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my battle..

my battle..

Hace 5 días

i saved SEASON 10i saved SEASON 10

i saved SEASON 10

Hace 2 meses



Hace 2 meses

this gun is cursedthis gun is cursed

this gun is cursed

Hace 2 meses

sorry ninjasorry ninja

sorry ninja

Hace 3 meses

  1. author

    Sonny IrvingHace 40 minutos

    I be subbed

  2. author

    Jacob FritzHace 40 minutos

    Pink super sure where

  3. author

    gaming with dar resendizHace 40 minutos

    Gingy is gone rip gingy

  4. author

    Ed BryHace 40 minutos

    Bruh season 10 event just ended and we are waiting for downtime it something. It's just blackness. - guy from the future

  5. author

    Jackso GamingHace 40 minutos

    #1 trending for gaming

  6. author

    Javeria ChannaHace 40 minutos

    The shower is broken!!!

  7. author

    Dawn CookHace 41 un minuto

    Minecraft sucks do a fortnite video

  8. author

    Ninjadude9n fortniteHace 43 minutos


  9. author

    Sylin SheppardHace 44 minutos

    I would be Darth nilys

  10. author

    Rachel RobinsonHace 44 minutos

    I love the hover board to

  11. author

    Surviv IO AC3Hace 45 minutos


  12. author

    iFergHace 45 minutos

    Sub to me if you straight ignore if you’re gay

  13. author

    Nick WatsonHace 45 minutos

    Who watching when fortnite is a black hole

  14. author

    The TalonsHace 46 minutos


  15. author

    OTG BenHace 46 minutos

    13:04 When i get a girlfriend

  16. author

    Daniel JohnsonHace 48 minutos

    Anyone 2019 season 11 fortnite

  17. author

    Jay VelHace 48 minutos

    How did I find a ESreporterr with great content

  18. author

    EPIC GAMER AKA NINJA HeheheHace 48 minutos

    Hi sisters

  19. author

    Joseph CaulderHace 48 minutos

    It's over

  20. author

    Daniel JohnsonHace 49 minutos


  21. author

    xXJTSXx GamingHace 49 minutos

    So you know the yeet pistol i got my friend and i to think the yeet pistol best gun and we only call it the yeet pistol yeet meta spreading bois

  22. author

    Joseph CaulderHace 49 minutos

    Lazer look on fortnite

  23. author

    GianHace 49 minutos

    Lazarbeam: playground is the pest Creative: Hold my phone

  24. author

    intra_ AppolicateHace 50 minutos

    Ew I hate lazerbeam now he sucks

  25. author

    Laura LochrieHace 50 minutos

    West r

  26. author

    Braeden HinojosaHace 52 minutos

    Well that sucks he said it he said

  27. author

    Samson CampbellHace 53 minutos

    Look at that cloud 0:38 lol

  28. author

    Mohab GalalHace 53 minutos

    Jason may no longer help us for it is the end.

  29. author

    Lonzo !!Hace 53 minutos

    Anyone else IMPATIENTLY waiting for Lazar to upload the new live event

  30. author

    yeetmaster30Hace 54 minutos

    you predicded the future fortnite is gone

  31. author

    Pat GoneFireHace 54 minutos


  32. author

    Make memes in my comments so I’m popular PleaseHace 54 minutos

    Big boobs, I wonder how thicc she is and if she gives good head

  33. author

    Eduard LeontievHace 54 minutos

    Yeet lazarbeam the best

  34. author

    karmen sniderHace 54 minutos

    Can you give me a shout out and I love your videos they have a contact in please

  35. author

    Isaac ShellhammerHace 55 minutos

    If you want to make it seem like it's made up of melons cover in melons.

  36. author

    Bobby Pug 24Hace 55 minutos

    Little did he know that he’s going to have yeet and use code lazar on his arm

  37. author

    Azimuth ChaosHace 55 minutos

    the imaginary affair with the virtual maid you control is on...😅

  38. author

    Andrea HamiltonHace 55 minutos


  39. author

    youneedtogo 1Hace 55 minutos

    That music tho

  40. author

    Avery SmithHace 56 minutos


  41. author

    Andrea HamiltonHace 56 minutos

    Hey I’m sorry about that not

  42. author

    Joey MarcoHace 57 minutos

    This is in my recommended in October 2019

  43. author

    Ace PandaHace 58 minutos

    If you are reading this fortnite is gone forever

  44. author

    Ellie HooperHace 58 minutos

    i seen the event goodbye fortnite

  45. author

    Super Turtle PlaysHace 58 minutos

    Whos here after the second Rocket launch? Rip Fortnite

  46. author

    Jaden TillmanHace 58 minutos

    She looked so heartbroken😓

  47. author

    Cap CrusherHace 59 minutos

    There was one time I jumped off a hoverboard and thought I was screwed because I jumped really high in the air but I landed on a slope and took no damage from the fall.

  48. author

    Mary HehirHace 59 minutos

    Class lazarbeam

  49. author

    Josh BiethanHace un hora

    lannan u have eye ligma

  50. author

    Andrea HamiltonHace un hora

    Lanann was a great dick

  51. author

    Fated 1Hace un hora

    Season 11 look at the dot and it will all come back

  52. author

    Make memes in my comments so I’m popular PleaseHace un hora

    So if lannan is dating muselks sister ilsa, then does that mean he basically likes Elliot since they kinda look alike I wonder if she is thicc, and gives good head

  53. author

    Mille NuppenauHace un hora

    My dad had PET snakes when i was little

  54. author

    Alexander CatalanoHace un hora


  55. author

    lava gastHace un hora

    Plek fortnite de event

  56. author

    Jake 47Hace un hora

    Lazar bum as a preacher 7:51

  57. author

    N1xiqHace un hora

    Fortnite is gone forever

  58. author

    KopLTaPHace un hora

    14:04 GOT EM

  59. author

    Terrible animationTMHace un hora

    i got a 2 hour mute for saying a tupac song in your server ;-;

  60. author

    hey sistersHace un hora

    They trolled all of us mate... all of us

  61. author

    ttv gradeHace un hora

    Lazer:minecraft nerd Me: sad that fortnite ended becomes a minecraft nerd.

  62. author

    TheMustardLogHace un hora

    I am very sorry Lazer but you dont have minecraft's biggest watermelon farm. Search this on ESreporter: The biggest melon farm ever in minecraft

  63. author

    Razza CazzaHace un hora

    Why was there a season 7 skin in season 4

  64. author

    Crystalin DuvalinHace un hora

    LazarBeam can you react to Endigos LazarBeam remix/big brain and Creeper plz

  65. author

    Andrea HamiltonHace un hora

    Get good

  66. author

    Cap CrusherHace un hora

    The ping is almost in a way better than mine

  67. author

    EpicAlexGamerHace un hora


  68. author

    Beck IversonHace un hora

    guys I want to get this game how do I convince my mom

  69. author

    Zane BartaHace un hora

    That is south east Asia

  70. author

    JEROME HERNANDEZHace un hora

    This is how many people came back after the season x event 👇

  71. author

    CarmieZXHace un hora

    Cobblestone is immune to ghast fireballs

  72. author

    Ann O ConnorHace un hora

    Rip all of fortnite

  73. author

    Lean RootmanHace un hora

    I am from africa

  74. author

    Vibrant WolfHace un hora

    Yayks he doesn't have underwear weare he needs it

  75. author

    Dominic DiaferiaHace un hora

    Lannan just make the logs taller on the shafts aka the tall part of your house Like for Lannan to see this

  76. author

    Brayden BoydHace un hora

    Fortnite event bro

  77. author

    BitzHace un hora

    #1 trending

  78. author

    YT yeetHace un hora

    Love the intro

  79. author

    Talita DavidHace un hora

    Who else is watching in 1987

  80. author

    Justice MilisiHace un hora

    The vodka bottles 😂😂

  81. author

    Cold press sugarcane juice !Hace un hora

    Season 11 out

  82. author

    Joseph CollinsHace un hora

    im at the last day of season x like if you are to

  83. author

    The Funtimes64Hace un hora

    Lazarbeam could probably by a Mansion with 50 rooms with those emeralds like gosh darn

  84. author

    Cap CrusherHace un hora

    Lazerbeam seeing if he can play Brazilian severs. I can't even play during the event

  85. author

    Gabriel GivensHace un hora

    Lazar if you love dicks so much shows yours cuz who doesn't love a giant dick on there wall with ball hairs

  86. author

    Carama GambinoHace un hora

    Bullshit Trump got elected through people that are sick and tired of watching the deep state and the pet aphelia and their sex trafficking their lies and the cheating were sick of it that’s why Trump was elected the polls are wrong trump won by 80% do your damn research. There’s no damn lizard people

  87. author

    Nick and JazzyHace un hora

    The end event is here

  88. author

    Dave HerbertHace un hora


  89. author

    Corey WoodsHace un hora

    Someone try and make a pack that when the iron Gollum hits something it says yeet.

  90. author

    Jesse Nathaniel CervantesHace un hora

    Yeet yeet yeet yeet yeet

  91. author

    Marshly LaguerreHace un hora

    Make sure to subscribe to caleb laguerre

  92. author

    10000000000000000 Subs With Videos ?Hace un hora

    he still hasnt put the list in description

  93. author

    John KrauseHace un hora

    Just play for night

  94. author

    Gina SilvaHace un hora

    1:00 2:00 3:00 4:00 5:00 6:00 7:00 8:00 9:00 10:00 11:00 12:00 13:00

  95. author

    foodking 2.0Hace un hora

    I be Irish and British

  96. author

    Computer Boi gamesHace un hora

    I’m in love and I have no respect and no matter from what I’ve done I will

  97. author

    Lord TachankaHace un hora

    lazarbeam: i might be the richest gamer xisuma: *laughs with malicious intent*

  98. author

    Gina SilvaHace un hora

    00:1 00:2 00:3

  99. author

    Toxic kelvinHace un hora

    2009 btw

  100. author

    Walawegy Time GreenHace un hora

    Laserbeam fortnight is shutting down