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  1. author

    Donaji MunozHace un día

    So that was the audition that landed them to host 2021 Academy Awards!

  2. author

    Adarshani VikashHace un día

    Why can't they just always host the Oscare every year please?

  3. author

    J ManHace un día

    What an absolute idiot. True leftist propaganda at its finest.

  4. author

    Gam ErHace un día

    Clickbait. Title says funny.

  5. author

    Maria BacioHace un día

    I love them so much ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. author

    skullyHace un día

    The first time i saw this i was like what was he talking about? Cows??? Then the 2nd time i watched the video and this time with dialogues, i thought that was the best speech that anyone has given.

  7. author

    Damonx360xHace un día

    There is so much more here than meets the eye.. wow.

  8. author

    Yellamaraju DurgaHace un día

    His speach was good 🤩🤩🤩👍👍👍

  9. author

    Rhys McdonaldHace un día

    But how many times people just give speeches and there's isnt anything being done?

  10. author

    Jony Stat232Hace un día

    Noble saying. Noble understanding

  11. author

    Parminder KaurHace un día

    I wish there were a lot more people like him... be the voice of the voiceless

  12. author

    Arkaye feb PerochoHace un día

    I like this guy he is addicted of escaping the reality in this world!

  13. author

    alinushTVHace un día

    I can't find Eminem's full song which were uploaded on this channel. Did they delete it???? That song hit 20 million before than any other oscar videos. Now it's gone

  14. author

    Todoroki Is A Beast!Hace un día

    Yooo what happened again 2 the amazing Eminem performance that had over 20+ Million Views can u let us fans know why it taken down once again 😔

  15. author

    J BHace un día

    2020 💯💯💯🔥🔥🔥

  16. author

    Dirk HoekHace un día

    What he is technically saying is that we should not impeach trump for his actions in the past and that people shouldn’t be brought to court for something that happened 10 or 20 years ago

  17. author

    Hector CepedaHace un día

    I'll bet Tarantino was primarily checking out their feet.

  18. author

    MOULAY EHace un día

    Kristen Wiig should so have her own sitcom!

  19. author

    cyc7lopsHace un día

    Brad has never been very bright; witness his poorly informed statement about John Bolton. If he weren't so lazy and had taken a little time to do some research, he might actually know what he was talking about and see it quite differently. So done with follow-the-herd woke Hollyweird.

  20. author

    Mikołaj SolikHace un día

    JOJO RABBIT was snubbed in this category.

  21. author

    NubiaRisingHace un día

    Are you kidding me... one of the greatest actors ever! He should have 5 or ten of these for acting

  22. author

    AG PattersonHace un día


  23. author

    Karl OlofssonHace un día

    Haha, he's turning into the Dude

  24. author

    Dan ukHace un día

    I'm T'eed Ooofff! ..I'm streamed." 😂😂

  25. author

    Aaron AlseptHace un día

    He's no Day-Lewis, but he aight'.

  26. author

    Learn and GrowHace un día


  27. author

    Doctor CrusherHace un día

    My goodness, if that was the funniest part of the whole show, then I’m glad I didn’t watch it. Oh my, it’s getting worse and worse every minute. 🤦‍♀️

  28. author

    joleen mashaHace un día

    Brand you look 👀 so younger men

  29. author

    Hemalatha MariappanHace un día

    Always my favorite Hero

  30. author

    Jacqueline van der KooijHace un día

    This is Glennis Grace

  31. author

    Lalremtluanga RalteHace un día

    What a great speech

  32. author

    Abdal yousafzaiHace un día


  33. author

    Seksie NibbaHace un día


  34. author

    sean walkerHace un día

    Great speach but definatley could of left the part about the cow and sentient being made him sound like he was talking for other people and not from his own mind

  35. author

    Vineet ChaudharyHace un día

    I love hollywood ..but i hate bollywood ..fuckof...indian actor 🖕👊

  36. author

    Allan Of El SalvadorHace un día


  37. author

    Lemon pie Ice LatteHace un día

    I don't understand why people think CATS the movie is a failure...I give my applause to all the staffs who worked hard on the movie because I really enjoyed it :)

  38. author

    Cputt&CammedSierraHace un día

    45 seconds more than John blah blah blahhhhhh. Get in touch with modern day working class people. You high class fucks are classless.

  39. author

    Jordan MapfumoHace un día

    you were always gone when i was a kid😄😄

  40. author

    HalliwellssonHace un día

    The singing part?:O

  41. author

    Nick TheeGoatHace un día

    Fake Award, Pity award. He’s not a better actor than the other guys nominated. He didn’t have a better performance than the other nominees either. The academy gave it to him because they felt bad for him. He’s a pretty boy star, he got the award not on the merits of his acting but because he’s a pretty boy and the academy was biased. They gave it to him as a life time achievement award, because he’s done some good movies and he isn’t a bad actor, but the award is supposed to go to the best supporting actor and that was not brad Pitt this year. This is why I never watch the oscars.

  42. author

    Glitch in the matrix 81Hace un día


  43. author

    Vinayak ShirkeHace un día

    John Wick is Back

  44. author

    Wink BlueHace un día

    Come on though...endgame deserved best VFX

  45. author

    Gary DimaggioHace un día

    They aren't funny they're obnoxious

  46. author

    Art DecoHace un día

    *Less than 0.5% of the people on Earth are Vegans.* By the amount of babbling noise they make, you would think there were billions of them.

  47. author

    Martin AllenHace un día

    Oh American comedy... 🙄

  48. author

    wizarddonHace un día

    Most boring movie ever award goes to once upon a time in Hollywood

  49. author

    **** VJHace un día

    Ever seen KGF Kannada Movie.

  50. author

    TheGitzserEvolutionHace un día

    no Ricky Gervais jokes?

  51. author

    Ayumi SasakiHace un día

    Am I the only one who genuinely enjoyed the movie? It’s kinda sad to see the casts themselves making fun of the film

  52. author

    Раюшка РаюшкаHace un día

    Обажаю это фильм

  53. author

    CourtneyHace un día

    So funny how Maya Rudolph’s spouse is actually Paul Thomas Anderson. A very prestigious director which makes the whole bit even funnier 😂😂

  54. author

    Misba FarheenHace un día

    The man who hate talk shows but when he spoke he made everyone speechless

  55. author

    Best IPTVHace un día


  56. author

    Matheus AlexandreHace un día

    Essa olhada 0:47

  57. author

    MCOC JournalHace un día

    I'm speechless. I personally know so many people who call him weird, but in my opinion, he's such a wonderful person from the inside. Respect!!

  58. author

    LOVE, LyzzaHace un día

    Maya should win Best Actress and Kristen Supporting Actress for this hahaha #RIPreplaybutton they're so funny! Made my day!

  59. author

    dizzipleHace un día

    This is humanity in its purest form!

  60. author

    LOVE, LyzzaHace un día

    THESE PRESENTERS DIDN'T WASTE THEIR STAGE TIME...hope they get bookings after this haha Brilliant 'Acting' Queens!! Haha 💜

  61. author

    Mario MrakovicHace un día

    Highlight of the entire evening. Amazing speech, especially for and in the era we all live in.

  62. author

    Sevyn TennysonHace un día

    Kristen looks soo good

  63. author

    Purvesh KhamankarHace un día

    Just take the award... There are too many advice advertising actors already.

  64. author

    Jeff CaldwellHace un día

    Seriously, getting lectured from someone who promotes violence.

  65. author

    Orlando Luis F. De Leon Jr.Hace un día

    I absolutely LOVE it when Maya Rudolph & Kristen Wiig work together!

  66. author

    neha misraHace un día

    They need to host the Oscars 2021

  67. author

    patrick mcgloneHace un día

    I'm still waiting for this to be funny!

  68. author

    LUCIFER GAMINGHace un día

    Leo and Joaquin are same in terms of conservation of planet and humanity

  69. author

    MichachelHace un día

    I watch the Eminem performance and then all this crap shows up in my recommended

  70. author

    Diana ChanHace un día

    Noticed how the korean names are being pronounced correctly instead of following the romanization? Love that small tiny bit of effort...

  71. author

    Janith MadusankaHace un día

  72. author

    Rivyansh KumarHace un día

    Eminem 🐐🐐

  73. author

    Humor ZoneHace un día

    Looks like he didn't lose a single hair over the years!

  74. author

    David DCDHace un día

    How is this funny?...these people are really stupid!

  75. author

    Logan AsifHace un día

    Meanwhile tomcruise, I am going to space without suit

  76. author

    Indo with Bad englishHace un día

    They enlighten this award show

  77. author

    MissSuggaBooHace un día

    Well played ( see what l did there😉?)

  78. author

    g macHace un día

    Kristen Wiig is now Cheetah. Luv it

  79. author

    Montażownia nr1Hace un día

    What a bollocks... woke agenda attack again :|

  80. author

    asha singhHace un día

    He is one of the best actor in the world...

  81. author

    Levi MusgraveHace un día

    he is a nut

  82. author

    Lord TyrellHace un día

    Love seeing Tom Hanks wife and Scorsese having the best time while these two driver the best ACTING 😂 Wiig and Rudolph are just the best 🙌

  83. author

    Bonkilonk SmithHace un día

    Joey did this on friends a while back. This isn’t a new joke. And Joey did it better : )

  84. author

    Yogendra YadavHace un día

    Someone give him a mini oscar for speech too..

  85. author

    Chanelle RoseHace un día

    Best ever!

  86. author

    GwomanifyHace un día

    Um am I the only one that thinks that was not funny in the slightest? Hello????

  87. author

    Gooner RepublikHace un día

    Well it was good deal for both .. They gave him the Oscar, he gave them the scripted speech

  88. author

    John SmitheeHace un día

    0:43 - Keanu Reeves happy 0:45 - Keanu Reeves focused

  89. author

    Lyssas FaithHace un día

    Kijk de Oscars terug bij FOX via jouw provider

  90. author

    Victoria FreddieHace un día

    Every day we stray further from gods light

  91. author

    Shijoe JosephHace un día

    Oh, Joey! 😂🤣

  92. author

    ADHace un día

    Finally 🙏

  93. author

    Vince MarinoHace un día

    He said nothing about feminism lol.

  94. author

    JAZZ and FUNK equals JUNK??Hace un día

    is it true his brother is best friend of Keanu Reeves? O-O

  95. author

    Devil GamingHace un día

    Joker lives within him.....

  96. author

    MaddieHace un día

    Where’s the song?

  97. author

    Crazy Average Asian BitchHace un día

    they act like cats hitting the mic is hilarious

  98. author

    Mackenzie HarperHace un día

    Maya Rudolph is fucking hideous looking!! Actually both these women are and they're NOT even remotely funny!!!

  99. author

    Slavic PrideHace un día

    What an amazing fool 😂😂😂

  100. author

    Remco VHace un día

    Brad Pitt should just put up some more make up and stand pretty in front of the camera. We know Brad Pitt hates the average people that voted Republican. At least we are real man without makeup and we dont cry " it is not fair Republicans won the election ".