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  1. author

    Riya MalhotraHace 50 minutos

    The last answer made me happyyyyy

  2. author

    Be good Or be good AT itHace 51 un minuto

    Libra never ages

  3. author

    Roxanne LavenderHace 54 minutos

    Being so expressive with her face one would assume she would have more fine lines and wrinkles at 40yrs old, dark circles, puffy under-eye area, etc... But she doesn't!! And obviously botox would limit her facial movements, she has full movement all over so i assume she doesn't get botox, etc... I'm gonna watch this again and follow her routine.

  4. author

    Mathieu FlamentHace 57 minutos

    Cest la plus belle ❤❤❤❤

  5. author

    vivre pleinement passionnéHace 59 minutos

    What an amazing woman one of the most humble lovely real beauty models that I ever seen 👏👏 good for her she didn't deserve the title of top model she deserved our supermodel

  6. author

    Aria RahmatiHace 59 minutos

    this gurl looks like Taylor Hills twin check her instagram _ari_berry I'm amazed

  7. author

    Sunny KhanHace un hora

    so genuinely funny 💕 can we be friends pls

  8. author

    Levi JamesHace un hora

    Who else got carried away by the Bartender mixing the drinks?

  9. author

    Nimas AyuHace un hora

    She is annoying. I dont like her. Fake

  10. author

    Lolita CandyHace un hora

    Justin better not be playing with her .. its bad enough he went back and forth with both of the girls

  11. author

    Ina LangngiHace un hora

    I love Selena but i think Hailey is beautiful. She is stunning

  12. author

    Areeba ZaveriaHace un hora

    Interviewer: Country you wish to go Gisele: India Me: That's my country❤ Love uh Gisele

  13. author

    Nora AHace un hora

    She's very aggressive with her skin

  14. author

    Annalise TimmsHace un hora

    If that’s her skin with no makeup on then I’m done 😭😭🤩

  15. author

    Jabami YumekoHace un hora

    Those schleras look so irritating and drying to eyes

  16. author

    Paul OdidiHace un hora

    Interviewer: Selena how would you describe yourself in 3 words Selena: loyal Weeknd: 👀

  17. author

    Grace HumeHace un hora

    Shame they skipped over the Harajuku phase. D: that was Iconic.

  18. author

    Erza NineHace un hora

    October 2019?

  19. author

    zhon 18Hace un hora

    Her house is so cozy + classy unlike other celebs

  20. author

    Skyla TranHace un hora

    She looks like a Princess! So elegant.

  21. author

    gravestonedHace un hora

    Busy deserves the world!!!!!

  22. author

    theshriekinghomininHace un hora

    How is she 25?

  23. author

    UserHace un hora

    Never heard how she talks but wow she sounds so calm and classy👏👏👏 wishing happiness to the couple

  24. author

    Jessie FadillahHace un hora

    Isn't it hurt? The sinus cleaner?

  25. author

    Lauren RodriguezHace un hora

    Street style? Lol why Hailey why

  26. author

    Kylie K.Hace un hora

    I should try the ‘sinus thing’ because I have horrible dark circles owing to asthma but I’d probably breathe in the water 😂

  27. author

    Elena BondarencoHace un hora

    It’s not good to drink so much water gl before sleep. First you’ll be running to the bathroom and wine fall asleep and then you’ll wake up swollen 🙄

  28. author

    Kevin MorrisHace un hora

    Dear Gwen, 😍😍😍😍

  29. author

    Kelly NaidooHace un hora

    I feel like her hair is too short?

  30. author

    Bailey PorathHace un hora

    Yessss I’m feeling the Miss Nancy Sinatra

  31. author

    Unknown PersonHace un hora

    So ya'll call that beauty? It can be useful for Halloween party

  32. author

    erin fHace 2 horas

    favorite one of ur series

  33. author

    karoleHace 2 horas

    She's iconic 😍❤

  34. author

    Mikayla RozzenHace 2 horas

    This dress is so beautiful hailey makes it even better 😍🥰

  35. author

    Lu AshHace 2 horas

    Gwen always glowing like she been dipped in honey.

  36. author

    Michelle HarrisonHace 2 horas

    She is absolute perfection !!!!!

  37. author

    Disiam TheillusionHace 2 horas

    She looks like the long island medium or a Jersey shore housewife

  38. author

    Julie BuiHace 2 horas

    Trixie in her natural dewy beach glow

  39. author

    Ella JohnsonHace 2 horas

    I’m fat

  40. author

    Christina LuvHace 2 horas

    So sweet! Blake needs to hang on to this beauty! Phenomenal

  41. author

    Albert BlueHace 2 horas

    For all of y’all doubting her age, yes, she has taken care of herself but also had procedures done, pay close attention between her cheek and ear. You can see where the skin was pulled and stitched. Still beautiful though.

  42. author

    kimberly SandovalHace 2 horas

    Busy has amazing brows 😍😍😍😍😍

  43. author

    Zachary ManickHace 2 horas

    i think i held my breath until she added the lashes

  44. author

    Dione WarckHace 2 horas

    I like how simple and humble it is is nothing superficial, not like the Kardashian that are superficial

  45. author

    Aubrie Lloyd-JonesHace 2 horas

    Did anyone else notice she’s wearing gloves... and PAINTED NAILS on the gloves ICONIC

  46. author

    blurdreamerHace 2 horas

    1:40 how simple met gala back then! lol, now ppl have to be a Christmas deco tree to go met gala.

  47. author

    B FHace 2 horas

    I’m shocked there has been no mention or reference to Vivienne Westwood - an instrumental part of her style evolution post-no doubt.

  48. author

    B FHace 2 horas

    What’s up with her lips?

  49. author

    Mikey WalshHace 2 horas

    Stuck up and extremely boring person.

  50. author

    plaid13Hace 2 horas

    Why hasnt anyone pointed out the real truth here? She is an alien. That is why she hasnt aged at all in 25 years.

  51. author

    Sheila ReyesHace 2 horas


  52. author

    Евгения ЧешуинаHace 2 horas

    He got new teeth or am I tripping?

  53. author

    F SolHace 2 horas

    I am a guy, and I don't give a crap about fashion, yet here I am, jut because I love listening Gwen's lovely voice.

  54. author

    Tiger LilyHace 2 horas

    Can we get links for these products she's using??

  55. author

    ghosting101Hace 2 horas

    She seems so nice.

  56. author

    Lanu TelesitilaHace 2 horas

    First time I hear her voice though. Her personality is beautiful I can tell by how she speaks. You’re beautiful Hailey😍 and you’re beautiful on that wedding dress💛.

  57. author

    Momma KnowsHace 3 horas

    lololol no one wants polyester.

  58. author

    Taylor DelmaHace 3 horas

    Yasss Versace Versace Versace

  59. author

    Chelsea PavoneHace 3 horas

    She is seriously the coolest girl ever

  60. author

    Sad GelineHace 3 horas

    the most beautiful 😭🦋

  61. author

    JLH EditsHace 3 horas

    i was waiting for them to ask “do niggas give you heebie jeebies?”

  62. author

    Fabio GutierrezHace 3 horas


  63. author

    B. KHace 3 horas

    The only brand she actually mentions is Olay -- the brand that she's a paid spokesperson for. Thanks, Vogue, for the paid advertisement.

  64. author

    Danielle HHace 3 horas

    Yes yes yes

  65. author

    qornnHace 3 horas

    Shes not eloquent

  66. author

    Selfinflicted GHace 3 horas

    OMG ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED! This chick *NEVER* ages!!! Shes 50 freaking years old!

  67. author

    Ghayda Abu HijlehHace 3 horas

    she looks wayyyyy better without makeup

  68. author

    Anna McHace 3 horas

    Those 4.5k unlikes are jelena shippers right??☝☝

  69. author

    Valentina BurigoHace 3 horas

    Who is?

  70. author

    Molly's Lips💋💋Hace 3 horas

    Of ALL celebs I think she's most beautiful. (But why did she mess with her lips?)

  71. author

    Johnny DeppressedHace 3 horas

    “I have a mouth”

  72. author

    Debjit BeraHace 3 horas

    3.44..... lmao

  73. author

    UndreptTVHace 3 horas

    She forgot to say her hair is what inspired poison ivy's hair in "Batman & Robin".

  74. author

    Debjit BeraHace 3 horas


  75. author

    RinHace 3 horas

    “Busy” is her name?? When I read the caption I thought it’s her skincare routine on a busy day. Haha

  76. author

    G SHace 3 horas


  77. author

    Anastasiya MozgovayaHace 3 horas

    LOVE BUSY <3

  78. author

    The90skid RonHace 3 horas

    I gifted my gf the ankles socks and apples , And then said I was broke. She's no longer my gf aftet that . Thanks

  79. author

    Jaden ToleafoaHace 3 horas


  80. author

    JustinHace 3 horas


  81. author

    Kunji 23Hace 3 horas

    Wow 💕

  82. author

    cheshire catHace 3 horas

    She needs to do asmr

  83. author

    Alexandra SheehanHace 3 horas

    Be honest superbowl

  84. author

    cheshire catHace 3 horas

    Style icon

  85. author

    Mshighlyfavored StevensonHace 3 horas

    Now that is a beautiful couple

  86. author

    Ina thiddendevilHace 3 horas

    Wow..she still beautiful😘

  87. author

    Sticky SausageHace 3 horas

    She has healthy glowy skin I'm so jealous😣

  88. author

    zachary houghtonHace 3 horas

    0:12 rrrhiiiisee and sSShhhiNe

  89. author

    LadyCake ASMR MukbangHace 3 horas

    the dress look so beautiful ! 😍

  90. author

    Nick MitchellHace 3 horas

    I'm disappointed they didn't show any of her Harajuku-inspired looks.

  91. author

    丹治篤Hace 3 horas


  92. author

    Mariah MartinezHace 3 horas

    I've loved her forever!! She's so beautiful and she's so funny with the best personality! Thanks for putting her in your videos!

  93. author

    Margaret TaylorHace 4 horas

    she's 50.....lies liesssss they tell you!!!!!

  94. author

    Lance WakashigeHace 4 horas

    I have loved all her looks going back to Tragic Kingdom days. She has evolved in a beautiful way.

  95. author

    Jason WoodsHace 4 horas

    I just picture the coke on her nose on mean girls lmao

  96. author

    Wow !Hace 4 horas


  97. author

    kim taehyungHace 4 horas

    7:23 Am I the only one who heard KASE? (Kase is because in English) Philippines?

  98. author

    A M R I T A .S.NHace 4 horas

    Lmao most of the people in the comment section are so ignorant. *wth exactly is wrong in faking an accent?* What’s worse is that you guys compare American raised Indian Celebs with a celeb who is totally brought up in India. smh ik it would be cringy if you can’t nail that accent. but lol having an American accent doesn’t mean they are ignorant or obsessed to western culture. Grow up 🗿

  99. author

    G.M.Hace 4 horas

    ok this is starting to get ridiculous. NONE of these routines are their real routines. these are clearly ads.... i guess we will never know what famous people actually do to take care of their faces.

  100. author

    Nathan AlgrenHace 4 horas

    I like Margot Robbie for the most part, but she flirts with everyone. I hate that about her.