHace un hora

    2:34 5:27

  53. author

    Vale GutierrezHace un hora

    4:07 Como me encanta el maquillaje de Chaenyoung, con ese delineado blanco🙎

  54. author

    NaTeHace un hora

    Chaeyoung vs fly who will win

  55. author

    lol okay thenHace un hora

    Nayeon: *forgets her choreo* Jihyo: *B I t C h w H a T*

  56. author

    delvia leeHace un hora

    I luv u guys

  57. author

    Mariam fdnHace un hora

    My biasssss💖💖

  58. author

    Jaguar ProblemsHace un hora

    had a hard time focusing on which camera to stare. That beauty is killing me

  59. author

    F8 ShekinahHace un hora

    Lol Dahyun re-acting her umbrella scene xD

  60. author

    Daunt lessHace un hora

    who said sana is hyper when tired ?? 🤷‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  61. author

    Human YodaHace un hora


  62. author

    galeria SilvaHace 2 horas

    Onde está Mina? Pra mim Twice sem Mina não é Twice

  63. author

    RisaHace 2 horas

    Mina's set is so cool, it reminds me of Pandora from Avatar lol

  64. author

    Vendetta KHace 2 horas

    My baby tiger

  65. author

    tealHace 2 horas

    she's so gorgeous

  66. author

    J BHace 2 horas

    Chaeyoung is my shining light 👇👇

  67. author

    DiabloHace 2 horas

    Thank you for supporting my wife onces 😶😶😶

  68. author

    Will SinghHace 2 horas

    Someone left their kid on set, can you come get them?

  69. author

    The CalamityHace 2 horas

    She laugh and smile but then just goes back to being poker face

  70. author

    jasmine ʕ•ᴥ•ʔHace 2 horas

    who is the one with the oversized white shirt and black leggings

  71. author

    Dana HenaoHace 2 horas

    Que hermosa xDios :3

  72. author

    ARMS PHHace 2 horas

    After dancing or moving like that momo still looks fresh. Momo made dancing look so easy

  73. author

    The CalamityHace 2 horas

    Mina is so introverted now,it’s like she doesn’t like talking to anyone anymore. Wonder what really happened to her ☹️

  74. author

    Zalfaaa. MaharaniHace 2 horas

    Ah Idk, I really" love Jihyo voice. So awesome😭😭💓

  75. author

    Jhodie Dela PenaHace 2 horas

    2:25 sana being gay again lol i stan

  76. author

    Zalfaaa. MaharaniHace 2 horas

    Them voice. Perfect! 😩💛

  77. author

    last bintangHace 2 horas

    Mina ganbatteee

  78. author

    Rayssa alves silvaHace 2 horas

    Rainha ♥️

  79. author

    Emma Mae GridleyHace 2 horas

    8:25 why do both Chaeyoungs from Blackpink and Twice have the same reaction to good food?

  80. author

    ᄋᄋHace 2 horas

    이 영상만 보면 눈물날거같다

  81. author

    Emma Mae GridleyHace 2 horas

    Honestly is Sana okay?

  82. author

    스미스애덤Hace 2 horas

    미나미나미나 이뻐이뻐

  83. author

    Julian MercadoHace 2 horas

    Who loves Chaeyuong

  84. author

    YoshitsuneHace 2 horas

    Wait did momo say Shining Right ??

  85. author

    Yanira THace 2 horas


  86. author

    눈밑에다크서클Hace 2 horas

    After All THE MOST POPULAR K-POP😍🥰😘🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷🇰🇷

  87. author

    Jay kitsanapongHace 2 horas

    She is so cute 😘😘😘😘

  88. author

    Manasi PURPLE ARMYHace 2 horas

    Just dance the night away squeak squeak squeak squeak

  89. author

    Chimi ChimchimHace 2 horas

    7:21 I never imagined that I would dream to become a fly. If that's the only way to touch Chaeyoung's forehead 😩💕

  90. author

    Rayssa alves silvaHace 2 horas

    Nayeon levando a palavra "perfeição" para outro patamar... ♥️

  91. author

    Christian Jerod FernandezHace 3 horas

    The amount of Visuals Nayeon has is no joke.

  92. author

    CHAENGHace 3 horas

    nachaeng 😎✌

  93. author

    CHAENGHace 3 horas


  94. author

    Zaria BumburyHace 3 horas

    I adore my Bias a lot , Chae

  95. author

    Juan Diego Kuan YactayoHace 3 horas

    Ver a Mina sonreír es lo mejor del vídeo 🤗😊

  96. author

    TaTa MlPJHace 3 horas

    癡踩盧愛吃白如花的大便 就吃個夠吧!

  97. author

    Moises John BarienHace 3 horas

    How dare the editors not to include the scenes where Mina was actually singing her lines in the final cut?

  98. author

    哈哈啦啦Hace 3 horas

    God know how hard I laugh at Mina’s part!!! Thanks JYP you always make me lamo

  99. author

    MJay NYHace 3 horas

    좀 더 가까이에서 찍어주세여~

  100. author

    Sathorn SCYHace 3 horas

    Sana: 🤪 Mina:???