First We Feast
First We Feast
First We Feast

For every question that they field from host Sean Evans, guests must join him in eating a progressively spicy chicken wing.
The Burger Show explores everything about modern burger culture through the eyes of Eggslut chef, Alvin Cailan.
Joji and Rich Brian are celebrating the summer by partying in L.A. and are determined to feed their friends by any means necessary.
Discover untold stories from the culinary world’s most exciting personalities in First We Feast’s James Beard Award-winning Food Skills.
Food Grails, explores America’s underground food icons through the eyes of reporter Miss Info.
We dive headfirst into the delicious world of Japanese comfort cooking. Hosted by ESreporter star and anime pro Reina Scully

  1. author

    Josh RussellHace un día

    I follow alton closely and use his recipes. Now I'm requested to cook at every holiday

  2. author

    Jack YanHace un día

    My favorite actor of all time.

  3. author

    SwiSS Octogon TemplarsHace un día

    Will Ferrell is a 😈 devil worshipper 😬😬

  4. author

    StayFruitLuceHace un día

    Vegan 🌱👌🖤

  5. author

    Jasime AhmedHace un día

    Wow I actually itch like that when I eat spicy food too

  6. author

    Gator Don't Play No ShitHace un día

    Who else's next step after this interview is to go check out the Shaq & Will Ferrell SNL clip?? LOL

  7. author

    DuzBeeHace un día

    I couldn’t even watch 5min of this trash with her in it

  8. author

    DuzBeeHace un día

    Shout out to a fuckin idiot women, she will fade out as quick as she came in to the spot light with empty repetitive lyrics

  9. author

    J OstieHace un día

    How can you not like this guy?

  10. author

    mufukin uhhHace un día

    she do be drinking her spit doe

  11. author

    44werewolfnomoreHace un día

    Those wings look small in his hands

  12. author

    Justin GrahamHace un día

    His hamburger made me so hungry..if I ever get the chance I'm getting 2

  13. author

    Hien T. TranHace un día

    4:33 he decided to try to impersonate someone’s career who used the word “chinamen”. Can we recognize the racism here? @firstwefeast. Thanks.

  14. author

    Daniel MatneyHace un día

    Rip Kobe!

  15. author

    On the gangHace un día

    The jack black of food

  16. author

    OG_PRO_OGHace un día

    Love this kid. But what's with the weak handshake.

  17. author

    AeternusHace un día

    She looks so much like Lenny his intense eyes and sexiness.

  18. author

    SWCHace un día

    Future Hollywood dickbags

  19. author

    Kevin KerbsHace un día

    Thought this was Pocho Lavezzi

  20. author

    Diego MaghinangHace un día

    woah she look like that girl from the show sex education

  21. author

    Heleve JoergonHace un día

    *Arya's sex scene would have been hotter in season 2*

  22. author

    AeternusHace un día

    They both look so stoned

  23. author

    DieHardAestheticsHace un día

    What a quirky individual lol.

  24. author

    The PopeHace un día

    This is oone of the best videos. My wife and I enjoy watching Gordon Ramsay.get him on again.

  25. author

    Lolkodak 86Hace un día

    too bad no one ever knew he would be one of the very few people to meet kobe before he died, even just in this video, RIP a hero n a huge Legend

  26. author

    Beatboxer KenzinHace un día

    Get tyga in show

  27. author

    Droid KingHace un día

    gordon made such a mess and he did nothing cuz he knew if he did he would be dead

  28. author

    Irfan KassimHace un día


  29. author

    echolec psnHace un día


  30. author

    Kujo JotaroHace un día

    Every one sees bryan cranston I see *heisnberg*

  31. author

    dog breathHace un día

    Will Ferrell?! From Funny or Die? Hell yeah good to see you getting old Internet icons on the show.

  32. author

    DB Cooper's MoneyBagsHace un día

    That was the fuckin hottest episode that you guys have ever done. Shia smoked every guest to date.

  33. author

    Enrique RodriguezHace un día

    Man! He demolished that last wing.. very ballsie

  34. author

    DriedBuffalo588Hace un día

    We Need PewDiePie In Hot Ones

  35. author

    maddie snyderHace un día

    this was the best interview i have ever seen

  36. author

    M MMMHace un día

    I'm half-way through and this is straight up *TERRIBLE*. Host is so deadpan and Will is trying to be funny but falling severely flat.

  37. author

    Saharan SnowmanHace un día

    I love this show and your TV show is awesome but watching people eat Da Bomb is a part of the show I look forward to thanks for the content keep it up

  38. author

    HackFraudsHace un día

    The milk is from..... Finland..

  39. author

    effwutadeHace un día

    W O U R D E R M E L O N

  40. author

    alexander arkumHace un día

    Wow I guess will ferrels got a new project he wants to promote

  41. author

    Xeno GryphHace un día

    She be like the folks I'd meet back in the day at Detroit night clubs.

  42. author

    Max BartertownHace un día

    Hottest woman on earth... even before she ate the wings!

  43. author

    lovejagoHace un día

    >>>>>>>> In the Style of Gordon Ramsay!!!>>> WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING Gordon?? YOUR ASS SHOULD KNOW THAT WATER OR MILK DOSINT TAKE THE HEAT AWAY IT JUST WASHS IT AROUND IN YOUR MOUTH YOU FUCKING DUMB ASS!!! YOUR NO FUCKING CHEF!!!!!! Only a dry paper towel will take the hottest of HOT away in five Seconds. Try it IT WORKS!!!!!

  44. author

    Jo PaHace un día

    That was awesome!

  45. author

    Logan CampHace un día

    Get Tom Hanks!!!

  46. author

    Joe StimecHace un día

    @firstwefeast Can you bring back Paul Rudd now that the Chiefs have won the Superbowl!!!!?????!!!

  47. author

    Enigmatic CasperHace un día

    Papa Franku Papa Franku

  48. author

    XanHace un día

    “Ew don’t try the mystery flavor, it’s white chocolate and it’s nasty!” *Takes another bite* Best part of the good place

  49. author

    TKDChiefHace un día

    Best interview ever man I loved it

  50. author

    Lucas RobersonHace un día


  51. author

    Caleb PetrieHace un día

    Theon was going to die in an anti climactic way? Like how the night king died?

  52. author

    jasonlaxHace un día

    who else said "yes" out loud when she asked to take off her jacket?

  53. author

    jadenbarrigaHace un día

    we need yg for these new sauces

  54. author

    Mikey TavarezHace un día

    she's so overrated...millenials! LOL

  55. author

    Victor RHace un día

    which one of thee sauces equal to wing stops atomic wings?

  56. author

    philosopher IQHace un día

    She looks like kind of girl who would give a head for a beer

  57. author

    Raven ColeHace un día

    Very warm water to melt and wash the capsacin off your tongue is the best way to stop the burn of hot sauce.

  58. author

    KristianHace un día

    Lol wow she struggled through that.

  59. author

    Edward LindonHace un día

    Withnail and I is a (black) comedy. The dryness of English humour seems to travel poorly.

  60. author

    Clutch /:Hace un día

    We need drake on this shit

  61. author

    coco bourgetHace un día

    margot robbie dying for 24 minutes straight

  62. author

    ZenthralHace un día

    “That is the craziest-ass shit.”😂

  63. author

    Vickie MayhewHace un día

    This was the funniest ever.

  64. author

    Hunter ScottHace un día

    Let’s get doctor mike on hots ones!

  65. author

    Almighty loaf 54Hace un día

    She’s really cool, I’m happy they are introducing her in The 1st Batman instead of the sequels, I’m happy that we’ll likely get to see her more in the sequels than before in the past Batman movies

  66. author

    ???Hace un día

    Sean and his grandad

  67. author

    yungbluud444Hace un día

    That's the reaction I get when I give my girlfriend a Dutch Oven when she sleeping. 19:27

  68. author

    ThoppannHace un día

    Do an episode with Officer Kenneth Beats and Zack Fox

  69. author

    Spiritual EmpressHace un día

    I wanna try it. When I get the capsaicin hit and it makes you sweat almost immediately, I’m sold 👌

  70. author

    SP CrisisHace un día

    Had smoke come out his mouth 😭

  71. author

    Mengezi DhlomoHace un día

    Zach Galifianakis... Please

  72. author

    Patrick ByrneHace un día

    Noels a top bloke. His brothers a dork but that’s irrelevant. One of the best interviews yet.

  73. author

    Sinan TurgutHace un día

    God damnit that burp was fireeeeee🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 6:01

  74. author

    specific78Hace un día

    If da’bomb ever gets replaced i am unsubscribing. I always get a little excited when its its the next wing up

  75. author

    Charlie BakerHace un día

    i feel lim coming out backwards lmfao

  76. author

    NoahMaynardTVHace un día

    If you see this message God bless

  77. author

    effwutadeHace un día

    I love Brad for the BONAPPETITTESTKITCHEN !!!!

  78. author

    Zach McCabeHace un día

    Canada notorious for hot sauce 🤣

  79. author

    Silver & GoldHace un día

    Terry Crews ROCKS!

  80. author

    Buttt LipkinsHace un día

    Cambodian Deathcamp The new hot sauce based sexual lubricant from Christian Trap Violinist Eric Andre! "Taste the flavor of pain!" - Barbra Bush

  81. author

    Drizzyy MorizzelleHace un día

    @22:54 😂😂😂 mf was Smashin on that wing

  82. author

    KieranHace un día

    did anyone else yawn when the monkey came on screen?

  83. author

    Thotty DaGodHace un día

    I've seen Home Alone 3 AND 8 Legged Freaks multiple times and I was today years old when I found out Scarlet was in both

  84. author

    lamelama22Hace un día

    Da Bomb should never be replaced. However, I kinda miss how in the early seasons you also had a similar, hotter sauce after (Mad Dog .357), so it was a good 1-2 punch of death. Now once they get over Da Bomb they seem to be in the clear (at least from the editing), since those hotter ones, including the last dad, are fresh pepper-based sauces instead of an extract-based, which, even though they're hotter, seem to mask the heat more and not hit as hard, and climbing the mountain after Da Bomb always seems to be easy.

  85. author

    EddieHace un día

    The shit people do for money man

  86. author

    πHace un día

    only time KD broke into a smile is after the mega death wing

  87. author

    Tim WrightHace un día

    What a great guy.

  88. author

    Wilder RuaHace un día

    What is that at 18:26? How does it help. Bread celery and milk are always my go to for too hot.

  89. author

    Scott WilliamsHace un día

    Publicist: Whatever you do, don’t’ll end your career. Margot: Hold my beer...(premiers new movie)

  90. author

    Curtis StormHace un día

    I just realized after watching several seasons of this show the the thumbnail image has one of the original sauce lineups behind the guest. Nothing wrong with it, just found it interesting.

  91. author

    sorgan 71Hace un día

    they're like soul sibilings, like the petunias and the whale.

  92. author

    saher nassarHace un día

    was ferrel there to promote the film?

  93. author

    Drawing BlanksHace un día

    Margots accent That is all.

  94. author

    Chachi's AdventuresHace un día

    Coyote is the man!

  95. author

    Florin BalalauHace un día

    This is better than cable TV LOL

  96. author

    CruisinHace un día

    Why is everyone drooling over Keanu Reeves being on the show?

  97. author

    White BoyHace un día

    We really need to see Hydra hotsauce. You really want to mess up someone's day use that lol

  98. author

    ulysses 31Hace un día

    🖕Fuck you, hotones🖕. 🔥🔥🔥LA BEAST!!🔥🔥🔥

  99. author

    Karena ArdajiHace un día

    I just want to know what I have to do to get Harry Styles on this. I just want to see Harry Styles lose his shit. Guys please