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  1. author

    โอมายเอวา โมชินไดรุHace 46 minutos

    BEST Design 2019

  2. author

    Subhadip PaulHace 49 minutos

    Motorola could have bump the specs as well as per the price of $1500 they are asking for this fordable phone.

  3. author

    MrUniqHace 49 minutos

    The future is here....

  4. author

    yash parmarHace 50 minutos

    Moto has released a $1500, phone while people in Africa are suffering from major issues. Every minute in Africa 60 seconds passes, please help to raise this issue globally

  5. author

    ERRORHace 51 un minuto

    WTF .. Flipflops again ~ Meh waste of money 😧😧😧

  6. author

    Djoude AmineHace 55 minutos

    Does the camera have Maud Portrait

  7. author

    youngmoonlightHace 59 minutos

    „It basically was the first like cellphone that people had“ I hate they way Americans talk hahaha

  8. author

    Carson HuffHace un hora

    Those of us already in the Apple ecosystem do not want usb c. Lightning everything is fine.

  9. author

    Zero 7Hace un hora

    Wher is Apple? 😂🤣

  10. author

    Abelrichman WHace un hora

    nobody realize moto belongs to lenovo now?

  11. author

    Brady HartsfieldHace un hora

    I loved the Razr Ramon.

  12. author

    GrimReaper X 23Hace un hora

    imagine trying to close it with a case on it

  13. author

    Plymouth FuryHace un hora

    This might have to be my next phone iPhone Im sorry but this looks a lot better

  14. author

    CS_toby67 -Hace un hora

    Also One That Cause Air Pollution

  15. author

    Pascal SpeerhartHace un hora

    Too much money just for the foltable feature.

  16. author

    jason BlakeHace un hora

    As a fan of compact smartphones, i wish it were a little bit smaller.

  17. author

    NXJ ONLINEHace un hora

    Ok then cheaper iphones for more subscribers

  18. author

    D. I. D.Hace un hora

    $2300 to browse the internet. Nice.

  19. author

    yash parmarHace un hora

    The Apparently kid has grown up and now he has learnt a new word "Honestly"

  20. author

    Alpha DeltaHace un hora

    And for some reason, phone manufacturers think we want FOLDING phones..

  21. author

    Jung LeeHace un hora

    What about thr signature click sound?

  22. author

    obietagsHace un hora

    The legend is back ... hahaha .. I am waiting for siemen & panasonic hhhhhhhh...

  23. author

    Muhammad Azhar FahrezaHace un hora


  24. author

    dennis _212Hace un hora

    Lets be honest 99% of people who buy foldable phones are geeks.Nobody actually needs these

  25. author

    Virman DigimanHace un hora

    I want the Samsung omnia 7 size with new specs... I just found it for one hour it take it in the hand and wow... So smoothly andbferket for the hand... I want intelligent phones again and ton giant things...

  26. author

    503cokeHace un hora

    I love it

  27. author

    Hisham SaatiHace un hora

    Only thing about pixel cameras that keeps me away from buying them is the terrible video quality. Thats why I stick to samsung phones, which have better all rounded cameras overall

  28. author

    Jyotish ThanapatiHace un hora

    looking good from outside but what inside, that's matter. $1500 and 5 mp front camera. What a joke😀😀

  29. author

    Sazzad Hossain ShohanHace un hora

    Boston dynamics: to give Spot emotion we need data Facebook : we have 2 billion status,comments & reaction

  30. author

    nrgHace un hora

    They should get Moto Moto to advertise these

  31. author

    BladeRnR10Hace un hora

    The Verge trying to do Computer Reviews? ROFL.

  32. author

    Malcolm SullivanHace un hora

    Pure salesman plugging for sure, a phone I definitely won’t buy had Motorola previously and they were pants to be honest

  33. author

    Joe JupiterHace un hora

    0:19 the Motorola Razr is the last phone where it makes sense to say that it's a "twist" that it's foldable.

  34. author

    KrmeljHace 2 horas

    Feels odd that the two of the most talked about features (keyboard and better thermals) are from 2015 macbook pro model, while everything else is more or less the same. Tells you how far backwards apple has gone as a company in the last few years.

  35. author

    jesrel calooyHace 2 horas

    My 1st camera phone is moto l6.. Im so excited this one.. 😍

  36. author

    vinodHace 2 horas


  37. author

    Chris davisHace 2 horas

    I want one, but not enough to switch service. They need an unlocked version

  38. author

    Ramadhianto AgungHace 2 horas

    the only thing im concerned about is that folding things, after multiple failure by other brand. Other than that, im in. I mean, really in. finally a phone that can be put on my pocket without worried getting scratched by keys etc.

  39. author

    Donal MuolhoiHace 2 horas

    I would buy it if I had the money.. nostalgia

  40. author

    Miguel MarteHace 2 horas

    So many memories!!!! Nice vid mate

  41. author

    Freak showHace 2 horas

    The legend is back ..

  42. author

    Yuliya LiudkevichHace 2 horas

    Good luck finding a case for this one 😂

  43. author

    The Original BearBearHace 2 horas

    Where do you talk in? Do you talk when it’s unfolded?

  44. author

    TheTriangle444Hace 2 horas

    its $1499 big oof

  45. author

    KuzcoHace 2 horas


  46. author

    deejeeHace 2 horas

    This makes me want to get the samsung fold

  47. author

    Mugurel Teodor AndriciHace 2 horas

    Next: a hologram.

  48. author

    Mendes VeritosHace 2 horas

    В ваших примитивных руках это станет оружием и загоном для вас же...

  49. author

    Mugurel Teodor AndriciHace 2 horas

    The perfect Mp3 player.

  50. author

    official clown businessHace 2 horas

    I would get one of these purely because it's screen doesn't curve or bend. Fourth phone review in a row I've watched looking for literally ANYTHING that doesn't have those "features". I don't care if it's a brick from the goddamn 80's!

  51. author

    MarSHHace 2 horas

    love this

  52. author

    SeaJay OceansHace 2 horas

    NOTE is still the best device .

  53. author

    YouTube Andrew YangHace 2 horas

    For the first time in years, I’m super excited about cell phones. Can’t wait to see how other companies put their spin on this.

  54. author

    MarkHace 3 horas

    This phone is interesting but the industry will move toward Samsung Fold direction. It's because Razr misses the real reason behind a foldable phone: screen size. The whole point of getting a foldable phone is to get a larger screen (aka tablet size screen) in our pockets. Yes, Razr folds into a smaller form factor but, with twice the thickness, it won't be more comfortable in our pockets than a regular phone. Galaxy Fold is the right way to go. Imagine Galaxy Fold gets few generations of refinement, It will be a regular smartphone when folded and a large tablet when unfolded.

  55. author

    SagenerdHace 3 horas

    I'm still waiting for a sidekick

  56. author

    Fake Justin Y.Hace 3 horas

    i really like this one

  57. author

    Masud ul AlamHace 3 horas

    My first phone was Nokia 2760 flip phone... still feeling nostalgic...

  58. author

    Aaron McLeanHace 3 horas

    Not having a noticeable crease is huge. My 3 biggest issue with folding phones has been: the noticeable crease, the hinge accumulating dirt, and the easily damage screen. I hope the hinge on this phone works well so it can knock 2 problems off the list.

  59. author

    Niketan RaiHace 3 horas

    After so many years I'm seeing good press about this company. A step in right direction

  60. author

    Lucas and marcus bake fipHace 3 horas

    So bad video😡😡👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  61. author

    VatchHace 3 horas

    should be priced at $400 with that specs. Who will buy Motorola next after they fail again?

  62. author

    MicroHace 3 horas

    Why will we want a flip phone in 2019?

  63. author

    Michael FrazierHace 3 horas

    They could have used these lil guys in the worst nuclear power plant disasters like Chernobyl or Fukushima Daiichi and Three Mile, I know we got to have tech for radiation ionizing shielding now...

  64. author

    Antonio MarsellaHace 3 horas

    At this point I can't see a reason to choose such a phone. Do you have problems fitting your phone in the pocket? I appreciate the idea of bringing a tablet in my pocket, but I can already bring a phone. Could anyone tell me what you see in it?

  65. author

    Akash JainHace 3 horas

    The best Moto Razr review... Damn those expressions.. 😍

  66. author

    PINKHace 3 horas

    Can't wait for Jerry to do a durability test on this.

  67. author

    GedossHace 3 horas

    You can get the same snap feeling if using galaxy fold

  68. author

    Doğan AvcıHace 3 horas

    Güzel telefon

  69. author

    Krombopulos MichealHace 3 horas

    "To the robot, you're just a obstacle that's to big to step on." Yeah for now!

  70. author

    Martin LoHace 3 horas

    Would be awesome if one could follow a squad around, carry spare mags, frags and cannula kits etc. If it could seek out people, could probably throw it through windows.

  71. author

    dj billbill#badDJHace 3 horas

    Driving an automatic semi truck is easy. It's how you back a loaded trailer that counts. 😆

  72. author

    Herminigilda Walang DangalHace 3 horas

    *The phone's design is horrible.*

  73. author

    Mehmet OnatHace 4 horas

    Great Design, Not Great Specs...

  74. author

    GabrielHace 4 horas

    Still getting the 2015

  75. author

    Malligrub 1Hace 4 horas

    Yaaaaaaaaassssss/. This legend is going to single handedly bring back actual telephone calls just so people can flip/unflip to answer/end calls

  76. author

    FirestarterHace 4 horas

    Big whoop, my iPhone X folds too... just doesn’t work afterwards.

  77. author

    Adz NimrodHace 4 horas

    Cool phone but hefty price!

  78. author

    Carrie SeeHace 4 horas

    Who gaf?

  79. author

    Lost world channelHace 4 horas

    How do they justify the price s7 edge is a better phone for a older generation

  80. author

    n!tromyHace 4 horas

    Wrong network

  81. author

    PSBHace 4 horas

    My childhood!!!!

  82. author

    rithin josephHace 4 horas

    Nice design & superb quality..

  83. author

    SalmanTheDonHace 4 horas

    I want this phone

  84. author

    Cakes dont lie ?Hace 4 horas

    It honestly looks worse???

  85. author

    Ashwin RohitHace 4 horas

    I don't want this

  86. author

    M BrandoHace 4 horas


  87. author

    kAy -OHace 4 horas

    Prison phone most wanted 😂

  88. author

    A OdedraHace 4 horas

    Great if it was 2014. Massive chin. Big bezels. Low specs. Small battery. Expensive $1500. A notch. No thanks. 👎I'd wait for the next Samsung fold.

  89. author

    Harry HineSHace 4 horas

    I’m still waiting on Apple to add a touchscreen to their laptops😒🙄

  90. author

    Mud-LustHace 4 horas


  91. author

    William RussellHace 4 horas

    So disappointed, specs are way too low for the price and that it doesn't come with a Sim card slot (VSim only) is an absolute deal breaker. :(

  92. author

    Ujwal KumarHace 4 horas

    3:06 made in India 😍

  93. author

    Ryan SheridanHace 4 horas

    How does the Radeon Pro 5300M graphics card compare to the Vega20 graphics card??

  94. author

    Mark O.Hace 4 horas

    "Back with a modern twist: its foldable???" But razrs ARE foldable phones?!

  95. author

    greta cruzHace 4 horas


  96. author

    Vandel Jason StrypperHace 4 horas

    And UWP crying in the background XD Goodbye Microsoft

  97. author

    Babul ChetiaHace 4 horas

    definitely gonna buy this.

  98. author

    Forza DriveHace 4 horas

    Give me my LG G Flex all day still going strong its amazing looking curved oled phone.

  99. author

    ZhinoiHace 4 horas

    This idea is so much better than the tablet

  100. author

    Nicholas LivermoreHace 4 horas

    Bill Nye comes on and I go.