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92nd Oscar Nominations92nd Oscar Nominations

92nd Oscar Nominations

Hace 21 un día

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    wassim gagaaHace un día


  2. author

    Sebastian RojasHace un día


  3. author

    Jackson MaresHace un día

    RIP Kobe Bryant.

  4. author

    Jorge AlexisHace un día

    R.I.P. KOBE! you're a legend!

  5. author

    Esayas Ayilin איסייאס אייליןHace un día

    R.I.P Kobe Bryant 💔💔💔💔 The GOAT 🐐 We'll always love u ..😥 Condolences to his family 😖😫

  6. author

    ssilva872Hace un día

    Wow RIP to him.

  7. author

    Della DelvauxHace un día

    💔💔💔💔heartbreaking RIP

  8. author

    Rishik KiranHace un día


  9. author

    Ryan AkwarHace un día

    He just died around 45 minutes ago!!!! Saddened, RIP To Kobe

  10. author

    ZulubHace un día

    RIP Kobe

  11. author

    PF San ValentinHace un día

    Ernest Borgnine!!

  12. author

    julio cesar diaz palomaresHace un día

    RIP :c

  13. author

    Saber 2187Hace un día

    RIP Kobe

  14. author

    María Fernanda Flores LópezHace un día

    2 years ago. R.I.P Kobe

  15. author

    Vanity SetHace un día

    Man my heart aches

  16. author

    Varshini D ReddyHace un día

    Rip legend

  17. author

    Im EasylifesniperHace un día

    Who is here after his shocking death?

  18. author



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    Im EasylifesniperHace un día

    R.I.P. Legend

  20. author

    Thomas MaHace un día

    RIP Kobe

  21. author

    JJ SevinsHace un día

    RIP Kobe, 2020. :(

  22. author

    PF San ValentinHace un día

    They are wonderful!

  23. author

    Erik RotenberryHace un día

    RIP Kobe 🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀❤️❤️❤️🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀

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    Laser FaceHace un día

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant :(

  25. author

    Jaisimar SinghHace un día


  26. author

    Cleiton CaldiniHace un día

    Rest in peace, Kobe. We will never forget you. Eternal legend.

  27. author

    Jessica LilyHace un día

    RIP 😢😢❤️

  28. author

    BrodeyHace un día

    RIP Kobe

  29. author

    Ismael CoriaHace un día


  30. author

    Kitahara KitaharaHace un día

    Phew handsome

  31. author

    Yücel KayabaşıHace un día


  32. author

    IC TubesHace un día

    Rest In Peace, Kobe Bryant......he deserved the award just as his career was.

  33. author

    Jorge Esquivia EscobarHace un día

    Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant

  34. author

    Reyes Jr.Hace un día

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant.

  35. author

    Derrick GaryHace un día


  36. author

    Great WarriorHace un día


  37. author

    R2Ro925Hace un día

    RIP Kobe

  38. author

    Sadık DişliHace un día


  39. author

    WillyWednesdaysHace un día

    This is depressing now

  40. author

    JHace un día

    Rest In Peace Legend. You were basketball to me.

  41. author

    Ashton LeeHace un día

    R.I.P. Kobe Bryant

  42. author

    Michele L. EgertonHace un día

    RIP Kobe Bryant (1978-2020)

  43. author

    Marc SantosHace un día

    Thank you for your life's work & wise words. #Truth #KeepingTheDreamAlive #Respect #Love #Gratitude

  44. author

    Christian's ReviewsHace un día

    I never watched the basketball games, but I loved what Kobe Bryant did with Dear Basketball. RIP

  45. author

    Luis D. TorrecillasHace un día


  46. author

    landdead26Hace un día

    To think yesterday I was watching Oscars speeches at 3am, found this one and today this man died. RIP Kobe.

  47. author

    Andy LeeHace un día

    R.I.P. so sad he went away too soon 😢

  48. author

    Ali Tuna ÜlgürHace un día

    Rest in peace legend😢

  49. author

    Damien TritesHace un día

    I cant believe this man is gone at 41.

  50. author

    Raghu SeetharamanHace un día

    A.R. Rahman copies Hans Zimmerman.

  51. author

    Jesús Silva HernándezHace un día

    6:05 😱😱😱😱

  52. author

    anybody606Hace un día

    That was bad 😬😬😬

  53. author

    C. RaptHace un día

    What a lady! What a voice!

  54. author

    Cicishere5Hace un día

    I dont like facial hair on some men it looks good on some it does not.... facts... Matthew is so fiiiiiine. Even with this whack beard there is no hiding his fineness. Periodt!

  55. author

    PF San ValentinHace un día

    I love the way they make me feel... Laughter and great moments is what you have for sure with the incredible Steve Martin and Martin Short! Me encanta cómo me hacen sentir... Carcajadas y grandes momentos es lo que uno tiene garantizado, con los increíbles Steve Martin y Martin Short!

  56. author

    Cicishere5Hace un día

    I love her earrings wow

  57. author

    Cicishere5Hace un día

    Chris Evans 😍

  58. author

    anybody606Hace un día

    Hello??? Do I hear English right “One of the first people who taught you how to act was DENZEL WASHINGTON!!!!!!!!!!!” Then you fix your mouth too say “I met him today “ Then take his award and say “Thank you?!?!?” And act like you didn’t know you were gonna get it???? And make sad sounds?????????

  59. author

    J DiamondHace un día

    That noise he made at 1:35 hahahaha 😹

  60. author

    Alone JourneyHace un día

    0.00 to 0.15 song or music name please eeee *???***?**? I m listening it again n again

  61. author

    Sam AtticHace un día

    Boycott !

  62. author

    Luis MartinezHace un día

    Hey it’s best picture winner Emma stone

  63. author

    TheJellymontyHace un día

    I remember when I used to look forward to the Oscars especially if Billy Crystal or Whoopi Goldberg were hosting it. They were fun, no political BS, all the nominated movies were superb and everyone was nominated based on their performance not their race or diversity. Today you wouldn't pay me enough to tune in to the garbage its become.

  64. author

    Patricia Ortega RojasHace un día

    Along with Joaquín Phoenix and Leo DiCaprio ...one of the best actor of his generation.

  65. author

    medexamtoolsdotcomHace un día

    Beavis was illiterate in the original show. He sure became a good reader with minimal effort in a short time.

  66. author

    Pritam DebnathHace un día


  67. author

    Clifford BodineHace un día

    Martin Short is so funny, and so is Steve. But the rest of them are so plastic!

  68. author

    user nameHace un día

    I cried when I watched the Martin, so Leo better fucking enjoy that thing.

  69. author

    Rick PicciuoloHace un día

    Obviously "The Exorcist" didn't win because of it's subject matter. "The Sting" is nowhere near as powerful. "The Exorcist " should have won.

  70. author

    doc uHace un día

    she was so stunning and adorable

  71. author

    THE TRUTH HURTSHace un día


  72. author

    Rick PicciuoloHace un día

    Love "Cuckoos Nest," but I don't know man. "Jaws" was such a cultural phenomena and changed the landscape of Hollywood.

  73. author

    Narelle CoxHace un día

    Steve McQueen was the most handsome man.

  74. author

    ipmalaHace un día

    Steve McQueen…. still the BEST. Even after all these years. He was someone not to FUCK with. He was …and still is....the **REAL DEAL.** The world's GREATEST action hero. RIP....Steve. We miss you.

  75. author

    Courtney EmilyHace un día

    Everyone: FINALLY!

  76. author

    youarenotcrazyHace un día

    That last part. Im not crying, you are!

  77. author

    Yoshi That MemeHace un día

    Wat? I’m confused about that when nobody is there they move BUUUUUT there’s people and they shouldn’t move that’s confusing

  78. author

    Bmw ForlifeHace un día

    Come on, the best dancer of America dancing live in front of the nation at an age of 70(!!!) years and no one gives a standing ovation? Seriously?

  79. author

    eltano06Hace un día

    momoa was happier than the winners, what a nice guy.

  80. author

    cool aniHace un día

    Leonardo DiCaprio 6th oscar nomination and 1st win Eminem 1 oscar nomination and 1 win

  81. author

    Pepe PotamoHace un día

    I love this woman. Intelligent and beauty.

  82. author

    Nathan ThompsonHace un día

    Does nobody in this comment section understand that this was an Oscar for best FILM MAKING not BEST FREE SOLO DUDE. They deserve to take some glory and shine here. It’s the OSCARS NOT THE ATHLETIC ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS

  83. author

    Richard PradoHace un día

    He deserved it...

  84. author

    Dashrath BhargavHace un día

    He made people laugh in a time where people couldn't even cry in peace. He deserves it.

  85. author

    NitSUjHace un día

    Lets be honest, his left bicep won him that oscar

  86. author

    Dante's InfernoHace un día

    The lady is so anxious. She messed up lol

  87. author

    AthulHace un día

    I have been a fan of heath since 10 things I hate about you. Also his role as a villain in imaginarium which was very good. His acting was special. He was underrated but immensely talented.

  88. author

    starroselliHace un día

    MEZO SOPRANO. 👩🏻‍🦳. STAR ROSELLI 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟. IM HERE ON ESreporter 💙❗️❤️💙❗️❤️💙❤️💙❗️❤️💙❗️❤️. SUBSCRIBE PLEASE

  89. author

    DB7TVHace un día

    Boo the Indians should try to get into the film industry naturally not through famous people

  90. author

    The Wright ProductionsHace un día

    1:25 this just shows good sportsmanship, Mahershala Ali is a legend

  91. author

    Easter WorshipperHace un día

    He is gonna win for 1917.

  92. author

    ZerpicianHace un día

    I literally just learned right now that there's a movie called The Reader.

  93. author

    Kid SundanceHace un día

    Is she gay?

  94. author

    Kid SundanceHace un día

    So many assholes talking about Mandela effect and shit... well... a year later at the Oscars when announcing the award she made fun of what she said the previous year saying "really really like me" there's no Mandela effect or anything, just your stupid brain messing things up. Search for the other video is here too

  95. author

    Philip BlakeHace un día

    Cuando crees que Penélope Cruz tiene el acento fuerte y aparece Almodóvar para arreglarlo

  96. author

    Anish JawalkarHace un día

    He thought we would not notice but we did

  97. author

    Ganguly RajHace un día

    They could have had a black female presenter for this instead of the dude.

  98. author

    Busan LoveHace un día

    Goes to Parasite🇰🇷

  99. author

    Life of a BibliophileHace un día

    Awww, poor Anjelica Houston. Forever known as the actress who decided to act like a bitch even though she wasn’t even nominated. Oh, wait... too bad.

  100. author

    Dandi SaidiHace un día

    Wow, salieri's win??