Green Day
Green Day
Green Day

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    Dani DaniHace 3 minutos

    vengo de boulevard xd

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    Kimberly PeterosHace 3 minutos

    High school life 😪😪🎤🎸🎸🎸

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    Rian KimakHace 13 minutos


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    Илья НиколаевичHace 20 minutos


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    MacLaren D-ZineHace 29 minutos

    Haha sell out trash..joan jett did it better in 1984! Fuckin has beens cant even come up with original shit anymore!! Sad...time to quit and walk away :(

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    JAMES WEST IIHace 51 un minuto

    I am here in my hometown of LONGVIEW, WA. and this song sums it up, lol. Great town here and the song was performed in a barn in Willow Grove which is about 10 minutes from my house. Was there the night the barn was being set up but had prior plans and missed out. Go figure!

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    ArinaHace un hora

    Lmao .

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    Local GamblerHace un hora

    You knou guys....I am just about to throw up!!!

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    Alanndy MoreiraHace un hora

    Brasil fevereiro de 2020 Green day 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

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    Triny Sntos del valleHace un hora


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    Sam I amHace un hora

    Mix is shit! Whole album is literally a troll.

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    Sam I amHace un hora

    "Rock & Roll tragedy I think the next one could be me".... Hmmmm

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    Brax fanHace un hora

    I love this track. A lower tone, yet has a good consistency. Sounds like a driving song. Awesome as ever Green Day 💚🌋

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    SupremeWildCherryHace un hora

    nvm bro shits kinda fire

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    Sam I amHace un hora

    Great song. This audio mix is Shit though!!!

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    JesstheMessHace un hora

    I swear thats the kid from Stranger Things

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    Crunchy B RollHace un hora

    My favorite from the album

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    EMIGB Gameplays blogsHace un hora

    I’m a big fan of Green Day, but if I have to be honest, instead of sounding as father of all mother****ers, sounds like little women in a “rebel stage”

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    Vianney RodriguezHace 2 horas

    Unas de mis favoritas de esta Banda 🤘🎹🎸🎵😍🧡💚 en el 2020 sigo escuchándola y me traslada a mis tiempos de Prepa!!!

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    Neville DiasHace 2 horas

    I won't to go back in time. It was the time of my life .

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    just_ meHace 2 horas

    Green Day: Wake Me Up When September Ends. That one girl named September: 😐

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    Anggun SingarimbunHace 2 horas

    I N D ♥♥♥

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    Kernel SandersHace 2 horas

    “Do you feel your self suffocating?” Yeah. I have a stuffy nose.

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    joker SCHace 2 horas

    Let’s be honest you only came here because of Codfish!

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    Cristiano LIMAHace 2 horas

    Classic rock is back

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    sabrenah stephsaxaHace 2 horas

    Still lame compared to Old Green Day

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    John Edward RazaHace 2 horas

    February 2020. Still loving this song 💕

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    ロックボトムHace 2 horas

    They good‼︎ I love Green Day

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    BriareosHace 2 horas

    10 years passed, but hangover still didn't.

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    Fleim XHace 3 horas

    Big "how do you do fellow kids" energy

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    Dário FreitasHace 3 horas

    Lothar and Trance

  32. author

    Guitar, Bass, Drums 203Hace 3 horas

    Idk why but I’m getting a welcome to paradise feel to this song call me weird I can’t be the only one who feels this

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    Dino 666Hace 3 horas

    3 million likes stupid kewl 👍🔙🔙🔙🚆⛔

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    IsayyoukillyourheroesandflyflyHace 4 horas

    To all my fellow Americans, and to those non-americans who think "america's where all your dreams come true," there are 3 types of americans: Trump supporters (and oilfield workers), the hippie vegan group, and the "overrun" as i like to call it. The overrun are the people, the majority of us, who know what the so called dark side of america's like. I grew up where there used to be many steel mills, now overrun by vandals. Trump's done nothing. Murders, illegal sex, and drugs, everywhere. We believe in guns, but not like trump supporters. We all gave up. We've made our own world. We became the overrun.

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    Lucy SalchHace 4 horas

    there’s a song called ‘She’ by harry styles

  36. author

    IsayyoukillyourheroesandflyflyHace 4 horas

    When you are forced to go to church so you break out singing this

  37. author

    joshua tampusHace 4 horas

    when your still virgin after college ...

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    Kaliko KhronicHace 4 horas

    Wiz Khalifa better give credit to Green Day for his new song he’s featured on

  39. author

    Dino 666Hace 4 horas

    Trump 4 more years

  40. author

    Dino 666Hace 4 horas

    Donald J Trump reelect in January 7 th 2021 as world's greatest leader the worlds democracy has ever seen ✌️✌️✌️✌️

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    Dino 666Hace 4 horas

    Feb 21 2020.🤘

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    Lil BodeanHace 4 horas

    Yeah This i Deff a rip off of Joan Jett Do ya wanna touch me

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    Paulo HenriqueHace 4 horas

    essa música é viciante demais

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    JasonTheWorldisYoursHace 4 horas

    The best song on their new album

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    V přírodě a mimo ní O všemHace 5 horas

    dont be broken in 22.2.2020

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    Carlos AriasHace 5 horas

    If Green Day sounded the same, people would be trashing them for sounding old school. They sound different, and again people are still talking shit. Sometimes Fantano just lives to make crap of anything. I have to disagree with this one. It’s not a masterpiece, but it’s something different. Also , why is people so desperate to see Billie as an old dude? If he was bold and fat everybody would be talking shit. Now he obviously takes care of himself and people still complain. I think it’s an OK album. Again, not a fucking masterpiece, but a nice 7/10

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    Victor EmygdioHace 5 horas


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    Lachlan CrawfordHace 5 horas

    who here is going to HELLA MEGGA???!!!!!!

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    Lawrence Smith-DaviesHace 5 horas

    1.25 speed, trust me!

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    corndog1868Hace 5 horas

    Search here for (Sinful Demo Album 1985) featuring Nuno Bettencourt and Jose Anes!!! Enjoy

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    My body is readyHace 5 horas

    This sounds like shit. Definitely the worst Green Day album yet

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    Micah KuglerHace 5 horas

    "I walk alone" * walks with 2 other people *

  53. author

    Leonardo FreitasHace 5 horas

    2020 and we back here again.

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    Xavier Esteve JuradoHace 6 horas

    I likied

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    LozzieFrenzyHace 6 horas

    Unpopular opinion but I actually like this album and don't mind their new sound. Okay bye.

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    Alma KissHace 6 horas


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    ALMARK RIVERAHace 6 horas

    Old music are the best

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    DIY seriesHace 6 horas

    When you are the only one in class that listens to green day

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    Dillon KearneyHace 6 horas

    Green Day please make a music video for this song!

  60. author

    DIY seriesHace 6 horas

    When you invite SOMEONE to a game and he rejects it

  61. author

    Cristine LouHace 6 horas

    Oh my......😳!!!

  62. author

    ITZ FE4RHace 6 horas

  63. author

    Yellow SubmarineHace 6 horas

    Whatever mood you're in before you press play, it will be amped.

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    El dragon dé youtube baterista vlogs y juegos :DHace 6 horas

    green day no is punk is pop 199-2018 punk 2019-2020 pop

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    Chaylee CurleyHace 7 horas

    this came out when i was a freshman at the peak of my emo phase.... memories :’)

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    Tyler HeartyHace 7 horas

    Finding comments that are 9 year old i made on this video. Damn my music taste hasnt changed for anything

  67. author

    Mop Head666Hace 7 horas

    Lol this is trash

  68. author

    MrMotherfuck123Hace 7 horas

    By far their worst Record ever.

  69. author

    Franki el rockeroHace 7 horas

    0:01 Wtf,Why that electric guitar sounds like acoustic??

  70. author

    Doca DiasHace 7 horas

    Algum brasileiro aí ?

  71. author

    The OSSHace 7 horas

    I really like that Old Glory Flag :)

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    Dmitriy VnHace 7 horas

    Gaay Day

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    MOMBERGHace 7 horas

    Hello, I invite you to listen to our music and support us if you liked, thanks a lot :D

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    Gökhan XHace 7 horas

    Bu ne lan

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    Mateo NuñezHace 7 horas

    che disculpa, como es el do ese raro que haces en gud ridans? o time of yur life, cualkquiera de las dos, pq se me complica hacer el do sus 9 añadido en 4ta, saludos

  80. author

    Mateo NuñezHace 7 horas

    eslipno es mejor uacho

  81. author

    DNAwesomeHace 7 horas

    So good

  82. author

    taliwakka27Hace 7 horas

    coffee and tv

  83. author

    Igor IvanovHace 7 horas

    Ce soir, je suis mélancolique et cette vidéo me donne les lames aux yeux. Mais c'est parce que je trouve ça beau,

  84. author


    My sister says you suck but no I say your the best band I’ve ever heard

  85. author

    taliwakka27Hace 8 horas

    worst video of all time. Supergay

  86. author

    Ol' WhippersnapperHace 8 horas

    Sounds like imagine dragons covered boulevard of broken dreams

  87. author

    Mehlika FiratHace 8 horas

    Who was here before that black guy meme??

  88. author

    Rafał KąckiHace 8 horas

    2:25 other 2/3 of the song also sound stolen... or just maybe, great minds think alike

  89. author

    Autumn WykleHace 8 horas

    I’m so sorry but when I saw Billie with sideburns, I DIED 💀😂

  90. author

    Craig RansleyHace 8 horas

    Their new album is terrible. Literally pop music. Nothing exciting or punk about it. It sucks. Listen to their music from their first to Nimrod, then stop listening.

  91. author

    Praveen SebastianHace 8 horas


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    Linda C.Hace 8 horas

    Che boni

  93. author

    avocadoHace 8 horas

    My biggest fear is this song becoming a tiktok

  94. author

    Partha BanerjeeHace 8 horas

    Nobody ... ... ... .. Green Day : Brings back the high school memories of 90's kids... ❤💚

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    Juliano RodriguesHace 8 horas

    Green Day is Dead

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    ᵛᵃᶰ ʰᵒʸᵗᶫHace 9 horas

    Big Bob Dylan vibes

  97. author

    Necati Deniz BaykuşHace 9 horas

    i hate greenday actually but this is fire

  98. author

    Kristian CraK FuSSioNHace 9 horas

    Oh Yeah! in live:

  99. author

    Reza HardianHace 9 horas

    Love this songs! I am Green Day fans est. 2015 from Indonesia

  100. author

    pani patkaHace 9 horas