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  1. author

    Narimane AmmiHace 34 segundos

    Would you do traduction in English please because I am from algeria I speake just spanish and english and arabic and French

  2. author

    Dounia MinoucheHace un minuto

    If ur stremin to 1B drop like

  3. author

    ESRA GRCHace un minuto

    Türkler burdami ????

  4. author

    Patrick VillegasHace un minuto

    Kailan ba ung comeback?

  5. author

    heon parkHace 2 minutos

    I love blackpink. ♡♡♡♡♡

  6. author

    Margoth GrefaHace 2 minutos

    Donde viven

  7. author

    heon parkHace 2 minutos

    Jisoo voice good.

  8. author

    ประเวศวุฒิ สิทธิปกรณ์Hace 4 minutos


  9. author

    Tashafnaf -Hace 4 minutos

    chaeyoung's voice is beyond amazing in this💗definetely one of my favourite songs from these talented girls😊💜

  10. author

    Neguinha FerreiraHace 5 minutos

    You love jisoo you love veinas pra blasil

  11. author

    heon parkHace 5 minutos

    jisoo I love you.

  12. author

    heon parkHace 6 minutos

    jisoo♡♡♡ queen

  13. author

    King LimarioHace 6 minutos

    I will never literally never get over this cover. One of the most soulful covers I've ever heard. It's so simple but it makes me wanna cry my eyes out. That's our Rosé's power

  14. author

    김동우Hace 6 minutos

    우리 대한민국이 너무 자랑스러워 눈물이 난다~~~

  15. author

    Clarissa VincentHace 6 minutos

    OTW 1B . . . . First DEBUT song reach 1B Hwaiting BLINKS We CAN DO THIS

  16. author

    danae idkHace 7 minutos

    te amo billones.

  17. author

    Saba RiahHace 7 minutos


  18. author

    •ᴄᴇʟᴇsᴛᴇ ᴀʀᴍʏ ᴋᴏᴏᴋɪ•Hace 8 minutos

    Like lisa biased♥😼

  19. author

    Elmira SarsembaevaHace 9 minutos

    Өте керемет! Маған ұнайды тағы кімге ұнайды ендеше лайк

  20. author

    Nasumika ChanHace 9 minutos

    Son super xd

  21. author

    Amir AmirHace 9 minutos

    بلينكز عرب احتفلو ب400m

  22. author

    gia linh cùng với Conan là gìHace 10 minutos


  23. author

    Dounia MinoucheHace 10 minutos

    بلينك عربي !

  24. author

    Kadiriye KaraoglanHace 11 minutos


  25. author

    Syahanim Syed OthmanHace 12 minutos

    You are rare If you watch this in 2019 #blinks ✧

  26. author

    Elanne VieiraHace 12 minutos

    Love black pink

  27. author

    Lorelie SalvaHace 12 minutos

    I have this version, a concert version, coachella version, a piano version and a guitar version. I'm still trying to find a violin version or ukelele. Hell yes! That's how i'm addicted to this song.

  28. author

    Joshua ThaniHace 12 minutos

    This song kills me everytime. I'm so proud of them. They will achieve greatness next year and maybe even more solos and a full album along with a comeback.

  29. author

    Dando views em DNAHace 13 minutos

    B-blinks cadê vcs?

  30. author

    خرموزة بتحب تاي اكثر من حياتهاHace 13 minutos


  31. author

    Dando views em DNAHace 14 minutos

    Qual a utt de vcs? Kim Jisso Jennie Kim Park Chaeyong Lalisa Manoban Me; Jisso ✨❤

  32. author

    ShahadStansBTSHace 14 minutos

    this is acually good the only reason i dont wanna admit that is some blinks that are showing hate to us and the boys PLEASE STOP THE HATE IT ACTUALLY MAKES US SAD

  33. author

    Nicole LienartHace 15 minutos

    Jisso fan 👇🏻

  34. author

    Nicole LienartHace 15 minutos

    Jennie fan 👇🏻

  35. author

    Магамедрасул ГазиевHace 15 minutos

    Rosé❤ Rosé❤

  36. author

    Sihem MeguellatiHace 15 minutos

    الفنك تاع دزاير

  37. author

    Nicole LienartHace 15 minutos

    Lisa fan 👇🏻

  38. author

    Магамедрасул ГазиевHace 15 minutos

    I represent to you our MAIN VISUAL Kim Jisoo, MAIN RAPPER Kim Jennie, MAIN VOCALIST Park Chaeyoung, MAIN DANCER

  39. author

    Nicole LienartHace 15 minutos

    Rose fan 👇🏻

  40. author

    Loving LifeHace 16 minutos

    Watch Camila’s performance of My Oh My ft. Dababy on Jimmy Fallon and Stream her new album Romance and thank me later 😌

  41. author

    Mostafa MohamedHace 17 minutos


  42. author

    Jose AlvaradoHace 17 minutos

    Hola jisoo

  43. author

    Beca PandaHace 17 minutos

    Falei inglês mais sou portuguesa

  44. author

    A M Y :3Hace 18 minutos

    Like for Jennie

  45. author

    Beca PandaHace 18 minutos

    I love your

  46. author

    Aryan AnandHace 19 minutos

    I love you BLACKPINK ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘please reply Your song rocks

  47. author

    Joshua ThaniHace 19 minutos

    1B views 2.1M comments 4 Queens So many good songs Debuted 3 years ago And still no other solo And still no full album And still waiting for a comeback COME ON YG WE R WAITING

  48. author

    Beng Yparraguirre- CanoHace 20 minutos

    I really love her eyes especially her voice😍♥️♥️♥️

  49. author

    BRAZIL ARMYHace 20 minutos


  50. author

    Joshua ThaniHace 21 un minuto

    Never gets old.🖤💗

  51. author

    Árpád KovácsHace 22 minutos


  52. author

    Siti FatimahHace 22 minutos

    Banyak orang Korea komen gak ngerti loh aku manteman

  53. author

    Árpád KovácsHace 22 minutos


  54. author

    Fer MezaHace 22 minutos

    <3 You're so pretty, love your videos !

  55. author

    Árpád KovácsHace 22 minutos


  56. author

    Aheed YassarHace 22 minutos

    Korean are idiots

  57. author

    Truth XHace 23 minutos

    500M by Jennie's birthday so that YG will give us rapper Jennie in the next comeback and Interscope/UMG will buy her RIAA gold certification in the USA give it a like if you want this!

  58. author

    meriçsu KarahanHace 23 minutos

    Türk Blink'ler burada mısınız?🔥

  59. author

    royal roseHace 23 minutos

    ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

  60. author

    meriçsu KarahanHace 24 minutos

    Who is listening the to in 9090? Blinks🌸

  61. author

    estuchi flooHace 28 minutos

    3 años. Im-

  62. author


    todos mirando el baile de lisa y yo solo puedo ver a rose ❤

  63. author

    Fatima De PaulaHace 29 minutos


  64. author

    Luana PontesHace 29 minutos


  65. author

    Alice NoronhaHace 29 minutos

    "I keep listening to this sad melody, and it makes me cry"

  66. author

    Indiara SantosHace 30 minutos

  67. author

    Roses_Are _RossieHace 31 un minuto

    Not gonna lie. My bias is Rossie but Jennie is the sexiest. 💕

  68. author

    Mariana AlvesHace 32 minutos

    ALGUÉM? antes de 2020??

  69. author

    universio antonimo ciceroHace 33 minutos

    Blake pink vocês são muitos

  70. author

    Eylül Naz AvcuoğluHace 33 minutos

    400M yesss!!!!!!😆😆

  71. author

    manolo cabello martinezHace 33 minutos

    Bonita canción

  72. author

    Emma MKHace 34 minutos

    In 3:06 WOW Rose

  73. author

    nadhira salsaHace 35 minutos

    lisa sahabatnya siapa?

  74. author

    bts army I LOVE BTSHace 35 minutos

    *the most wonderful girls in South Korea who thinks?*

  75. author

    Automan FullHace 35 minutos


  76. author

    hyuckleeHace 36 minutos

    jisoo looked the best here and yg refused to give us a fancam of her and jennie. im so mad. this whole 2 member fancams per performance is getting annoying. its literally 4 members, how hard is it to upload all 4??

  77. author

    bts army I LOVE BTSHace 37 minutos

    who loves bts and blackpink Lisa, jisoo, jennie and rosé

  78. author

    Esma Nur ErdoğanHace 39 minutos

    Roseee is so beautiful 💖💖💖

  79. author

    Yara S.👑Hace 39 minutos

    400 millones para nuestra princesita

  80. author

    joge da silvaHace 40 minutos

    Quem gosta da lisa deicha o laike Quem gosta das outras escrever nós comentários 😚😙

  81. author

    Женя ЗуеваHace 41 un minuto

    I love this

  82. author

    Nora bHace 41 un minuto

    6.4m likes queen 👸🏼💙

  83. author

    SajadHace 41 un minuto


  84. author

    Beatriz geimerHace 41 un minuto

    Blek pink

  85. author

    Dila su IşıkHace 42 minutos

    Jeniee 's rap is the Best!

  86. author

    Beach _ DoggoHace 44 minutos

    A year of waiting for a dissapointment skksksdksk

  87. author

    Tatiana PeixotoHace 47 minutos

    love blackpink

  88. author

    Rasim ResuloğluHace 48 minutos

    Twice koment Blackpink like

  89. author

    {MOON UwU CHAN}Hace 48 minutos

    Eu so vejo a rose comendo kkkkkk

  90. author

    Exile YTHace 49 minutos

    ima a shining duo, 🐵🦍

  91. author

    Az VlogHace 49 minutos


  92. author

    Az VlogHace 50 minutos


  93. author

    Pricila FreitasHace 50 minutos


  94. author

    Andrea CalderonHace 50 minutos

    Love heeer

  95. author

    Nikhil ManikpuriHace 50 minutos

    "let's all wear sport bra's and not tell jisoo" "Let's all not wear caps and not tell Jennie" "Let's all keep our hair open and not tell rosé" "Let's all wear full black pants and black shoes but not tell lisa" "LET'S ALL HAVE BLACK HAIR AND NOT TELL LISA" sorry for my wrong English

  96. author

    leticiagamerblox 12Hace 51 un minuto

    1B \_(^×^)_/ love

  97. author

    Asya SevkiHace 52 minutos


  98. author

    Cute DragonHace 52 minutos

    Why it's dark here ,,,, some one light up brightness please 😽😽😽

  99. author

    Osman ŞahinerHace 52 minutos

    Love jennie

  100. author

    Daniel LeonarduzziHace 52 minutos