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    Albin AreolaHace un hora

    Chappie can now dance

  2. author

    Kibo SenseiHace un hora

    Didn't know king Vader was directing music videos now

  3. author

    ITs Friday LTHace un hora


  4. author

    Ana Lu FariasHace un hora


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    Assass1n Gam1ngHace un hora

    Robot dancing sike

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    Fluffy :3Hace un hora

    1:13 nobody: girl: *_watafaaaaaaaakk_*

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    เพื่อน ไม่ลืมกันHace un hora


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    Bella BlackstoneHace un hora

    1:39 ;)

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    TrippyClownHace un hora

    Hey wait where’d the music video go?

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    TV ÐARK NIGHTHace un hora

    Tokyo? Fuck

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    Majin MoralesHace un hora


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    TomHace un hora

    Lil Nas u thought i wouldn't see that tik tok in the end huh?

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    Ema SahimanHace un hora

    1:10 Panini:Wut da fuq

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    Russian potato gamingHace un hora

    Those robots look like the type that would wipe out the human race

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    AC,Lily,Ally and Aaron VlogsHace un hora

    1:13 *"What the f*ck"* I hate bad words

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    Almas KalievHace un hora

    *It is Cyberpunk 2077)*

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    Beach boii VjHace un hora

    This Lowkey sounds like Swang

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    Stupif แล้วไงHace un hora


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    FIWURKHace un hora

  20. author

    clash RoyaleHace un hora

    aqui e brasil

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    TackyHace un hora

    Would have been so much. Water without cardi B

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    ElectroSssHace un hora

    История о том как девушка его френдзонила

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    Dedo0506Hace un hora

    i love this song

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    Just A GloveHace un hora

    This supposed to be in cyberpunk 2077?

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    Talia KenzyHace un hora

    This song is 🔥💃

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    Mister KürbisHace un hora

    lil nas x X cyberpunk 2077

  27. author

    fredka74Hace un hora

    1:14 WHat the fuck

  28. author

    Nate Mclaren NaguitHace un hora

    Said the girl when lil nas x go now at outside of the plane said of the girl wtf😂

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    Oak wuttinanHace un hora

    Very good i love music you and mv beautiful.

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    Mister KürbisHace un hora

    wheres keeanu?

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    AnouarGoHace un hora

    He went from tilted town to neo tilted in four months

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    Jose luis Delgado GonzalezHace un hora

    2:00 XXX WTF...

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    slicklion 1Hace un hora

    Yo, it the little kid from jessie

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    Bre1zZz BHace un hora

    у маей девущки день ражденея

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    FRIDJ -Hace un hora

    She ,,What the f*ck"

  36. author

    Jesse SchipperHace un hora

    1:13 belike WHAT IN THE FUCK

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    Redwolf RafeHace un hora

    Me: this is actually a decent song. Finally. Cardi B: GUN SHOT GUN SHOT. Me: FU-

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    JaejaeHace un hora

    Not gonna lie this song is fire

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    Jutta WeberHace un hora

    Bestes lied

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    clip กระแสเกรียนHace un hora

    This dude should make a remix to MC SMOOK WASSER

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    Mark JentgensHace un hora

    So. Cool😎😎😎😎

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    bk toHace un hora


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    ALDO_ F GAMINGHace un hora

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    AtskuHace un hora

    1:13 he said wtf

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    ImtiyaazHace un hora

    Listen to the indian version of it 😂😂😂

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    donald trump 123Hace un hora

    How this man went from cowboys to travis scott 😂

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    Football To daHace un hora

    Мне очень понравилась эта песня

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    Giovanni D'amatoHace un hora

    Che canzone meravigliosa

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    bk toHace un hora

    10k till 70m🚀

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    Michela mikyHace un hora

    Se vado in maneggio vestita come Lil Nas x la mia istruttrice mi uccide😂😂🤠

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    Creator Code MEXHace un hora

    0% bad words 0% bad music 999% what people in 1900+ thought was gonna be the future

  52. author

    Awesome GuyHace un hora

    Thanks for the like .😂

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    Lil Lui☑️Hace un hora

    Is my song favorito of lil nas 🤠

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    davih alvesHace un hora


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    zoe giordanoHace un hora

    When you discover that panini in italian means sandwiches i know it couse i am italian so yea...😂 belive me, this songs seem so strange at the beginning ahahhahaha

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    Ricky BobbyHace un hora

    This is music?

  57. author

    Awesome GuyHace un hora

    I miss that time when the comments were about the song !!😑

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    KG GAMERHace un hora

    Your so dope man

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    Abdo ElsamaloutyHace un hora

    Who's here at 69 mill 😎

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    Ali KasdarliHace un hora


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    Dractory _AKHace un hora

    Lil Nas X: sing Autotune: am I a joke to you?

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    Doggo DudeHace un hora

    Video: **Has 69M views** Me: nice

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    Will ツHace un hora

    It’s Neo Tilted

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    Valen RulzHace un hora

    The product placements in this mv is absurd

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    oofist mcboopistHace un hora


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    Faze LogicHace un hora

    I liked his rap theme tbh and Sami Jackson is older now compared back to 2012

  67. author

    Imaad_Hace un hora

    Anyone here at 69 million views? Cuz I am

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    Ricky BobbyHace un hora

    Bless your hearts people...good music is dead! However funny to watch once or twice like 'Dude, where is my car?' was a good movie.

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    Subscribe to me for no reason at allHace un hora

    Lil nas X: hey.. Skai Jackson: aight imma head out

  70. author

    Dominic SmithHace un hora

    He really went from western times to jason x times!!!

  71. author

    EpicGamer LeagueHace un hora

    When a robotic future friend wants to date you me:

  72. author

    TheEndHace un hora


  73. author

    a shit hwgaHace un hora

    69 millions views nice

  74. author

    Just pretend im a YouTuberHace un hora


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    Subscribe To me For no reasonHace un hora

    Lil nas x: panini 6ix9ine: FEFE Kodak black: zeze Drake: Kiki Michael Jackson: HeHe

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    Subscribe To me For no reasonHace un hora

    Lil nas x: panini 6ix9ine: FEFE Kodak black: zeze Drake: Kiki Michael Jackson: HeHe

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    Subscribe To me For no reasonHace un hora

    Lil nas x: panini 6ix9ine: FEFE Kodak black: zeze Drake: Kiki Michael Jackson: HeHe

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    MUSTAFA AHMEDHace un hora

    69M views Lil Nas X is really lucky

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    Дмитрич ПроцHace un hora

    Есть кто нибудь русский?

  80. author

    MaerCR MaerCRHace un hora

    1% sexy girls 2% good cars 97% the future

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    シCristiHace un hora

    Now i want to eat bread idk why....

  82. author

    SavageBoyHace un hora

    boys, we did it 69mil

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    yeet lmaoHace un hora


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    Spotify Hiphop PlaylistHace un hora

    🔥 Dope Video 🔥 New Song 🔥Lil

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    GeneralMeow99Hace un hora

    Looks like cyberpunk 2077 got released early...

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    Edgar RodrgieuzHace un hora

    This dude went from cowboys to robots👍👍

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    ScloudMCHace un hora

    lil nas is riding cardi b

  88. author

    KobiHace un hora

    69M views LETS GO!

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    C DaughertyHace un hora

    This dude will never have another #1.

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    Sara MoeenHace un hora

    a petition to play this at starbucks lol

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    sir breadHace un hora

    Its not gay if its lil nas x

  92. author

    Rahul BodhHace un hora

    it is super song i heard love ii... love u guyz from india

  93. author

    saphalta maharjanHace 2 horas

    The song will actually start at 1:35 .

  94. author

    Hamza bravo LifeHace 2 horas

    I just discovered this song today and it’s on repeat ❌💯

  95. author

    Alexandra MamaniHace 2 horas


  96. author

    norhaiza suidHace 2 horas

    wow ... its great...

  97. author

    G3T REKTHace 2 horas

    2056 where they don't have trees

  98. author

    solid dripHace 2 horas

    69M Views ...nice

  99. author

    Robert SuttonHace 2 horas

    This reminds me of a different song can’t remember what though

  100. author

    Apocalypse LaterHace 2 horas