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    Cataru MooreHace 15 minutos

    The Freeform combat bothered me in the demo simply because positioning didn't actually do anything mechanically. Granted I just want a modern Chrono Trigger

  2. author

    Luke RedderHace 15 minutos

    They’re greedy fucks that are ruining gaming and the world should boycott them and sacrifice missing a few possibly good games... but probably shit games let’s be real...

  3. author

    NorthObsidianGHace 16 minutos

    EA is a mistake.. most of the things in this list doesn't even come close to the many things I hate about EA. That's why I never buy stuff from EA.

  4. author

    David HartmanHace 16 minutos

    My game is preordered. I will be creating a ESreporter channel just to display gameplay. No commentary, just gameplay.

  5. author

    Bryan de SáHace 16 minutos


  6. author

    Smacktalker SkywalkerHace 16 minutos

    At least WWE 2k18 runs on PS4

  7. author

    MajinSoraHace 18 minutos

    Ea is trash. I refuse to buy another game from them at full price until they stop their b.s.

  8. author

    Azhrei2000Hace 19 minutos

    dude online passes weren't that bad... i mean for one we didnt' have to pay for PSN on top of that to play online. So, you buy a game at launch, you get the pass... you wait on a game to buy it used for 20 or 30, you put 5 or ten bucks on the PS store to get the online pass. It really wasn't' a big deal lol... even with the pass you still got it cheaper when you finally got said game. Hell wait a year it's 30 bucks on amazon NEW, still got the pass free. Honestly if Online passes had stuck around, we probably wouldn't have to be paying Sony to play online. idk...

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    avg joe gamingHace 19 minutos

    Play marvel strike force and the major progression is gambling. Chance for a 7* is .05% Dont like lootboxes but I swear pokemon and yugi card packs are the exact same. Know your gonna get something probably not the 1 card u want

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    alex stewartHace 20 minutos

    this game is ass, it has some interesting and different concepts but it is held down by way too many flaws. The combat is awful and extremely repetitive. The map and progression through the game is annoying af as it is often very difficult to find where you need to go and you spend tons of time running in circles. No indicator for entering new zones from the open map, so you can think you are just opening some door, and next thing you know you are sucked into a 5 minute load time. Also the load times are hideously long. Also there are several absolutely game breaking decisions that YOU HAVE NO WAY OF KNOWING WILL LEAD TO THE WORST OPTION for your world, and you do something that you think makes sense, but that decision leads to your game world population being completely destroyed.

  11. author

    Jon SmithHace 20 minutos

    VladTV... is that you????

  12. author

    the game addictHace 20 minutos

    Ea is a mistake factory

  13. author

    CrazytastieHace 20 minutos

    Only 15? Not 15,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,......I got tired of typing zeros, but I think you get my point.

  14. author

    ThePedesmixHace 20 minutos

    Where's Sea Of Thieves? That game was so hyped up and complete garbage at first. All though lately they have done a lot to it and is to me really fun with friends now

  15. author

    The Battle LionHace 21 un minuto

    Ea can burn with activision

  16. author

    Erupt FuriousHace 21 un minuto

    for the 2nd one you could just buy a scuf cable. its $10 and its 10 ft and it never disconnects

  17. author

    ÐavзHace 23 minutos

    EA shit on my favourite RTS.. who else remembers the dumpster fire that was command & conquer 4..

  18. author

    NateLBHace 23 minutos

    My first run through resident evil 2 remake I somehow never noticed the red check marks on items after they're no longer needed and can be discarded, and while that is definitely cool, why not just auto delete the item after it's no longer usable?

  19. author

    Don WilikersHace 24 minutos

    Not letting me beat Dante's Inferno's last boss!! Can they make another one even though I just heard Visceral Games is no more.

  20. author

    A FigHace 25 minutos

    You'd think they would've gone bankrupt after the first 5 of these things happened but nope. Too many kids spending too much of their parent's money.

  21. author

    Dylan LenzHace 25 minutos

    Shoot 3 rounds from a 75 round mag Me:Hmmm better reload

  22. author

    Robert THace 25 minutos

    The number of accounts I would have had access to when I bought a lot of 18 Xbox 360 hard drives... Wow. 3 were formatted their others had 2-5 accounts on them each.

  23. author

    Dhruva ZarapkarHace 25 minutos

    Shifting to objective missions during a main mission

  24. author

    Fernando HuertaHace 25 minutos

    Try rascal

  25. author

    The Boi MkHace 25 minutos

    With EA they got enough material to do at least 10 or more of these videos

  26. author

    Ascended UchihaHace 25 minutos

    I thought splitgate was supposed to release on console

  27. author

    Ronal YuliusHace 27 minutos

    shot reload shot reload shot reload

  28. author

    Doc SavageHace 28 minutos

    Missing In a culmination of mistakes, documented in this video, in 2012 EA wins The Worst Company in America award (The Golden Poo). In a culmination of even more mistakes, also documented in this video, EA becomes the first company to win a consecutive Worst Company in America (2013). AND to top that, EA's narcissistic craven response was an even bigger mistake. One not topped until the Reddit post.

  29. author

    Collect AllHace 28 minutos

    Feeling like you dodged an attack only to actually take damage. Sounds like a from software combat system 😝

  30. author

    lil scopiHace 30 minutos

    You guys should do 10 things EA wants you to remember or 10 things any other game company wants you to remember

  31. author

    Matthew MillerHace 30 minutos

    Damn I relate to all of these except the bunny hop and my addiction is when I see a car in any video game I always go to it to see if it’s drivable

  32. author

    Conzpiracyzero88Hace 31 un minuto

    Dude... Map checking... I didn't even know I had problem.

  33. author

    Kev -DroHace 31 un minuto

    I know one i can't forget, how much EA has became such greedy assholes and such a shity company. They used to be great back in the PS1 and PS2 days, they took risks, made many different types of games and was generally great at the time. What a 180 these greedy fuck assholes have taken and i hate it. Fuck EA.

  34. author

    NateLBHace 32 minutos

    And yet somehow Blizzard was like "lol hold my beer" and took the worst gaming company title away from EA

  35. author

    Dale PHace 32 minutos

    My question is whether or not to wait picking up the Typhon Logs until level 50, just to get them at the higher level. Thank you, loved the video.

  36. author

    A MisamHace 34 minutos

    One mistake for me was shutting down EA Sports BIG which was the initiative that created some of the best games on PS2.

  37. author

    C0MM4ND3RFL1NTHace 34 minutos

    I was secretly waiting for Battlefield: Bad Company 3 to be in this video... been waiting for that game since the minute I finished Bad Company 2

  38. author

    hockey slayer52Hace 35 minutos

    Hey I can argue the fact that there’s not a fast enough single player character! In ARK you can go so fast!!

  39. author

    TayR0CHace 37 minutos

    1:35 That actually worked for me in the Spyro 3 demo for Molten Crater. I was puzzled in the demo about this weird door that had a picture of a penguin next to it. You couldn't walk through it. So I tried and tried to jump on top of it and it actually let me into the Bentley part of the level that wasn't supposed to be in the demo. I eventually rented the game and that trick worked again. Then years later when I got the trilogy with the white playstation on the side (which upgraded all the bugs in the previous versions), It STILL worked. I use it every time I play that game so there's less backtracking. Unfortunately, they didn't keep the glitch in the re ignited trilogy.

  40. author

    GxldieHace 37 minutos

    I can't wait till games like The Last Of Us 2 & CyberPunk 2077 shut EA up for 2020. Literally fuck EA bro !!!

  41. author

    skyzthefoxHace 37 minutos

    legit how do i get big head mode in batman

  42. author

    XelNigmaHace 38 minutos

    Not exactly single player game things but. See a body of water? have to check if you can swim, sink or instant die. See a campfire? Better check if that can hurt you. See a raised location? Better check for fall damage. May require follow up tests at different heights just to check severity or safe fall distances. Come up to a cliff that clearly leads out of bounds? Better check if you can fall off or if its invisible walled.

  43. author

    Marlon ChardonHace 39 minutos

    I can control my PS4 with my tv remote. Just learned that now🤣🤣🤣

  44. author

    Sk2NeatHace 41 un minuto

    Their actions have seemed pretty intentional to me

  45. author

    tyree JacksonHace 41 un minuto

    man when stop making fight night i was mad

  46. author

    UfodexENMDHace 42 minutos

    "They're not loot boxes they're surprise mechanics" -EA 2019

  47. author

    that one guyHace 42 minutos

    The ea mistake I cant forget was they Day ea was founded

  48. author

    sebastian gunnarssonHace 42 minutos

    Bunny hoping in TES IV: Oblivion and TES V: Skyrim is oddly satisfactory.. And checking the Map constantly is an absolute requirement/necessity in some games (mostly Ubisoft games in my opinion and experience 🤣🤣)

  49. author

    JeffccanHace 44 minutos

    I will never forgive EA for what they have done to Bioware

  50. author

    Josh YouwaHace 44 minutos

    Wuat a shit list.

  51. author

    Tim Tim paulHace 44 minutos

    Why does the thumbnail never steal a kids xbox BUT THE TITTLE IS KIDS DO AMAZING THINGS WTF

  52. author

    Aaron OmokaroHace 45 minutos

    Am I the only one who likes mass effect 4

  53. author

    FryHace 46 minutos

    I remember an S grade in school what are u talking about?

  54. author

    TafTabTahHace 47 minutos

    You know a company has messed up a lot when they make a top 15 list 🤣

  55. author

    ConquerVHace 47 minutos

    This thumbnail almost enticed me to unsubscribe...Too much discomfort.

  56. author

    Adam PooleHace 48 minutos

    EA should be in the world records for publisher that's bought and destroyed the most game developers

  57. author

    Ludwig The Holy BladeHace 49 minutos

    Those are pretty accurate lol !!

  58. author

    Redrumm5150Hace 50 minutos

    15 examples of how greed ruins everything....

  59. author

    PC GAMING IS DEADHace 51 un minuto


  60. author

    Adam PooleHace 52 minutos

    5:07 according to that behind the scenes article Mass Effect Andromeda had only about 18 months of actual game development, not 5 years,.... the rest was spent smacking their heads agaisnt a brick wall

  61. author

    David GarvinHace 53 minutos

    Every time someone mentions mass effect Andromeda my heart breaks all over again.

  62. author

    Mshare AL-khuraijiHace 53 minutos

    EA is made by mistakes

  63. author

    KyleHace 53 minutos

    Playing on simple mode ?

  64. author

    Ritesh ThapaHace 53 minutos

    They should inform people about lottery odds as well.lottery robs a lot of poor people.

  65. author

    Luís Filipe CampelloHace 54 minutos

    I'll never forget EA for what they've done to Visceral Games.

  66. author

    Farfetched FilmsHace 54 minutos

    Too late already got banned

  67. author

    SmartyHace 54 minutos

    What’s wrong with being a nerd?

  68. author

    KenDooDlesHace 55 minutos

    I'll never forget what they did to the C&C Franchise. You cannot monetize strategy the way you want to EA, give up the rights for a developer that will glady put soul back into that series.

  69. author

    Travius LeeHace 55 minutos

    Can you guys do the 2k gaming company next? They are arguably just as bad as EA is. In NBA 2k20 this year solely has been horrible. The game is filled with micro transactions and horrible odds for rewards from purchasing those micro transactions. The game is completely unfinished and a lot of people paid roughly $100 on the release date for the pretty much forced upon micro transactions. They have even blantantly falsely advertised the game for better sales and have refused to hold any accountability for any of the wrong doing. The game is laggy and you can’t even use the online mulitiplayers because of it but they continue to advertise promos. The game is basically a monopoly and they know it. There is much more but I’m trying to keep this short. Please bring some exposure to this company because it is ridiculous.

  70. author

    jake palmerHace 56 minutos

    the orignal spyro was so shit

  71. author

    Reverand SwansonHace 56 minutos

    Ea is a mistake all on its own

  72. author

    HB 4LHace 57 minutos

    Will We Ever Get A Sims Game For The Nintendo Switch 🤷🏾‍♂️

  73. author

    DevilGamesHace 58 minutos

    That EA = bad.... Very bad.

  74. author

    3DosHace 59 minutos

    What makes you happy? A room filled with pots

  75. author

    OzarkoBlamHace 59 minutos

    “Dark Souls action comic” Isn’t that Berserk?

  76. author

    copyablcow 123Hace un hora


  77. author

    alandunaway3000Hace un hora

    And yet we don't have backwards compatible DLC.

  78. author

    Steven CostaHace un hora

    i liked Metro.. but honestly i can only wait for S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2 be released! S.T.A.L.K.E.R is old but those cenarios and songs still haut my head! Its my favorite apocalypse game. ^^

  79. author

    Blue ScytheHace un hora

    Being quiet in irl when you're sneaking in game. XD

  80. author

    Heriberto MoralesHace un hora

    This is too accurate love the voice acting and stuff 😂👌

  81. author

    MR.TROLOLOHace un hora

    I hate EA so much that I had to break up with my girlfriend Electrina Antes just because she reminded me of EA!

  82. author

    spiffcatsHace un hora

    The old star wars battlefronts were some of the most amazing games i ever played, how did they manage to screw it up so bad

  83. author

    Mao LawHace un hora

    What I've learned through yeaaaaaars of gaming ( I'm 31yo married and father ) games are a lot of fun there's no doubts about it , but it takes a lot of time important time you won't never have it back .. What I'm trying to say here is to be intelligent and be more aware of time value , I still forget myself in front of my pc sometimes I'm no better but just sharing my experience.

  84. author

    Hunter MHace un hora

    To be honest when this happens it never bothers me. If anything I always find it funny

  85. author

    Liran ArnowHace un hora

    That one infectee from the last of us kinda reminded me of Sid the Sloth form Ice age For some reeason

  86. author

    spiffcatsHace un hora

    1:20 thats blizzard, want to play warcraft for example? Nope, not if you dont have the key. Or know how to delete and re word certain files.

  87. author

    Adam PooleHace un hora

    so when does the top 150 mistakes EA has purposely made video come out? lol

  88. author

    Natan33988Hace un hora

    Its Si-phon and everybody complained about it getting removed

  89. author

    RellingsHace un hora

    Great core racing with excellent graphics is exactly what i wanted. Tired of the open world driving to a race BS and over focus on customizing over the fun of driving.

  90. author

    sans the skeletonHace un hora

    9 minutes

  91. author

    Matt OdlumHace un hora

    *thumbs up*

  92. author

    HvS whateverHace un hora

    Ea is a mistake that i want to forget...

  93. author

    Kana BeatsHace un hora

    gimme backwards compatibility, gimme that ssd, and gimme cross play and I'll buy

  94. author

    phinxninjaHace un hora

    They don't lie, EA sports it's in the game. Just pay more for it.

  95. author

    Tucher97Hace un hora

    the title should be "EA Fuck ups they want you to forget" and EA doesnt innovate they butcher, thats what EA did with the dungeon keeper games and the command and conquer games, its not innovation to remove base building, IF YOU JUST HAVE ONE "STRUCTURE" THAT PRODUCES UNITS THEN ITS NOT AN RTS ITS A FUCKIGN MOBA GAME oh and lets not forget EA's piss poor attempt to cover their ass infront of Parliment, "surprise game mechanic" nope, gambling is not a surprise game mechanic

  96. author

    The TrollinatorHace un hora

    I've actually grinded through nfs payback and maxed out all my cars

  97. author

    Alex BrownHace un hora

    What the hell thumbnail

  98. author

    Jean-Luc & FriendsHace un hora

    Taking some of their best developers or developers with a cult-following, like Criterion Games, and shoving them into being secondary-developers for other triple-A titles instead of encouraging them to create their own works again. We lost Burnout for Need For Speed and any EA game that has driving cars.

  99. author

    Jigsaw 203Hace un hora

    loved this game, played it days without end.

  100. author

    phinxninjaHace un hora

    Only 15