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Real or Fake

Hace 9 meses

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    Edson CoronatoHace un día

    ngm mais respeita a amarelinha.... pqp perder para essa bosta de seleção , peru é meu ovo. selenike só em 2100 agora....

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    Shout out po

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    YoItsReally Ju1cyHace 3 días

    Respect me I'm a veteran I was here even before the shields and building

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    Mary joice DaclizonHace 3 días

    Go team ph

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    Yance DupingayHace 5 días

    You are not the real junny andy

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    meloy manliguezHace 6 días

    pabohat naman hooo!!!!

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    NoMercy GAMINGHace 7 días

    Can u make funny video in mobile ♥

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    Michael DanquahHace 8 días

    Wow that was fire and awesome record of kills

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    abdul cayongcatHace 8 días

    hahahhaha :D

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    Alex French YTHace 8 días

    alto video xd

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    Ouf RaHace 8 días

    Ahhh u are on mobile the first play on mobile sorry for my comment bro. I was think u are on pc

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    Ouf RaHace 8 días

    U are noob but i love u u are better than noah

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    Thanh Tai DinhHace 8 días

    Xem ai trở về nè

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    Jules PlaysYTHace 8 días

    road to 100k subscribes to it then i watched scence 23ksubs you watch that your name is WTF Ros ?? Sorry for my bad english

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    Kaizen GamingHace 8 días

    Yey ur pro in ros pc and mobile nicee

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    KiritoPlaysYT OfficialHace 8 días

    Its been so long ☺

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    Johnlloyd PonceHace 8 días

    Your enemy like new player.....but i love your vidss💗💗💗

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    Pech SophanethHace 8 días

    Bro please........ continue your funny ROS clips

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    Durdu YenikomşuHace 8 días


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    JnelツHace 8 días

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah i miss you Junny

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    Asif IslamHace 8 días


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    cesar el crackHace 9 días

    Yes yes yes yes rules of survival yes yes yesssssssssss

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    xXSadMenXxHace 9 días


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    Chien TranHace 9 días

    Kp bắn chung đi a

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    Raman ChauhanHace 11 días

    What happened to you why you stopped uploading videos

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    Yudha MauludinHace 12 días

    my username CHAKUN (ROS) in Asia

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    WhayGwapohonHace 16 días


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    Rizky AdityaHace 26 días

    Haha haha

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    Ruben PadillaHace 26 días


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    Ruben PadillaHace 26 días

    plss invite me

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    Renalyn ApostolHace 26 días

    Please shout out

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    jerome donalHace 26 días

    bobo ka pinapahiya mo ros

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    [TTN] WuKongHace 27 días

    Anh người VN hả

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    FancyfromYTHace 28 días

    What was you're last youtube channel name please?

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    John Anthony SinlaoHace 28 días

    bobo ahhhhhh glich pa more

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    Ruby May BarrerasHace 28 días


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    Neil ray LacernaHace 28 días

    xcv dshvbnadsm

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    Sanichiro TokunoHace 28 días

    Viet nam 🇻🇳

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    iiiPebbieHace un mes

    those who disliked must be who were killed by him 🤣🤣

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    domz gudenHace un mes

    so bored

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    johnderick DespiHace un mes


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    SunnyHace un mes

    Don't we all miss the old ros? :((

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    MaurisHace un mes

    What oes PH mean it is philipines

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    ShunyHace un mes

    0:40 крыса

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    Irdam Aditya PutraHace un mes

    Gk masuk akal zona nya kok sudah masuk zona tapi ta' kurang darahnya

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    Christian ColeHace un mes


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    movie freeHace un mes

    Ang talino

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    rio mahesaHace un mes

    Funny moments?

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    SORANY 8888Hace un mes

    2:53 i need this sound please please 😢

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    Cycler CastuloHace un mes

    Shout Out Idol JunnyxAndy best pranker ever

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    myqueen 18Hace un mes

    pre ako to queen king

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    Kiên VũHace un mes

    he hackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

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    thành đàoHace un mes

    Sao giờ anh ko ra clip nữa vậy

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    harrold hoHace un mes

    hahahahahahahahahahaaha nice video

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    BrainStormHace un mes

    Fortnite Ninja Rage 1:28

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    Hannalyn JaspayoHace un mes

    pa shout out po pls idol

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    Hannalyn JaspayoHace un mes

    galing mo idol hahahahaahahhahahaha nakakatawa kawawa kalaban haha

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    Hannalyn JaspayoHace un mes

    pa shout out

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    Hannalyn JaspayoHace un mes

    pa shout out

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    Hannalyn JaspayoHace un mes


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    ToiHace un mes


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    John Michael PadullanoHace un mes

    sino bato

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    Jackie Lou GranadoHace un mes

    I will eeport yoi

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    Dechavez randolfHace un mes

    super bobo mo

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    AlexKoul GamerHace un mes

    Hello old friend WTFROS

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    KBD FiFa Mobile VNHace un mes

    Đoạn đầu hài :)))

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    Hoa NguyễnHace un mes

    Chi ton 1 thời. Game nát giờ nghỉ

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    Divine calustreHace un mes

    add me in ros po jepogi159

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    Moymoy KurakutHace un mes

    It saw funny hahaha

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    Essential PlayersHace un mes

    Bro do you know Black mask ros 🤔🤔

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    spencer gonzalesHace un mes

    ang tawam talaga?

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    spencer gonzalesHace un mes


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    Ngoc Tam Nguyen VoHace un mes

    Cho em kết bạn chung với anh đc hem :3

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    Jefrry MendozaHace un mes

    This dude is dum he is covering his name and you can see on top

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    Ayleen FUMARHace 2 meses


  76. author

    Ana Bolus BlancaHace 2 meses


  77. author

    Amiel Jacob NacionHace 2 meses

    Pilipino sha

  78. author

    Kim GoHace 2 meses


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    FOXXY GAMINGHace 2 meses

    pilipino ka ba

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    NTK TVHace 2 meses

    Tại sao anh ko quay lại Why do you not back

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    WINNIE CORRESHace 2 meses

    man your kinda noob just my opinion no hate

  82. author

    FrizzMsHace 2 meses

    This isn't funny moments it's just a gameplay were r u bro

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    Ultra VioletHace 2 meses

    A yan bobo kasi

  84. author

    Ultra VioletHace 2 meses

    Bobo mo

  85. author

    Christian TeHace 2 meses


  86. author

    Ly HuylyHace 2 meses

    ban nick ko

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    klenzkie uchichaHace 2 meses


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    ITALI AGVHace 2 meses

    xam lol

  89. author

    Khuong TrinhHace 2 meses

    Ng vn hả

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    Alexia RenzHace 2 meses

    Bobo mo mag laro

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    chan2x vlogHace 2 meses

    hacker yan

  92. author

    phuc nguyenHace 2 meses

    Mẹ con chó cmt k thèm tl

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    Mhmmd HabibiHace 2 meses

    Like me and koment Thanks xD

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    NTK TVHace 2 meses

    Hình như là Việt Nam

  95. author

    Phuc ChauHace 2 meses

    Vietnamese killed vietnamese

  96. author

    Mhmmd HabibiHace 2 meses

    Lol PC

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    Heaman23 ToanmanHace 2 meses

    hahaha mga tanga kalaban

  98. author

    NoName RosHace 2 meses

    Best montage

  99. author

    Ok NAmHace 2 meses

    Người VN R :)

  100. author

    Vinh Nguyen XuanHace 2 meses

    Moi Nguoi ten j vay