Green Day
Green Day
Green Day

Green Day 5/2Green Day 5/2

Green Day 5/2

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Green Day 4/27Green Day 4/27

Green Day 4/27

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Green Day 4/24Green Day 4/24

Green Day 4/24

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Green Day 4/4Green Day 4/4

Green Day 4/4

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Green Day 3/28Green Day 3/28

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Green Day 3/22Green Day 3/22

Green Day 3/22

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Green Day 3/14Green Day 3/14

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Green Day  3/2Green Day  3/2

Green Day 3/2

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Green Day 2/29Green Day 2/29

Green Day 2/29

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Green Day 2/24Green Day 2/24

Green Day 2/24

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  1. author

    Moussaab MasskouriHace un hora

    This is the number of true idiots ↧

  2. author

    nppenop NopHace un hora

    You know its gonna be a good day ....💖😭

  3. author

    jesus martinHace un hora

    I love you guys please come back to Mexico 🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  4. author

    Muhammed İle Mehmet YıkıcılarHace un hora

    Olmamış dayı ama like attım

  5. author

    TmronowHace un hora


  6. author

    Wika WalewskaHace un hora

    1:00 I'm so happy that you included Polish Equality Parade (you know, after what happened in Białystok). It's really important for us to know that the rest of the world cares and is with us

  7. author

    Emilia MołodeckaHace un hora

    This moment when you see your friend from Poland 😮😍 1:00

  8. author

    MLs99Hace un hora

    Hi i'm From Indonesia... :) Gempuran 3 band Pop punk Favorit gw di 90n.. Blink - 182 *gw masih anggap Tom masih di sini* Sum41 Greenday Tinggal nunggu NOFx MxPx The Offspring etc Semua barengan keluarin nya, mungkin mereka penat zaman sekrg penuh dengan eDM...

  9. author

    Devilsagent666Hace un hora

    1:00 deliberate and forced but sure

  10. author

    SimulacraHace un hora

    Green Day is finally coming to Russia and the seven years of waiting are completely worth it.

  11. author

    Axel AugustoHace un hora

    Real.....punk rock..... Billie Joe..

  12. author

    Pro ManHace un hora


  13. author

    FOBsessed MarcyHace un hora

    1:00 omg Poland 🇵🇱

  14. author

    FOBsessed MarcyHace un hora

    1:00 omg Poland 🇵🇱

  15. author

    FOBsessed MarcyHace un hora

    1:00 omg Poland 🇵🇱

  16. author

    rasjeff1Hace un hora

    This ain't a bad song, they are fucking great musicians, but the vocals on the verses...damn, Billie, I feel weird and not in the right way

  17. author

    John SampleHace un hora

    What happened to Billy's voice?

  18. author

    Ɣσυȵǥ ƁσσρlєHace un hora

    i suddenly and inexplicably feel the need to learn how to surf

  19. author

    AsperityHace un hora

    Billie Joe never ages

  20. author

    Vinícius de CamargoHace un hora

    Omg, loved this song.

  21. author

    Nayaka KuaraHace un hora


  22. author

    RexcerZHace un hora

    1:22 yondu is aliveee

  23. author

    RexcerZHace un hora

    Hes the father of fuckers

  24. author

    melissaHace un hora

    2:22 vibes

  25. author

    LPS WhatsernameHace un hora

    This is legendary

  26. author

    Beefcake BillHace un hora

    I got a splinter, but i don’t give a fuck, that little asshole can get his own way out.

  27. author

    Beefcake BillHace un hora

    i like how further the song goes along the less distorted Billies voice becomes.

  28. author

    LordDjGaming13Hace un hora


  29. author

    Beefcake BillHace un hora

    this afternoon i bought the new blink 182 album on cd for my mates birthday, and i bought America Idiot for myself.

  30. author

    01Hace un hora

    At some point you have to wonder... what are a bunch of white, multi millionaire, nearly pensioner aged men rebelling against? It's a little corny.

  31. author

    Nemia PalazzoHace un hora

    If someone tells Mike with sunglasses isn't the sexiest man alive they probably should think about what has been wrong in their lives.

  32. author

    paradoxHace un hora

    this song sounds like its suitable for a phone advertisement its a good song though

  33. author

    Winter NoorHace un hora

    i heard this song when i was 3rd grade, i love it so much but i didn't know what it mean. now i'm 22 years old this is more than song

  34. author

    Ágnes GyebnárHace un hora

    Minden érthető, és őszintén igaz a rajongásom! BEAUTIFUL, THANK YOU!

  35. author

    Gerald LavoieHace un hora

    So Green Day just turned fake?? Not impressed

  36. author

    just a white blood cellHace un hora

    Hmmm Mike wearing sunglasses inside what other bassist do I know that does that

  37. author

    정상현Hace un hora

    What is the name of the guitar that Billie used in the music video?

  38. author

    Xhocoyatoz ZHace un hora

    Bangunin dia bntr lagi mau oktober nih

  39. author

    Norbert HernándezHace un hora

    I don't know, doesn't sound like Green Day 🤷🏻‍♂️

  40. author

    Aubrey GarzaHace un hora


  41. author

    Aubrey GarzaHace un hora


  42. author

    Ágnes GyebnárHace un hora

    Egyszerűen szeretni való, kíváló zenész, nagyon szeretem!

  43. author

    HerrXenonHace un hora

    I say Billie Joe recorded all his videos in the 1990s so he would still look young when he would eventually release them decades after

  44. author

    J e f fHace un hora

    I cant even explain how much I love Green Day

  45. author

    LuckyNumberNickHace un hora

    The Force is strong with this one.

  46. author

    Random UniverseHace un hora


  47. author

    Ágnes GyebnárHace un hora

    MIKE többedmagával itt is bizonyit!

  48. author

    ThenoobHace un hora

    Rock for life🙏

  49. author

    ThunderstruckGamingHace un hora

    If AC/DC's Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap album cover was a music video.

  50. author

    Gabriel TG3Hace 2 horas


  51. author

    ShyreHace 2 horas

    1:54 G O R I L L A

  52. author

    Maria FelicioHace 2 horas

    Awesome as always 💚

  53. author

    Ágnes GyebnárHace 2 horas

    Zseniális! Fantasztikus!

  54. author

    Mystik SpiralHace 2 horas

    I remember being 14 years old in 1994 and being in high school with my sony walkman listening to green day all day. Wonderful time of my life without worries or bills to pay!

  55. author

    Gavin larockHace 2 horas

    Not choreographed? This couldn’t have been done better🤘🏼

  56. author

    Gavin larockHace 2 horas

    Radio in the beginning for rev radio?

  57. author

    Mya TolliverHace 2 horas

    I heard the first riff and screamed YES

  58. author

    Darth InsidiusHace 2 horas

    Omg how embarrassing

  59. author

    KK EspadazHace 2 horas

    how do they look exactly like they did 15 years ago???

  60. author

    PHYLASVELLHace 2 horas


  61. author

    AörnHace 2 horas

    Bought my ticket for the Hell a mega tour... see you there fellas

  62. author

    damianmrc14 mcHace 2 horas

    Wooow!! Wtf es el mejor video de la historia ❤️❤️🇨🇱

  63. author

    SkullCommandoDaPlaya ww2Hace 2 horas


  64. author

    Ágnes GyebnárHace 2 horas

    Nemcsak a csillogásban, őrjöngésben, ez a helyszin is tökéletes, gyönyörű, megállja a helyét! MIKE CONGRATULIONS! TÜNEMÉNY!

  65. author

    Manish PatelHace 2 horas

    he protec he attacc but most importantly he come bacc

  66. author

    Mr. AmpazHace 2 horas

    Namba Wan from Wakanda 👍🇬🇭

  67. author

    Luiz MarcondesHace 2 horas

    Blink 182 e Green day lançando música no YT no mesmo dia e eu fico pasmo como essas bandas da minha adolescência chegaram ao fundo do poço, tem que fazer sons extremamente POP para chamarem atenção e fogem completamente das raízes; trágico, triste, sofrível, que decepção...

  68. author

    閃光の輝石 IN THE ORE Brilliant QuartzHace 2 horas

    I was looking forward to watching this!

  69. author

    ugo o tartarugoHace 2 horas


  70. author

    MassimotoHace 2 horas

    Rock am Ring 🤙🏽👋🏽🙃

  71. author

    влаи мифы видхHace 2 horas

    How many people still loves GREEN DAY???

  72. author

    Trent R WilsonHace 2 horas

    It's weird but I won't lie it's catchy

  73. author

    Ágnes GyebnárHace 2 horas


  74. author

    Daveof59Hace 2 horas

    Drive the new Toyota Corolla, yours from only £20,000

  75. author

    Road To AcceptanceHace 2 horas

    ayyyyy!!! love it guys!!!! also love the hella mega tour ad too

  76. author

    Степан ЛукашинHace 2 horas

    So 00s...

  77. author

    Pump JumpHace 2 horas


  78. author

    Ágnes GyebnárHace 2 horas

    MIKE, nemcsak kiváló zenész, de annyira humoros, és kreativ, és fantasztikus szövegiró, hogy az elmúlt napokban ezt is elmondhatom RÓLA!

  79. author

    Joel 'The Troll' TanchukHace 2 horas

    Wow, now that I'm 37 I realize what a pointless band this really was lol. Nothing but propagandists!!

  80. author

    Enemy AC-130 AboveHace 2 horas

    Is this even autotune? I don't really fuck with it, we need that iconic Armstrong voice

  81. author

    Valentina NietoHace 2 horas

    did you mean be gay, do crime? bc fuck yeah

  82. author

    badampuiaHace 2 horas

    Who the hell are these young boys?? Ohh Wait theyre green day, how come they dont look old at all

  83. author

    Dmitrii ZubchukHace 2 horas


  84. author

    LadyRevaniaHace 2 horas

    Love you for using a clip from the Polish equality march <3

  85. author

    CzaruśHace 2 horas

    Przejmujemy ten teledysk

  86. author

    Max PireddaHace 2 horas

    Yeah!!! So cool 😎

  87. author

    IanTheGreatHace 2 horas

    Imma be honest, I am not a fan of this new style. Edit : Anyone else wish they would just go back to their insomniac album style?

  88. author

    EDGAR CASTROHace 2 horas

    Shiiii green day

  89. author

    Alonso TopeteHace 2 horas

    Green day its 10 times better than blink 182 like it or not

  90. author

    ナースの卵ナースさんHace 2 horas


  91. author

    casey wagnerHace 2 horas

    I love Green Days music!!!!Ever since I was a small child growing up in Orange County California I herd a Green Day song on the radio when I was a little and ever since then I have always loved Punk Rock!Now I am 19 and my favrorite Punk Rock bands are Green Day and The Scarred

  92. author

    ashnicyaugHace 2 horas

    Thanks Green Day! 🤘💚

  93. author

    Hey HeyHace 2 horas

    hey jake

  94. author

    Amane MisaHace 2 horas


  95. author

    Jack GhareebHace 2 horas


  96. author

    Mark RaynorHace 2 horas

    Amazing video

  97. author

    TheAvenger62Hace 2 horas

    1:25 I was in that epic wall of death at Hellfest in France during Dagoba's set. 🤘😎🤘

  98. author

    PeakyHace 2 horas

    cool :D

  99. author

    がんがんぐりおんHace 2 horas


  100. author

    ATHENA GAMINGSHace 2 horas

    Your MY IDOL I love all your songs