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Nate Diaz
Nate Diaz

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  1. author

    fyb_moisesHace 11 minutos

    209 bro💯✌🏽👌🏻

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    Campout 999Hace 50 minutos


  3. author

    Harshit TiwariHace un hora

    Nate you and your big brother inspires me for my study of physics whenever I feeling tough I watch your video thanks man love u and yes you are the bfm

  4. author

    jus oneHace 2 horas

    Hell yeah that was the time when Eminem was killing it like he still is.

  5. author

    machineunitHace 2 horas

    Nate, you gotta check out my my mans Ramirez from San Fran! It would be so sick if you walked out to one of his songs like "Be a Witness"!

  6. author

    MAESTRO YEK FAMILI White LionHace 4 horas

    #Nate Tu eres mi favirito peleador de la ufc . Voy a ti contra masdival .. Tu eres el duró 💪👍💯😉💪💪💪

  7. author

    E Abbott MXHace 15 horas

    Stockton 💯

  8. author

    LaTasha WeatherwaxHace 17 horas

    Nick Diaz should be in nates corner this time or at least make sure to show up to this fight for his brother atleast, nate was looking everywhere for his brother after the Pettis fight and it kinda looked sad.

  9. author

    d donsonHace 18 horas

    you need to stop letting your tongue hang out-it looks mongy

  10. author

    Normal ManHace 20 horas

    Conor got tired just watching this video

  11. author

    Arcot Ramathorn1Hace 20 horas

    Only 80,000 subscribers? What's wrong with the world we live in? Nate Diaz is the best fighter ever.

  12. author

    Roxana RomanHace un día

    Hi Nate biggest fan congratulations on your fight because your going to win 💪

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    2nd AmendmentHace un día


  14. author

    Manuel ChavezHace un día

    This fool is trash I can’t wait to win my 150 I bet 😂😂

  15. author

    MjazzHace un día

    2:11 what did dana say

  16. author

    ritesh pandyaHace 2 días

    The only channel where there are more views than subscribers , coz every one loves nathan and doesnt realize its his own channel ❤️ Plz subscribe this channel diazarmy.

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    Julian JimenezHace 2 días


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    Timothy RileyHace 2 días

    Respect for Gamebred but my moneys on Nate!!!

  19. author

    jeremy007 jHace 3 días

    Wow you won do you get to get fight a boxer they are from another country remember Don't they need to go home and fight in austrailia ufc to get back with idssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  20. author

    jeremy007 jHace 3 días

    Where are the tickets at? I am not in front of you, I am in Fucking Arizona phx 85008. Are they Free???????????????? I wanna fight also or something like that I tried to apply and they said no for some dumb reason. I even bought tickets for like 4 people in the front row online and they never showed up to my house and no refund either, twice. Is he making you work till you die or what, why can you not retire wealthy. I think he gets a kick out of watching people get in trouble and hurt.

  21. author

    Vąlđσ EɱεƈεHace 3 días

    Exelente primo ❤️☠️

  22. author

    Cody PateHace 3 días

    Mad respect and love for you brother!!God bless you and yours!!

  23. author

    BrentHace 4 días

    Nate...have Tyson put the belt on you when you win. Or Nick. Shit.

  24. author

    Leo MaxHace 4 días

    Please Nate beat this MF ass so you can be the BMF!!!

  25. author

    Интересно ХидернобиевHace 4 días

    Самый лютый отморозок в UFC

  26. author

    Shark HuntHace 5 días

    Name of music at 2:40 please 👍🥊👍

  27. author

    Sub LiminalHace 5 días

    *but Eminem is the Greatest of all times though*

  28. author

    Matias VillafañeHace 5 días

    Like si no sabes cuando pelean??🤣

  29. author

    Enoeth YlnodnaHace 6 días

    Only dedicated, disciplined, athletes do that🤗 You will be VICTORIOUS November 2nd. Don't underestimate your opponent. Bring something new to your punches, combinations and stands....he will watch your defeats and Mark your weak spots. Have a plan B in case you are unable to corner him to the cage. He knows that's how you feel comfortable. Work on your kicks....I'm admire you Nate. I was all 👗 dress girly when I went to see the fight with Pettis, but when I opened my mouth for your victory and was throwing punches in the air, the guys were moving away afraid I would punch them by accident 😂 God be with you and your family. ALWAYS. Go NATE!!! 👊👊👊👊👊👊

  30. author

    Ismael CortezHace 8 días

    You guys need to get Nate a actual weight trainer for the weights the form Is off

  31. author

    Vasko DimitrovHace 9 días

    so fucking easy fight for Masvidal bat fighter ho dont have one lose only one in statr Wonderboy ho clean and Masvidal and Till bat take him A fighter ho is 7 and never turn fights losres are from Woodley for belt ho all think first fight he win he is unrespected so fucking big he smasg Masvidal and Diaz what make him with one win to fight interim why dont give DENA to Diazx bat all turn him

  32. author

    ivanbarbosa81Hace 9 días

    kind of weird..smokes and sport...

  33. author

    Kieran OsborneHace 11 días

    Nate mate i think this masvidal guy is gonna take you out🇬🇧

  34. author

    VanskikeHace 11 días

    Nate Diaz- the father of lightweight Nick Diaz- the father of welterweight Diaz bros- the gods of Stockton

  35. author

    Daner windeHace 11 días

    1st obvious sign nate diaz is back, errrbody got those black low-top nike air force 1's on. Nike should change the name to "Diaz force 1's" they'd sell like banana pancakes.

  36. author

    Bay MikeHace 11 días

    We ain’t sleeping on you so don’t sleep on us Nate put some more content out ASAP !!! Por favor!!!!!!!

  37. author

    cory arnoldHace 11 días

    I wanna fish that lake...Soon.

  38. author

    TheJesseGuerraHace 12 días

    Gangsters is on location, Homie!!!

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    Wang ChungHace 12 días

    I click for Nate Diaz....

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    Lars Saint Morning GloryHace 12 días


  41. author

    Izac RaiHace 13 días

    IAM really a real fan of Nate Diaz .. never knew .. but it came to be .... Because he is baddest no matter who or how big ..or gangsta he will fight .. heart of a warrior

  42. author

    on the streetHace 13 días

    Arriba Nate desde el Golfo de Mexico 🇺🇸 🇲🇽

  43. author

    yellowman dleeHace 13 días

    veganism is gonna make nate pay come the fight with masvidal! bank on it!

  44. author

    yellowman dleeHace 13 días

    nate my dude! but he bout to lose because of his diet! I got 2k on masvidal!

  45. author

    Patrick DennisHace 13 días

    Nate, your team has most likely talked about Masvidal's flying knee shit. Look out for that and his sneaky moves. Jab the shit out of him so he doesn't set up for shit. Get him on the mat. Put a lock on his head or arm and throw away the key. I'm from Orange County 714 representing Stockton 209. Warriors wear black. Always!

  46. author

    Sebastian ZambranoHace 14 días

    Eres un gran peleador nate diaz Real gánster el más cabron del juego 🥊💥

  47. author

    Pan PanHace 15 días

    What the fuck is this???

  48. author

    Jackie WilsonHace 15 días

    My man you should consider playing the song renegade by hed PE.. for your next fight.. if there was ever a perfect song for a perfect moment.. this is it ... Any who have heard it understand.. Fkn perfect.

  49. author

    Duke KHace 15 días

    Slap that Dana White Boy for me bro. Thanks.

  50. author

    Tony FergusonHace 16 días

    What's the music at the end

  51. author

    Lars Saint Morning GloryHace 16 días

    Hey Nathan, Masvidal is dirty AF. Be careful

  52. author

    Kieron ReillyHace 16 días

    Deftones...I'm not surprised mofos!!!

  53. author

    17seventySIXHace 16 días

    Over the next 3 years you should play your cards right.. nobody has any imagination ... Damn

  54. author

    17seventySIXHace 16 días

    Come on man.. throw up some good content.. who is in charge of your personal brand marketing? Are you kidding.. hundreds of millions of dollars you should be taking advantage of.. might as well get yours.. engage with your fans.. your brand website should be selling hundreds of millions in merchandise.. personal branding.. come on man

  55. author

    alcott devalteHace 17 días

    Gonna be an awesome fight, really looking forward to this one.

  56. author

    Cody Al HoilesHace 17 días

    Good luck Nate

  57. author

    Cody Al HoilesHace 17 días

    Ksi knocking out Logan Paul Nov 9th team Ksi

  58. author

    Les GrossmanHace 17 días

    Only bad thing about this at all is one of these guys has to lose. Just the fact they got this fight to happen means they both won. Good luck to both of you. I cannot say I want one to win over the other.

  59. author

    dick Tracy 265Hace 17 días

    Good old UFC mic quality again

  60. author

    Aziz TapionHace 17 días

    Hey nate , ca va

  61. author

    Kicks Mc GroinHace 17 días

    Someone talk some shit about Nate now! Hes poised and ready and the crowd is eating out of his hand living every word!! And props to george too.. The only shitty thing about this fight is someone has to loose..... Amen here it comws folks, this will be the war you all been waiting for.. Highest gate in ufc history no doubt! So excited for this.. Not so much the fight really.... But tp see two hell raising MEN real fighters finally getting their due and proper....Paid!! Dana better never speak another word about The Diaz boys not drawing a gate! Fuck him... Greedy bastard... These guys. Are paying for his existence with their blood!

  62. author

    gustavo velascovichHace 17 días

    Nate Diaz best fighter in the world !

  63. author

    King LeonidasHace 17 días

    i like how before this fight ben askren is fighting, and this one is jorge masvidal

  64. author

    Tommy WelchHace 17 días

    Nate and nick the best and baddest mother fuckers in the game 💨💨💨

  65. author

    Konrad OpalczewskiHace 17 días


  66. author

    cb96Hace 17 días


  67. author

    saul medinaHace 17 días

    209k views from yours truly.. good timing

  68. author

    Todd SandersonHace 17 días

    Too broke to go but know this men , I will spend some hard earned cash ordering this one on pay per view. Can’t wait . Nate every time

  69. author

    Rick RasconHace 17 días

    Nathan hope u kick his ass

  70. author

    68camaroHace 17 días

    I hope it’s one of those jumping up and down screaming at the TV type of fights like I did with him against Pettis!

  71. author

    John DoganHace 17 días

    Stop lying, Nate doesn’t train for war, war trains for Nate!

  72. author

    Damien AlexanderHace 17 días

    Some photography cameras are in, and video cameras are out.

  73. author

    Susan Wiggins - SimpsonHace 17 días

    Wait 🛑 but Dana said Nate Diaz was not a needle mover 😏🙄 he's the baddest mother fucker in the game 🤟🔥 he's making Dana look like an idiot on those words 👍😅😅😅

  74. author

    derpty dumbHace 18 días

    If 5 years ago somebody had told me that Nate Diaz would be headlining MSG with Jorge Masvidal I’d think they were crazy 😂

  75. author

    Enoeth YlnodnaHace 18 días

    I want you to go in there like is going to end your life and is your last stand, your last day on Earth & as all thouse emotions come in GIVE IT ALL YOU GOT AS IF YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT, you will be amazed the strength that comes out when you feel your life is in danger of's a very powerful will be VICTORIOUS November 2nd. That day will never come back, rewind, it's YOUR time, your Day. God be with you. Stay humble. Loved the outfit on the stage in NYC. Simple....street .....not clown suit, I like Massdival, but the outfit was WAY out of character... feeding into the media mind binding vacuum cleaner. You are "clase aparte" I'm from Puerto Rico, in Spanish "clase aparte" is a way of expressing when someone is just respectfully different , a street slang, someone who can't be compare to anyone else...UNIQUE. Don't ever change! love you Nate! 💯

  76. author

    SignsHace 18 días

    Fucking music fuck off.. Guy below me n all his likers full of shit.. Video is boring and all over place.. Absolutely fucking nothing interesting whatsoever in it.. Just plane and skatty

  77. author

    Enoeth YlnodnaHace 18 días

    NATE! NATE! NATE! HAVE YOUR TRAINER SQUEEZE THE LIFE OUT IF YOU WITHOUT COMPASSION. THAT IS HOW YOU WILL BE MORE READY. I believe Pottier against KHABIB , that was his downfall. He trained but trainer didn't squeeze as an opponent, squeezing the life out of him. I know is Massdival, not KHABIB, just a humble observation. Don't throw all your training out here like giving info to your opponent . Some tools are kept secret. Element of surprise is fundamental. Love ya!!

  78. author

    BORN TO FIGHTHace 18 días


  79. author

    Maks MaksHace 18 días

    Диазы Красавцы!!!

  80. author

    Chris KaneHace 18 días

    Them boys deserve to get paid my 2 all time favorites Scareface vs Diaz

  81. author

    Chris KaneHace 18 días

    Diaz looks big

  82. author

    Franky MariaHace 18 días

    Nate please win! Don’t let us down .

  83. author

    Jose ReyesHace 18 días

    finally LTO! Latino taking Over

  84. author

    Fitis MommaHace 18 días

    Samoans always down with the nate brothers... West Coast banger!!!

  85. author

    Eric WeissHace 18 días

    Straight g 👌

  86. author

    Matt.V 808VW'SHace 18 días

    During the post fight interview let them know you’d beat da brakes off da current champ&maybe Nick would/could scrap Kahbib/gsp/McNuggets as co-main. All I know is both Diaz braddas on one card would be epic🤙🏽

  87. author

    killuminati calisthenicsHace 18 días

    Puff puff pass

  88. author

    Matt.V 808VW'SHace 18 días

    Bradda Nate. Congrats on defending your place/belt! I hope you don’t hurt Masvidal to badly. No doubt your walking out of MSG W/da belt! Carry the torch for Nick Diaz army bradda🤙🏽 Much respect&luv aloha

  89. author

    Ali- D the gamerHace 18 días

    Ur not gonna shout out NYC

  90. author

    He-man Master of the UniverseHace 18 días

    Diaz WAR 209. 2nd November history will be made!

  91. author

    Punisher 131 Punisher 131Hace 18 días

    what up nate

  92. author

    jay45ecpHace 18 días

    NATORIOUZ! The king is back b'tch'z!

  93. author

    brad olearyHace 18 días

    Yo, Nate... my man, yo

  94. author

    Tucker J.Hace 18 días

    I'll believe it when I see it! ALOT of hype Jorges ain't no joke

  95. author

    Maria GraceHace 18 días

    Loved this! Go Nate! #BMF

  96. author

    Riaz Hamdan MalikHace 18 días


  97. author

    mjenkins91Hace 18 días

    I love Nate but that is such a bonehead Nate move to start calling the BMF belt the BEST mother fucker in the game belt as soon as the UFC agrees to get behind the idea of a BMF belt. He knows it’s baddest mother fucker and now he’s screwing them making them look dumb. They can’t call the belt the “best” mfr in the game that would be so dumb.

  98. author

    It's Dev!Hace 18 días

    Lol only hardcore fans knew about Nate before the McGregor fights. Damn I guess Conor did change his bum life. Now conor is the bum lol

  99. author

    Zach JensenHace 18 días

    Win or lose, Nates a fucking legend!!!

  100. author

    GianlucaHace 18 días

    this video is insane. Hope you will post some of these more!