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Your Worst EnemyYour Worst Enemy

Your Worst Enemy

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Horrible DJs

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  1. author

    Samantha ColeHace 22 segundos

    Lilith is the demon that causes wet dreams

  2. author

    SDIVIDEHace 2 minutos

    Damn, I’m trying to eat my oats here!

  3. author

    BitterSweet KittenHace 2 minutos

    The only reason it's cool to be a virgin were I'm from is cause If u were/are a student that had sex than u most likely had it with more than one person an at my school there is alot of STDs /STIs going around an plus there is only maybe a class full of kids who still are virgins excusing the speacial kids hopefully.

  4. author

    Sebastian BrinkmannHace 2 minutos

    Bad people do bad things.

  5. author

    lindholmarenHace 2 minutos

    I swear if I get the fucking snow map for a 5th time in a row next time I queue for invasion I'm refunding

  6. author

    MoneyMan MambaHace 3 minutos

    5:00 I'm crying 😂

  7. author

    cumnmrmpt aaaHace 3 minutos

    I love all his videos and i watch every single one but i wish there were less livestream clip uploads

  8. author

    CheersHace 4 minutos

    I believe the only females that would be interested in virgin teenagers are milfs.

  9. author

    PunkerWithABonerHace 6 minutos

    I haven’t this series in a little while but what the fuck is fall damage in Halo ?

  10. author

    Nuriell Yosef RafaelovHace 6 minutos

    Shave your beard.

  11. author

    Samson5erb RocksHace 7 minutos

    Nobody be selling 1lb of pot for 200

  12. author

    Simone BarcaHace 8 minutos


  13. author

    Average SavageHace 8 minutos

    Girl : hey, nice too meet you. Charlie : I'M A VIRGIN

  14. author

    LazyBobbaHace 9 minutos

    you should cut your hair to keanu reeves level back tbh

  15. author

    JrmqsHace 9 minutos

    how can charlie be so cool yet be such a loser at the same time, science said it couldnt be done

  16. author

    FrostHace 9 minutos

    Your 19 th year ? Heh im 20 and still a virgin guess im better than u ;)

  17. author

    Ram MartinezHace 10 minutos

    These talks Charlie has with us is dope. Like a chat with a cousin you grew up with just shooting the shit

  18. author

    qualiviaHace 10 minutos

    so....was Charlie cheating?

  19. author

    Gaby GabrielHace 11 minutos

    Guys, sorry for asking. Does anyone knows from which movie is the figure at the wall behind him ? I'm completely blackout.

  20. author

    FinsoupsHace 11 minutos

    "Exorcisme through a slap"-penguinz0 Omg dammm

  21. author

    TardisInTheSkyeHace 12 minutos


  22. author

    Dylan SmithHace 12 minutos

    Multiplayer sucks dick, so does the sound effects.

  23. author

    0tearisHace 12 minutos

    aunt myrna might’ve never failed jack *but i’m sure her organs have failed her*

  24. author

    Harry CLHace 13 minutos

    Damn I never realised he's got over 4 milion subs ever since i started watching him lol thats amazing

  25. author

    Maknae TaeHace 13 minutos

    why did yt recommend this hahaha

  26. author

    db_liamHace 14 minutos

    I spent wayyy too many hours in this game back in 2011, and I ain’t even mad! Brigadier Grade 3 was as far as I’d made it, which was a hell of a feat for me being 11 at the time at least in my eyes

  27. author

    Jason SchilinskiHace 15 minutos

    Charlie Dominating his virginity makes sense in the anime. Now he annihilates his enemies with flesh lights. Swinging those pussy lips through the air has the exact opposite effect as waving a white flag, it makes the other team wave their white flag and retreat at the mere sight of charlie.

  28. author

    SpicyyHace 15 minutos

    *Anyone* *else* *a* *Big* *Fan?* 👇🏽 *I’m* *gonna* *śuß* *to* *everyone* *that* *likes* *this* *and* *sußs* *to* *me!* 🌹

  29. author

    ZLATENDABHace 15 minutos

    3:35 Shitty payday 2 costumes

  30. author

    fowling snickerHace 15 minutos


  31. author

    Hana KhaledHace 16 minutos

    You kinda look like Keanu Reeves. *Wot.*

  32. author

    DrPepper45Hace 16 minutos

    nobody: charlie: this is the greatest ___ of all time

  33. author

    Ravin RoseHace 17 minutos

    With all this virginity talk, the real lesson in this story is actually amazing

  34. author

    Ravin RoseHace 18 minutos

    With all this virginity talk, the real lesson in this story is actually amazing

  35. author

    Michael TaylorHace 19 minutos

    I had a bitch slap competition the other day, the bitch won.

  36. author

    Mr.SomeDonkusHace 19 minutos

    Boomer boomin it up.

  37. author

    Juno COLBYHace 20 minutos

    For minute I thought this was destiny two

  38. author

    NatsuHace 21 un minuto

    I'm anti-meta as fuck apparently.

  39. author

    Gavin UsreyHace 23 minutos

    Damn where was you like 6 years ago when I needed to hear this lol

  40. author

    Sping_BillHace 23 minutos

    Its just intense dry humping

  41. author

    Jean LannesHace 23 minutos

    Ive watched this guy for a short while and I didn't realized how

  42. author

    Jordon NelsonHace 25 minutos

    Imagine seeing a 5'6" hairy man driving a lightning mcqueen toy car that goes 80 mph tops

  43. author

    T KniteHace 25 minutos

    I first subbed to you like 10 years ago watching a halo reach video with the savage forklift moves. so fuggin happy to see this upload

  44. author

    CoCGod13Hace 25 minutos

    Yeah 22 lbs of weed does NOT go for about $200 wtf I wish 😂

  45. author

    Akira MakaraHace 26 minutos

    So what you're saying is, that for 19 years, you could've been sacrificed to the Aztec Gads, and now you're an unholy bitch?

  46. author

    MArc WIlsonHace 27 minutos

    Pc nope xbox360 hellyea bitch!!!

  47. author

    Liam BernerHace 28 minutos

    well fuck, I'm 18 and I lost mine before you.

  48. author

    Johnathon PalaciosHace 29 minutos

    I’m 15 and not a virgin and none of my closest friend are expect my best friend

  49. author

    Jake DayHace 29 minutos

    Shit vid shut up

  50. author

    GlitchKingHace 30 minutos

    My lord, that website design is truly awful.

  51. author

    Saif AlbreikiHace 30 minutos

    0:51 - 0:57 what?

  52. author

    CerberusHace 31 un minuto

    Any virgins in the chat?

  53. author

    Kelly ClaryHace 33 minutos

    crackhead cooking show

  54. author

    2CupShakurHace 33 minutos

    Fuck I used to be so good at this game

  55. author

    Bryce WhatleyHace 33 minutos

    Swat was where you proved if you were worth a fuck

  56. author

    why •69 years agoHace 34 minutos

    Ngl but this guy looks like an edgy anime character

  57. author

    Psychic Bubblegum ManHace 36 minutos

    Guy in black shirt was stiffening up holding the table bent over. All of it was helping him so I feel it's cheating.

  58. author

    SkyHawk66 J.Hace 37 minutos

    Not sure it was Logan’s slap or should I say throat chop that injured his opponent. If it where a slap I think the momentum would have knocked him back or to the side instead he falls straight ahead... I think Logan’s aim was off...

  59. author

    Lil TruckEHace 38 minutos

    I had to watch the Spanish version when I was 6

  60. author

    Will HendersonHace 38 minutos

    The real slug is tracey grimshaw

  61. author

    Kazim CiHace 39 minutos

    After this video charlie lost it‘s virginity

  62. author

    PastaRoniHace 40 minutos

    This reminds me of Criticals old sniper montages

  63. author

    Shsjs hsshHace 40 minutos

    I wish they made halo forced open mic, miss the days of hearing a son and his mom arguing how "mature" the game is, inviting people to playing mini games, and making friend. Ahhh xbox 360 nostalgia*

  64. author

    James GishHace 41 un minuto

    They're putting fake shit in cop shows now to make you think it's normal to get arrested

  65. author

    tiredHace 41 un minuto

    I wasn’t too shocked until you mentioned telling the girl you were saving it for her I actually gasped

  66. author

    Boost 2.0Hace 43 minutos

    Can't remember if this one has the battle rifle

  67. author

    Sandra GHace 47 minutos

    You need like 100 diapers just to clean the living room

  68. author

    YipsnakeHace 47 minutos

    Whats the difference between you and leafy/asmongold?

  69. author

    Encyclopedia AestheticaHace 48 minutos

    There was a tiktok advertisement on this

  70. author

    Raymond GriffinHace 48 minutos

    1:49 he turned into homer

  71. author

    You cant beat KHace 50 minutos

    You can make your own food with MSG.

  72. author

    Guttermouth 42690Hace 51 un minuto

    You’re a good man. We all have similar stories I’m sure, I know I do. But that a part of growing up. You have to learn things the hard way. You can have someone who’s done the exact same thing tell you the exact outcome of what you’re doing but sometimes it’s hard to listen to advice when you’re young. After you hit 25 you start looking back and realizing what you coulda done better but there’s no use dwelling on that shit. Just gotta do you and best yourself like you said. This is the way

  73. author

    James GishHace 51 un minuto

    The only thing Charlie's been wrong about is that god actually was proud of his virginity

  74. author

    Captain BHace 52 minutos

    What’s up with the apple headphones?

  75. author

    Sharp Shot EFXHace 53 minutos

    Is this Alex Jones Sr

  76. author

    BongToke419Hace 53 minutos

    Lmao I could never understand how this game is fun.. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  77. author

    Sounds Pretty MoistHace 54 minutos

    Never been a fan of Halo.

  78. author

    Unfragle GamingHace 55 minutos

    I am not like the other girls.... bois

  79. author

    pietremiHace 56 minutos

    well thats funny because you still look like a virgin

  80. author

    Frances EastHace 56 minutos

    These are perfectly suitable for children you want to collect life insurance on

  81. author

    Tori KeiraHace 56 minutos

    1:35 um the pen was in his pocket and its record the woman's titties

  82. author

    John DoeHace 58 minutos

    Dudes hands are bigger than dudes faces he smacks.

  83. author

    Fuck OffHace un hora

    This makes me proud to be human

  84. author

    Ross MHace un hora

    Alinity is scum. She's nobody's favourite cat lady exept the degenerates and incels who watch her.

  85. author

    wings of the phantom ghostHace un hora

    Love this game

  86. author

    Cereal Jay swayHace un hora

    UP NEXT 2020 GUY

  87. author

    Your Average SunBro \[T]/Hace un hora

    No drake reaction : bragging about virginity Yes drake reaction : “I’m haven’t lost my virginity because I never lose”

  88. author

    Zach HattenHace un hora

    You can track the age of the video by then length of Charlie's hair

  89. author

    Justin PleasantHace un hora

    WE JAMMIN 2019 GUY ALL 2020

  90. author

    Grigori RasputinHace un hora

    I didn’t watch this for a year because I was scared it was spoilers

  91. author

    Frozenanime skelettHace un hora

    Women: "I am a virgin" Wow how strong willed and pure. Men:"I am a virgin" WHat a loser. Feminism failed.

  92. author

    BatWithAHatHace un hora

    Rollo Slicer + Edge Of Glory = The Most Powerful Weapon Known to Man

  93. author

    play4golfHace un hora

    Get called a Racist .. it has to be the worst thing to be called.

  94. author

    Eric BeharicHace un hora

    Ever since u said boomer news i have never seen a current affair again

  95. author

    play4golfHace un hora

    You don’t have to eat all of it 🙄 and if your not enjoying I’m sure he can afford to throw it away. Eaten plenty of things that are bad that I don’t finish. It won’t get better if you don’t like the first 2 slices it won’t get better

  96. author

    RedCadeHace un hora

    0:17 what gamemode is that, I can't find the gamemode for PvP with vehicles 😔

  97. author

    commiesarentpeopleHace un hora

    It sounds like you were putting all your effort towards pity sex and you don't want to do that.

  98. author

    Immigrato clandestinoHace un hora

    This man got laid pretending to be the anime mysterious guy and bragging about being a virgin, if that's not a pro gamer move, idk what is

  99. author

    Purple BloodHace un hora

    Meat Monster

  100. author

    NRG Benjyfishy refreshHace un hora

    you should host custom games on your next stream