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Alley Cat Bruk OutAlley Cat Bruk Out

Alley Cat Bruk Out

Hace 6 años

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    nur aliaHace 18 horas


  2. author

    Calorie watch dogHace 18 horas

    Too hot to handle

  3. author

    Calorie watch dogHace 18 horas


  4. author

    Oh CaloiHace 18 horas

    The girl from the thumbnail (0:42) reminds me of Darla from the movie 'Little Rascals' but littt

  5. author

    Max WalkerHace 18 horas

    Dying to know the name of the girl in the thumbnail..

  6. author

    LENAEHace 18 horas

    Literally my wife

  7. author

    Forrest Whittaker’s EyeHace 19 horas

    Choreographers are so smart

  8. author

    Demetrice PayneHace 19 horas

    maybe u don't wanna stop but do u know what no means

  9. author

    evieHace 19 horas

    the diversity in this vid has me crying. women are incredible

  10. author

    Charis ClaireHace 19 horas

    First, Sorry. Then this. Come onnnnnnnnn not all Beliebers can dance. 😭

  11. author

    Lady EHace 19 horas

    I love her choreography she is brilliant

  12. author

    Jay QHace 19 horas

    Beiber thinks he trey songs or what?

  13. author

    hónéyHace 19 horas

    *me searching for Justin's comment*

  14. author

    Sabrina MCHace 19 horas

    That’s the dancer in the front 🤗 Jade

  15. author

    olivia mefiHace 19 horas


  16. author

    Adam PadillaHace 19 horas

    And so many black women😍

  17. author

    Adam PadillaHace 19 horas

    Im gonna make a song and have women dance to it like this👌

  18. author

    Rich SageHace 19 horas

    Jade Corbin Kirsten 😍😍😍

  19. author

    Wilfredo ColonHace 20 horas

    Some of the girls look anorexic

  20. author

    TheRandomUberHace 20 horas

    Boi lemme tell ya that pivot swivel move really does things to me

  21. author

    GAMEF4PHace 20 horas

    Tik Tok girls be like...

  22. author

    LalalishaHace 20 horas

    Omg.. this was so good! I want to learn!!

  23. author

    N.O.P. oofHace 20 horas

    I know their heads hurt after this

  24. author

    Jeremy DiazHace 21 un hora

    Sorry jade you have talent and it will seek you away from the truth, please find GOD and break the system.. .. ...

  25. author

    Burned WafflesHace 21 un hora

    who remebers the girl in the front??? Love how she grew up.

  26. author

    rudy chavezHace 21 un hora

    3:05 doing that move is harder than it looks, I’m trying to learn it 😂

  27. author

    Mariah GebrieleHace 21 un hora

    2:41 Raven Baxter is that u???

  28. author

    Jade PicklesHace 21 un hora

    Girl Power in EVERY ETHICS ya babe

  29. author

    anggy anggraenyHace 22 horas

    This is sick!!!! Deadly love!

  30. author

    valerietvHace 22 horas

    Girl with the really short blonde hair with a lil bun on top, her name?😭

  31. author

    Anthony MeloHace 22 horas

    I'm questioning life now.

  32. author

    megiareHace 22 horas

    holy fuck

  33. author

    True StoryHace 22 horas

    Yummy is just plain dummy Wow!

  34. author

    AveilzyHace 22 horas

    0:04 yeah, i know everybody liked that part

  35. author

    the sims 4Hace 22 horas

    what heck

  36. author

    the sims 4Hace 22 horas

    why do they keep air humping the the air what

  37. author

    rana userHace 22 horas

    Parece um surubao

  38. author

    Wilfredo J. GarridoHace 22 horas

    2:48 what is her name PLEASE

  39. author

    Nicole MckenzieHace 23 horas

    Bruh...1:09, that’s the most powerful hip thrust I’ve ever seen

  40. author

    Kayla RoseHace 23 horas

    All these girls we're Hot Girl Winter

  41. author

    Titu MamaHace 23 horas


  42. author

    nico FoxxHace un día

    This is a therapy😷😂👅

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    L WGGHace un día

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  44. author

    Sean JohnHace un día

    This Looks like an introduction for a pornhub video.

  45. author

    Trufa incHace un día

    This should have been the official video.

  46. author

    Leah GastonHace un día

    Y do some of these "women" actually look like SHEM'zzz?? 😳😒😯😬

  47. author

    พนารัตน์ จรูญศรีโชติHace un día

    เต้นเก่งจัง 😍

  48. author

    The TrendHace un día

    One of the smartest thing Justin Bieber's people have done is have Paris do Choreography for his music.

  49. author

    The TrendHace un día

    Only Paris could get like 10,000 women to be this fabulously coordinated, with dope choreography.

  50. author

    Genny RoseHace un día

    Parris always saves Justin lol

  51. author

    Genny RoseHace un día

    This just wanted me to go get white sweatpants lol

  52. author

    Natalia ThackerHace un día

    Im too gay to watch this without dying

  53. author

    Lykia HarveyHace un día

    Who is the girl on the cover and the lead in the beginning I need that goddess in my lie

  54. author

    Federico JacobittiHace un día

    2:14 y'all gonna get otitis

  55. author

    Miss love34ffHace un día

    Copy cat dance

  56. author

    jose castilloHace un día

    Omg 1:55 on the wall is that shit that make that shit look like that shit that I want

  57. author

    santelay24Hace un día

    This was so wicked 💯💯💯

  58. author

    Blatino BoiHace un día

    Beyonce: Ok ladies now lets get in formation! Paris: Hold my heels!

  59. author

    Teina KoreHace un día

    Wow my fav fancer

  60. author

    astromay notHace un día

    Lacking talent to the extent that I can't even show my face in my own video. Who is this? Trash!!

  61. author

    Teina KoreHace un día

    I like this song now.....

  62. author

    Vaibhav SatishHace un día

    2:06 gawd 🤤🤤😍❤

  63. author

    Vaibhav SatishHace un día

    1:35 gawd dayyyaamn!

  64. author

    awsumocoolbeansHace un día

    The beginning was just not it. The girl looks hella fat and trashy looking lol. I’m sure she ate fat at all just bad clothing and angles

  65. author

    LydiaHace un día


  66. author

    artistpsycho _Hace un día

    They're so Hot...

  67. author

    izaza6969Hace un día

    I want to live downwind of that fan...

  68. author

    neena guptaHace un día

    Just speechless...can’t even judge 👩‍⚖️ incredible they are..hats off 😷🙏🙌👏🏻

  69. author

    Lee GonzalesHace un día

    HATE bieber...but damn

  70. author

    toby gabelHace un día

    songs kinda lame

  71. author

    JoshuaProGamerHace un día

    jeez there's more girl's here than people that showed up to the Area 51 raid that's sad

  72. author

    Victor PiuilaHace un día

    This is the epitome of when choreography and cinematography work to perfection. Props to all the crew making this average song 150x better ❤️🔥

  73. author

    N KHace un día

    2:15 a whole renaissance painting

  74. author

    Andre GoughHace un día

    REALLY??? The only thing going is the girls break the disc!!!!

  75. author

    Kamora BlackmanHace un día

    I saw different girls do this same thing

  76. author

    kkcuzzHace un día

    Thank you youtube for the recommend. I'm exhausted now.

  77. author

    Randy Mich. MartinHace un día

    I need to be in middle of the group🤗

  78. author

    Larissa SilvaHace un día


  79. author

    namebrand kayHace un día

    Why you got on black face tho😑 I use to watch all your videos and you was white as day now all the sudden you black as me smh mfs can never be happy in they own skin

  80. author

    m nedHace un día

    Why they look mad asf geezz lol

  81. author

    Айжамал ЖумакадыроваHace un día


  82. author

    Peyton LeighHace un día

    Wow, if you learn the choreography, this is a really good workout!! I can't watch without wanting to do it myself...

  83. author

    Dominique DeaHace un día

    What a powerful dance!

  84. author

    Francisco CecílioHace un día

    I think I just had an orgasm

  85. author

    Domitria CooperHace un día

    John will be there for sure if you have the chance of getting a new car and it was so good to see you guys soon to get the kids and for the record the game for the first half and half years of experience as a result and the kids are doing for the game and for the most part and the rest to you in the morning if you want to go to this one

  86. author

    Jaidyn HannoldHace un día

    my eyes burn

  87. author

    klchieriHace un día

    That was fucking awesome!!

  88. author

    Lady KHace un día

    This is better than the actual video. Good job ladies the dances were 🔥

  89. author

    Elise ChesneauHace un día


  90. author

    Andrian PurnamaHace un día

    Hahaha good.

  91. author

    HanHace un día

    The video we didn't know we all needed.

  92. author

    Kamoree & ShakirHace un día

    On the radio I hated it but with the music video it’s due able cause love watching dance vids lol

  93. author

    Angie Díaz JacquotHace un día

    1:39 WWOOAAHHH <3

  94. author

    steven morenoHace un día

    I bet when if advanced life forms saw this video the said ' why are these primitive apes flailing there tubes around all wildly very strange why do humans do this?

  95. author

    Coconut 85Hace un día

    Jade 💖

  96. author

    Bri AndollHace un día

    Imagine one person messing up at the end and then they have to restart the whole video

  97. author

    Lisa GHace un día

    If you dont think this is🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥watch it again. And repeat. Bonafide yummy🍭🍬🍦🍥Hope JB saw this, he should feel honored they created such a spot on the rhythm & vibe of "Yummy."

  98. author

    Jimin's stolen jamsHace un día

    This looks like a cult lmao

  99. author

    drkmgicHace un día

    Why is this giving me ciara vibes!!

  100. author

    Rachel ChewHace un día

    This hits