Exposing Project Zorgo
Exposing Project Zorgo
Exposing Project Zorgo

I am a former member of Project Zorgo. I used to go by the code name PZ1. Once I fully learned of their plans to control ESreporter I decided to leave the group. I've discovered that their Target List of ESreporterrs are actually good people and create great videos. I decided to help my new friends Chad Wild Clay and Vy Qwaint by joining the SPY NINJAS.
On this channel, I will be sharing everything I learned about the team and piecing together the clues, evidence, riddles, and puzzles to solve exactly what Project Zorgo is up to.

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    Chad 1

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    I think a ps4 is looking at you.

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    The stun star

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    Regena is pz9 Brother

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    I love you videos

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    exposing project zorgo was spying on you guys and throwing rocks and I thing a hacker stole your Tesla

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    Let me go back to ESreporter

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    Dan 3

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    Vy 3

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    Let me go back to ESreporter

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    Chad 1

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    Vy 3

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    Guys I saw a hacker on the ride

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    We should be the next vy spy Ninja again and why would kick her out and forget about her even though she is Chad's wife and she didn't mean to be in project zorgo what if she was getting secret information on project zorgo I know who fixed Regina's teddy bear it was vy I know who turned on the washing machine it was vy and I know who found Chad's bracelet I don't know I forgot what it was called but I know who found it it was vy

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    A your so so cool and how you act so you can do it and save my phone a devices.

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    Pz9 won

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    Like if pz9 is kind 😝 Of silly

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    Chevy Daniel you're all my favorites by ninjas I hope you have a hacker B Pioneer team ones maybe it could be pz4

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    his name is melvin

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    I’m like you r

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    Delete you're channel this is the worst content ever

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    How did vy hear reginas message when she doesn't have her phone?

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    276 because it is all over this town

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    sun screen in my eye

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    Vy 3

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    The code of the safe is 2679

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    The hacker is behind you guys

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    The code is 4532

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    pz 3

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    Chad 1

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    There is a hacker behind you

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    I was hacked any way

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    dan 3

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    chad 1

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    vy 3

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    PZ9 aka Melvin

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    Maybe he is not there at all!!!😍😘😀😚😙😗😥😶😊😁😀😅😄😍🤗🤔😣😏🙂🙄☺😶😑😐

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    4:05 wow Dany boi look weird

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    Can I join the spy ninja please

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    I love you pz9

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    The cod is 613169

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    that's. my. bday

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    Regina lie

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    Who is watching in 2019 leave a like if you are

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    Kicks Wilbur

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    U should join spy ninjas

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    Front wulburt

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    The project zorgo leader 😱😱😱😱😱

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    Front Wilbur

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    I saw a hacker

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    Daniel lie

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    I know pz4 name Regina and hers mom is a hacker Travian Daniel Chad V and Daniel supper pz4 pz4 stuck.

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    When you say Melvin it makes that fog to come out

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    I wanna get a shoutout plz

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    Jesus by ninjas I think that it was Joseph Banks who took your car to save you guys because it sounded just like Joseph Banks also I think that JB Joseph or Justin betrayed

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    I LOVE you so much and I hope you Deffet project zorgo one DAY AND I Will spoil you with all my love and joy ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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