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  1. author

    Judson GaidenHace 15 minutos

    14:43 Kinda like Krieg's "Redeem the Soul" skill in Borderlands 2.

  2. author

    Brad DHace 17 minutos

    Nitpicking. Lol

  3. author

    New Life Bible ChurchHace 18 minutos

    the reason the nuts and candy were still on the shelf is because those things (along with all the bags of chips) are noisy and would get them killed. That's attention to detail and not a sin! I should know, I'm a church :P

  4. author

    Xavier PHace 18 minutos

    When you have homework over Summer break 6:58

  5. author

    PhEoNyX13 JaVeLiNHace 20 minutos

    Nothing is wrong with my gospel

  6. author

    Martin McbryanHace 20 minutos

    do it chapter 2

  7. author

    PyramidHead138Hace 21 un minuto

    sin 108, he wasnt the joker yet

  8. author

    Richard SiddawayHace 21 un minuto

    Diversity? It's almost an all 'chinese' cast! And for the record, f#@k diversity! Tired of hearing that sh!t here. Nowhere else. Only in the west! Seriously, you get more 'woke' each week Jeremy!

  9. author

    Lillian GraceHace 25 minutos

    Admit it, you pretend these movies don’t exist.

  10. author

    don't careHace 25 minutos

    Or I thought it'd be 2156 by the end of this movie!! 😂 these guys kill me with these!

  11. author

    Stoner 69Hace 28 minutos

    Anyone else ever watch the ending and come here so hilarity from cinemasins keep them from crying?

  12. author

    Ethanthegameboy GamingHace 29 minutos

    The minions are so bad my first K9 tooth fell out when they appeared

  13. author

    Deanna AshHace 30 minutos

    Please review Ad. Astra!! I know it came out just recently, but this movie was literally 2 hours of Brad Pitt monologue.

  14. author

    Robert KnowlesHace 31 un minuto

    Everything you said was wrong with this movie was everything right

  15. author

    PyramidHead138Hace 32 minutos

    only annoying thing about this film was Vicki Vales screaming

  16. author

    Richard SiddawayHace 34 minutos

    Mumbai doesn't have card carrying criminals. This was set in India but filmed in England as that's where all these fuckers live! Minority my arse!

  17. author

    Super soph BrandtHace 36 minutos

    You can make fun of any movie, just not Cinderella

  18. author

    BuddyHace 37 minutos

    This should have been the shortest video of them all. Only one thing wrong with it..... it was made.

  19. author

    pizzaguy100 vlogsHace 37 minutos

    You better sin yourself in the video

  20. author

    cl clHace 40 minutos

    I want way to f**king much

  21. author

    Sydnie BostickHace 40 minutos


  22. author

    dragonball slayer326Hace 40 minutos

    I'm still alive in 2019 baby This movie was completely false

  23. author

    bishohkiHace 41 un minuto

    Half of these are hardly sins, half of whats left is just personal opinion that can be explained to the contrary reasonably easy. SMH

  24. author

    ChristopherHace 43 minutos

    u have to read the book lmao

  25. author

    Ryan SilasHace 43 minutos

    The term anger kangarooa made me laugh so hard. I will definitely had to add that to my everyday speech.

  26. author

    Jann CampbellHace 43 minutos

    The Roosters were dead

  27. author

    hoop dreamsHace 44 minutos

    Neeeerrrrrdddddd 🤣

  28. author

    HolyknightVader999Hace 44 minutos

    Salazar attacks the British because last time he knew, Britain was an enemy of Spain, and as a Spanish captain, it was his duty to destroy British ships. It's called war, mate. Read a book sometime.

  29. author

    JerHace 45 minutos

    God this movie is near perfect

  30. author

    Jann CampbellHace 47 minutos

    For sin 25. He. Is. Stupid.

  31. author

    Gabee MoonHace 49 minutos

    actually scar's parents named him taka. Mufasa means king and taka means garbage.

  32. author

    Ms. MehHace 50 minutos

    Please do Rambo: Last Blood.

  33. author

    Straw BunyanHace 52 minutos

    yeah, screw firemen.

  34. author

    Time the AvengerHace 53 minutos

    This a perfect movie for all of you self-loathing, whit, 'soy boys" that suffer from erectile dysfunction. Quinton Tarrantino would make a great prison bitch. I am done with QT's virtue-signaling. QT is an emasculated loser.

  35. author

    Jacob HHace 54 minutos

    anyone else’s sound got messed up about mid way theough

  36. author

    Mike LaborHace 55 minutos

    I can hardly wait for your comments on Ad Astra. I saw it last night, and it is shot through with goofs.

  37. author

    Mikayla PlayzHace 55 minutos

    Boss Baby: Toodalo Toilet Head! Cinema sins: That's racist

  38. author

    Adam R.Hace 55 minutos

    This video is so ignoring

  39. author

    ALLY SHace 56 minutos

    Why do you keep sinning DC comics? I’m confused

  40. author

    UndeadDecimationHace 58 minutos

    3:10 wouldn't it be the lighting in the late fifties? They were adults in the 80s and kids in the fifties

  41. author

    Patrick GloverHace 58 minutos

    You missed a chance to parody the fellowship of the rings with boromirs horn.

  42. author

    Crisanto RiveraHace 59 minutos

    This movie is an epic fail the title should be Kung Fu Kid not Karate Kid the director in this film don't know anything about martial arts culture.

  43. author

    Ravenclaw GirlHace un hora

    You haven’t read the books, have you?

  44. author

    Asher WhalinHace un hora

    Fuck this movie it just had to kill a fucking bad ass dog that everyone loves.This movie is a fucking asshole

  45. author

    adamgh0Hace un hora

    The chair stacking scene scared the actual fuck out of me more than anything else in the film.

  46. author

    Matthew SmithHace un hora

    You get 1 point deducted for calling the children "assholes." BUT you gained 10 points for questioning whether or not you missed the "Blumhouse" logo. ...All right, you gain 1 more point for recognizing that all the animals stampeded solely in the road. ...You lose 100 points for commenting on the "special room" at your grandma's house. That was straight up f**king creepy. Keep this up and you'll have more negative points than this whole damn movie! ...For the record, I was about to award 20 points for knowing the word (and meaning) of diatribe; but since you precipitously followed up by insulting my math skills... NEGATIVE TWO-HUNDRED POINTS... fuckers! Fine. You gain 3 points for throwing some Monty Python in.

  47. author

    klimmr3021Hace un hora

    5:16 Well, thank God after 74 years of doing this, we just happen to have a man and a woman victor in every single district to make up the 24 to compete in these Hunger Games. No lopsided districts here. 7:02 Okay then.

  48. author

    rick baladerasHace un hora

    OMG!! they cut out the 🌽 season in basic cable... Com on what's a food orgy nowadays to soft porn.. lol 🤣

  49. author

    Olivia McDonaghHace un hora

    So my friends took me to see the first one, I had NO knowledge of Twilight before then. After that, I've watched them once each, just so I knew what the same friends were talking about when they referenced them. The ONLY thing that got a reaction out of me in the entire series was Carlisle's decapitation. I was genuinely shocked and when the others started I thought "wow, bold move but it finally brings some consequences to a dangerous world". Aaaaaaaand then they did the "it was all a dream" thing, and I remember being really pissed off. After that, I decided my favourite part of the series was the credits for this film - A Thousand Years is a beautiful song, and the credit sequence is actually quite beautifully done....

  50. author

    I’d say follow me but I forgot which website I’m onHace un hora

    Got me at WHAT IS HAPPENING!

  51. author

    hed eHace un hora

    what dose rixhm mean?

  52. author

    Marissa MillerHace un hora

    Nothing. Nothing is wrong with this movie. This movie is near perfect.

  53. author

    Tyler ScottHace un hora

    For what reason did u tally Stan lee

  54. author

    Kate MaloneyHace un hora

    I have mixed feelings about this movie. My cousin took me to watch it six months after my ex was killed. She thought it would be "therapeutic". Yeah, it set my grief back six months. It took me fifteen years before I could bring myself to watch it again. I like it and get the sentiment. I don't deliberately click to watch if it's on, but I will occasionally pop it in the player for a looksee.

  55. author

    Care PlayzHace un hora

    "For anyone who thinks coraline is a fucked up movie for kids let me introduce you to monster house😭"

  56. author

    LupixHace un hora

    Half of these arent even sins you just want content

  57. author

    Adam EdwardsHace un hora

    It's a non fiction movie what do you expect dude

  58. author

    Siko FrodeHace un hora

    If I was sinning this the movie would have -100 sins

  59. author

    KUARZOROSSOHace un hora

    The tongue... the pen is sharper than the sword.

  60. author

    Matthew CulbertHace un hora

    Willy Wonka sounds like idubbbz. You're welcome.

  61. author

    Bobby JCFHv LichtensteinHace un hora

    3:52 Real line: Lucy and I were promoted to citizen

  62. author

    dragonball slayer326Hace un hora

    Jumanji was my childhood

  63. author

    dragonball slayer326Hace un hora

    My favorite Tom Hanks movie Cast away

  64. author

    NPR LuisHace un hora

    When a movie is so bad it needs a part 2

  65. author

    Sam BittnerHace un hora

    I'm surprised he didn't mention that the penguins were in an Africa crate

  66. author

    Meme MakerHace un hora

    “How did they not get charged with the murder of Henry” Me in 2019: hehehehehehe

  67. author

    28 FuCkInG StAb WoUNDS BlAyTHace un hora

    Nobody Cinimasins: Thomas has never seen such bullshit before

  68. author

    Savannah Stein-StovallHace un hora

    this is legit the best Disney movie so im gonna have to say no you are wrong on like all of this

  69. author

    Diego MHace un hora

    The Day After Tomorrow is Monday, Thats Whats Wrong With Tommorow

  70. author

    Bobby JCFHv LichtensteinHace un hora

    14:10 "Does this mean Ben and his magic lips are about to get a workout???" *_THATS TOO FUNNY_*

  71. author

    Syndrome 067Hace un hora

    I thought this took place in 2004

  72. author

    Bonnie1046353BOISHace un hora

    Tbh I’m Disappointed......Like COMON! A lot of this isn’t like the feel of the book....Like maybe a few things but the ENTIRE End of the movie is just made up like COMON!Make it like The real “Maze Runner’...

  73. author

    Mrenderkid ProductionsHace un hora

    11:56 You think of Mickey Abbott I think of Mr Poulos

  74. author

    dave jHace un hora

    missed a big one

  75. author

    Tommy GunsHace un hora

    Her powers nearly killed her so thats why she didnt use her powers in the first 3 movies. Read the books then youd know. Just saying

  76. author

    Three Balled TomcatHace un hora

    I laughed until I was crying while watching this one....I'd 10x rather watch your series than the movies you are taking apart ! GREAT job !

  77. author

    JoelHace un hora

    Wall . E awesome

  78. author

    Job AcevedoHace un hora

    Sin thinking he doesn't have unlimited data. Even two years ago.

  79. author

    Busterteddy 18Hace un hora

    I literally love the narrator OMG. HE IS SUCH A SARCASTIC ASS LMAO

  80. author

    richardsiscannon18Hace un hora

    It is a movie about zombies. Come on brah

  81. author

    Bryce EnsmingerHace un hora

    Do an everything wrong with the most horrible movie ever ,” Poseidon” because I can’t count everything by myself.

  82. author

    Kudo RehaHace un hora

    I literally looked up Wet Wedggie and my guy...I have to send you this screenshot. You're on the Urban Dictionary as an example

  83. author

    Kaden ChenHace un hora

    Voldemort's smile look's so creepy in Lego.

  84. author

    scott montgomeryHace un hora

    Did anyone else notice Jack never went back to his cabin in the movie

  85. author

    Johntinezfam 1006Hace un hora

    Stop disrespecting my religion

  86. author

    J McClainHace un hora


  87. author

    Patrick SweeneyHace un hora

    0:17 its because the mom is blind so she cant see

  88. author

    Ravenclaw GirlHace un hora

    Ok. This movie deserves hating

  89. author

    Skippy_ JohnHace un hora

    This video makes me want to die.

  90. author

    Penny GrahamHace un hora

    No screenings cause secret wakanda

  91. author

    Nolan GrayHace un hora

    Loomis saving Lonnie is the funniest and best part of Halloween

  92. author

    Isaac BeasleyHace un hora

    To be honest if anything came out of my closet I wouldn’t scream I’d cry and run out yelling what the fuck

  93. author

    Sophie SchroerHace un hora

    Maybe wear a damn condom if you don't want a baby, Christian

  94. author

    dragonball slayer326Hace un hora

    The sixth sense is my favorite m night movie of all time

  95. author

    BurningRage 221Hace un hora

    Wasn't he 6 in the book now he's like 12

  96. author

    J McClainHace un hora

    You see, IF Kyle and Sarah had traveled around the sun to capture some whales and brought them back to 2017, they could have stopped John Connor which in turn would have helped Christopher Reeve stay with Jane Seymour and not have to die...wait..what?

  97. author


    You missed a sin. The mother got pregnant and then the boss baby arrives in a taxi.

  98. author

    HyPer DarthTyphoonHace un hora

    Sin count: 0

  99. author

    Grizzly Rad.Hace un hora

    Can't wait to show this to jacksfilms

  100. author

    Pauly D 818Hace un hora

    the only sin is his nose