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    Alter_ TryhardHace un día

    Um wasn’t cardi b supposed to sing

  2. author

    AkripplesHace un día

    how did he change so quick 4:06

  3. author

    alijah douglasHace un día

    Oj no

  4. author

    Sierra LVXHace un día

    0:39 Was that D from node on the left?!

  5. author

    AkripplesHace un día

    1:44 did he say the f bomb

  6. author

    AkripplesHace un día

    the beggining sucks

  7. author

    ValonHace un día

    *im gonna take my horse to the hotel room* Now you cant unhear it...

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    loganrcookeHace un día

    Watching from Canada

  9. author

    Golden-_-antHace un día

    Best part is 0:35

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    GamerGabs83 on YouTubeHace un día

    Nice To Know That He Turn To A Vampire in The Matrix

  11. author

    A.Frank BluntHace un día

    NAS officially lost stripes and respect. And I’m an avid hiphop supporter

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    Rachel PreziosoHace un día

    Fuckin' LOVE the style he went for this song. Dope as shit

  13. author

    Rabekki JeanateHace un día

    *Me walking home from work* *Sees Lil Nas dancing in the dark* *RUNS*

  14. author

    The MadmanHace un día

    Nobody: Absolutely nobody: Sleep paralysis:*this*

  15. author

    Demario WalkerHace un día

    Lah-Lah but I love like everything are you doing

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    Shaurya SanghviHace un día


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    Jesus VazquezHace un día

    nice hey jessie

  18. author

    LTZ realnameHace un día

    this is like a love letter to 90's/early 2000's movies (blade and the matrix specifically is what I saw referenced).

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    Kenny VenegasHace un día

    This reminds me of the th book cinder by Marissa Meyer

  20. author

    Eat Your CerealHace un día

    Eat Your Cereal

  21. author

    Amv DeityHace un día

    Is this some wierd fantasy of his

  22. author

    Phill BolesHace un día

    Good old Billy Gay found one more thing to fail at why not. Hell maybe he can finally ruin rap as good as he did country.

  23. author

    Adi BashirHace un día

    Listen from Africa.

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    Bianca BHace 2 días

    I would watch this

  25. author

    Abraham LopezHace 2 días

    And me on snap abrahamlopez409

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    PulsarHace 2 días

    A futuristic gay vampire cowboy *huh*

  27. author

    Abraham LopezHace 2 días

    I like that dance

  28. author

    Abraham LopezHace 2 días


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    Abraham LopezHace 2 días

    Lit song cowboy keep it up

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    George WashingtonHace 2 días

    Lmfao, I'm old school but I heard everyone was hating on this song.... This is the first time I've seen the music video and I think it's hilarious😂and Chris Rock was in it lol even funnier. Little nas reminds me of my black friend Nigel. Funniest dude you'll ever meet.

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    Camila GHace 2 días

    Salto bug 2:23

  32. author

    20k subs without any videosHace 2 días

    if u put it on 0.75x it does not sound like autotune

  33. author

    Don't say that helloHace 2 días


  34. author

    nadineHace 2 días

    Michael Jacksons thriller but with the scream outfit

  35. author

    LycanHace 2 días

    Why do you look like the evil guy brandon rogers did

  36. author

    alexis walkerHace 2 días

    this is scott mcall AJAJAJA

  37. author

    Viviana Del AngelHace 2 días

    Bloc Sc

  38. author

    Görkem ErtürkHace 2 días

    The random people who like this will become a Millionaire

  39. author

    Görkem ErtürkHace 2 días

    How many times is he going to upload a version of old town road. I’ve heard the song probably 1,000 times and I still click the video.

  40. author

    Görkem ErtürkHace 2 días

    Earth: how many more remixes? Nas: 106K exactly, people always need better remixes so it takes a while

  41. author

    Görkem ErtürkHace 2 días

    He protecc he attacc, but most importantly, he make 20 versions of his tracc

  42. author

    kazumaHace 2 días


  43. author

    Angel RamosHace 2 días


  44. author

    Martina FernandezHace 2 días

    Buena canción!

  45. author

    Brandon YangHace 2 días

    If people were there they should like that song

  46. author

    Kevin JayHace 2 días

    ...and it still has the same beat as his one hit wonder.

  47. author

    Ақниет ЕркебаеваHace 2 días

    Офигеть,как круто!Просто бомба клааассс💜😎

  48. author

    LEG ENDHace 2 días

    Let`em FLY

  49. author

    Queen StarHace 2 días

    1:24 fornite is about to still that dance though lol 😂

  50. author

    Sheena NorgaardHace 2 días

    Jaxon 100$

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    Gamer ArishHace 2 días

    Lil nas x:Hello The voice:Remember me? Lil nas x:What do you want? The voice:I wanna play a game Lil nas x:Won't you say it to my face The voice :Surprise Motherf**ker

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    Viviana Del AngelHace 2 días

    Good meme

  53. author

    just NostalgicHace 2 días

    took me 5 months to remember who panini actually was

  54. author

    TheBluefairy93Hace 2 días

    Billy Ray sounds tired already and he hasn't even gotten started yet

  55. author

    BLACK AVENGER 28Hace 2 días

    2:24 When you play as hulk in LEGO games

  56. author

    Dayvon GeorgeHace 2 días

    ili nas x is gay

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    Striker EurekaHace 2 días

    I am searching for a comment from a Japanese guy. He/she said that she was watching from Japan. When he/she got thanked she said this guy sucks. If you are the person kindly comment.

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    SACHU ACHUHace 2 días

    mom:how many times are you going to listen to this song?😧 me:till i cant no more😆

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    Nathaniel BerryHace 2 días

    This scared me

  60. author

    ELLA MACDONALDHace 2 días


  61. author

    Adam BarrientosHace 2 días


  62. author

    Jay CoooHace 2 días

    Who remembers that bts and nas x made soul town rode

  63. author

    Asked ZicaHace 2 días

    Musica top demais mano que isso só suprindo com cada música🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  64. author

    Rosalba LaraHace 2 días

    Amagine little kids watching this this how much😮😮 kids👇

  65. author

    Sergio YagualHace 2 días

    Que paso hispanos que se alse la voz en los comentarios

  66. author

    SmoothHace 2 días


  67. author

    SmoothHace 2 días


  68. author

    Maria MendozaHace 2 días

    Damn! It's lit, Billy Ray sexy so fuck! Lil Nas going hard!👌🏿🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘

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    Florence CoralHace 2 días

    lil nax X is egey now?

  70. author

    GavinA004Hace 2 días

    Lil nas be doin Halloween early

  71. author

    Lisseth AriasHace 2 días

    When the music video don’t match the song.

  72. author

    Lilia RangelHace 2 días

    I’m confused but go off 🤩😤

  73. author

    Mia PonceHace 2 días

    In the beginning there is a Kobe Bryant jersey wow!😁❤️

  74. author

    Unicorn love unicorns DLHace 2 días

    Two words *da fuq*

  75. author

    Dipher YTHace 2 días

    No mms este wey^^

  76. author

    Auden LongHace 2 días

    Guys he is a furry stop being mean

  77. author

    HycronicHace 2 días

    Why isnt kodak black featured 😂

  78. author

    Comparing to MéxicoHace 2 días

    You can't see lil Nas X, how black she is that the suit is floating

  79. author

    HYUNDAII NATIONHace 2 días

    NO WAY

  80. author

    Mayli GonzalezHace 2 días

    No se hablar ingles mas que muy pocas palabras

  81. author

    Mayli GonzalezHace 2 días


  82. author

    TheBoss13Hace 2 días


  83. author

    Alissa BalesHace 2 días

    Seiresy u whant to look like that so no girls can get you duhhhhhhhhhhh by the way do you know Post Malone By Any Chance Duhhhhhhhh

  84. author

    Cara B.Hace 2 días

    Love you Lil Nas X!!😚

  85. author

    Rakan El-RifaiHace 2 días

    This is so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  86. author

    nazsir RodriguezHace 2 días

    No cardi ????

  87. author

    Soumya SathishHace 2 días

    Never gets old🐎 Old town road

  88. author

    Rhonda BogganHace 2 días

    He did this amazing

  89. author

    GamersLifeHace 2 días

    1:53 when i saw da girl in the background i think to me self i thout lil nas x is gay

  90. author

    Kya KoHace 2 días

    Why cut that part

  91. author

    NuclearBomba AtomicWarHace 2 días

    Área 51 ?

  92. author

    DAVID BILLAHace 2 días


  93. author

    Gamer DogHace 2 días

    Rip Kobe 😭🙏

  94. author

    Maxcyor PelasHace 2 días

    A like this music Is so beutifull why no Is hallowen

  95. author

    Xykira ClarkHace 2 días

    This is my ringtone

  96. author

    Tymere WhiteHace 2 días

    Bruh, that slow ass arrow in the beginning.

  97. author

    Matthews_CringeHace 2 días

    Does anyone else realize that Skai that just say wtf when Lil Nas X lands on the wing ?!.!

  98. author

    SujalHace 2 días

    budget ironman

  99. author

    Nile RhemHace 2 días

    He’s getting sued over the music beat, I feel bad it’s so good. Don’t take away this song he started his career,and this is the best music that he made

  100. author

    Hau NguyenHace 2 días

    Nobody: Ryuk from Death Note: