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  1. author

    Pat LangHace 5 segundos

    jajajajaja CTG got treated.... one time for the one time lmao......who are you?

  2. author

    Key OHace 7 segundos

    King Korey Wise

  3. author

    Martin PayneHace 17 segundos

    Get all EXONERATED 5 up here and give them an hour and 30 minute interview!!!!

  4. author

    Erudite NomadHace 22 segundos

    The constitution states that we as blacks and colours are labelled as 'Liberated' opposed to the white folks who have 'Freedom'. Having Liberty and Freedom are 2 different things.

  5. author

    Sonya WilliamsHace 37 segundos

    Donuts aren’t even good, they taste like oil and sugar.

  6. author

    SammyHace 38 segundos

    people have been making the donut burger for years, way before the boondocks

  7. author

    Ooh TyroneHace 50 segundos


  8. author

    that_boy _oxHace un minuto

    13th amendment

  9. author

    Mini NiHace un minuto

    The movie/series saddened me. Its something I cannot and will not watch again. Truly grateful to learn the story and witness their truth. Korey Wise words can't express my sympathy towards him. I cannot understand for the life of me why he (kw) came home on parole when he was set free. EVERYTHING about what these MEN went through weakening me but, also strengthen me.

  10. author

    Makeup iMacHace un minuto

    Good watch!!! Know your rights ppl

  11. author

    Unknown AnonHace un minuto

    Charla just like CNN. Already came out CNN gave false information about Trump to emberass him. If there was collusion or Trump did anything wrong why wouldn't he get impeached like Clinton or Johnson did? Stop being a cheap and believe everything the media tellin y'all and think for yourselves

  12. author

    Justin GantHace un minuto

    Stop quoting the bible n!gga, you apply it wrong. It is great we have the ability to come up with an idea and can sell it for a profit. If you want restrictions on freedom of commerce Charla, move to a communist country. Ignorance is not an excuse...those broke fat mfers have a smartphone...if they refuse to look up the information fuk em

  13. author

    hotshyt03Hace un minuto

    left pistol for the Englewood Carjackers.. lmaoooo

  14. author

    C&B CrewHace 2 minutos

    She’s hilarious

  15. author

    Derek CollinsHace 2 minutos

    Lol Yezzy taught em

  16. author

    JustBeing HonestHace 2 minutos

    ENVY Cory would had went down there again God use him to clear everybody that was ignorant what you said at the beginning your quote" I know you was like why the hell I went down there" while laughing ..Dumb MF..

  17. author

    ChiHace 2 minutos

    Random... But I like Korey's hoodie

  18. author

    LadyArmand2000Hace 2 minutos

    I never wanna see that movie ever again. I was an emotional mess for days afterward, and it wasn't even my life. I'm not a mother, but I am a sister, an auntie, and a cousin of black men. Shout out to the survivors Korey, Antron, Kevin, Raymond, and Yusef. R.I.P to brother Kalief Browder. ✊🏿✊🏿✌🏿

  19. author

    Zaza ZazaHace 2 minutos

    Why they gotta make up shit tho??

  20. author

    Get Ya MoneyHace 2 minutos

    Man WTF, they gotta enough comics do something else

  21. author

    annienyc272Hace 2 minutos

    Great interview but they could have stopped at 2:25 to restate that they were not men at the time they were children. We as a community need to look after our children because the justice system and police departments did not protect these children at the time.

  22. author

    ladiesman21707Hace 2 minutos

    what up everybody yall just got in tune wit the latest 69 news wit my girl dj envy, angela yee, and charlamagay da gawd

  23. author

    Jocelyn VargasHace 3 minutos

    Killer Mike for president 2020

  24. author

    The Thirty JourneyHace 3 minutos

    I just want to hug and know everything there is to know about Korey Wise. God bless all of those amazing men, but I truly see the light that exists within Korey. Wish this interview were longer.

  25. author

    Ashley DavisHace 3 minutos

    Whew life comes at you fast. Korey. Jesus, please heal this man. These men. Amen 🙏🏾

  26. author

    F. RoseHace 3 minutos

    Good interview! ✌️

  27. author

    PhatboysupakoolHace 3 minutos

    Hurt my soul to see Corey bruh. it really took a toll on the brother. breaks my heart

  28. author

    Team YoungHace 3 minutos

    We already know he telling but when did they start leaking Audio in fed cases. What if they all In on it lol jk

  29. author

    KingCo AndersonHace 3 minutos

    What's them letters on your hat? 💣💣

  30. author

    JOYHace 3 minutos

    Korey is so handsome to me god bless all these beautiful black men

  31. author

    UnpopularOpinion SportsHace 3 minutos

    who was talking about Dennis Rodman before this 30 for 30?

  32. author

    Sandile SibiyaHace 4 minutos

    Damn the breakfast club hungry. So many uploads

  33. author

    Jorge BravoHace 4 minutos

    RPS- medical condition 😅🤣😅🤣

  34. author

    sade obrienHace 4 minutos

    Korey lying his ass off smh

  35. author

    M SpriggsHace 4 minutos

    Man I love these guys!!

  36. author

    Syreeta SilerHace 4 minutos

    Damn y'all just now having these brothers on smh. Better late than never I guess

  37. author

    Leez A.Hace 4 minutos

    "In her victimhood they are still privelaged..." That comment hit hard :/

  38. author

    SemiAutoKid__Hace 4 minutos


  39. author

    Michael Gilmore TVHace 4 minutos

    September 2019 brought me back here! Even the damn White Federal Judge told him to stop snitching, the Judge📚!

  40. author

    KingifyHace 4 minutos

    This man is a legend! Angela actually was prepared for the interview unlike her co-hosts

  41. author

    D WHace 4 minutos

    Charlemagne called it out. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  42. author

    sow hasHace 4 minutos

    We can see pain in korey's eyes

  43. author

    Kenyatta WolfHace 5 minutos


  44. author

    Catch That teaHace 5 minutos

    Finally!! Y’all brought them to the show.

  45. author

    Ro AshleyHace 5 minutos

    Her special was hilarious! One of the best Wayans specials I’ve seen.

  46. author

    Curly VirgoHace 5 minutos

    CTG is starting to look like the Wendy Williams radio show CTG

  47. author

    Okay DudeHace 5 minutos

    Breakfast club was on they💩 this week 💯

  48. author

    Kristina ChavezHace 5 minutos

    Linda should have been charged for lying! She and the officers involved should have all been held accountable

  49. author

    F. RoseHace 5 minutos

    Good show! ✌️

  50. author

    Kevin JonesHace 6 minutos

    One of the few real niggas left in hip hop. Much respect

  51. author

    J LTHace 6 minutos

    Get rich or die while getting raided on FB Live.

  52. author

    Kyle MHace 6 minutos

    Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

  53. author

    F. RoseHace 6 minutos

    Good show! ✌️

  54. author

    Aminah TaylorHace 6 minutos

    They told him to be cautious 🤷🏾‍♀️

  55. author

    Jermy GillumHace 6 minutos

    😂😂😂😂 Dumb Ass

  56. author

    Dylan LewisHace 7 minutos

    I reckon at least 4 members of the wayans are homosexuals

  57. author

    U STAR 116Hace 7 minutos

    Man, I can still feel and see the pain and hurt whenever Korey talks. I pray God give this man absolute recovery. God bless you Sir Korey Wise you are indeed a soldier.💪🏾💪🏾✊🏾✊🏾

  58. author

    Real pasa pasa ChannelHace 7 minutos

    Who sill haven’t eat Popeyes chicken sandwich yet?

  59. author

    Hardest Snot_rocketHace 7 minutos

    Why don't Marlon ever add any Wayans in his shitty films ??

  60. author

    evelyn gomezHace 7 minutos

    Amazing amazing amazing interview God Bless!!

  61. author

    Kyle MHace 7 minutos

    Matthew 6:25 “Therefore I tell you, do not be anxious about your life, what you will eat or what you will drink, nor about your body, what you will put on. Is not life more than food, and the body more than clothing?

  62. author

    Marco ColoHace 7 minutos


  63. author

    Mike SavageHace 7 minutos

    *Knowledge of the day* You’re not behind. It’s not too late. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Everything is unfolding. Don’t judge yourself or be hard on yourself about how long something is taking to happen. Your time is coming. Just be thankful that you made it this far.

  64. author

    Ooh TyroneHace 7 minutos

    When They See Us 🙌🏾

  65. author

    scroeffieHace 7 minutos

    gay pussy with a big clit

  66. author

    TheFRESHSINCE81Hace 8 minutos

    The 6 people and probably counting who thumbs down this must be trumpkins

  67. author

    Frederick ReeseHace 8 minutos

    In my opinion she is the third funniest wayans. Damon, Marlon, chanute, damon jr. and Greg.

  68. author

    74kjohnsonHace 8 minutos

    Trump took out that ad out in 1989. Before that he had a history of discriminatory hiring practices and renting his property to minorities. This did happen stop all of these rappers and celebrities from shouting him out in their songs, cheesing in pictures and hanging out with him at his hotels and casinos. My point being why now do they have a problem with him when it was pretty well known he was a bigot? Yes now he is President and can do more harm but he has always been influential in nyc business and politics. It just goes to show that they should not be speaking for or representing us in any way. They are hypocrites that are all bought and paid for.

  69. author

    EK Mixed ThatHace 8 minutos

    “Suck a d**k” - Lenard McKelvey 😭

  70. author

    cee kayHace 8 minutos

    no ma' am!!

  71. author

    Aurora BorealisHace 8 minutos

    Wise <3

  72. author

    heytodayHace 8 minutos

    didnt know issa rae was trans

  73. author

    Ra WardHace 8 minutos

    Yooooo..... she is funny!!!

  74. author

    lw3042003Hace 9 minutos

    Yusef better always have Corey's back and the rest of you Dumbass People commenting better stop believing that Netflix fairytale, which was not a documentary

  75. author

    Fernanda MendezHace 9 minutos

    Korey is so cute side note.

  76. author

    MrPukestickHace 9 minutos

    He's the Jussie Smollet of mumble rap.

  77. author

    Zeusssinstrumentals Ow YeaHace 10 minutos

    Yo he trippin bruh no it went down he trippin yo the hand shakes hell no no it’s called stacking Chinese people do it all the time don’t no

  78. author

    AbeHace 10 minutos

    Nobody could understand Moschino at all...

  79. author

    Matthew VegaHace 10 minutos

    Iam by no means racist... but when my own white friends, coworkers, and associates agree that white “Privilege” is alive and well .... something has to be changed

  80. author

    Trey boneHace 10 minutos

    Trump 2020

  81. author

    Anna ASMRHace 10 minutos

    Yeah Corey just touches my heart 💜

  82. author

    Eaddy QuincyHace 10 minutos

    This is why Kapenick kneel ..the system is made to oppress minorities period

  83. author

    rmiddlehouseHace 10 minutos

    Gummo wasn’t about Trippie Redd. Was about Cassanova.

  84. author

    Sonya WilliamsHace 10 minutos

    “Test my gangsta”, they did and he snitched. Pathetic.

  85. author

    jessica okobaHace 10 minutos

    What happened to the security guard that helped korey in jail

  86. author

    UNRULYBLOCKHace 10 minutos


  87. author

    Hitmarker XPHace 10 minutos

    i dont like 6ix9ine

  88. author

    SJW KillerHace 10 minutos

    But they did it tho..

  89. author

    Special LdyHace 10 minutos

    Thank God you guys got the rest of your life back... continue to fight for your life. It's god's choice to give his hardest battles to the blacks, we will survive. I'm a testimony to this battle so I understand the pain, the struggle of it. Stay in prayer

  90. author

    Jan EfraimHace 11 minutos

    Thank you for this breakfast club heartbreaking especially Korey...Sad sad sad....

  91. author

    Luebla BlacknellHace 11 minutos

    Even though they paid a hell of a price- w/their freedom....I am so glad that these Black Brothers are ALIVE to tell their OWN story! There are so many Black Bros. that did not get the chance. Bless All of You & Know That You Came From Some Good African Stock.....

  92. author

    Jordinho 007Hace 11 minutos

    The cup of tea he's referring to when he talks about the Kardashians, is it related to the hypnotism scene in Get Out?

  93. author

    Meagan JonesHace 11 minutos

    🗣SOOOOO GALD YALL HAD THEM ON! I just asked @CTHAGOD on IG the other day when they were going to get them on here💪🏾 soooo glad y’all had them in here !!!!! I love them💜 Yusef Salam came to my city back in Aug and spoke LIFE into my son!!! So moving y’all so moving!! Cnt wait to get their book!! One love yall💜💜

  94. author

    CJ BanksHace 11 minutos

    Please give Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau Donkey of the Day! 👍🏿

  95. author

    Iam Je'NaiHace 11 minutos

    Back to back great interviews 😢🤞🏽

  96. author

    Kermit of RiviaHace 12 minutos

    6niitch9yne bout to get clapped once he leaves the pen. That's a dead skittle walking imho.

  97. author

    TheMaxthesisHace 12 minutos

    Yes, Envy.. Let's all watch some movies. It will change EVERYTHING.

  98. author

    breonnaa xoHace 12 minutos

    Knowing everything that they went through brings tears to my eyes and a sharp pain in my heart. America is a horrible place to be in because of people like Donald Trump, Prejudice and a criminal justice system that is set up just as everything has been set up since the origin of this country (to show that no matter what we do, colored people will always be inferior). I admire them for their strength and their work in the community to educate our people and fight against all the injustice we face. Blessings to them. Thank you breakfast club for this interview.

  99. author

    Brian BetheaHace 12 minutos

    I met Yusuf at an open Mic at Moca Bar & Lounge in Harlem. Dude is a really good did. Anyway, this system has been the same in many ways since the beginning. We have to find ways to change the system.

  100. author

    In The Beginning Was The WordHace 12 minutos

    24:14 The shade! Good to see Charlemagne’s ego deflated. I could tell from the start that Dennis wasn’t feeling him.