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Maroon 5 - MemoriesMaroon 5 - Memories

Maroon 5 - Memories

Hace 15 días

Maroon 5 - WaitMaroon 5 - Wait

Maroon 5 - Wait

Hace un año

Maroon 5 - WaitMaroon 5 - Wait

Maroon 5 - Wait

Hace un año

Maroon 5 - SugarMaroon 5 - Sugar

Maroon 5 - Sugar

Hace 4 años

Maroon 5 - AnimalsMaroon 5 - Animals

Maroon 5 - Animals

Hace 5 años

Maroon 5 - RunawayMaroon 5 - Runaway

Maroon 5 - Runaway

Hace 8 años

Maroon 5 - VEVO24sMaroon 5 - VEVO24s

Maroon 5 - VEVO24s

Hace 9 años

  1. author

    Leo BrownHace 31 un segundo

    Here just to see the views

  2. author

    i_y 555Hace 33 segundos


  3. author

    Glenda BritoHace un minuto

    I am speak Spanish, but this song is amazing

  4. author

    mark joseph bolo lariosaHace 2 minutos

    It reminds me when we were happy before...

  5. author

    ドンキーコングHace 3 minutos


  6. author

    Rushikesh PatilHace 4 minutos

    Toast to the one who is here, Toast to the one who we lost on the way❣️

  7. author

    Flash GamerHace 4 minutos


  8. author

    Sol4rDrewHace 4 minutos

    R.I.P. Adam Levine

  9. author

    Alexa DHace 5 minutos

    Makes me cry every time.. I lost family members i never thought would be gone one day. Everyday is hard not having them here, my family has never been this hurt & lost..

  10. author

    mark mirandaHace 5 minutos

    memories bring back, memories bring back you and how i wish it could 😑

  11. author

    M directionsHace 6 minutos

    In love with this song ❤️

  12. author

    Mhiekyla Jheira Duran PatoHace 6 minutos

    Maroon 5 nailed it! Literally

  13. author

    Shella Mae CasquejoHace 8 minutos

    Forever Maroon 5 lover. Thanks for singing what we feel and we always want to say

  14. author

    WolfRHace 9 minutos


  15. author

    WolfRHace 9 minutos

    jk sas

  16. author

    M.AdventureHace 11 minutos

    Such a new and powerful music video 🔥

  17. author

    Mohammad SalahHace 12 minutos

    Who's here in 18 of October?

  18. author

    James BennyHace 16 minutos

    Am I the only who noticed he looks like kratos from god of war 4. Till 1:00 of the song

  19. author

    Ce ErnaHace 18 minutos

    Simple vidclip but, so meanful..

  20. author

    Instant HeartbreakHace 19 minutos

    Am I the only one who can relate to Paul Walker?

  21. author

    Sky and Kody Sisters Forever! NEVER NOT RELATEDHace 19 minutos

    This is One of the most Beautiful songs on earth

  22. author

    Cak RediHace 20 minutos

    *That one time Ragnar Lothbrok sings Pachelbel's Canon in D.*

  23. author

    Hapizah EsahakHace 22 minutos

    adam levine damn hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.....

  24. author

    Pacita LubidHace 25 minutos

    Everytime I play this song, it makes my heart cry about my boyfriend. It makes me so sad and makes me realize that I should leave him because all I do is hurt him.. Like I really don't know. We are almost a month being in a relationship but it feels like we've been together for YEARS! and it hurts...

  25. author

    WolfRHace 26 minutos

    o_o ok good song

  26. author

    Gabylunac90Hace 27 minutos

    My good this man is Gorgeous 🤤🤤 i cant stop starring at him 🥰 love the song

  27. author

    Amber EricksonHace 27 minutos

    Who else gets kind of a revenge/stalker vibe from this song?

  28. author

    pare koyHace 29 minutos

    😍🎧 cold

  29. author

    abdul jakulHace 30 minutos

    I didnt know that harald finehair has a good voice

  30. author

    abdul jakulHace 32 minutos

    Ragnar would be proud of you

  31. author

    fin finauHace 34 minutos

    Song is such a vibe just heard of it now..... can't believe I've been living under a rock

  32. author

    Paolo PanchoHace 38 minutos

    Hardest part in life is when the person you'd made memories with turns into a memory that'll never come back..

  33. author

    Thicc Melk DaddyHace 38 minutos


  34. author

    Abhishek GrewalHace 39 minutos

    he looks like a Viking lmfao

  35. author

    Keshia andrea VicenteHace 41 un minuto

    'Cause the drinks bring back all the memories Of everything we've been through ‘ ❤️

  36. author

    I am a parson not a UwU 1355Hace 41 un minuto

    Why is he so sexy

  37. author

    Tripleblade 82Hace 42 minutos

    I wonder if these weddings were actually real or staged for the video?

  38. author

    Noreene DaperocHace 42 minutos

    I always play this song everytime I miss my late husband. I miss you sooo much myloves.. 😭😭

  39. author

    Stevenwilliam BoteroHace 42 minutos


  40. author

    Gail GundersonHace 45 minutos

    What's wrong with his mouth? You can't see his teeth!! He looks really old here. I used to think he was so cute! Maybe he just went to the dentist and his mouth is filled with Novacaine? 🙄

  41. author

    E.M BulagaoHace 46 minutos

    hes getting old

  42. author

    Hai _Hace 47 minutos

    You will only remember the times u were happy when ur sad, thats when u start to reminisce the happy moments and say “so that was the feeling of being happy” that u wish u could go back. Your past was once your present sometimes it nice to remember the happy and sad memories but u should sometimes let it go and move forward because u cant live in the past. But always remember that ur memories will forever stay with you, even if u want to go back don’t waste the present so you wont regret anything in the future like u regret the past cause one day ur present will be ur past.

  43. author

    Karan SahotaHace 47 minutos

    awesome and siraaa

  44. author

    Intan VionaHace 48 minutos

    I love this song, love love

  45. author

    Yellow FellowHace 49 minutos

    Maroon 5 sugar: him going to weddings Maroon 5 memories: a really zoomed in angle on his face

  46. author

    BeamHace 49 minutos


  47. author

    Văn LinhHace 50 minutos

    It was cheap to make this MV with only his face and now it has become priceless because of his voice

  48. author

    편성훈Hace 50 minutos

    Oh yes

  49. author

    IsaacHace 51 un minuto

    Am I the only one that thinks this song deserves 1 billion views?

  50. author

    Gomu Gomu no Red HawkHace 53 minutos

    sounds like canon in d’s melody

  51. author

    Veronica Martinez HuertaHace 56 minutos


  52. author

    Justin BondHace un hora

    This was everywhere late Summer 2004.

  53. author

    Timber sinnerHace un hora

    2019 anyone

  54. author

    Nomira RanasingheHace un hora

    Is it me or does Adam looks like Baldur from God Of War 🧐

  55. author

    nina hHace un hora

    there's a time that I remember when I did not know. of. pain...

  56. author

    chrissy nHace un hora

    I love this video so much!!

  57. author

    Eat your food kidsHace un hora

    why tf is ellen the degenerate in the video??? 3:26 4:10 4:21

  58. author


    Anyone with me? Just want to feel some nostalgia. Why im fcking crying?

  59. author

    Ngoc BachHace un hora

    this is the best song ever !!!!

  60. author

    Guia MarkHace un hora

    If you relly love this song clik this⬇️

  61. author

    Trevianee MyrieHace un hora

    This song bring back memories r.i.p to all those I lost along the way 😭

  62. author

    Ah AweenHace un hora

    No.6 trending on ESreporter Malaysia?! This song should be No.1 trending all over the world...

  63. author

    neil techHace un hora

    much better if the music video is not only focusing in his beards..

  64. author

    Ronanda BagusHace un hora

    I saw Pep Guardiola singing.

  65. author

    Lidia AguirreHace un hora


  66. author

    Grazielly CarolyneHace un hora

    Brasil, alguém ??

  67. author

    Durga SubediHace un hora

    0% bad words 0%naked girls 0%drugs 100%good song 200%art and talent Song of the year.

  68. author

    Cathy Mae Egloria DacumaHace un hora


  69. author

    Raghvendra VermaHace un hora

    I don't know what kane west was doing at 2:12😆😆😆😆

  70. author

    JoeyzdumHace un hora

    Anyone else almost cried when this played in the fortnite rewind?

  71. author

    Muhammad Yusuf IdrisHace un hora

    Joseph Seed? Pog

  72. author

    El DocHace un hora

    I dead in Life ;)

  73. author

    AstechHace un hora

    cardi is trash

  74. author

    Hoanghuy NguyenngocHace un hora

    It sounds familiar and similar to Christmas song a little.

  75. author

    Max PanduHace un hora

    Simple. I love it!

  76. author

    TT KaiHace un hora

    Earlier this year I lost one of my closest friends and the brightest light in our community. Crazy how the brightest souls are taken too soon. Till next time Braydo 💚

  77. author

    The Hexavius ChannelHace un hora

    Sometimes we just feel like living in memories coz we want to be with that one special person.

  78. author

    Ashraf JohariHace un hora

    Same like depapepe-canon

  79. author

    Fabio QuinelatoHace un hora

    Baby Shark, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo

  80. author

    Hazel Grace YokokuraHace un hora

    adam had the same haircut in this vid...

  81. author

    No video one million subscriberHace un hora

    if this season two minutes ⬆️

  82. author

    sonya griffyHace un hora


  83. author

    odyc tiveHace un hora

  84. author

    HIDAYU RASHIDHace un hora

    Addicted to this 💞💞💞

  85. author

    TUKANG GUYHace un hora

    I stupid

  86. author

    Iza DiofHace un hora

    Brasil alguém ?

  87. author

    Coco GabrielleHace un hora

    This song kinda gives me a a "see you again vybe" as in this song remind me of that song or I am just weird?

  88. author

    nurul aqilahHace un hora


  89. author

    ehh kaaHace un hora

    Pussy i love you

  90. author

    Paulo PaldoHace un hora

    Capt. Price!!!

  91. author

    Kris TinaHace un hora

    Indonesia +62

  92. author

    Nicole CervantesHace un hora

    Minuto 2:18 aparece once de STRANGER THINGS

  93. author

    Rosebert DiscipuloHace un hora

    Berta's Hit Chart 10/18/2019 Top 8 Last: 10 Peak: 8

  94. author

    can i get 1000 subs with 0 videos ??Hace un hora

    hey stopreading my name

  95. author

    Azim AjimHace un hora

    did someone say Kratos?

  96. author

    Patricia MendozaHace un hora

    years and years of being my crush, I love u Adam 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  97. author

    Destiny FrileyHace un hora

    This song makes my boyfriend think of me😭❤️

  98. author

    Shawnassy ArandaHace un hora

    The best one was definitely Ellen XD

  99. author

    Lea MikhailHace un hora


  100. author

    SnoW ManHace un hora

    canon in b feat adam levine xoxo