For 16 incredible, eventful and sometimes life-changing seasons, Ellen has been making audiences laugh all over the world with her signature brand of humor and her powerful message of kindness. There's nobody better at making you laugh and brightening your day. You never know what funny can do!

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Get Schooled

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Dogs Gone Wild

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Dog Days of Summer

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  1. author

    adorable baby kshama SHARMAHace 47 minutos

    The last one is super cool

  2. author

    Chrissy25Hace 47 minutos

    She kind of reminds me of the late Big Ang from Mob wives!

  3. author

    Greer ChaseHace 48 minutos

    Something to distract the masses from satanism running rife through Hollyweird🤔do your homework people maybe instead of following like sheep....this is to distract you from the peodaphelia

  4. author

    Miera JaidHace 48 minutos

    Yeahh this song really good. Miss Camila Cabello you get new fans here

  5. author

    Atrex 06Hace 48 minutos

    What’s the shawty with the flower shirt all the way in the back @? 😍😍

  6. author

    Haley MurphyHace 49 minutos

    Ellen savage

  7. author

    •Maheen Channel•Hace 49 minutos

    0:43 that face of Jimin though

  8. author

    Tanya DHace 50 minutos

    Vote for the ace family on the e choice awards💙💕

  9. author

    Henry DisciplineHace 51 un minuto

    Not very surprising

  10. author

    DwightHace 51 un minuto

    We male friends is 'mirin

  11. author

    Astral FlakeHace 52 minutos

    what is the name of the song any one knows ?

  12. author

    Ms CherryHace 53 minutos

    Adσrαвlє kídѕ 😍 I hσpє чσu αll dσ wєll ín ѕchσσl.

  13. author

    Suraj YadavHace 53 minutos

    Hindi seaksi

  14. author

    LeeAnn SchutteHace 53 minutos

    Lol oh brad cracks me up

  15. author

    Jeric YutanHace 54 minutos

    Colin Jost is soo cuuute and hot!!!

  16. author

    Remii Dee *Hace 54 minutos


  17. author

    # FallHace 55 minutos

    Ellen: do you know who loves this place? Melissa: do you know who Alexa plays? Me: *dies* 😂😂💀

  18. author

    indrajeet patelHace 55 minutos

    Title should be Brad Pitt calling Tom Cruise a friend.

  19. author

    Aimee LoveHace 56 minutos

    I'm not dissing her...but she always reminds me of one of the westons because back in the day when I was growing up my mom was kinda jealous of some telephone switchboard operator lady at Weston bakeries in Essex that had a crush on my dad that came to visit me in the hospital with her mother and gave me ballerina slippers and even showed up at his funeral

  20. author

    Leenail DeduroHace 57 minutos

    Ellen: how does licking help? Girl: it lubricates it. Ellen: I kNoW wHaT LiCkiNg DoEs.

  21. author

    PigiPugiHace 57 minutos

    hey guys small youtuber here let’s help each other grow❤️

  22. author

    CassidyHace 57 minutos

    Am I the only who got introduced to Trisha’s videos by watching this years ago? 😂

  23. author

    CourtneyHace 58 minutos

    This was awkward loo

  24. author

    The PianistHace un hora

    Andy eating Nuts

  25. author

    Lake Sivad PapeleraHace un hora

    That suit Ellen yasssssss👏🏾👏🏾🙌🏾

  26. author

    Julia HarrellHace un hora

    every time Ellen goes out in public, she destroys everything

  27. author

    Kasiani AndreouHace un hora


  28. author

    Uttara ShedgeHace un hora

    It's not just inviting many guests but we have to attend every single of them otherwise it is like we are not respecting them or something like that..

  29. author

    Casual _hannahHace un hora


  30. author

    Yasmin NeumannHace un hora

    you can see how happy and exited he was when he gave ellen the present it was the most adorable thing i’ve ever seen😫

  31. author

    Muhammad MondesirHace un hora

    Cardi rel cool though wow

  32. author

    XXgamerforlife62XX XXHace un hora

    You can eat em🤣

  33. author

    Turbo THace un hora


  34. author

    詹淳惠Hace un hora

    Love the music👍👍👍🥰🥰🥰

  35. author

    Jo Jo82Hace un hora


  36. author

    Teko LewisHace un hora

    I'm here for Smino and my dude Darius scott.

  37. author

    Christopher BedfordHace un hora

    Lucky that wasn't set up at all.

  38. author

    Fajriah Ramadhan IsmailHace un hora

    What was the word bleeped?

  39. author

    Brenda SFHace un hora

    kylie: who loves you the most?? stormi: daddy kylie: 💔

  40. author

    Canna CowboyHace un hora

    Which chance is the real chance? The chance up on stage with Ellen or the chance in the crowd with his fam at 2:23 😂😂

  41. author

    Saddik LaaraicheHace un hora

    Help me paradise God's son's bless américain, back to scool ,🇩🇿🔯🅿💲💍✌👅👅😈😈🗽👮👮🔞🔞➕➕®®©©🆔🆔🈹🈹

  42. author

    Eden CastorHace un hora

    Just do it

  43. author

    W AhHace un hora

    A simple and a very beautiful man this Brad...

  44. author

    Evy PaulinoHace un hora

    Austin is so funny 😂

  45. author

    Kyra ShaliseHace un hora

    Beautiful baby 😍😍😍😍😍

  46. author

    TWTW Travelling With The WindHace un hora


  47. author

    Susan JonesHace un hora

    Brad Pitt has the charisma and style and the humor to carry this off. I watched the end of this and he finally came up to sit with Ellen and put in a plug for his new movie. I smiled the whole show - talk about super star quality!!!

  48. author

    Carolina GutierrezHace un hora

    sobreactuada y no es graciosa.

  49. author

    What's Up EverybodyHace un hora

    Yey i can comment 😂😂

  50. author

    Arnold Strong Numero UnoHace un hora

    Brad is the best.

  51. author

    Biniza ManzanoHace un hora

    OMG it feels like it was yesterday ㅠㅠ and it’s already been more than a year

  52. author

    Aaliyah JonesHace un hora

    Ellen:are you scared of clowns? Him: no Ellen: whispers bring in da clown Him: bleep bleep bleep

  53. author

    Editz .zHace un hora

    This is dope af:)

  54. author

    Lamp HigaHace un hora

    8.6 million views in just 2 days. Wow. Only Brad Pitt can do this.

  55. author

    Almudena CarneroHace un hora

    Alo saludos plu permi. Ves eso cumple. Bien te suena eso toma algo de ello ok alto. Claro. Uy si cumplió en. Todo. Servicio no abandonó igual con su pareja te. Suena de algo tres garras me tomo yo le de doy v. Ok alto claro. No. Uy. Ni. Decir. Ok alto claro te. Call me. Espage despega. Con mundl colores grc grc grc.

  56. author

    SHAUN CAPITALHace un hora

    Billie Eilish is best actress in disguise 👍👍👍👌

  57. author

    Laura SHace un hora

    Aww her cat is unique! 😍

  58. author

    Carys TraceyHace un hora

    Nae way can Travis make at wain fly 🤣

  59. author

    Robert KellyHace un hora

    I love you Taylor! Will you marry me?

  60. author

    NICK O MODEHace un hora

    I like music

  61. author

    huong tran thanhHace un hora

    single brad pitt so strong, he switched seasons

  62. author

    Jenn CortHace un hora

    Hahaha!! Omg that dad at the end. Talk about embarrassing. 😂

  63. author

    Mazikeen SmithHace un hora

    andy tshirt he got that in the Philippines at the souvenir shop hahahaha # Laguna

  64. author

    Daniel DeonarineHace un hora

    Ellen is a fun show to watch.

  65. author

    linq /Hace un hora

    I am totally hurting my feelings watching this every month

  66. author

    k pHace un hora

    We need a young brad in our time and day!!!!😭👀🔥

  67. author

    Peace WorldHace un hora

    Showing up to a married lesbian show and telling her how big is your D must be the best thing ever... Steeee 🍆😍😂 your rustle killed it! Feminists left the chat

  68. author

    Actually 21 SavageHace un hora

    Eternal atake

  69. author

    VfxCaterHace un hora

    Bruh wait till find out they nap time is temporary 💀

  70. author

    Mik MikHace un hora

    Take me home for brunch

  71. author

    Anjelina ZunigaHace un hora

    Cutest thing ever!

  72. author

    Emily Anne SoutherHace un hora

    I love how he makes himself laugh 😂 love bill hader

  73. author

    Beauty's GuessHace un hora

    Oh we need more like Her!!

  74. author

    ClownStarTalkingHace un hora

    My brother!

  75. author

    Leon DeBoiHace un hora

    Oooooooof im year 9

  76. author

    Hehehhjw HehehejdibsbHace un hora

    Ellen at 1:29: “Do you want to sit down here?” Girl next to Brad Pitts expression at 1:31: *please don’t*

  77. author

    Jessie DahlHace un hora

    ellen was a freakin player. totally shattered my thought that she was a devoted 1 woman person :(

  78. author

    Jamie NelsonHace un hora

    I would bet my life savings on the fact that most people in the audience would be ranked as the least intelligent on Earth lol

  79. author

    Sara J.Hace un hora

    Wth... she wanted to get rid of all her massive things she didn’t need, so they give her a massive tv?😂 could’ve been the newest phone or something smaller lol...

  80. author

    Fajriah Ramadhan IsmailHace un hora

    Welcome back Brad😘😘

  81. author

    SHAWN MICHAEL DuncanHace un hora

    Assholw broke Jennifer Aniston's heart.

  82. author

    Lyric SmithHace un hora

    Omg I love this lol

  83. author

    Everleigh FawziHace un hora

    Even his laugh is music to my ears

  84. author

    Shalet 409Hace un hora

    Ace family ❤️

  85. author

    OPJuiceBoxHace un hora

    This video has been out for 1 hour and only has 6,770 views

  86. author

    Jodi UrlacherHace un hora

    Brad is so daygone cute! What a charming guy.

  87. author

    John DoeHace un hora


  88. author

    ChrisPiano96Hace un hora

    I need Melissa in my life 😂😂❤️

  89. author

    Lazy SunnyHace un hora

    Dogs are more athletic than me I just- I just become the bed

  90. author

    Marília EnéasHace un hora

    I like the way he said "no shame" at 1:17 . What a humble dude!

  91. author

    Irene Valdés MartínHace un hora

    nobody: joba: 2:14

  92. author

    Disney DivaHace un hora

    It’s my dream to go to a 12 days show sometime. Definitely on my bucket list!!

  93. author

    Corn SlimesHace un hora

    Condiment cake

  94. author

    lorenzo lohmanHace un hora

    Hard not to like kellie pickler

  95. author

    Arvind PanwarHace un hora

    Ellen is like sainta claus for everybody ❤️

  96. author

    Gods Love Kept MeHace un hora

    She’s so adorable and humble. What a beautiful young lady. You go girl!!! 😁

  97. author

    uglygalHace un hora

    *_cHeEsE cHeeSE ChEesE_*

  98. author

    lorenzo lohmanHace un hora

    Short hair is great for the environment. Think of the millions of gallons of water saved plus time saved primping

  99. author

    nemoHace un hora

    There's a nail in the stir fry. "You dirty pig!" Lol

  100. author

    FloxyLakHace un hora

    *Micheal your on camera*